River Bends

Utica, Michigan     1 course · 27 holes     Driving directions
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Jessica J    13 hours ago

Hole 13 water. My baby roc white with AZ Stamp. Will pay $$$$ to get her back. Name number on inside rim. Please please please I would greatly appreciate it. Downstream was running fast today. Sad sad sad :((((((

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Phil "Puttimus Prime" Common   3 hours ago

Lol ^^^. Was it the roc in that pic from BG when u parked that nasty hole? Please say no!

Jessica J   9 minutes ago

I wish I could say no!!!!! It was that roc. I cried last night hard. I will pay big for her back. She was my lil biatch. Did as I said and she needed to get in that damn basket!

Jessica J   8 minutes ago

I parked a 300+ hole with her. But managed to have it in the river on a 160 ft hole. WTF

Scott Kendall    1 day ago

Lost/left a yellow monster with my name and number on it. As well as MO. Would greatly appreciate its return. Thanks. Scott


mike walker    3 days ago

Hole 1 basket moved back to old location in cove area.

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Brad Fuelling   1 day ago

as a lefty, I love these changes

Tom Jakinovich   1 day ago

That should save the people on the bike path from getting hit, but they should still watch out for my unpredictable drive lol

Tony Vidal   1 day ago

A ghostly drive and be dangerous.

Brad Brinker    3 days ago

Lost a red G star boss somewhere. Tourny stamp of CJs. Has logans number on it but i bought through play it again reward!


nathan kretz    3 days ago

Left my gale Vaughn yellow boss Eco some where if found and returned reward has my buddies number on it call me if found 586 7038781


Brandon Ray    April 26 at 7:25am

Found a innova viper in the river

David Tomlinson   April 26 at 7:59am

What color is it?

ilya newell    April 20 at 7:56am

The lady tossed a Purple and Orange Envy in the river, between 14 n 15. Also missing, the lady. Both might be down river. Reward for the disc

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Miles smilez Campbell   April 20 at 8:15am

Lmfao I'll give a quick look tomorrow when I'm there

Branden Fulton   April 21 at 6:36am

found the orange it was in the tire and i couldnt get it out with my retriever current was moving pretty quick yesterday

ilya newell   April 23 at 8:41am

Thanks for the heads up and for trying. Maybe I'll go amphibious next time I'm there.

Brad Fuelling    April 19 at 2:03pm

lost a gstar thunderbird on the last water hole, I think #20. name wasn't on it would love to get it back thou


Jeff Hulet    April 19 at 1:21am

Saturday I found a disc on the larger island. Tell me what it is and we can meet, it had no ink.

Jeff Hulet   April 19 at 1:21am

Hole #15

HEEB B    April 18 at 9:11am

Lost a blueish yellow tie dye discraft elite z-xs in the river left side of hole 20. "HEEB" and my number on back. Reward if returned.


Bradley Harelik    April 17 at 9:00pm

Found a disc in the water on 15. Describe it and I'll return it.

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Bradley Harelik   April 19 at 9:23am


Neal Bachert   April 21 at 1:58pm

Pink Mace?

Bradley Harelik   April 21 at 2:52pm


Tyler alfano    April 13 at 12:09pm

Found a putter on 27. No name or number. Name so I can get her home. Also lost a brinster destroyer on 15 no name or number. Plastic/cash reward

Bradley Harelik   April 13 at 5:43pm

Not the brinster!

Jeff Griffiths    April 1 at 9:15am

Lost a tie-dye crank with JG 43424 on it in the lake on 26. reward if returned

Mike Neldrett   April 18 at 9:29pm

Found your crank. sending pm

Jeff Hulet    March 31 at 2:53pm

Found 2 more discs with not ID near Island/ hole #15. One looked like it had been there a while.

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Jessica Smith   April 1 at 8:39am

orange ? a friend lost one there yesterday

Ron Jacobs   April 1 at 9:45am

Red Westside?

Robert Shaffer   April 2 at 8:28pm

Orange z flex crank

Tyler alfano    March 30 at 4:16pm

Lost white 11x eagle in river on 15. And red metal flake thundy on 21 in river. Name and number on both cash or plastic reward for return

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Tyler alfano   April 1 at 4:24am

Not 21**

Elijah "bawbeast" Wykes   April 1 at 4:29am

bro lol you lost serious amounts of plastic :(

Tyler alfano   April 1 at 7:51am

I did indeed lol hopefully I get calls. Name and numbers on everything. But 2 of the three were CE and 11x that's why I have back ups!

Bradley Harelik    March 30 at 10:15am

Found a disc on 23. It was left of the basket in the woods. Describe it and I'll return it

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Bradley Harelik   March 31 at 1:57pm

Haha Dave and no miles

David Tomlinson   March 31 at 5:23pm

I'm just saying if it is I lost one of those or maybe 3 or 4 at riverbends.

Bradley Harelik   March 31 at 7:43pm

I've lost a few as well

Scott 'bernie' Burnham    March 19 at 1:45pm

Dropped a white, spotted (dyed) Renegade on hole 20. Last seen drifting by culvert. Bernie #23932 and phone number on rim. Disc reward for its return. Let's see if karma works....


Mike Burton    March 18 at 6:00pm

Just a heads up to whomever may have put discs in the river last Saturday. Saw a guy jump in the river and he got about 8 of them. Just went to Play It Again Sports on 26 and Van Dyke and saw a couple of them on the shelves. And I know for sure they are the ones he dug out. One of them is in Orange on Orange Crave, and a glow Valkyrie.

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Ryan Kelly   March 23 at 12:17am

that glow valkyrie was mine, I put a blue star wraith in the river too if you know that was one he turned in too

Jim Stack   March 23 at 6:19am

I haven't been there to see any of them myself but the owner told my brother in-law who's the owner of another store if anyone thinks he bought any of there discs & they posted it on the sense just show him the post & he'll give them back !

John Minicuci   March 23 at 12:10pm

That's awesome!

Breon Coleman    March 17 at 4:41pm

Lost a red factory 2nd on 15 on the bigger island closest to the basket. I have a disc for you if returned!!


Scott Kuechle    March 12 at 8:54pm

I lost a orange gateway Samurai on hole 15 on the island name and number on it. :((


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