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Blake Favalon    October 19 at 12:23am

Was throwing a practice drive in the parking lot toward 13's basket and it faded early. It went in just to the left of hole 3's tee. The disc is an Air Ballista Pro and is pink 158g. Please look and let me know if you find anything. 330-814-1029.


Matt Dungan    September 23 at 7:58pm

A large tree has fallen on hole 2 due to the storms last week. It also broke some higher limbs that are now hanging and blocking the gap. I emailed the park to see if they can lend a hand. We’ll see how it goes this week. Also there seems to be a lot of downed limbs throughout the course. If people could throw them off to the sides of the fairways as they are playing that would be great.


Kevin Thompson    September 19 at 10:06pm

Anyone still planning on playing at 6 tomorrow even though official doubles is over?


Dave Ernst    September 14 at 7:16pm

Here is a list of guaranteed prizes for tomorrow's doubles season finale. Possibly could be added to, but I haven't heard for sure yet.

$50 added cash to start off the ace pool plus whatever is paid into day of.

1st place will share added cash of $40

2nd place will share added cash of $20

3rd place will share added cash of $10

Player of the year will receive $20. Must be present to win.

Player of the year runner up will receive $10. Must be present to win.

Pe ... more


Matt Dungan    September 14 at 4:26pm

Saturday September 15
Portage Lakes Doubles Season Finale.
A/B random draw doubles
Registration 8:30-9:30
$10 + $2 Ace/ctp
Added cash and prizes
Free hot dogs after round.

Practice for Chain Shot, win some money and prizes, fill your belly, and have a lot of fun.


Dave Ernst    September 7 at 4:28pm

Found an orange disc with a unique stamp while doing course cleanup on Portage Lakes today. It was buried. May have been there a while. Let me know what it is and if it matches I'll get it back to you. No name, no number on disc.

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brett m   September 7 at 11:13pm

Stamp or dye?

Ben Bates   September 8 at 1:32am

Not me.

Dave Ernst   September 8 at 10:45am

It has a stamp its discraft

Matt Dungan    September 6 at 9:16pm

Work day this Saturday 830-12 in preparation for Chain Shot
A few things that need done are ;
Weed wack edges of fairway to make locating discs easier holes 15, 18 especially
Mow Low area on 15 by walking bridge/moat area and some pruning
6 could use some pruning along the shoreline from the landing area to the long pin.
And whatever else we think needs done.


Dave Ernst    September 5 at 12:24pm

I will be out doing Course Maintenance from about 8:30 till noon today if anyone is bored and wants to join me


Matt Dungan    August 25 at 10:18pm

Spent 4 hours today weed whacking. Did 2’s long&short pins, 12’s long pin.
14 was the bear. Did the whole fairway/ along the shoreline and around both long and short pins.
There is still some pruning that needs done along the shoreline and trash cleanup thanks to the fishermen.
15 will be the next focus.
A few other things that need done are;
Trash cleanup on holes 5,6,10,12,14,15,16. thanks to the fishers.
Clean up the gap on 16 from the tee to the lake and also the shore ... more

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Dave Bussey   August 29 at 2:51pm

I worked on the couse last night. Items: weed wacked and pruned path in front of #1 long tee. Short path between 2 to 3. Path between 5 to 6. Pathway leading up to 15 short tee. Brush tunnel in front of 15s short tee. Picked up trash,glass and sticks along course Short Tee to Short Baskets. Threw trash from 18s bench in the big green dumpster.

Dave Bussey   August 29 at 3:27pm

Things I noticed: we need to keep replacement trash bags in the bottom of the trash bins (18 needs one now). 9s trash been needs empted (new bag when that happens). Jeremy C. noted that it seems that if we had more of the white trash bins out there maybe more of the trash on the course would end up ... more

Matt Dungan   August 29 at 4:40pm

I’ll get some bags to put in the white bins

Matt Dungan    August 25 at 1:49am

I’ll be out here doing a little weed whacking Sat am in preparation for the upcoming Chain Shot tournament. Focus will be on 14&15. An official work day is being planned for Saturday the 8th. For anyone who wants to get out there at their leisure let me know I’ll have a list of things to be done. Also the club has a very nice Stihl trimmer that can be loaned out. Just let me know

Dave Bussey   August 25 at 3:40am

Please send me the list.

