Oshtemo Township Park

Kalamazoo, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Curtis S    February 7 at 11:02pm

Found another disc @Oshtemo on hole 1, right side. No name/No Ink

Mold/Color and it's yours!


Dustin Morton    February 6 at 1:32pm

Dustin Morton 3 hours ago
Lost: Purple opto Fury. hole 9 right side fairway during league. Can't remember if I inked it.


Curtis S    February 6 at 10:29am

Found a disc on hole 5 in the snow. No Name/No Number.
If you can name the color & mold, it's yours.

Kyle Newman   February 6 at 10:41am

Shot in the dark, but I left a pink nuke a little while back

Curtis S   February 6 at 10:54am

Nope, wish it was so I could help you out! I'm sure I'll be out there again in the next few days - with the rain coming it should clear all the snow out and I'll let you know if I do find it :)

Jason Candelaria    January 9 at 8:19am

Lost a Green Cryztal FLX Buzzz on Hole 15 during leagues Sunday. Had a red ribbon taped to it, pretty sure it's in the pine trees. Name and Number is on the back. If found, Cash Reward. Thanks.


Patrick Jouppi    December 19 at 12:36pm

Against my better judgement, I played a solo round out here yesterday right after leagues wrapped up. It was a beautiful day, but I misplaced 2 Plasma Axiom discs on 15. One in the pine tree row on the right, one about 30 feet short of the basket, seemingly in the clear. Green/Orange Theory and White/Red Envy. Cash reward for either.


Steven Smith    December 12 at 11:25am

Lost a blue MD3 on hole 10. 4 discs in exchange for its return.


Andy SmithFactory    December 11 at 9:09pm

Lost a 168 light blue Star Beast on hole 17 today, left side about a 1/3 of the way down the fairway. Slipped out of my hand early, CASH reward if returned


Dustin Morton    December 11 at 1:17pm


Dustin Morton    December 11 at 1:17pm

Yup it's winter league. Lost: red warrant hole 15 in the trees on the right. Has ink.
Pink spin dyed underworld hole 17 deep in the woods on the right probably not finding it till spring
*** Hole seven yellow and orange spin dyed air Escape should be right in the fairway near the rocks. Inked.
Damn snow.


Ken B    November 11 at 10:40am

Found: Champion Atlas right by basket on 18. Describe it and I will get it back to you.


Ken B    November 5 at 12:35pm

Found: Lucid Suspect on the bench at 2 short. Describe it and I will get it back to you.


Andy Pioszak    November 4 at 7:07pm

Lost pink swirly beast on 10. Left side of fairway 50 from pin. My name and large TDA ink. REWARD $40 or 3+ new discs.


Kyle Newman    October 19 at 11:39am

Lost a pink Z Nuke here sometime during a collegiate match up a few weeks ago, not sure where I left it. I would love if someone returned it


Dustin Morton    September 23 at 11:01am

Gorgeous new benches out on the course !! Let's keep the graffiti off these guys they are really nice

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Tim Sylvain   September 23 at 2:57pm

good luck with that..not to be pessimistic, but I give it a month.

Larry LaBond   September 24 at 1:39pm

A month sounds optomistic to me.

Tim Sylvain   September 25 at 12:49pm

unfortunatley you're right.

Angie Smith    September 21 at 7:11pm

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Mike Wolters    September 11 at 4:41pm

Is there any organized cash dubs on a certain day here?

Larry LaBond   September 11 at 9:32pm

Friday at 6


Jeff C    August 30 at 4:18pm

Lost a Wave on hole 10 and an Amp on hole 11 today. $10 apiece if anyone returns them!

Jeff C   August 30 at 4:21pm

The wave was along the right side of the fairway...hit a tree during the turn and I couldn't follow it...the Amp went straight on a forehand into the trees on the left side of the fairway and I couldn't see it come down.

Nick Simon    August 19 at 1:52pm

***Grand Isle Open!!! Sat and Sun Aug 20-21. This weekend! B-tier with $500 added cash for MPO! Make sure you sign up for the first ever sanctioned tournament at Grand Isle!!




Cory Yancer    August 17 at 9:17pm

Lost a yellow flick on hole 15. It was my first ace disc. $ reward or new disc.