River Bends

Utica, Michigan     1 course · 24 holes     Driving directions
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ilya newell    3 hours ago

Lost a red Inertia in the woods between 5 and 6. Id really like to get this one back. Email on bottom, reward if found.

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Miles smilez Campbell   3 hours ago

that's just this year too

ilya newell   3 hours ago

Found it. Couldnt give up on it.

Miles smilez Campbell   3 hours ago

yay! well keep an eye out for mine. pink inertia, purple with dye inertia, orange atom, red fission photon, green wave

Jeff Hulet    4 hours ago

I found a disc in the brush across the river near the basket of the first river shot (13#) maybe. Describe it and I will meet you when I get the chance.


Brandon"RedRum" Redmond    3 days ago

maybe just maybe...I must have absent-mindedly walked away from a shot, about 4 days ago when I played here solo. I just noticed today that my red retro Mercy wasn't in my bag. It has an ace and signatures o the back. I wouldn't mind getting it back, but the odds are low. no clue the hole, no clue the area. I didn't even know it wasn't in my bag till today.


Miles smilez Campbell    4 days ago

Found four today at river shot in center. 2 claimed already. Called on one for a joel. Last one no ink dx firebird. Name color


Jason Thumber Teachey    5 days ago

Lost a 2012 memorial championship nuke on hole 19 right side rough past the middle. Disc has 2 aces on it and looks like my prifile pic.. on back says stoney 20 n 13 w signatures no name or number but disc is very special to me so reward upon return. Thanks for anyone that looks!_!

Jeff Hulet   4 hours ago

Did you find/ get it back? I was out there, but only played the first 18# yesterday.

Jason Riberas    September 28 at 9:13pm

Lost a sky blue star tern on hole 16 on the right side. Thought it was in the low part of the rough but might have got into the taller rough, or in the bushes or could've gotten buried in the rough. On a side note the course is looking great out there.

Jason Riberas   September 28 at 10:09pm

name and number is on the back

HEEB B    September 27 at 8:01am

Lost a magenta/purple/pink 2011 PDGA worlds champ Vulcan on the right side in the tall grass on hole 19 yesterday. The disc has HEEB written on the bottom with my #. Reward if found.

John Minicuci   September 27 at 9:40pm

You should be getting a phone call.

HEEB B   September 28 at 7:06am

Awesome! thanks so much John... I really like what you guys have done with the course. I'm addicted.

Kevin Eggy Egnatoski   7 days ago

Heeb has been contactced will be getting his discs back

adam pank    September 26 at 3:43am

Lost a blue Westside warship off hole 12 tee pad somewhere off to the right between 30-70 feet from basket..


Jeff Bauman    September 24 at 10:28am

Left an oranges s line PD on the big river hole, 15. Then I lost a purple star boss on the next hole in the long grass on the right. My name is on both.

mike walker   September 24 at 12:21pm

you may want to stop playing there. you basically have lost your whole bag in like the last 2 months there

Torpedo's Ready   September 24 at 8:59pm


Josh Lynch    September 15 at 7:55pm

Lost a blizzard champ destroyer neon green off the 10 hole tee. Went way right in the clearing down the hill.


ilya newell    September 15 at 9:17am

This course is coming together great. The hard work being put in is paying off, lots of golfers out nowafays.

Jeff Hulet   4 hours ago

I liked all the improvements as they will help with the drainage of the course. By the way, what is was the concrete stairs used for that lead back to the parking lot?

Ryan Koeppen    September 9 at 9:43pm

Lost a Red G* Boss on hole 10 today. Pin high to the right and straight flight off tee, got buried somewhere in the tall grass. My pdga # 36727 is on the back.


ilya newell    September 9 at 4:58pm

Lost a green Eclipse Axis on hole 17. Email on bottom. Reward if found

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ilya newell   September 12 at 9:33am

It was right side...close to pin.

Miles smilez Campbell   September 12 at 11:35am

i didn't see it yesterday when i was out sorry

ilya newell   September 13 at 5:13pm

Thanks for looking.

donny v    September 9 at 8:55am

Growing the sport for ALL our disc golf friends out there. Addison, Stony and Riverbends have been great to us the past 18+ years and we're hoping to follow in their footsteps! Remember to thank the guys and gals of MCCG and Shelby Twp Parks for busting butt and returning Riverbends back into it's glory days of the 90's. If it wasn't for them, I know we wouldn't have gotten this far in St. Clair County... ~Proposing the 18 hole expansion for East China Twp's Dis ... more


Phil Colley    September 1 at 11:11pm

I played out there yesterday. I'm very impressed with how the course has come back together.

John Minicuci   September 1 at 11:26pm

Thank you. We still have a ways to go but it is almost there.

Jeff Bauman    September 1 at 9:31pm

I left a green putter next to hole 10's basket at the top of the hill. Has a team stony stamp.

Kevin Eggy Egnatoski   September 1 at 10:14pm

Hey J.eff Ill try to grab in before going to work tomorrrow

Jeff Bauman   September 1 at 10:19pm

It was at 4pm. Thanks tho.

Kevin Eggy Egnatoski   September 2 at 10:46am

Gone .. was there this morning nothing

Miles smilez Campbell    August 29 at 2:14pm

Found Disc on nineteen this morning. Possibly left behind. Name it

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Chris Vanscoy   September 6 at 7:32pm

First run boss maroon color!?!?

Chris Vanscoy   September 6 at 7:32pm

Champion of course

Miles smilez Campbell   September 6 at 8:32pm

no sorry

Eric Dusten    August 28 at 10:02am

How's the grass? High? Low?

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perry Fortin   August 28 at 10:15am

I was there last weekend and was beautiful grass was cut no bugs and shot a great game

Skyler stoker   August 28 at 10:48am

Fairways are fine it's once you get off them it's a jungle.

John Minicuci   August 28 at 11:18am

Keeping the fairways narrow by design. Grass is cut. A new culvert is being worked on no after basket 18. Sign installation will begin soon.

Chris Vanscoy    August 21 at 11:10pm

Lost 11X teebird on hole 5 on the left hand side it's white with blue stamp with my name and number on it...if returned there will be a nice reward

Mike Neldrett   August 22 at 10:47pm

I looked earlier today, no luck. Hole 5, the new hole, how far down did it go? Fade hard & deep?

Chris Vanscoy   August 24 at 6:44pm

I found it thanks tho

mike walker    August 21 at 9:44am

Left a black big bead avair out there somewhere last night.prolly btwn 20 and 25.1998 texas stamp on it.oh the humanity

STEPHEN TIORAN   August 26 at 2:58pm

Will keep an eye out for it during match play on Sunday buddy.

Torpedo's Ready   August 27 at 6:24pm

Been lookin every day and min please someone help him find this disc! Thanks.