River Bends

Utica, Michigan     1 course · 27 holes     Driving directions
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Andy Hosler    19 hours ago

Found an unmarked Westside King on 5. If it's yours name the color or other defining attributes and I'll get it back to you.

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Andy Hosler   17 hours ago

Sorry Steve, not the one. This one doesn't have any ink on it at all. It does have a custom dye job on it, if that helps somebody out with identifying it.

steve nolff   15 hours ago

Thanks anyway, Andy. Karma points heading your way!!

Jake Schneider   1 hour ago

It wouldn't be a blue King with a kind of speckled, multi-colored dye job, would it, Andy?

paulie b    4 days ago

Dropped a pro wraith tye dye on 12

Darren Harper   4 days ago

You sure it wasn't a deuce? Lol hopefully your the paulie b I know if not sorry.

paulie b    5 days ago

Anyone know course condition. Thinking throwing tomorrow

John Hagen   5 days ago

Check the conditions tab, it’s up to date!

paulie b   4 days ago

I just updated to the mobile version. never saw this till now. thank you!!!!

John Hagen    March 12 at 7:30pm

I’ve been pulling discs out of the river at riverbends. If they have a phone number or PDGA # I return them, if not I’ve been hanging on to them as well as posting on a Facebook group for lost and found discs. Please, comment what you’ve lost in the last month and I’ll see if we have any matches! Thanks!

Krystal Fromm   March 13 at 1:36pm

Thank you, you roc!

Andy Hosler   19 hours ago

Hey John - It's been a long while sinc the wife put it in the drink, but if you happened to find an unmarked yellow Lat 64 Jade with a teal/blue stamp I bet that's hers and would love to get it back!


mike walker    February 17 at 1:02pm

How are pads?

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Kevin Eggy Egnatoski WPD   February 18 at 2:09pm

Covered with 8 inches of snow now .

mike walker   February 18 at 2:55pm

I have today off.may go hit 10 thru 27 if anyone else wants to join. Scraped 10 thru 17,27,9 on wed..

Ron Jacobs TBS   February 18 at 5:35pm

We scraped quite a few pads yesterday, there's a few out there we couldn't do much on (20 was by far the worst) most still have a lot of ice and since it snowed last night it's gonna be rough.

Carl Hall    February 16 at 6:44pm

Found an unmarked black disc on hole 5 today. Name the details if it's yours I'll try to get it back to you

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My back is killing me   February 12 at 6:36pm

What is that a scorpion ?

mike walker   February 12 at 7:25pm

No markings so not sure.could be a marauder.

My back is killing me   February 13 at 12:01am


Dustin Courtney    February 6 at 12:18am

Love a green and white Inspire to the river on #20 name and # on it if by chance it's found


Dave"DaKrushR" TomlinsonTBS    January 23 at 12:45pm

Next league day
Saturday, January 26 @ 1:00pm
River Bends
Utica, MI
1,2,8-10,13-16,19-27 long tees
About this League
Doubles league - 75 all-time players - 67 active players
$5.00 player fee each session
$1.00 ace pool entry
No membership is required to play the BSD league.
However there is a $10 one-time optional membership and an optional $1 Ace Pool each week.
The $4 Bobis Super Pool is for members only.


Curtis Stimac    January 20 at 11:34pm

Lost MVP Tangent on 20 under the snow in the fairway. Lost MVP Clash under the snow on 21. Last but not least lost a MVP Photon in the river. Was a cold bad day disc golfing today. LoL

Curtis Stimac   January 20 at 11:37pm

#99374 on all the disc. My number 8105160627.

adam Richardson   January 21 at 12:02am

Bad day for discin especially at rivervends

T T   February 2 at 11:03pm

Found the tangent

Matt B    January 16 at 9:11pm

Found a Opto Line River by the putting tee on hole #1 name is marked on disc however there number is no longer connected.

Ron Jacobs TBS   January 16 at 9:29pm

What's the name on it?

Matt B   January 16 at 9:29pm


Dominic LeGrande    January 12 at 5:37pm

Found a watch at Bends yesterday. Message me to claim it

Dustin Courtney   January 12 at 7:06pm

Chris mulka!

John Hamel    January 9 at 2:31am

left a orange blizzard boss on hole 8 inked jlh7443

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mike walker   January 9 at 4:49pm

One of his longer drives...

Darren Harper   January 10 at 6:30pm

Did you look in the basket mr.65?

mike walker   January 11 at 11:02am

Mr.66 now

adam Richardson    January 7 at 7:44pm

Lost my mint color with red stamp ESP Buzz on hole 15 in the river reword if found and returned thanks


Chris Mulka    January 6 at 7:39pm

Lost my Garmin Vivoactive watch today somewhere on the course. Black face with a black mesh band. Hit me up if you find it. Thanks.

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Chris Mulka   January 13 at 12:50am

Thanks Dustin. I connected with Dominic to pick up my watch. Affirms my conviction: disc golfers are cool people!

John Minicuci   January 13 at 6:00am

Good stuff right here!

Dustin Courtney   January 19 at 2:24am

Anytime glad you got it back!

Tony Vidal    January 6 at 3:45pm

Lost blue Thunderbird with yellow team Stony stamp to the right of 15s tee in long grass.


Vincent Innaimo    December 29 at 1:08pm

Left an orange champ KC firebird on the front 9 somewhere.


Ryan Best    November 25 at 4:27am

Left behind an orange trespass. Don't know where. Just realized it was missing. Name and number on rim. Reward if returned


Tom Jakinovich    November 25 at 12:17am

Found a teebird on hole 2 today. No name. Describe it and I will gladly return it.


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