Millikin Mile

Hamilton, Ohio     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions

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Saturday, July 31, 2021

Mark Fages 57 - Regular Tees, 18 holes "Got Dave by 1. Mike w Shot of the Day birdie on 13 that caused a momentary 3 way tie."

Friday, June 18, 2021

Mark Fages 60 - Regular Tees, 18 holes "+6. Doubles on #4 & #14. Birdie on #15."

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Kris Plona 56 - Regular Tees, 18 holes "Crossover Winter Classic"
Randy Riggan 57 - Regular Tees, 18 holes "Crissover winter classics #1"

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Kris Plona 54 - Regular Tees, 18 holes

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Matthew Hull 57 - Regular Tees, 18 holes "My friend Michael S. and I got together today and we had a great time out @ Millikin Mile! It was unusually chilly (45-50 degrees) and windy and I felt like Mr. Noodle Arm out there (drives were BAD with just a few exceptions) but it was still refreshing and beautiful out. And thankfully, my upshots were outstanding and I even made some solid putts to save plenty of pars. My Megasoft Shield was money in the bank today as it hit superb upshot after superb upshot. The Falcon Servo, Blue Bomber Buzzz, and Neutron Envy had their moments too. And although my drives were pretty lackluster overall, I did manage to put together a few solid Star Beast and Freedom (another disc I broke out for the first time in a WHILE) drives."

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Matthew Hull 56 - Regular Tees, 18 holes "What fun! My friend Michael S. and I experienced the new 18-hole layout today and we picked an absolutely *perfect* day to play! It was 65 degrees and mostly sunny with a light-to-moderate wind factor (which increased towards the end of the round). And while my putting outside of 15 feet was very disappointing (I went 0-fer anything >15 ft.) and I left some easy ones out there, my drives were very, very good today! I broke out my Trespass for the first time in a while (the only lifetime Ace I have @ Millikin Mile is with my Trespass so why not right?) and threw that, my Star Beast (which hit an awesome line on #8), my Sword, and my Champion Destroyer for most of the round. We actually began on Hole #3 and I went with my Inertia there. Overall, it was a lot of fun and the new holes are really enjoyable too! Several of them are really fun 220-240 ft. holes that make for great Ace runs. Unfortunately, I came up with way too many "par" runs today but that's how it goes. We'll be back!"

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Matthew Hull 31 - Regular tees, 9 holes "Egads! Either I am just worn out from so much disc golf over the past week or I flat out sucked this round! Lol... At least my Sword drive on #3 was solid and enabled me to snag a birdie in the midst of utter mediocrity."
Matthew Hull 26 - Regular tees, 9 holes "It was good to get out on a Sunday morning and play @ Millikin Mile for the first time since I took a few days off from work for March Madness. It is certainly a more challenging nine hole course than most and quite fun too. I hit a sweet line on the 260+ ft. Hole #1 (I aced it last time I was here when the pin was in the 223 ft. position.) with my Trespass and had a marvelous Star Beast drive on #6 (282 ft. hole requiring a smooth hyzer finish)."
Matthew Hull 24 - Regular tees, 9 holes "My Star Beast came through for me on #6 once again (faded a bit soon but still landed 15-20 ft. from the basket) and I nearly aced the super fun Hole #9 (downhill hole with trees/branches guarding everything but a narrow hyzer line) with a Trespass hyzer throw!"
Matthew Hull 28 - Regular tees, 9 holes "I played Hole #6 probably better than any other hole @ Millikin today (although I hit some smooth lines on #1 too) and I threw my over-stable rainbow Champion Destroyer with everything I had and it landed 5-10 ft. to the right of the basket!"

