River Bends

Utica, Michigan     1 course · 27 holes     Driving directions
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Brown dog    4 days ago

I lost a green vibram onyx on hole 9? The uphill shot I went way left. Would love to get that disc back.


Ryan Kelly    July 17 at 8:54pm

Played a round today, LOST a blue star boss on 16 in the tall grass, on the right side of fairway
Reward for return!
I found a few here today let me know what you lost

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Ryan Kelly   6 days ago

Thanks a lot!

Miles smilez Campbell   5 days ago

Green proton inertia?

HEEB B   4 days ago

Blue plasma volt?

Brad Fuelling    July 17 at 7:50pm

Found one on 8 today. Tell me what it is and I'll get it back to ya

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Aaron f   7 days ago

Tyedye glide

Brad Fuelling   6 days ago

no sir

Miles smilez Campbell   5 days ago

Axis? Could be any type of mvp axiom. Lost allot lately

Mike Neldrett    July 17 at 5:53pm

Lost a pink double stamp VIP Destiny on 15 in high grass


Christian Doman    July 17 at 4:18pm

Lost a blue roach on 17, short left right. Leopard foil. It belongs to a friend. Reward. Thank you

Christian Doman   July 17 at 4:19pm

** short left rough

richard bell    July 15 at 8:14pm

Found 4 drivers while looking for my buddies disc he kept throwing in the rough/wood. Do not remember where we picked them up from but they where all found before hole 18 on different holes. Name them and I shall return them.

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Brad Brinker   July 17 at 9:05am

Star wraith green

Miles smilez Campbell   5 days ago

Purple dyed mvp inertia, 3 green pink and grey waves, red on red crave, green proton axis, blue and pink insanity, red photon, maybe other mvp or axiom lol I've lost most of mine here

richard bell   5 days ago

nope. 2 innovas and 2 discrafts.

RIVER RUSSELL    July 13 at 2:49pm

Lost a pink pro wraith a while back somewhere in riverbends. It's the ken clump edition. If anyone has found or finds please let me.know on here it'd be appreciated greatly. There are 3 different names on bottom but has been in my possession for at least 3 years.


Steve "Skooba" Wilmoth    July 10 at 9:39pm

Lost an 08 Feldberg Boss on hole 6 right side about 50 from the basket
Name and number on it please return if found

Ryan Kelly   July 11 at 4:18pm


Steve "Skooba" Wilmoth   July 12 at 2:16pm

Thank you sir!!

Skyler Stoker    July 10 at 3:35pm

Lost a white s line PD with team stony double stamp on right side of 17 should be about pin high but in the rough. Signature and PDGA number on the front. Disc for its return.


Evan Turek    July 10 at 2:24pm

Lost a yellow dd evidence today right side of 27. Name and number are written on the back side of the rim.


Andrew Myers    July 10 at 10:21am

Pulled a yellow one out of the river by 15 yesterday. No ink. Make and model gets it back in your bag

Brandon Ray   July 10 at 12:54pm

Yellow challenger?

Branden Fulton   July 10 at 9:07pm

Gone discing stamp crank??

RIVER RUSSELL   July 13 at 2:41pm

Was it a old beat up leopard? I lost one on 15 like 4 weeks ago

Andrew Hackman    July 9 at 11:45am

My son and I lost an Innova Dye disc in the river at 15 today. We are only in town for the week, but if somebody finds it... :)


Kodey B    July 6 at 2:17pm

Found an orange driver on Hole 11 last saturday. Describe it, list the name on the back, and it's yours

David Tomlinson   July 6 at 2:22pm

Is it a big z nuke? David Tomlinson.

mike walker   July 6 at 2:28pm

destroyer..mike walker on it

Kodey B   July 7 at 12:07pm

Nope sorry :/ neither of those.

Derek Michalak    July 6 at 8:00am

Lost a Purple Legacy Nemesis with AM Worlds Stamp from 2015. Hole 11, turned into the shit on the right before opening to the path. Initials, PDGA#41279 and Phone Number on it. Reward for it's safe return.

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Neal Eiben   July 8 at 2:54pm

Thanks.... the advice is helpful. I did find my answer in forums. My question happened to of open up a debate on Innova

Neal Eiben   July 8 at 2:56pm

I hope you got your disc back Derek.. peace, love, and low scores.

steve nolff   July 8 at 10:09pm

Lol, always a debate to be had with disc golfers.....all good. Throwing plastic, getting outside and having fun is the only objective....Innova, Discraft, Legacy or MVP....no real matter. Hope you find the disc you are looking for, Neal.

Andrew Myers    July 1 at 10:42pm

Lost an axiom inspire in the tall stuff on the right side of 27. Lookin like cotton candy, pink plate with a blue rim. My buddy's email is on it, reward for safe return

Brandon Ray   July 2 at 12:49pm

Got her for you

Brad B    July 1 at 9:00pm

Lost a red vip world in the rough on the left side of hole 16


Tyler Huyghe    June 30 at 12:08pm

Lost my gold ken climo firebird and blue gstar destroyer yesterday. Would love to have those back

Ron Jacobs   June 30 at 1:00pm

What holes?

Tyler Huyghe   July 3 at 12:18pm

I wanna say 5 or 6 for the firebird and then maybe 9 or 10 for the destroyer. I dont really know the course all too well

Sparrow Vandekerckhove    June 29 at 8:03am

Accidentally left behind & didn't pick up my pink blizzard destroyer last week.
On the last 9.


Jeff Bauman    June 27 at 3:08pm

Found a very very nice Sidewinder yday. Describe it to me and I'll get it back to you! There is a name and number on it that is too faded to read.

steve sevonty   June 30 at 9:32pm

green champ pre flight number?

Jeff Bauman   June 30 at 10:48pm


Louis Caponi WPD    June 26 at 11:24pm

Lost a tyedye z buzzz left side of hole 12 , name and number on it $$ for return


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