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Phil "Puttimus Prime" Common    December 12 at 12:15pm

Lost a few at leagues last night

Phil Common
WC Glow Plasma Insanity Hole 14
Soft Neutron Particle Hole 15

Drew Herron
Glow Crank Hole 14

James Perras
Champ Beast Hole 14

Steve Good
Glow Memorial Crank Hole 17

Rewards for all

Kevin VilleMonte   December 12 at 2:55pm

If League tonight isn’t cancelled I’ll have the guys keep their eyes out for them. Any idea of where to look on 14 and 17?

james perras    December 7 at 5:49pm

Lost black light on 15 mon Night

Nick Oliver   December 7 at 8:16pm


Ron Jacobs   December 8 at 2:33am

I either put glow tape or tape an LED to my flashlights. For future reference!

Benjamin Pierce    November 29 at 2:26pm

Starting Sunday 12/3 at 3 pm there will be an Singles Indoor Putting League at the Sandbar at the Pine Creek Disc Golf Course. Cost is only $5 a week and the winner of the league gets a Dynamic Discs Marksman basket. Come enjoy a burger and beer, and get your winter putting practice in. More info here:


Floyd Hampp    October 18 at 1:54pm

Lost a putter in the pond on hole 5. I'd love to get it back because it matches the other putter I was using during the round. Wind caught it and turned over a really bad putter shot.

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Ryan Paduch   October 18 at 11:02pm

If you find a blue ten year can you let me know please name n number is on it

Kevin VilleMonte   October 19 at 11:19am

No problem Ryan. unlike most, I call every # on a disc I find and turn them in at the front desk

Floyd Hampp   October 21 at 7:49pm

Sorry, just saw this message... If the pond was a clock, it would be about 9 o'clock (if the teepad is closest to 6) and probably 20 feet in from the edge. It has no number on it, but I'm sure it's the only Nova you'll stumble across.

Mark Neiger    October 11 at 12:44am

Found one this evening down left side of hole 14 along fence you know the routine name the mold, plastic and stamp! It's not a stock stamp it has a very specific stamp! Let the games begin!!!!

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Mark Neiger   October 11 at 5:47pm

Sorry Shawn that's not it either

DJ Cary   October 16 at 2:17am

Green dd2

Mark Neiger   October 17 at 2:41am

Sorry DJ that's not it

Maggie L    October 8 at 5:19pm

Is there a course map that I can find somewhere online? I got a little confused on the back 9 and where I was supposed to throw to/from.

Nick "Fooch" Fucinari WPD   October 9 at 12:39am

Download the UDisc app, they have great overhead google maps of most courses. Northridge is on there.

Kevin VilleMonte   October 10 at 11:48am

Working on getting a box at hole 1 for scorecards but you can currently just go in and pick one up at the front desk. Map is on them

Randy Fortune    October 8 at 1:07pm

Lost 2 discs one in each pond a purple ace race disc and a faded day glow leopard I would really appreciate getting them back both should have name and number


Brian Gentz    October 8 at 2:10am

I lost my pink MVP Matrix in the pond on hole #7. Name, PDGA number, and phone number is on it.
I would love to get it back.


Benjamin Pierce    October 8 at 12:28am

Had my new orange vector roll into the pond on hole 5 today. Only had it for a couple rounds would love to get it back, no name or number on it.


Kevin VilleMonte    September 17 at 2:53pm

Concrete tee pads done on back 9 and open for play! Added pics to the main page.

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Kevin VilleMonte   September 19 at 11:42am

For this year just what we did. Possibilities next year of both front/back and also front 9 are being discussed.

Nick Oliver   September 30 at 1:16am

You should get some dirt out there built up along the tees so they are more level to the ground. Makes them safter and easier to use. If you have already done this I apologize (havent been since they were fresh). Good work!!!

Kevin VilleMonte   October 10 at 11:45am

Just working on getting fill dirt ASAP. Haven’t been there for 2 weeks myself so could have already been done.

Kevin VilleMonte    September 11 at 9:59am

Back 9 of the course will be closed today through Thursday for upgrades. Alternate tees will be marked on the front 9 for those wishing to play a full 18. If you can come out Tuesday between 10-12 to help for an hour or more with making the new tees please let me know, still need 3-4 more people. Thanks!

