River Bends

Utica, Michigan     1 course · 27 holes     Driving directions
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Tyler alfano    3 days ago

Found an orange Mvp disc on hole 21. No name or number. Name it so I can get it back to ya


Ron Jacobs    6 days ago

Pretty sure my gone discin grenade bag tag fell off my bag on Friday. Would appreciate it's return.


paulie b    6 days ago

830 tee off today


Bill Benoit    7 days ago

Lost a white trilogy challange stamped Latitude 64 Falchion in the grass to the right of hole 16. Number is on the bottom. Reward if returned.


Ben Jackson    September 22 at 11:32am

Lost blue star wraith on 16. $ reward for return


Casey G.    September 21 at 9:51pm

Lost my blank yellow star wraith on hole 5 left side about mid way on September 11th. Name, number and reward listed on the disc

Brent K   September 22 at 10:45am

Were you the guy we let play through then spent an hour looking for your disc?

Casey G.   5 days ago

Yes sir!

Brent K   5 days ago

Hey Casey. I couldn't remember your name, but it looked familiar. I might be out there some time this week (sep 26-30) after work. Send me a msg if you are heading there.

Adam Heaney    September 21 at 8:18pm

Lost a white swirly pro wraith with name and number on hole 26 before cement drop off- big reward $ and plastic for return.

Adam Heaney   September 21 at 11:43pm

Also found a green Katana while looking for mine- name/number on disc, sent text.

Adam Heaney   September 22 at 9:08pm

Found my wraith about 15 feet up in a tree.

Dave Milewski    September 21 at 7:53am

Lost (or possibly stolen) red Z Undertaker on on what I think was hole 10. Elevated tee near parking lot, hyzer finish to blind green. Looked perfect, in the circle. Cash or plastic reward. Some bum creeping around the bucket with no frisbees telling me it was probably in the grass. Thanks buddy.

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Andy Bawol   September 22 at 8:28am

Sounds like another Adkins related crime.

Dave Milewski   September 22 at 9:40am

Actually now i'm convinced it was Frame with a blonde wig on.

John Minicuci   September 22 at 4:21pm

I've seen that dude ^ :-)

Kristen B    September 20 at 6:02pm

Has anyone been to Riverbends recently? Are the weeds still bad?

Adam Heaney   September 21 at 8:18pm

Horrible, just left.

Kristen B   September 21 at 9:22pm

Aw bummer....thank you!

Brent K   September 22 at 10:44am

I think they make it fun.

Scott Kuechle    September 14 at 10:35am

Lost my orange DGA TORRANT. SPARKLY. THREW IT ON HOLE TEN AND FLIPPED TOO HARD RIGHT. SOMEWHERE ON 27. If found reward. Name and number on it!

Kevin Eggy Egnatoski WPD   September 15 at 9:01pm

Good luck lost one out there about 2 weeks same hole with no luck .

Tyler alfano    September 13 at 4:44pm

White rival down on 27. Turned her over a bit too much into the trees right side of fairway and lost site. Reward for return


Brent K    September 12 at 10:20am

Lost White Leopard on 16, Sunday Sep 11. Name and number are on it. Beer reward if found.


Chelsey Murdock WPD    September 9 at 10:54am

I lost my white sidewinder with purple Wolfpack stamp yesterday on the right side of 15 in the shit at Riverbends. I think it got past the tall grass but I could be wrong. It's tagged with my info Reward if found!!!! 😭😬


Kevin Eggy Egnatoski WPD    September 7 at 9:27am

Left ONE Out There YESTERDAY right side of hole 10 reward for return.

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John Minicuci   September 7 at 9:48am

He is a bagger Steve

steve nolff   September 7 at 9:51am


Kevin Eggy Egnatoski WPD   September 7 at 5:02pm

Yup went so far I lost sight of it

Jeff Bauman    September 3 at 9:56am

Left a white Cumpass w Shrimp stamp near the playground by hole 10. Prolly gone forever but I'll give a reward for its return.


Matt Lindner    August 29 at 10:19am

Lost hot pink FLX Avenger on 10, left side. No name/number on it, but it does say 'No Homo' on the back (I didn't write it, it's a found disc that I've become attached to though). Reward if returned.


Josh Hewitt    August 29 at 7:31am

Lost orange sidewinder right side on 17, name and number are on it.


Jeff Meldrum    August 21 at 9:45pm

Lost a white Wiggins Destroyer on #16 and a beat up Valk on #27. Reward

Ryan Kelly   August 24 at 10:41pm

I lost white pre Avery left side 16

Brad Fuelling    August 19 at 9:13pm

Lost a glow comet on hole 26 left of the fairway possibly in the water. Just got the thing and would love to get it back please


Tyler alfano    August 17 at 6:58pm

Blue SB rival in the lake left side of hole 19. Reward for return. Name and number on inside rim,


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