River Bends

Utica, Michigan     1 course · 27 holes     Driving directions
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Ryan Kelly    1 day ago

Played afternoon round today, Lost a Blue Star Wraith on the river loop.. hole #15
Not too sure if my ink is on the disc. Reward 2489538068

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Tyler alfano   23 hours ago

Pfn orange banshe?. Blue starlite boss?

Miles smilez Campbell   19 hours ago

Any gyro? Inertia, envy, atom, crystal challenger red tiedye

Ron Jacobs   19 hours ago

Westside king or orange destroyer??

Brad Brinker    2 days ago

Couple weeks ago had an ozark trail flash light fall out my bag not sure what hole


Andrew LaCross    4 days ago

I left a 10x eagle in the middle of the gravel path on 7 yesterday. ... I'm getting get at leaving one behind :(... hmu if u find it 2484671671.. I'm running out of discs haha

Jessica J   4 days ago

jeeesus. a 10 x! I thought it was bad with the 11x firebird. I hope she finds her way back home :( hopefully bends people are all about #disckarma like the people out by addy

Jeff Hulet   10 hours ago

Some of us are!

Michael McGinnis    6 days ago

Found a red stool on hole 15. let me know if it is yours.

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Andrew Myers   5 days ago

Or the top is probably nylon. Anyway if it looks like a little fold out ice fishing stool. Four legs, red, black seat, it's mine, and it'd be awesome to get it back

Michael McGinnis   5 days ago

it does have red legs but there is something different about it than almost all other stools. what is it

Tyler alfano    February 2 at 9:42pm

Found another one on 12 today no name no number. Let me know what it is

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Tyler alfano   6 days ago

But my guess is a casual picked it up and very possible it could've traveled. It has a lot of ink on the baxk(7aces in that one)

Ryan Kelly   1 day ago

green barstamp buzzz

Tyler alfano   23 hours ago

Not a Barstamp buzzz. Stock production run disc

Jeff Hulet    February 2 at 6:54pm

I went in the river on hole 13 Saturday to find my disc and found two more. Tell me what they are and I can meet you somewhere.

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Ed Stack   7 days ago

Was it a black with red rim axium theory I hope

Jeff Hulet   6 days ago

No, but they were DX platic and one was spray painted. I was able to see the original stamp though. I may have to look more down stream next time. The water was swift and I did not feel like getting wet anymore than needed. :)

Bradley Harelik   6 days ago

I know my bar stamp buzzz made it down to the bend about 150 down. If its returned multiple discs are in order for a reward

Andrew Myers    February 1 at 11:20pm

I lost a fold out camp stool out there somewhere. It's red and black, folds out onto four legs.


Bradley Harelik    February 1 at 10:35pm

Lost a pink barstamp Buzzz in the river on 13 on Sunday. Will give reward for its return. No info on disc


Tyler alfano    February 1 at 10:02pm

Found a disc on 12. No name or number tell me what it is so I can get back to you. 👍🏽

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Nate Buban   February 2 at 9:29pm

#1 roller?

Tyler alfano   February 2 at 9:40pm

Disc was returned to owner today but round another same hole and none of the above sry fellas

Tyler alfano   February 2 at 9:41pm


Mike Neldrett    January 31 at 4:53pm

Did someone forget an umbrella (black)? Also I still have the Ford key fob (explorer or escape I think)


Steve "Skooba" Wilmoth    January 29 at 1:03pm

Found a disc on 21 today, no name or number name it and I'll get it back to you

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Robert Shaffer   February 1 at 6:31pm

Or age z fix crank

Robert Shaffer   February 1 at 6:31pm


Ryan Kelly   6 days ago

champ eagle?

Skyler stoker    January 26 at 6:39pm

Lost a red USDGC star roc in the river on hole 20 has my signature on the front with PDGA # as well as the name and numbers of the previous owner.

Roc Steady   January 27 at 1:11pm

Bummer dude. i lost a red one too. I have a 2005 blue used and a new one if you can't find yours. Blue is easier to find!

Skyler stoker   January 27 at 3:11pm

I have a blue twin to it but it is much more stable! I may be interested in checking yours out though

Ed Carpus    January 10 at 7:11pm

Somebody needs to shoot fresh pics of the new holes! Too bad it's crappy and snowy now, I should have done it last week while it was still nice. I didn't notice the pics were outdated until just now...

mike walker   January 11 at 5:45am

gonna do it in spring

Mike Neldrett    January 9 at 5:46pm

Found a Ford auto remote with what appears to be a house key


Benny G.    January 2 at 3:56am

Lost a sexy two line green destroyer off hole 20. Reward if returned

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Michael McGinnis   January 2 at 9:57am

if i find it will you stop posting about michigan football on fb? thats the only reward i would need

Benny G.   January 2 at 12:01pm

Yes in the river

Benny G.   January 2 at 12:03pm


Just The Tim    December 25 at 5:55pm

Threw an orange Claymore (2014 Trilogy Challenge) into the river on 13. It's right by the river's edge on the far side just left of the basket. Name and number on the disc. Will trade premium plastic for its return.

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Just The Tim   December 27 at 11:11am

You win some, you lose some. Thanks for checking.

Jeremy Ward   December 28 at 11:20pm

Hey I have it. Was gonna call you but I found it on Christmas and didn't want to bother you then. shoot me a text 586-552-0443

Just The Tim   December 29 at 9:55am

You're the man! Just texted you.

Brain Evans    December 24 at 6:17am

Please checkout the event page for an event I am hosting on Jan 1st to raise money for a friend who passed family
Bring 20 bucks (or more) 10 dollars gets you in for the round CTP and Ace pool. the other ten you can buy some raffle tickets.


perry Fortin    December 21 at 12:27pm

Say something ...Lost a Orange heat on #11 kicked off a tree and never seen again if found I have a Generous reward for you brand-new desk no Ink

Jay Moyer   December 21 at 1:15pm

A desk? With no ink? What an opportunity?

Jeff Bauman    December 20 at 9:08am

5 dalla buds today at 11am

Jay B   December 20 at 9:29am

Big buds? Little buds?

Mike Neldrett    December 19 at 2:52pm

Found a pair of glasses today, would love to get them back to the owner. Clear square lenses (possible reading glasses)


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