Reed Park

North Star, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Mike Kemp    April 25 at 7:42pm

Prison Break this Sunday! Great player packs and 5 Berths for States!!!! Check it out


Zack "Chief" Allen    April 2 at 8:57am

The Trilogy Challenge is back for 2016 at Reed Park.

This Event will be one round of 18 holes. All PDGA rules apply. Players packs contain 3 unreleased discs(Putter, Mid and Driver)plus extra accessories. Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. There will be numerous CTP's and one long putt. There will also be a Ace Pool and 50/50 as well.

For $30 you get a great players pack and get to test your skills on a well groomed course. Come out for a day of fun and prizes at Reed Park.


Spencer Gee    March 29 at 10:03pm

Found a disc there on Monday, name it and it's yours.

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Nate Upton   March 30 at 5:39am


Paul Bunko   March 30 at 7:13am

white buzzz SS w/ bee

Spencer Gee   March 30 at 4:52pm

No to all 3

Nate Upton    March 16 at 12:33pm

I lost a yellow Z Flash on 18. Right of the basket, in the water. It's visible from the shore. Will reward for its return.

Brent Fisher   March 16 at 2:08pm

Here looking can't see it anywhere

Nate Upton   March 16 at 2:37pm

thanks for looking, I'm sure someone already got it. was there a Vulcan on six by the teepad?

Keith Aten    March 14 at 9:05am

2016 Random draw Doubles season will start Mon March 21 2016 @6:00


Michael Wagner    March 12 at 10:45am

Coming out to play .. How is the ponding on the course??

Mike Kemp   March 12 at 11:14am

Not much at all for standing water...shouldn't have any issues.

Michael Wagner   March 12 at 2:22pm

Sweet!! thank you for the info

Mike Kemp   March 12 at 5:55pm

No problem

Rick Garcia    January 6 at 3:33pm

Thank you to the guy that returned my star katana this morning on hole 18 @ Reed Park

Zack "Chief" Allen   January 6 at 10:41pm

There was a decent amount of ice. I hacked threw with my tomahawk and checked it. Then he slide out quick and back even quicker.

Rick Garcia   January 7 at 12:19pm

either way.. i appreciate it..will probly be back next Wednesday if u wanna play a round

Zack "Chief" Allen   January 7 at 5:24pm

I should be out there. Hit me up on here if you go. Always down to throw!

Michael Wagner    November 2 at 3:38pm

Glow is tonight i know but anyone gonna have lights to sell and maybe this time people wont start early lol like last week


Michael Wagner    October 26 at 2:14pm

Glow starting tonight? If so what time? Anyone gonna show up lol

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Daryl Davis   October 26 at 3:57pm

Are you coming

Michael Wagner   October 26 at 10:36pm

i was there just at 5 and i guess they started before then so and yes i was

Daryl Davis   November 7 at 6:02pm

sorry got held up at work

Mike Kemp    October 6 at 9:00pm

Put a White King in the pond on 18. Has a one of a kind stamp. Would love to get it back!

Monkey Michael Gary   October 7 at 7:41pm

dead pool go for a swim mike?

Mike Kemp   October 9 at 8:13am

Lol yeah took an unexpected dip

TJ Wilson    September 14 at 10:57pm

Lost a green Cryztal Avenger SS on hole 11. Went long and left into the tall stuff. Been in my bag longer than any other disc and I would very much like it back. Reward for it's return.

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TJ Wilson   October 1 at 12:48pm

Possible monday. If one of my friends from in town heads down, I can have them meet you too.

Zachary Parks   October 6 at 9:25pm

Oka . I haven't made it out discing in a while but I still have it in my bag.

TJ Wilson   October 6 at 11:56pm

Sounds good. Myself or someone I know from here in mount p should make it down to reed for the next few weeks. Get it from you whenever we happen to meet up.

Michael Wagner    September 14 at 9:28am

Lost reddish orange gstar destroyer in the water on 18 ...Please return if found yes wagner 52508 is on it


jeff j    August 28 at 11:52pm

friend of mine lost a green diamond to the right on hole 5 not too far from tee maybe a 100 feet. reward if found


Chad Marecek    August 28 at 4:31pm

One week left to get registered for the Ace Race at Reed Park on Sep 19th. Deadline is Sep 5. Over $50 worth of gear for registering and showing up. Hurry up and register. Extra prizes available too. Come run some chains with us!


Nate Upton    August 19 at 10:08am

2015 The Vines Trilogy Challenge this Saturday. This year's discs are awesome, and Saturday is looking perfect t weather-wise. Three discs and some other fun added stuff. Additional CTPs also, all for only $30.

Jerimiah M.   August 20 at 10:23pm

How does one register?

Nate Upton   August 21 at 12:44pm

you can just show up, or register on here. it's listed in the tournaments

Zack "Chief" Allen   August 21 at 2:58pm

After pre register there will be 14 players pack first come first served starting at 10am.

Philip lyon    August 18 at 8:09pm

Lost another Monday.. Purple colt somewhere behind 8's basket............

Josh Taylor   August 19 at 12:49am

You lost a Monday?...And there was a purple horse behind 8's basket?...

Nate Upton   August 19 at 9:53am

damn XDs

Philip lyon   August 20 at 8:27am

just another manic Monday

Philip lyon    July 29 at 6:39pm

Lost a tan meteor behind 10 basket/11 left side of fairway, and a red valk on 15 left side in the rough. Reward if found!!!

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Mike Kemp   July 29 at 9:04pm

Stop that!

Simon Porritt   July 29 at 10:26pm

we returned that meteor from deerfield at least once, how many lives that thing got? :D

Brent Fisher   July 29 at 11:29pm


Cody Gardenhouse    July 29 at 12:27am

Lost a yellow tracker on hole 13 I believe. Cash reward if returned


Daryl Davis    July 4 at 7:08pm

anybody lose a flash on hole 2?

Zack "Chief" Allen   July 4 at 11:24pm

My buddy did. Dyed Ying-Yang.

Daryl Davis   July 5 at 12:03pm

that would be the one

Daryl Davis   July 5 at 12:13pm

give me a shout at 616-935-5393 and we'll figure it out

Zachary Parks    July 3 at 7:33pm

Lost a yellow buzz with a tree stamp on it off to the right just passed the rocks on hole 13.


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