Dipankar Biswas    August 23 at 4:37pm

Portage Lake doubles league @ 6:00pm tonight.
Ace pot at $200 (HOT!!!!!!).
$1 optional Ace fund automatically make you eligible for 2 cash CTP (No separate buy in for CTP)
Layout will be F9 - Long Tee to Short Basket, B9 - Short Tee to Long Basket.
Bring your discs and bring your friends, the weather is awesome........

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Dipankar Biswas   August 23 at 6:48pm

⬆️ lol

Dipankar Biswas   August 23 at 6:54pm

And you should totally come. You paired with any A player can totally get all the cash ;)

Brad Silvers   August 24 at 2:16am

I would have loved to but worked til 7. Did get to play after though at Riverside in Greenville, PA.

Dave Ernst    August 17 at 1:25am

Saturday September 15
Portage Lakes Doubles Season Finale.
A/B random draw doubles
Registration 8:30-9:30
$10 + $2 Ace/ctp
Added cash and prizes
Free hot dogs after round.

Practice for Chain Shot, win some money and prizes, fill your belly, and have a lot of fun.


Dave Ernst    August 15 at 12:39am

Doubles this Thursday.
Layout change do to losing light.
Front 9 longs to shorts, back 9 shorts to longs
$200 ace pot
2 - $10 ctp's


Michael Konopka    August 10 at 3:27pm

The Discraft Ace Race is coming to Medina! It's September 8th at PoolSide and tees off at 10 AM.
For $30 you get a player pack worth more than $70 that includes two prototype mid range discs in premium plastic and much more! Prizes for the top 3 finishers. Plus prizes for the top woman and juniors players.

Registration closes August 23rd. For more information and to register, check out the link:

I'll ... more


Dave Ernst    August 9 at 6:47pm

Doubles league tonight.
$176+ ace pot.
3 ctp's at $10 cash each


Alex Colucci    July 26 at 9:01pm

Sunny Lake Open, August 4, at Sunny Lake Park in Aurora, Ohio. Part of the NEODGA Summer Series. Information and sign-up here: https://www.discgolfscene.com/tournaments/Sunny_Lake_Open_2018


Greg Miller    July 16 at 1:21pm

Trilogy Challenge at The Pond in Painesville
Registration is open until August 4th for the Trilogy Challenge at The Pond in Painesville on 8/18. All entries include an awesome players pack of 3 discs, Trilogy t-shirt, and a burst mini. For more information or to register, please go to the tournament page here: https://www.discgolfscene.com/tournaments/2018_Trilogy_Challenge_in_Honor_of_John_Altier.


Dave Ernst    July 13 at 2:11am

Found a nice metal mini during league tonight. If you're missing one describe it asis yours


Matt Dungan    June 8 at 12:07am

I’ll be at the course Saturday doing some weed eating.
The park department mowed, just wanna clean up around some trees/hills.
The usual suspects are holes 5,6,9,14,15,18.
More trimmers are welcome.
Also, the club has a very nice Stihl trimmer and a push mower that can be borrowed at your convenience if anyone feels the need in their spare time.
Just hit me up, thanks

Dave Ernst   June 8 at 3:41pm

I plan on getting out there and cleaning off the tree pads this weekend. Saturday however I already committed to helping at Oak Ledges Disc Golf Course. We will need to get together as walk the course so you can point or areas we need to address so i can help.

Matt Dungan   June 8 at 4:16pm

Sounds good, let me know when you’ll be out there and I’ll try and meet you.

Dave Ernst    June 7 at 11:20am

2 ctp's being added tonight at no extra charge as long as you are in the ace pool.
Portage doubles 6pm. See you there.