Punderson State Park

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Dipankar Biswas    August 2 at 4:23pm

Come out and tame the beast at Portage Lakes DG every Thursday @6:00pm...

All the left over discs from last year's Chain Shot are gone. CTP's will now be cash payout. CTP cash is donated money and the only thing you need to do is be in the $1 ace fund and you are automatically in the 2 CTP's. CTP's are hole 1 and 8 at $10 each. Ace fund is now at $158+. Been getting good turnouts.

Hope to see you there tonight and every Thursday night.......


Katie Meloy    July 30 at 3:01pm

The course has never looked better! The new bathrooms are beeeeeeeautiful. Great job guys & gals!

Patrick Treude   July 30 at 7:08pm

I second that.

Alex Colucci    July 30 at 1:05pm

there's a destroyer just shot of the island (hole 2), Aaron Howard is the name on it. Please let me know if found and I can get it back to him.


Alex Colucci    July 26 at 9:01pm

Sunny Lake Open, August 4, at Sunny Lake Park in Aurora, Ohio. Part of the NEODGA Summer Series. Information and sign-up here: https://www.discgolfscene.com/tournaments/Sunny_Lake_Open_2018


Greg Miller    July 16 at 1:21pm

Trilogy Challenge at The Pond in Painesville
Registration is open until August 4th for the Trilogy Challenge at The Pond in Painesville on 8/18. All entries include an awesome players pack of 3 discs, Trilogy t-shirt, and a burst mini. For more information or to register, please go to the tournament page here: https://www.discgolfscene.com/tournaments/2018_Trilogy_Challenge_in_Honor_of_John_Altier.


Larry Bright Jr.    July 13 at 3:55pm

Workday at Punderson Disc Golf this Sunday at 10 AM to put the final touches on the course for the upcoming Labyrinth tournament. We will be doing some minor trimming, clean-up, and OBs. Please come out and lend a hand if you have time!!

Ryan "Tex" Kimbro   July 14 at 12:38pm

The Labyrinth is on. I’ve made the necessary arrangements.

Larry Bright Jr.    July 7 at 8:49pm

Huge shout-out to Sarge, Bryan Andrew Ricco and Ryan Miller for their help out there today at the course!! We got holes 2, 3, and 15 cleaned up along the shoreline and removed a good bit of sticks, limbs, and trash from all holes. Course is looking great, minus a few other areas that need trimming. Another workday will be scheduled for next week and we will reassess the OB ropes and finish up cleaning up sticks and other stuff in the fairways. if you have time, come lend a hand!! we can always use more help!!


Larry Bright Jr.    July 4 at 9:45pm

Punderson work day this Saturday...clearing fairways of sticks and picking up trash. Maybe even some light trimming in a few places. Please come out and lend a hand if you are able to. I'd like to do a 10 AM start. Lunch on me (pizza at Zeppe's) if you are willing to lend a hand. And if we get enough people and get done quick, we can throw some holes too.


Tom Mote    July 1 at 4:28am

Congrats to larry on your 2nd place finish in intermediate at the beastly beauty you would have got 1st in recreational.

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Tom Mote   July 1 at 6:03pm

i guess its insulting to congratulate someone on a good round. fyi 19 out of 23 in that division qualified for rec. A+++

Larry Bright Jr.   July 1 at 9:09pm

This isn't even worth the energy to type and think of a response. Besides, out of respect for your son, I'm gonna drop this. And maybe you should take some cues from him on how to act and conduct yourself in a social matter, since that is something you obviously lack the knowledge of how to do properly.

duane koczan   July 4 at 6:35pm

Out of the loop , but I’m glad you jumped in to help Larry! It would be a sad day if all those who worked on tthat course to make it what it is would just stop caring

Larry Bright Jr.    June 26 at 11:58pm

Disc Returns -- No Contact Number
Discs Returned to Punderson with Name/Initials only and no contact info:

Champion Spider Blue SIMP
DX Leopard Yellow SES
Crystal Buzz Clear Kyle S

If any of these are your or know who they belong to, please let us know so they can be returned.


