River Bends

Utica, Michigan     1 course · 24 holes     Driving directions
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perry Fortin    1 day ago

Left behind on hole 13 a bluish green star destroyer Initials on inside rim PDF plastic reward if return


Rick L    2 days ago

Lost a Red Star Valkyrie with black stamp and mini glow stick taped on it last Wednesday evening. Left it on #11 I think?


Tyler alfano    2 days ago

Lost a blue with red stamp Orc in water on 15. Name and number on disc reward for


John Minicuci    4 days ago

Lost a blue Flx Ti Ledgestone little Bee Buzzz today in the water on hole 13. On the bright side, I aced the next hole #14. Lose one / win some !

David Tomlinson   4 days ago

nice ace John, way to recover.

steve nolff   4 days ago

Congrats John. :) Sorry for your loss. :(

Ron Jacobs    6 days ago

Found a brand new disc on hole 1 by the practice basket. No name or number. Factory second. Name the color and model and you'll get it back.

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Jaron Butts   15 hours ago

Its mine. White F2 Champ beast. Are you out today by chance? I know its crappy lol. Thank you for being a good human being. Most people dont post. #discgolfcommunity

Jaron Butts   15 hours ago

Thanks for speaking up sky,

Ron Jacobs   14 hours ago

White/clear same diff lol I doubt I'll be up that way today but I live close to star/Wagner if you wanna meet up

Breon Coleman    November 22 at 8:44am

Lost a sky blue Avery Jenkins on 19 from the long pad big hyzer should have landed in the open on the right side. In the field somewhere. Disc for its return thanks!

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mike walker   November 22 at 4:41pm


Steven fox   November 22 at 6:13pm

Lol i want my ****ing cookie monster back the shady people suck bbd so bad 50 was not enough to get him back good luck breon pulling for ya buddy

Jim Stack   November 23 at 4:11pm

I went back the next morning to get the one I lost on 26 found it then looked for your & David but had no luck but also looked like someone already looked because the snow was all moved around!!! & yes there's lots of shady F**** out there!! Good luck

David Tomlinson    November 21 at 9:01pm

I lost a red tie dye z forse on 19. Hit the bushes on the right. Also lost a black tie dye crystal z flx challenger on 19 in front of the tree by the basket info on both.

Jim Stack   November 22 at 1:43pm

I want back & found mine on 26 & then took a look for yours but someone already had all the snow by the bushes & the tree cleaned off so hopefully you get therm back!!!

David Tomlinson   November 22 at 2:48pm

ok, thanks for looking.

Mike Neldrett    November 21 at 3:55pm

Lost a blue gstar beast in the snow on hole 7


richard bell    November 15 at 4:47pm

Gripped a white xcaliber with a wiped off red innova symble on the first hole hard to the right into the trees. A disc for the return.


Chad Pavlinac    November 2 at 7:24pm

Disc Found! Right of 27. Describe what u lost.

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William "Wilcone" Fretz   November 3 at 6:48pm

Was it a x-cal? Yellowish

Chad Pavlinac   November 3 at 8:13pm


Ryan Kelly   November 17 at 2:06am

champ eagle yellow/green?

David Tomlinson    November 1 at 5:41pm

Lost two today. One was a orange big z nuke on the left side of hole ten. The other one was a tan esp nuke in the river on the left side of 15.

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Chad Pavlinac   November 1 at 8:57pm

ill take a look tomorrow.

David Tomlinson   November 1 at 9:06pm

ok thanks, I appreciate it.

Tyler alfano   November 1 at 10:17pm

Find a red destroyer on left side of ten? Has a blue rip bozo stamp no name or number tho

William "Wilcone" Fretz    November 1 at 2:09pm

Lost a red cannon with a grinder stamp on the right side of 26, was dark couldn't see it and I couldn't find it today when I went back to look. Should have my name/number on it.


David Tomlinson    November 1 at 6:23am

For anyone that is not playing the turkey open and wants to play a round at riverbends I'll be there at about 9.

David Tomlinson   November 1 at 6:41am

thank you

Aaron DA HAWK Birdsall    October 31 at 8:57am

Planning on playin a round here around one what's the course's condition at the moment

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Aaron DA HAWK Birdsall   October 31 at 10:30am


Neil Lobocki   October 31 at 12:58pm

Have a good round. Ace that one over the water.

Kevin Eggy Egnatoski   October 31 at 1:24pm

Hole 13 is the over the river hole, and ace the next one too.

Tyler alfano    October 27 at 3:26pm

Had a good day at the bends today! Managed to leave behind a red RIP BOZO tourney stamped in the left crap on hole 10 was a big hyzer cut before corner big tree.. Also hole 15 couldn't find my dyed pfn Orc to the left of basket. Both have no name and no number newer discs to the bag

Tyler alfano   October 28 at 6:07am

Anybody out at Leauges find anything?

Ron Jacobs    October 27 at 9:07am

Lost a yellow SS wizard with the Disc Golf Store stamp on it. Kicked right on 11 went thru the trees into the thorns and vines. She gone. Name and number on it.

Breon Coleman   November 22 at 9:55am

Traded a guy for a disc you described send me your # I'll send you a picture. Could be a coincidence. Let me know

Ron Jacobs   November 22 at 12:50pm

586 536 2008

Matt Jones    October 26 at 12:58pm

Hey guys... I was in the Detorit area visting friends this past weekend and I decided to hit up River Bends for a round. Great course! A lot of fun shots! Unfortunately, I lost a neon green blizzard Destroyer on #19 to the right of the basket in the long, trampled down reed grass. Name and # are on it. It must've gotten stuck down in that stuff somewhere. I'd really appreciate it back if it's found. My friends live in Grosse Pointe Woods right off of 94 and 8 Mile on Beaufait Dr. Maybe a meet up could be arranged and they could get it back to me. Thanks!


Tyler alfano    October 25 at 10:28pm

Anybody looking to shoot tmrw morning? 9ish tee time. Let me know!

Benny G.   October 25 at 11:06pm


Tyler alfano   October 26 at 3:37am

Il hit ya up dawg.

Nate Brown   October 27 at 6:56am

see ya there

Louis Caponi WPD    October 24 at 6:31pm

Found a disc on hole 25 near the bucket, ink on it but no number let me know what kind/color,
/ink and I'll get it back to ya

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Miles smilez Campbell   October 26 at 11:44am

purple inertia dyed?

Brad Fuelling   October 31 at 7:54pm

what about a red boss?

Ryan Kelly   November 17 at 2:08am

champ eagle yellow/green

mike walker    October 24 at 1:52pm

22 is open again