Friday, March 22, 2019

Matthew Hull 27 - Regular tees, 9 holes "On a blustery Friday morning before another exciting day of NCAA Tournament action, I got up early and enjoyed several rounds at Millikin Woods! There was a 15-20 mph wind that increased as time passed and made Holes #1, 3, and 9 (all facing northwest) an adventure to say the least! ;) I brought several of my overstable drivers and mid-range discs and the results were mostly good! I threw my Lucid Enforcer, Trespass, and Falcon Servo a lot with mostly favorable results!"
Matthew Hull 27 - Regular tees, 9 holes "Into the headwind, my Falcon Servo hit a sweet line on Hole #1 and was a mere 5-10 ft. from the basket! My upshot was spectacular this morning too as my Megasoft Shield was money, money, money as I was able to park it on almost every upshot. That disc is truly my secret weapon! ;)"
Matthew Hull 30 - Regular tees, 9 holes "This was by FAR my worst round of the morning. A few of my drives and upshots didn't work out as planned (e.g. Neutron Envy upshot on #5 that went past the basket and behind the tree there)."
Matthew Hull 25 - Regular tees, 9 holes "What a wonderful round! My execution was spot on and I simply didn't make any real mistakes. I virtually parked my Falcon Servo on Hole #3 and my Lucid Enforcer hit a good line on Hole #6 and gave me a tremendous skip that landed at the base of the big tree to the left of the basket. Luck was certainly on my side this morning! :) My Megasoft Shield continued to hit wonderful lines as my upshots on #2, 4, and 8 were PARKED!"
Matthew Hull 23 - Regular tees, 9 holes "UNBELIEVABLE!! Despite dealing with an ever-increasing wind factor, I started my final round of the morning with an Ace! My pink Trespass which was a gift from my good friend Jon Jones hit a one-in-a-million line on this hole and hit the chains beautifully for a sweet 223 ft. Ace! I threw my drive here with a slight an-hyzer and the wind literally CARRIED the disc into the basket! On a normal day, this throw would have faded significantly and probably missed the basket by a large margin but NOT today. What a wonderful (and unexpected) Ace! I could see myself hitting that hole on a windless day but to do it in that wind...WOW! I rode the momentum and basically threw my Trespass on every single hole! It narrowly missed disaster on Holes #3 (released it too early and it just barely missed hitting the large tree on the left side of the fairway) and 8 (same deal...released it too early but it *barely* missed a tree on the left side) but like I said during an earlier round, luck was with me today! I just seemed to get the breaks I needed! :) My Megasoft Shield, despite being money today...didn't quite get the distance on a sidearm upshot on Hole #7 but my Roach was up to the task as I nailed a 40 ft. putt to keep the positive momentum going! And while Hole #9 was a beast to play with the wind wanting to carry anything you threw WAY to the right, my Trespass hit a sneaky low line and landed a mere 15-20 ft. from the basket. What a round! My best one ever at Millikin Mile and I even got my first Ace here too! Woot woot! :)"

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Matthew Hull 26 - Regular tees, 9 holes "It had been a long, LONG time since I last played @ Millikin Woods Park so it was really nice to enjoy a few rounds on a nice, brisk 45-50 degree evening. I actually ran into my buddy Jason K. at the entrance so I joined him and a few buddies for some good times. I threw very well overall too! Some drives got away from me but my upshot was there tonight! My Star Beast drive on #6 was superb and literally hit a tree, glided up the tree, then came back down a mere 12-15 ft. from the basket. My Lucid Enforcer was sharp as well!"
Matthew Hull 27 - Regular tees, 9 holes "My Star Beast came through for me a second time on Hole #6!"
Matthew Hull 29 - Regular tees, 9 holes "My Pikachu Pro Boss drive on #3 hit a nice line and actually glanced off of a tree branch causing it to land 8-10 ft. in front of the basket! It was getting dark and I had a few bad throws but it was still a fun time. It was good playing @ Millikin again!"

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Matthew Hull 28 - Regular tees, 9 holes "After enjoying a nice meal at Gold Star Chili with my friends Jon and Mark, we then proceeded to play a round at Millikin Mile. I am so glad that we played another round (we played at Harbin Park earlier) because I threw fantastic once again! I had a tremendous Star Roadrunner drive on #1 to set up a sweet birdie and I played #7 and 8 about as well as I have played them. I just wish that I would have thrown my Mayhem first on #9 because I literally parked it after throwing a so-so Champion Katana drive. Still, I somehow managed to win the card as I finished one stroke below Jon! It doesn't happen often (Jon is AMAZING!) but it was a really fun round."

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Matthew Hull 32 - Regular tees, 9 holes "I honestly didn't expect to play today but what can you do when a new friend invites you to join him and his friends, right? ;) In any case, we had a wonderful time! Despite the plummeting temperatures (45 this morning but 30 by 4:30 in the afternoon) and the wind, I felt really good today! I threw the Freedom a LOT more than usual and I am loving that disc. It reminds me a lot of my Nuke S.S. for sure. My putting was pretty solid and it was nice to end on a fantastic Champion Katana drive for my lone 2 of the round. Good times!"
Matthew Hull 33 - Regular tees, 9 holes "Although it was getting dark, we couldn't resist playing a second round. It was a lot of fun although I definitely felt like my early round was the better overall performance (albeit by one stroke as it turns out). Granted, we never did get to play #8 again (I gave myself a 4 on that one just to complete the round.) but the rest of the holes were a lot of fun."

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Matthew Hull 32 - Regular tees, 9 holes "It was cold today! Despite the cool wind and general cold front that came through recently, a few friends and I went out and had a fun time. I threw my Champion Valkyrie for the most part along with the Envy putter (my Nova does NOT work well in any wind). It was fun!"

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Matthew Hull 32 - Regular tees, 9 holes "Playing at a new course with new discs on a very windy day is no easy task but I still managed to really enjoy myself! Just beware of the leaves because it is remarkably easy to have a disc get buried underneath. Beware! :)"
Matthew Hull 35 - Regular tees, 9 holes "Ugh! I fully expected to play a bit better my second time through and the opposite came to fruition...much to my dismay of course. To be fair, there were 15-20 mph gusts of wind throughout but still, I felt like I could have played a bit better. Still, I had a great time on #9 just throwing drives from the teepad. I like that hole!"