River Bends

Utica, Michigan     1 course · 27 holes     Driving directions
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Eric McCahill    September 29 at 1:04pm

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Ted Patchel    September 22 at 6:09pm

Lost an orange streamline trace to the right of 10s fairway today.


John Hagen    August 23 at 3:54am

Found 21 discs all throughout riverbends yesterday and today. Some in the water and some on various holes in the grass or rough.

Timothy Hrit   August 25 at 7:02am

Was one a 160ish gram orange champ destroyer?

John Hagen    August 15 at 3:55pm

If you write “Devo” on your discs, please call me. 720-724-1122

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Tom Wagner   August 15 at 4:40pm

Ha ha!

Shaun Adkins   August 15 at 5:55pm

whippet good. nice one walker

mike walker   August 15 at 7:04pm

Someone had to

Jay F    August 13 at 7:27pm

A few gone on the course this weekend, a esp green buzz, an atom, an undertaker, anax (in the river), a p2, and a few others. (Most of my friends disc)

Eric Dusten   August 13 at 9:01pm

Sounds like Bends is in Normal Summer condition. Ugh good luck getting disc back. Check out lost discs of southeast Mich on Facebook

Jay F   August 14 at 2:10am

Lol everything at stony and here is overgrown, probably going to have to be more careful haha

Nathan Blair    August 8 at 2:33pm

Lost a grey Katana on 17 right by the big tree on the left (in the thick of the tall bushes). Name and number on it if anyone finds it.

mike walker   August 8 at 4:08pm


Ryan mattis    August 8 at 2:24am

LOST: Yellow and blue beat DX Wraith on hole 10, no markings, reward for return.


Alex F    August 2 at 3:19am

I found a zombie on hole 17. Found a dominator on hole 25, looked like it's been there a while. I lost my green rim clear plastic champion roc3 on hole 18 in the bushes to the right of the basket. Also lost a pink roadrunner on hole 10 about halfway down in the bushes to the left


Roc Steady    July 31 at 9:04pm

They were cutting the grass yesterday..


Scott H    July 31 at 8:37pm

Lost Neon Green Z Buzzz w fading rainbow foil on 17 - halfway down the high weeds and about 10 feet in. Number and name on it, will buy you a new disc to replace it as reward if found

mike walker   August 1 at 12:39pm

What side?

John Minicuci    July 25 at 1:56am

Got a message from an out-of-towner who left behind their club's #1 bag tag in the shape of a coozie. If anyone comes across it, get at me. Let's help a club out!!!


Brandon Ray    July 13 at 6:17pm

Found a disc with B. Meier inked on rim

Tom Jakinovich   July 13 at 8:50pm

That’s my buddy. I’m going to text him

Ben Meier   July 16 at 8:56pm

Thanks for the find Brandon. Could you maybe hand it off to the guy at the pavilion selling discs next time your up there to hold on to for me. Was it the blue wasp?

Krystal Fromm    July 3 at 7:43pm

Found a wasp last night on hole 17

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John Hagen   July 3 at 10:23pm

You’re a wasp

John Hagen   July 3 at 11:58pm

The wasp wasn’t like a white with factory dye? I have a picture of it. If it is, 720-724-1122. I returned it to the owner that day and you may have stumbled on it again...

Shaun Adkins   July 4 at 1:34pm

it isnt that one

HEEB -A.J. B    June 27 at 11:42am

Let behind a yellow G* Boss on hole 26 the other day. Would appreciate getting this one back. $ for its return. Name and number on back.


Brandon Schick    June 22 at 6:04pm

Any update on course conditions? Thinking of heading out there tomorrow morning

mike walker   June 23 at 1:38pm

Played it tuesday.no shortage of tall grass or mosquitoes.mininal wet areas,but didnt play 3 thru 7

Tad Reiner    June 13 at 12:52am

Found disc on 16 describe if it’s yours?

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Tad Reiner   June 13 at 4:33pm

Nope, but I’d like to know who you get your weed from lol

Dominic LeGrande   June 14 at 11:47am

It’s too damn good lmao

Timothy Hrit   August 25 at 7:14am

Was it an orange champ destroyer?

Kodey Boreo    June 3 at 2:04pm

Lost a couple discs here yesterday... I lost Pink Swirl Glow ESP BUZZZ before 13, after 4 I believe. I also lost a see-through red saint pro on 15 on the right towards the end of tall grass on the right, almost to the 16 fairway I believe. Lastly I lost a Mcbeth Kong on hole 26, I believe it was right past the stairs on the left on the hill. Any help would be great, name and number should be on all of them, but the Kong, it was a fairly new disc.


John Hagen    May 28 at 1:48am

Found a handful of discs in the river today. Name them!

Michael Frederick   June 5 at 5:09am

I lost a blue and pink tenacity with the fish stamp I would love to get back

Tad Reiner   June 13 at 12:49am

Orange Maverick?

Tad Reiner   June 13 at 12:50am

And white Rhyno

John Hagen    May 22 at 9:25pm

Found another 8 discs in the river on Tuesday morning. Name them!


Jason Rasmussen    May 18 at 6:11pm

Course conditions good?

Darren Harper   May 18 at 7:56pm

Bring your bathing suit.

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