NorthRidge Church

Plymouth, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Kevin VilleMonte    4 days ago

So we had an incident this week that could potentially close down the course. A disc golfer’s dog attacked the dog on the property adjacent to hole 10 fairway. Some type of action will ensue, but is yet to be determined. If you golf with your dog, or happen to see someone who is, please relay the message to keep your dog on a leash while playing. A lot of work has gone into this course to help grow the sport, and it would be a shame to lose it. Thanks everyone!

Patrick Snay   2 days ago

That's unfortunate. Is the dog ok?

Mikal Morris    5 days ago

Left a pink BIG Z Zone on old hole 5’s second pond that you throw over on hole six.

Also, found a dry hand bag on hole 15ish. Name the color and manufacturer and I’ll get it back to you.


Kevin VilleMonte    5 days ago

Left a blue Prodiscus Sparta on the course on Tuesday. Please let me know if you find it, my go to putter!


Kevin VilleMonte    April 27 at 3:29pm

FYI: Construction on the Church has finally made its way out onto the course. Bad news: Holes 1 and 18 are no longer in existence. Good news: we have (sort of) finished the 2 new fairways in the woods between 8 and 9. Its still pretty rough off the fairways, it will slowly get worn down and i will do my best to clear it more but please feel free to clear away any dead wood or scrub out whike you’re playing! After finishing 8 go to your left (I’ll paint an arrow for now) and enter the ... more

John "Johnny Mac" McClenahan   April 27 at 3:43pm

Has anyone thought of the idea of maybe a pad up by the basketball court to play down to 1 now

Kevin VilleMonte   April 28 at 12:57am

1 is gone. Both fairways are ready to play between 8 and 9

Kevin VilleMonte    April 26 at 4:56pm

Went to fish one of my discs out of the pond today and my retriever was not in my car. If anons happened to find it please let me know! Cash or plastic for return.

Kevin VilleMonte   April 27 at 3:16pm

Thanks Doug!!!

Kevin VilleMonte    April 12 at 2:29pm

Ace Race 10/6/18 Registration opens July 16

Ben Hayes   April 12 at 5:04pm


Jake Waxer    April 11 at 1:58pm

Found a nice mid on 13 yesterday. Tell me color and what you wrote on the top of the flight plate so I can get it back to you


Ted M    April 8 at 7:15pm

Dropped my "Disc Golfer's Guide to the Galaxy" stamped yellow Opto Saint into the pond on 7 a couple weeks back. Super sad about it. Has name and number on back. Cash and/or plastic reward for it's return. This is one of my favorites, so getting it back would mean so much.


Kevin VilleMonte    March 28 at 2:24pm

As of April 16 NorthRidge Church will be undergoing a major construction project, due to this we will be losing holes 1 and 18. I will be doing my best to locate an area to put 2 more fairways. I’ll keep everyone up to date during the process.


Brynn Brozowski    March 24 at 10:21pm

Was doing field work around hole 4 yesterday and left blue vanish. Don't think I had ink on it yet but it's my new favorite, reward for return!


Kevin VilleMonte    March 24 at 4:05pm

Come one, come all! Sanctioned singles league beginning April 10, tee off 5 pm. Ace pool starting at $200. For more info go to


Brian Baum    March 21 at 2:05pm

Lost a yellow Teerex in the middle of the pond to the left of basket at #8. A very very very long shot here but if or when the water ever gets low enough, would someone mind swimming out there to grab it? I no longer live in Michigan and absolutely love that disc. Name and phone number on the inside of the disc. Thanks.


Nate Davis    March 21 at 12:20am

Lost a 8-Bit Captain America DD Trespass in the middle of the big pond. If anyone comes across it I would love to have it back. It has my name and number on it. Thanks!!


Joe H    March 19 at 10:39pm

Lost a pink S Line FD in the pond at hole 6. Clipped one of the trees and it dropped right in the middle. I didn't have my disc retriever with me, and it's still a little too chilly to go in. I would appreciate it's return if anyone can fish it out!


Benjamin Pierce    February 17 at 3:24pm

Saturday March 3rd, No Bounds is running a Winter Wizard at Water Works in Ypsi. Cost is $20 and each player pack includes a 2018 Winter Wizard stamped wizard, a mini, and a towel. Players may add a shirt for an additional $10. We’ll be playing 2 rounds of shorts and each player can only throw the wizard they receive that day. The men and women’s winner will take home a trophy disc from Gateway. There will be CTPs as well as awards for winning your card. Tee off at 10 am and should be finished by 2 pm.


Chris Trumbull    January 26 at 10:42pm

Lost a Pink (Z plastic) Undertaker in the swamp on Hole 6. Custom stamp (Dye by Fooch) Skull with headphones on. Cell number and PDGA number on the bottom. Plastic or cash for return.


Phil "Puttimus Prime" Common    December 12 at 12:15pm

Lost a few at leagues last night

Phil Common
WC Glow Plasma Insanity Hole 14
Soft Neutron Particle Hole 15

Drew Herron
Glow Crank Hole 14

James Perras
Champ Beast Hole 14

Steve Good
Glow Memorial Crank Hole 17

Rewards for all

Kevin VilleMonte   December 12 at 2:55pm

If League tonight isn’t cancelled I’ll have the guys keep their eyes out for them. Any idea of where to look on 14 and 17?

james perras    December 7 at 5:49pm

Lost black light on 15 mon Night

Nick Oliver   December 7 at 8:16pm


Ron Jacobs Team Upshot   December 8 at 2:33am

I either put glow tape or tape an LED to my flashlights. For future reference!

Benjamin Pierce    November 29 at 2:26pm

Starting Sunday 12/3 at 3 pm there will be an Singles Indoor Putting League at the Sandbar at the Pine Creek Disc Golf Course. Cost is only $5 a week and the winner of the league gets a Dynamic Discs Marksman basket. Come enjoy a burger and beer, and get your winter putting practice in. More info here:


Mark Neiger    October 11 at 12:44am

Found one this evening down left side of hole 14 along fence you know the routine name the mold, plastic and stamp! It's not a stock stamp it has a very specific stamp! Let the games begin!!!!

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Mark Neiger   October 11 at 5:47pm

Sorry Shawn that's not it either

DJ Cary   October 16 at 2:17am

Green dd2

Mark Neiger   October 17 at 2:41am

Sorry DJ that's not it