Punderson State Park

Newbury, Ohio     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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"Cupcake" Kathleen Shue    2 hours ago

Anyone going to be up there tonight around 5:30 or 6:00pm?


"Cupcake" Kathleen Shue    7 days ago

Still thinking about starting a 9 hole beginner's league in May on Sunday Mornings - although initially it was going to be for women and kids, I'm going to leave it open... I'm not that experienced, so any help is appreciated, I'm just trying to get it going because I can't play Saturdays and nobody hits me up to play during the week anymore. It will be $15.00 to commit to the first three meets to learn the basics, and they will receive a putter and a midrange (we are assuming these are new play ... more

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Dan Hyzer   2 days ago

Good Luck with your new proposal Cupcake, (As the way I look at it if one school comits to Disc Golf others will follow, but which school will be the school to start?) Old wetlands..... It was flats with some overgrowth. It looked more like an old corn field than wetlands. I'm so much more happy tha ... more

"Cupcake" Kathleen Shue   2 days ago

Yeah the guy I talked to said definitely not the old wetlands actually where you were was probably Overland Park which used to be an old corn field the rec board is willing to work with us I guess they had already done an ultimate frisbee presentation and the kids lived it so far so good

Dan Hyzer   1 day ago

May the course be with you, Cupcake-------------- - + (with your dreams, i'm really rooting for you:)

Joe Olson    April 4 at 11:34am

Anybody know course conditions?

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"Cupcake" Kathleen Shue   April 4 at 12:14pm

I agree, it has been raining out here I don't think it got a chance to dry out much

Bob Becker   April 4 at 1:05pm

and it will be for several weeks I would say, everywhere

Trevor Murphy   April 4 at 1:50pm


eric " Sharky " boyd    February 28 at 8:35pm

Week # 1 , of the March Disc'n' Madness League , starts at 11:00 am . Be prepared to have some FUN !!!

Steve Hill   March 21 at 5:15pm

Is the league playing tomorrow (Saturday March 22) at 11:00? Steve Hill

eric " Sharky " boyd   March 21 at 11:11pm

Yes . Come on out and join the Madness!! This league runs thru the month of March.

Bob Becker    February 25 at 12:48pm

This Tournament is Pre-Pay only. Registration is set up through disc Golf Scene. Thanks! http://www.discgolfscene.com/tournaments/Puns_Labrynth_3_2014


Stephen Brown    February 24 at 5:08pm

Vibram Birdie Bash at Punderson is a GO!


Don Glaser   February 24 at 7:05pm

Great!, had a fun time last year and discovered some new discs that I like a lot

eric " Sharky " boyd    February 22 at 11:09pm

I've got a feeling

I've got a feeling , that there's going to be a ton of FUN happening all month long ,on Saturdays at 11:00 am , out at Pundersons' " March Disc'n' Madness" League this year ! We're in the process of setting up targets , called "Stroke Erasers" , that will surely make things interesting !! They'll be many ways to win something cool , so come on out and join the Madness !!


"Cupcake" Kathleen Shue    January 27 at 9:53am

I've heard that a couple of you have screen printing supplies? I have a kit myself, I just don't have it set up yet; is anyone ready to print? I have blank shirts and a few designs I'd like to try out. I'll even buy the transparency and run them through my printer. PLEASE MESSAGE ME - I'd like to know pricing if I supply the shirts. Thank you!


eric wernet    January 18 at 8:38am

Have you added the NEO Disc Golf Alliance to your favorite clubs? Do it now!!


greg guttinger   January 19 at 1:02pm

Had a great time with Sharky and Mote! Now we just have to get you and Andy down to St Agustine to stay at my beach hose and hit all the local action!

greg guttinger   January 19 at 1:03pm

house NOT hose!

