Punderson State Park

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Ryan Lynch    5 days ago

I was thinking of playing 18 Red to Long on Sunday March 18th start maybe 9:00am Or so anyone interested can txt me 440-270-7343


Cup Cake    February 22 at 4:01pm

Registration for The Labyrinth opens in one week (March 1st) the field has been reduced to its original 72 (and the original three rounds over two days format) from last year's event so make sure to to register ASAP if you want in and let those who aren't online know also. :)


Larry Bright Jr.    February 16 at 12:54am

Keep your eyes on the Punderson Disc Golf Club page...lot's in the works for 2018. First up will be a new league beginning towards the end of March...April's Fools. This will be similar in format to the infamous March Madness, and will have stroke erasers and mandos on the course for each hole. In no way is this replacing March Madness, it's just our alternate option for 2018, due to planning and other roadblocks. More news to come in the very near future on this and our tournament schedule!!


Tony Rawley    February 4 at 11:47pm

Lost a black Latitude 64 Diamond yesterday near the practice basket area. Name and phone number on it but really hard to see due to color of disc. $$$ reward for return!


Alex Colucci    February 1 at 3:56pm

We've got a winter league starting up at Sunny Lake DGC in Aurora, this Saturday, February 3. Come join us, more info here: https://www.discgolfscene.com/leagues/Saturday_Winter_League_2018


Scott Williams    December 31 at 1:01am

OK Disc golf community. We had a bit of a hiccup and our Saturday leagues didn't happen for a while. They started again back at the beginning of December, but we have had almost zero turnout. I showed up again this morning and played 9 holes by myself.

I will most likely NOT be there on Jan 6th. However, I'm trying to figure out if there is any interest in people playing this league anymore? Please let us know if you have any plans to attend these Saturday League days. We are also in need of a couple of more people to organize things each Saturday going forward.

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Scott Williams   December 31 at 8:37pm

Would an afternoon start make it easier on people? Maybe 2? I always hated the middle of the day 11 starts.

Larry Bright Jr.   January 1 at 2:44pm

it is winter in newbury. punderson isn't exactly a great course to play in the winter because of the snow and travel. if it's nice out, i'd come play, but prefer it to be a later start than 10. 11 or 12 may be better.

Cup Cake   February 6 at 1:02pm

I know this is a lil late but people who used to play winter leaugues in the snow religiously are pretty much all gone. That is actually how I started playing there. It is a whole other course in the winter and really great to play even in a foot or two of snow. The core winter group kind of broke apart over time but I have to disagree it is actually a fun course in the winter..

Scott Williams    December 10 at 7:22pm

Yes, you see correctly, Punderson Saturday Scrambles are happening again. 10 AM on Saturday, voted on round format. https://www.discgolfscene.com/leagues/Winter_Scrambles_2017


Justin Popson    December 8 at 7:32pm

THIS SUNDAY Dec 10th at Young's Run dgc The Chain Bangers will be hosting a safari round with 18 completely different holes !
Singles A pool B pool
Evelated baskets and alternate pins will be in play!
9:30 am meet and warm up and Tee off at 10am.
Mulligans will be ☆optional☆ For this round!


Larry Bright Jr.    November 16 at 12:46am

Disc Return / Scramble Day set for 11/25/17!!
See the link below for details!!! Also, please read the "About this Event" section to understand how discs will be released.

Pick-up 9:30 -- 11
Scramble (Red Tees) -- 11 -- 1:45
Pick up 1:45 -- 2:30

Two time slots are open for discs to be returned. Be sure you are on the list for what has been found. Discs with no name or ID will not be released to anyone!!



Larry Bright Jr.    November 9 at 9:24pm

Friends of Punderson Disc Golf Committee Meeting Saturday at 9 AM!!

You are invited to join a meeting of the Friends of Punderson Disc Golf Committee!!

Saturday, November 11th at 9:00 AM at the Manor House Restaurant

This committee is a democratic committee representing everyone interested in preserving, maintaining, and improving the disc golf course. All work on the course is to be organized through this committee. We are meeting twice each month.

The agenda for this meeting will i ... more


Alex Colucci    November 6 at 9:31pm

Consider attending the 2017 NEODGA Annual Fall Meeting, on Saturday, November 11 at 10:00am at Sunny Lake Park in Aurora, Ohio to discuss the Frozen Fingers Winter Series and the continued development of the sport in the region. There is an optional scramble after the meeting. More information can be found here: https://www.discgolfscene.com/tournaments/NEODGA_Annual_Meeting_and_Scramble_2017


Larry Bright Jr.    November 6 at 9:29pm

The NEO Indoor Putting League kicks off season 3 at 6:30 next Monday night at the Lithuanian Club off E. 185 Street!!! Come on out and get the short game tuned up during the cold winter months!! League details can be found below!!



