Ogemaw Hills Recreation Complex

West Branch, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions

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-  -1 votes  + Matthew Dengler › May 30, 2012
Excellent course for a beginner. Lots of wide open spaces and other than the river that swallows your disc in an instant there aren't too many natural obstacles on most of the holes. This course just opened so still working on cement tee boxes, signs for all the holes, and all the little things that make for a nice course. A nice little course to hit on your way north to play Traverse.
-  +0 votes  + Joseph Pyszora › July 16, 2012
Nice course for a beginner or for a family event. All par 3 and the tees and baskets are not near each other for the most part so you don't have to worry about getting hit. The river is only about a foot deep, clear water and moves fast so make sure you have a disc that sinks. Some woods and out of the city and other then the soccer field there are not a lot of people around to get in the way.
-  +0 votes  + Dylan Peiffer › August 26, 2013
I've designed/built 2 courses, and I have to say this is my pride and joy! Holes are a bit short, but technical. The course is literally built from one corner to the other (North to South & East to West) on the plot of land. I used every square' I could. The course flows great and is very well thought out. Hole 1 starts @ parking lot and hole 18 ends at the same parking lot. You also have to go over a bridge, and the course plays very nicely around it. I have to disagree that its a "easy" co ...
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-  +0 votes  + Jason Karle › August 5, 2012
Nice course, cool variety of shots. Would be nice with level tee pads. Perhaps a course map and a tee sign on 18. Still a fun, ace run course
-  +0 votes  + Kevin Reddy › August 6, 2012
A little short, but yet challenging too. Good use of the property for the number of holes, and good flow to the layout. I will play here again for sure.
-  +0 votes  + Robert Wagner › August 8, 2012
Hard to believe this nice cpurse has only been here less than a year or so. I will be back.
-  +0 votes  + Evin Geatches › September 18, 2012
I like Ogemaw Hills for its short and technical layout. Creative shot shaping is a must to get into red numbers. I'm not a fan of the natural tee pads, but aside from that Ogemaw Hills DGC is a fun course
-  +1 votes  + Derek Stockford › April 9, 2013
great starter course for disc golfers to learn on before tackling larger courses. most shots are putter/mid range shots leaving u with a fairly easy bogey free round. layout was actually very nice for the space provided.
-  +1 votes  + David Baker › March 8, 2013
I like the challenge that this course gives. Cant wait to play, come this spring of 2013!
-  +1 votes  + Mike Kennedy › March 23, 2013
-  +1 votes  + Nic Vaughn › April 17, 2013
I have to agree with dylan on this course. It changes greatly threw out the year. This is my home course. I am a second year player and have only played a total of 3 other courses. I have seen this course grow over the last year. With the Blood,sweat, and tears that Ogemaw Hills put into the course, it is greatly appreciated in this community. I have to agree with some of the reviews that it needs tee boxes, but I think even the Rec. commity agrees w/ that. Good job and great course if your heading up north.. Watch out for the water...
-  -4 votes  + Jeremy Kern › July 3, 2013
Thick vegetation everywhere, not a very well maintained course.
-  +1 votes  + Junior Ordiway › August 1, 2013
Very fun course!!!
-  +0 votes  + Stan Hernandez › September 17, 2013
Great/fun coarse for everyone
-  +1 votes  + Josh Morrison › September 18, 2013
The Good: Has a great layout with nice baskets and It is very well maintained. It has nicely made signs that accurately depict the fairway (on most holes) The Bad: The dirt tees are getting pretty worn out. It would be great to come up with funding for concrete. The baskets that were moved need new signs at the tee and an adjusted par.
-  +0 votes  + Bradley Stroh › September 19, 2013
Nice course! Loving it!!
-  +0 votes  + Daniel Tucker › May 27, 2014
Nice layout
-  -1 votes  + Josh Russell › June 26, 2014
This course has 6 or 7 very awesome holes and a beautiful trout stream that comes into play on several holes. Other than that, it doesn't have a lot going for it. The course designers did a good job with what they have to work with, but just playing through the fields doesn't put up much on the fun factor for me. And the natural teepads were up to 2 feet deep, very dangerous, I threw beside them. This is worth playing if you live close by or are in the area because of the few very awesome holes, but it certainly isn't much fun other than that.
-  -1 votes  + Chris Booker › July 6, 2014
Absolutely Love this Course. I only get to play it once a year and look forward to it. Its allways well maintained and in great shape. On get some Concrete pads and she be a A+.
-  +0 votes  + Robert Kraut › October 19, 2014
Very nice course, well maintained and some holes are challenging( I had a really hard time with #2 double boogied it both rounds I played) the only complaint I have is the ttee's where very worn on some holes. I think if come came out there with about a yard of dirt and leveled them this course would move up to an A for me personally. Another plus its very close to my familys cottage(much closer then Hanson Hills). I will most definitely be back again.
-  +0 votes  + richard bell › August 16, 2015
Interesting course. Its not that long but has some very challenging holes. Some blind shots with some water hazard blind shots also integrated in. Throw my putter and midrange on most holes but its still a very well done design. Uses what the land has to offer very well. Nice cold river flowing along the course which makes the hot days like today very nice.
-  +0 votes  + Ed Carpus › August 18, 2015
Good course for what it is. Short course, a bit of elevation, some water. As a heads up, there seems to be a local dog that spends his day on the course. Wouldn't have been a big deal except my 3 year old was with me, so I didn't feel comfortable letting her run around with him right near us.
-  +0 votes  + Becky Gilbert › September 12, 2015
Dirt Tees, holed tees, basket and tees to close together for safety particular with the amount of land seemingly available. tee signs when present seem wrong for distance on some holes and directional notations are wrong on some holes as well. not a bad course but nothing special.
-  +0 votes  + Paul Doherty › November 17, 2015
-  +0 votes  + Kevin Hamden › December 28, 2015
I like the new basket positions.made the first 3 harder