NorthRidge Church

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Mark Neiger    3 days ago

I know it's a slim chance but through a blue Fuzion Escape into the pond on hole 7 today if anybody fish's it out my name and number is on the back be nice to get it back


Kevin VilleMonte    6 days ago

For anyone interested, while updates are still in the work for the back 9 there are Long/Alternate tees marked with paint and flags on most of the 18 holes (holes 11 and 12 long tees have been dug/graveled so far), and painted OB areas on holes 1, 5, 10, and 13. Holes 5 and 7 have alternate tees teeing off directly over the water. A more detailed description of the course has been posted at


Adam Sullivan    April 11 at 8:01pm

Lost a purple star destroyer in the middle of the pond on 7. Would love it back. Initials, pdga #and phone#on back. Thanks!


Nate Davis    April 11 at 10:38am

Lost blue archangel in water on hole 6.


Dave Lassen    April 6 at 5:30am

Have the new tee pads been installed yet?

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Dave Lassen   April 6 at 12:46pm

Thanks for the feedback

Nick Oliver   April 6 at 2:33pm

Paul, indeed they are. But, and correct me if I am wrong Kevin, there are plans to scrap several holes and then open new ones on the far edge of the pond in the woods next year due to a parking lot expansion?

Kevin VilleMonte   April 6 at 9:54pm

Yes, there will be a major parking lot expansion late this year, it will definitely affect some of the holes on the front 9. We have to wait to see exactly what they are doing before planning relocation of the holes. And yes, we have access to the wooded area south of the pond at hole 7 which would be the most likely place to reroute the front 9.

Kevin VilleMonte    April 4 at 4:36pm

Is the course wet and muddy? Yes. Is it windy? Yes. Is the league still on for 5:30 tonight? HECK YES! See you all tonight!

DJ Cary   April 4 at 5:35pm

I'm going to be a few late is that ok??

Kevin VilleMonte    April 3 at 8:47am

Week 1 of the Spring league tomorrow night at 5:30! Weather channel calls for rain to let up by 2pm so course will be definitely soggy... bring a pair of dry shoes to change into afterwards. Info meeting prior to tee off. See everyone tomorrow night, bring a friend!


Kevin VilleMonte    March 31 at 8:35am

Don't forget, Tuesday April 4 @ 5:30 tee off time! Come by a little early for a quick information meeting on the league/course. There will also be a CTP prize, a GLO Nuke SS (hole to be determined).


Kevin VilleMonte    March 23 at 9:08am

Info and schedule for the league is listen on the League page under 2017 NorthRidge Church Spring League


Kevin VilleMonte    March 22 at 9:20am

Singles league night starting Tuesday, April 4 at 5:30! Haven't had an opportunity as of yet to sanction in as an official PDGA league as of yet but still want to start as soon as possible. $2 player fee which will go to the church for course upkeep, optional $2 Ace pool with 75% payout. Come on out, bring your friends!

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Zack Colosimo   March 22 at 10:08pm

I can probably make it out starting in May!

Kevin VilleMonte   March 23 at 9:05am

Matt: No problem, join us whenever you can!

Kevin VilleMonte   March 23 at 9:06am

Zack: Cool. Spring league runs through May 9 then taking a 2 week break before officially starting a Summer league. Join us when you can!

Ben Hayes    March 13 at 8:44am

Found a deadilus in the pond on hole 5. Looks like it's been there a while. Name the plastic and color and I'll be happy to get it back to you.

DJ Cary   March 20 at 6:23pm

Did you find a yellow river by any chance?

Luke Freeman    March 11 at 9:35am

Lost a yellow star destroyer on 17 in the center marshy area a couple weeks ago. Didn't know that people dropped discs off inside so I'll have to check.


Kevin VilleMonte    March 8 at 11:05am

Thinking of starting a PDGA sanctioned singles league in April, Tuesday evenings @ 6:30 pm. Looking to see how many people would be interested in joining?

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Jake Waxer   March 8 at 4:39pm

I would be interested in a league at Northridge. All the changes are looking very promising.

Ben Hayes   March 9 at 9:18am

I think that's a good time personally. Gives me time to show up after work. I love glow rounds at northridge anyways! Would I have to get a pdga# to be in?

Jake Billings   March 9 at 1:34pm

Interested, not sure about time but will definitely try to fit it into my schedule!

Kevin VilleMonte    February 22 at 11:06am

Hey all, renovations on the back 9 are under way... concrete tees (pro and am) are being dropped in the next week or 2, along with some new pin placements! The front 9 may be completely reconfigured, but we have to wait for a parking lot restructure in the spring. I'll keep you updated.

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Drew "Man Who Wears Orange" Herron   February 22 at 2:11pm

Awesome news, thanks for the hard work Kevin!

Ashlee Jurski   February 22 at 4:46pm


Casey Creason   February 27 at 11:41am


Nick Oliver    December 7 at 1:47pm

Recently, maybe you last week, I saw some guys fishing discs out of the pond. When I approached you guys everyone was very friendly and said that you were going to make sure you returned every disc that had a name and number on it and take the rest of them to the office. Well I just went to the office today, and I went last week. They have a total of 3 discs in there right now. This means all the discs that I saw you guys fishing out, at least a dozen or more, we're never return. I know for ... more

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Zack Colosimo   March 3 at 12:49pm

Happened to me last year, threw a disc in the pond the next week it was at lakeshore in the used pile with my name scratched.

Luke Freeman   March 11 at 9:29am

Is the front desk in through the main entrance? Didn't know people dropped lost discs off inside, I'll have to check with them.

Nick Oliver   March 13 at 3:35pm

Indeed. Staff is always friendly. Just ask to see their list or tell them your name/#.

Ron Jacobs    November 25 at 7:25pm

Found a red mvp disc today. No ink. Still has the weight sticker on it so I'm guessing it's pretty new. Name the mold and I'll get it back to ya.

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Ron Jacobs   November 26 at 7:46pm

Yeah Phil that's the one.

Phil "Puttimus Prime" Common   November 26 at 10:16pm

Sweet. Thanks bro. He was bummed cause he just bought it. Ill try and meet up with u soon

Nick Oliver   December 7 at 1:44pm

Ron they have a blue disc of yours in the office.

Nick Oliver    November 12 at 8:09am

Left a pink 10 Year Buzzz worn a lightning bolt on it between 3 and 7.


Ben Hayes    November 7 at 10:32am

Found orange tourney stamp disc in swampy area hole 17.


Josh Barry    November 3 at 2:49pm

Lost an orange NukeX in the swamp the the East of the 16th basket. Name and number on the disc, please call if you find it, thanks.


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