Cup Cake    November 5 at 2:45pm

Just want thoughts/opinions on a disc pick up date of November 18th paired with a Scramble - so if you are driving out you have a reason to stay. Details to come if it seems agreeable. I didn't see any other local events on that date, trying to do it before the holiday for those going out of town. This is not finalized, but we hope to update by next week. PLEASE COMMENT BELOW:

Larry Bright Jr.   November 5 at 4:14pm

Scramble would be either $5 or $10 a person, with 100% payout of funds collected. Random draw with hopefully A and B pools. Depending on turnout, payout would go to the top 3-5 teams. Layout would be Red to Long, unless otherwise agreed upon.

Harry Pifer   November 7 at 12:40pm

Sunday would be better for me personally. We have OWLS on the 18th over on this side of the state.

Larry Bright Jr.   November 16 at 12:41am

A disc return day has been decided. Details below!!! https://www.discgolfscene.com/tournaments/Punderson_Disc_Golf_Disc_Return_Scramble_Day_2017

Cup Cake    October 29 at 3:53pm

If you lost a disc at Punderson, and your name is listed here, we have your disc! Will be setting up a date/time for disc pick up. We will NOT ship the discs. If we have a disc you DO NOT WANT please let us know so we can donate it or utilize it in some other way. This list was posted on Facebook also. If you lost a disc with no name or I need a FULL DESCRIPTION we will not be posting those because then anyone could claim they are theirs.

A. J.
Adam Skinner
Alan Tabaj
Andrew Chur ... more

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Tom Wiggins   November 15 at 3:26pm

The disc that I lost would have been a Fuse lost at 3A.is under the name Tom W.

Larry Bright Jr.   November 16 at 12:41am

A disc return day has been decided. Details below!!! https://www.discgolfscene.com/tournaments/Punderson_Disc_Golf_Disc_Return_Scramble_Day_2017

Larry Bright Jr.   November 16 at 12:42am

There is already a list of who's discs have been found, so please be sure that you are identified in this list/post with something to be returned. DISCS WITH NO IDENTIFICATION WILL NOT BE RETURNED TO ANYBODY WHO CLAIMS THEM!!!!!! If an unmarked discs is yours, I'm sorry...there's no w ... more

Larry Bright Jr.    October 24 at 8:52pm

You are invited join the meeting of the Friends of Punderson Disc Golf Committee!!

Meeting: Saturday 10/28/17 at 9:00 AM at the Manor House Patio

This committee is a democratic body representing everyone interested in preserving, maintaining, and improving the disc golf course. Going forward, all work on the course will be organized through this committee. Plans are to hold two of these meetings per month.

The Agenda for the week will include:
-Organization matters
-Questions related ... more

Cup Cake   October 25 at 2:03am

This is for people who want to be dedicated to the course by volunteering and working with the park. This is not intended for those who just want to play the course or attend leagues.

Dave Ernst    October 12 at 1:43am

50/50 tournament to raise the money for the last nine baskets at Portage Lakes Disc Golf Course. Come give back to one of the free courses we play all the time and win some money while your at it. New Innova Champion discs only $10. This Saturday 10/14/17. 27 hole layout. Supposed to be great weather!


Trevor Murphy    October 9 at 8:40pm

25 Spots remain for The Pines Memorial in honor of Robert J. Weber Jr.

Players Packs for ALL PLAYERS. Dynamic Discs Tournament Stamped Disc, Zing Tournament Stamped Mini, and more.

We have some amazing sponsors donating some awesome prizes that will be used for CTP's and other side games.

This is the very first solely The Pines DGC PDGA Sanctioned Event! The course is in prime shape and ready for a great day to remember an awesome friend!

2 Rounds at The Pines DGC! See you the ... more


Larry Bright Jr.    October 6 at 8:45pm

The NEO Indoor Putting League will commence the 2017-18 season on November 13th at 6:30!! We will be back at the Lithuanian Club for this year on E. 185 Street in Cleveland, OH!!!

As with previous years, there will be a $5 League Entry Fee and a $10 buy-in per league night. The League Entry Fee entitles you to the end of the year raffle for the MVP Black Hole Basket, similar to last year. Also, for every league night played, you will get another entry into the raffle. Also, for 2018, we will ... more


Andrew Bruck    October 4 at 1:33pm

Sunny Lake will be having a doubles tournament on November 11th following the NEODGA annual meeting. Sunny Lake will be starting a club to keep up with course maintenance, host tournaments, and run weekly leagues. I would like to use this tournament to get people to the course to see its potential and to get suggestions as to what people want to see done at the course. Sign up soon and spread the word!


Chris Warfield    September 25 at 1:42am

$2000 added cash B tier, Oct 21st Get signed up today!!