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Reed Park

North Star, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Chad Marecek    September 19 at 6:57pm

Found a disc deep left on hole 6. No name on it. Anyone lose anything out there?

Cody neumann   September 20 at 7:38pm

Red thunderbird

Chad Marecek   October 20 at 6:49pm


Chris Lea    September 19 at 6:17pm

my daughter lost her favorite blue leopard on hole 17 Sunday night, please give me a call or text or turn into concession stand. thank you. i will do the same if i find any when there

Chris Lea   September 19 at 6:18pm

30 - 40 feet on left, was too dark to see and phone died, ugh

Les Shaner jr   September 30 at 1:23am

Got a new sweet shop in Mt pleasant called basket bangerz. It's right on mission next to pizza king Mt pleasant

Philip lyon    September 14 at 9:58pm

Lost a red echo star destoyer right side on 14 and a pink destroyer right side of 16. Reward if found


Chad Marecek    July 28 at 3:44pm

Left a swirly s-line PD laying on hole 17 somewhere Ace your face skull on front pinkish in color reward if returned


Chris Smith    July 23 at 2:27am

Anybody know a Zacharda that plays this course? I found a disc and can't find contact info.

Nate Upton   July 23 at 6:38am

If it's not anything you throw, you can turn it in to the concession stand by the playground. It's sort of a defacto lost and found.

Chris Smith   July 23 at 3:04pm

Thanks Nate. I took it with me figuring I would look him up with his PGDA number, but there is no contact info and he's not on disc golf scene. We were playing the course passing through. I'll have to make an excuse to get back up there and play again so I can turn it in.

Nate Upton   July 23 at 4:28pm

Probably just a casual player, you could just use it. Or trade it off. There's a lot of fallen soldiers at Reed. If you're off the fairway, it's gone

Spencer Gee    July 18 at 12:20pm

I lost a white Air Force stamped Star Shryke to the right on hole 6 I think it is. The first long 450'er...
Reward if returned.


Don Warfield    July 1 at 12:47pm

lost an orange star Mamba on hole 16 during michigan masters, near left side of fairway. if found please call me at 586-549-5117, appreciate it!


Lucas Lundberg    June 27 at 7:49pm

Lost a Red Destroyer with new CCR Open Stamp 2017. Somewhere at the end of 5 on the left or by the tee box of 6.


Craig Compton    June 27 at 12:16pm

I played Reed last night for the first time since probably April, and all I have to say is WOW! A HUGE thank you to everyone who has cleaned up this course/continues to clean it up. I have been playing at Reed since probably 2010, but have always been against playing it during the summer because of how over grown, and honestly just crappy the course was. I decided to give it a shot last night, and was blown away. In my opinion, the course has never looked better. Im very excited to see the futur ... more

Keith Aten   June 27 at 8:58am

No design changes are planned.

Craig Prime    June 26 at 8:03pm

from last Saturday's Michigan Masters Tournament - during the morning warm up I left a orange Start Wraith on the side of fairway 3. The irony is that at the same time, I found a disc lying on that fairway that belonged to Mark Roberts and took it to the TD table for return. When I noticed my forgetfulness, I returned to NOT find my wraith. Return much appreciated, it may not have been marked with my name or PDGA since it was the first time I used it in an event... Also, Dave Hamilton left ... more

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Craig Prime   June 26 at 5:27pm

thanks - the Star Max is also orange

Nate Upton   June 26 at 8:16pm

Well I looked for over an hour, found a disc, but not the ones you're looking for.

Craig Prime   June 27 at 5:41am

thanks - I saw your post about Kong. I'll get a message to him through his friend Erik

Nate Upton    June 15 at 1:20pm

Anyone know someone that marks their discs "Screaming"?

Nate Upton   June 15 at 9:21am


Craig Clingan    June 6 at 7:54pm

There's a red star destroyer in the pond. Factory Second. Would love to get it back and it's worth a trade...

Zack "Chief" Allen   June 6 at 6:14pm

Found one of yours on 12 Reed. Gave it to Phil to give to you.

Craig Clingan   June 6 at 11:31pm

Thanks. That was the Impact. Went to throw it today and I couldn't remember where I had left it. I think we took my partner's lie, so just left mine there. Oops.

Nate Upton    May 30 at 1:14am

I left an Orange Flying Squirrel on hole seven. It's somewhere long of the basket, reward for its return.


Zachary Parks    May 28 at 4:11am

Lost my favorite driver on hole 15. Its a blue star sidewinder. If found I would really appreciate it. Please and thank you. There is no name so hopefully some honest people out there.


Nate Upton    May 9 at 12:34am


Nate Upton    May 9 at 12:34am

Think I walked off without my red champion Mamba on 10 or 11, big reward for its return!


Philip lyon    May 6 at 1:58am

lost a orange flx avenger on 11 and a yellow esp pulse in the water on 18.


Ryan Gemmell    May 4 at 7:19pm

I left a yellow "F2" factory second Mamba on hole 17 yesterday :( would pay to have it returned.

Nate Upton   May 4 at 10:13pm

Where on 17? I'll be there tomorrow, I'll try to find it

Nate Upton    May 1 at 4:34pm

Anyone been in the pond lately? I have a couple in there.


Craig Clingan    April 18 at 8:03pm

Threw my go-to pinkish, ESP Avenger SS into the pond on 18 last night (first throw of the night!). Hit the first bush to the left of the long pad and dropped. Probably straight out from the short pad. Would love to get it back if found. Thanks!


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