Larry Bright Jr.    June 26 at 11:43pm

No name / illegible discs that have been turned in at the Disc Return Box:

Star Wraith White Xed out names
Skeeter Yellow Spiral Dye
Z Glide Orange Shoot the Breeze stamp
Champion King Cobra Orange
Champion Leopard Red Xed out name
Champion Katana Red
Champion Groove Blue Guns N Hoses / SPCA Stamp
X Soft Focus Black
DX Archangel Blue Xed out name
? Blue Star Thermoplastics Stamp
Champion Groove Tie Dye
Sampo Purple Trilogy Challenge
Pro D Buzzz Yellow
Innova? White Seven Sp ... more

Kyle Schaechterle   June 27 at 1:59am

The clear buzz is mine. And wondering if you have a orange XCal with faded stamp or blue firebird. Thanks

Larry Bright Jr.   June 27 at 9:20am

No XCal. I was guessing the Buzz was yours that says Kyle S. Anybody playing The Beauty and The Beast you know this weekend I can give it to?

Larry Bright Jr.   June 27 at 11:11am

No Firebird with your name either.

Tom Mote    June 26 at 9:11am

Got 1 and 2 weed whacked. If your playing the course throwing any sticks off the fairways helps.

Larry Bright Jr.   June 26 at 10:17am

Thank you. A workday will be planned in the near future. Tentatively the weekend of July 7th.

Larry Bright Jr.    June 18 at 7:48pm


Please be advised that beginning this week, Rt. 87 (Kinsman) will be closed just west of the main park entrance. An alternate route will be needed to get to the entrance.

The easiest route would be to come up 44 to State Rt. 87 and take a right (from the North) or left (from the South). The park entrance is about 1.5 miles down.

If you take Auburn Road to the park, please use the following alternate route:
Take a left on Pekin (from the North) or ri ... more


Cup Cake    May 30 at 1:37am

Yes, Hole 18A appears to have been stolen. An official police report was made with the ODNR last week. The basket and based were removed completely from the ground - the WHOLE thing is missing. As we assume nobody we know has knowledge of the incident (assuming they would tell us if they saw something) we did not want to announce such until we had time to discuss resolution at our next meeting as there are a few other issues with the disc golf course we are trying to take care of regarding the p ... more


Theodore Mote    May 28 at 5:07am

In case you are following signage on the course, I would like to let any newcomers know that 18A is no longer a hole. It does not exist.

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Theodore Mote   May 28 at 3:43pm

I’ve recently been an inactive club member, so if it was a club decision I’m not sure. So... maybe?

Larry Bright Jr.   May 28 at 4:22pm

it was not a club decision

Theodore Mote   May 28 at 4:56pm

I guess we have a basket theif at large, keep your eyes peeled out there

Larry Bright Jr.    May 27 at 2:20pm

Less than 1 week to sign up for the 2018 MVP Circuit Challenge at Sims Park on 6/16/18!!! $35 for the player's pack that has over a $60 value!! This event is always a great time, and there's a bunch of extra ways to win prizes!! Don't miss out!! This may be the last event of this type I run at Sims Park!!!



Larry Bright Jr.    May 19 at 10:48pm

Registration for the 2018 MVP Circuit Challenge at Sims Park on 6/16/18 closes two weeks from today!! This event is pre-registration only, so be sure to sign up if you will be playing. $35 for your player pack, which includes 3 premium discs (to be used at the event) and a full color towel. Side games and other fun will be on hand for some chances at some great MVP prizes. Event info and registration can be found using the link below:



Scott Williams    May 14 at 6:50pm

Punderson Thursday Handicap league:

The month of May is A/B Pool singles to establish handicaps. Then June-August will be a raw score payout then the Handicap payout. 90% of the average of your last 5 rounds!

$5+$1 Ace+$1 CTP, Reds to Shorts.


Larry Bright Jr.    May 14 at 12:47am

I'd like to bring glow disc golf back to Punderson this summer. 4 nights...one monthly in June -- September. I'd also like to make this a scramble style league, with random draw, playing all 18 holes, with few alternate tees to ease the flow, like on holes 6, 15, and 18. Is there any interest in this before I start trying to figure out the schematics of getting this going?

Luke Shelton   May 14 at 10:24am

I'm definitely interested

Larry Bright Jr.   May 14 at 7:58pm


Larry Bright Jr.    May 9 at 9:20pm

Punderson Handicap League kicks off tomorrow with a 6 PM start!! Reds to Shorts layout, with optional ace fund and cash CTP each night!! We will also have league bag tags for sale for league members and anyone else interested at $5 each. Come out and get your throw on!!!