Bob Becker    January 9 at 6:51am

5th Annual Punderson Ice Bowl

Saturday, January 25, 2014


- 9:30am Registration / Check-in


- 9:45am Players meeting

10:00am Tee off

$20.00 Cash Division

$10.00 No Cash Division

Register here http://www.discgolfscene.com/tournaments/5th_Annual_Punderson_Ice_Bowl_2014


"Cupcake" Kathleen Shue    December 28 at 9:48am

Anyone up for a Sunday morning 'women's' 9 hole beginner's league? I'm debating on starting one... Also, 9 is not so grueling for beginners. Obviously if you a regular player you'll be there for advice and support, but it would be nice to have some other patient and supportive players join. Thinking about starting somewhere around 9:30 or 10:00 am so we can finish by lunch. Will update based on feedback.

Team Jenkins   December 28 at 12:59pm

Great idea :}

Larry Bright Jr.    December 19 at 2:44pm

lost a bright green star monster today on hole #11...hit a tree before the bend and disappeared under the snow. i'd really appreciate it if it is returned :)


eric " Sharky " boyd    December 7 at 10:50pm

I'm SO looking forward to playing in the upcoming Punderson Ice Bowl , on Jan. 25th !! I know that I can expect to have an awesome experience , because of the wonderful people that run this event !! There's always a great raffle , a warm Chalet with a fireplace , friendly people to play with and , of course , the Course itself !! Being an ' Ice Bowl ' Event , also gives me the pleasure of knowing that my participation will help people in need ! BOO - YEAH !!!!!

Trevor Murphy   December 8 at 6:23am

Missed the IceBowl last year. Not this TIME!!! Really excited to make it this year as well. Honestly can say that Punderson and the Players are always a good time. Well worth the Hour and Twenty drive time!!

greg guttinger   January 1 at 8:36am


Bob Becker    November 30 at 3:30am

Disc Golf all day Saturday8:30 W.U.S.S. Round (quick 9 holes)10:00 P.U.S.S. Round (singles handicap league)1:30 Saturday Scrambles

Rick Gzesh   November 30 at 6:15am

I can't make it, but yesterday I lost my Tie Dye Wasp on Hole 1 about 1/2 way down on the left side rough. Please keep and and eye out for it. Thanks.

Bob Becker   November 30 at 6:17am


Bob Becker    November 22 at 12:32am

Disc Golf all day Saturday

8:30 W.U.S.S. Round (quick 9 holes)

10:00 P.U.S.S. Round (singles handicap league)

1:30 Saturday Scrambles


Bob Becker    November 15 at 9:06pm

Saturday morning handicap league every week 10 am through the winter. Three rounds to get your handicap. You will also have a partner for doubles score.CTP's every week. Also Puns Labrynth bag tags on the line every week.come on out


Michael Klingmann    November 15 at 10:11am

I have the day off today. Anyone looking to play a round?


Bob Becker    November 1 at 7:13pm

Saturday morning handicap league every week 10 am through the winter. Three rounds to get your handicap. You will also have a partner for doubles score.CTP's every week. Also Puns Labrynth bag tags on the line every week.come on out.

Trevor Murphy   November 2 at 8:48am

our saturday league ends next week.. hopefully we will be making it up your way after the SVDGOpen

Bob Becker   November 2 at 4:13pm

sounds good Trevor

Mickey Anderson   November 3 at 8:24am

hope to make a few prob able to get there every other week or as work allows!

Carl Hokes    October 10 at 11:08am

I was looking to come up to play today (then hopefully make my way to warren) anyone interested?

Rick Gzesh   October 10 at 11:26am

Carl, I can meet you there around 12:30. I do have to be finished by 3 or so. BTW this is Rick G from Sims.

Carl Hokes   October 10 at 11:48am

I'm sorry Rick 12:30 is just a little to soon for me I couldnt make it up there till 1:30-2 hopefully another day

Rick Gzesh   October 10 at 11:51am

Carl, I am heading down there now. I should be starting the 2nd half around the time you get there. Give me a call on my cell 412-491-4511. Maybe we can get a few holes in together.

"Cupcake" Kathleen Shue    October 4 at 8:37am

**NIGHTMARE ON PINE LAKE - They are calling for scattered storms tonight, if that is the case start time will depend on the weather conditions. We will start as scheduled if the weather conditions are favorable, however we may push it back if raining/storming; weather report is stating the rain/storms should clear up by 10:00pm. We have to consider safety first, so I wanted to give a heads up.