Kevin VilleMonte   September 11 at 6:41pm

No alternates on 4 or 6, all others on the front 9 are now marked with flags/paint lines.

Kevin VilleMonte    September 8 at 6:55pm

Ok, everything is GO for dropping concrete tees on the back 9 on Tuesday! We will be working from 9 am until 4 pm latest, and we could use a few more volunteers to help. If you can come any time between 9 and noon and help for at least an hour please let me know, trying to get a head count. Back 9 will be closed until Friday so I will be marking alternate tees on the front 9 for anyone wanting to play 18.

Karen D   September 10 at 10:22pm

We both work. If there is anything we can do after work let me know.

Kevin VilleMonte   September 11 at 12:58am

We will be finishing by 4 pm latest so depending on what time you get out of work come on by!

Jacob Sestak    September 8 at 5:12am

Lost a Blue avenger ss TI on hole 3. Right of the tree in the tall reeds/cattails. Name and number on back. Reward if found.

Jacob Sestak   September 8 at 5:24am

Edit: Left of the tree on hole 3 right by the teepad.

Jacob Sestak   September 8 at 5:37am

Edit: Hole 2 my bad

Mark Neiger    September 4 at 9:29pm

Pulled one today out of the pond alongside hole 7 it's Discraft name mold plastic and color and it's back in your bag

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Mark Neiger   September 30 at 1:26am

No sorry that's not it

Karen D   October 13 at 1:09pm

We've lost a few.. pink avenger ss, white beast or buzz, yellow w/brewster ridge stamp, another yellow I can't remember lol this is our learning course..

Mark Neiger   October 13 at 1:52pm

Sorry Karen unfortunately it's none of those but I will keep an eye out for you

Jarret Smith    September 3 at 1:37am

Anyone know if you can play here after dark? I got some discs with leds on them and want to try them out but most courses around here close at dark

Timmy Redman   September 3 at 4:56am

They encourage it

Jarret Smith   September 3 at 5:14am

Cool thanks

mark g   September 3 at 11:52am

Ya. Your good to play after dark. As the nights get longer we do a glow around Sunday nights 6 till whenever we also have a Tuesday night League starting at 5:30 feel free to come out and play anytime

Karen D    September 2 at 4:43pm

So there are no discs at the office. The people in front of me found a light green disc with no name, not sure what they did with it. Said they usually find some. I always call if there's a name and number, if I bring the two orange ones to the desk will they disappear?

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Kevin VilleMonte   September 4 at 7:12pm

I'll check on it tomorrow when I'm up there for leagues.

Kevin VilleMonte   September 5 at 8:11pm

The discs are still at the front desk, 6 or 7 of them. They are located in the top drawer above the "lost and found" drawer.

Karen D   September 10 at 10:21pm

Yup, I went back and the other lady saw them there. The older woman didnt see them I guess.. I just added a couple. :)

Shawn Vena    August 26 at 1:31am

Took some buddies for their first time there.. let's just say it was rough for them! Lol anyways there is a nuke in the first pond along ridge Rd,, there is a pink mvp Tesla and a crank in the second pond and a purple mvp Tesla in the cat tails on 17... The purple Tesla is the only one with contacts on it,. Any help would be greatly appreciated


Corbin VanderWal    August 23 at 1:25am

Earlier today on hole 17 my brother threw a big hyzer and it landed in the cattail to the left of the tee. It was his favorite white star-lite boss that was decently beat in. It has his contact info on it so if you find it please call/text him if you find it.


Kevin VilleMonte    August 21 at 12:56pm

Due to inclement weather tomorrow (8/22) the renovations to the back 9 have been postponed. We have rescheduled to Tuesday September 11.


Kevin VilleMonte    August 20 at 11:59pm

As of tomorrow morning the back 9 will be closed until Friday for course improvements (I.e. concrete tee pads). NorthRidge asks that you please not play them until completed. I will be out there tomorrow marking alternate tees on the front 9 for those who wish to play a full 18. Anyone wishing to help out with new tees is welcome! Please arrive between 10 and noon, working no later than 4 pm. Thanks everyone!