Meyer Broadway Park

Three Rivers, Michigan     2 courses · 36 holes     Driving directions
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Wes T.    December 21 at 8:32pm

Teeboxes on the North shorts are shoveled off, still 8" of snow in most spots but hoping for a warm up this weekend!

Tim Sylvain   December 22 at 7:06am

thanks for doing this Wes

Courtney Feister    November 9 at 1:38pm

Anyone interested in a Round on the north course today. It's a beautiful November day.


Tyler Jackson    November 1 at 7:11pm

South Side Disc Golf Club (South Bend, IN) will be playing our Sunday Service at the North Course Sunday November 6th, tee-off at 10am. This is our PDGA sanctioned singles lague, round will be rated, and all are welcome to come play with us. $3/person, $5 guest fee (includes Ace pot buy in and a SSDGC mini). We look forward to seeing you out there!


Tim Sylvain    October 24 at 3:04pm

Random draw doubles this Sunday on the South course, 10 am tee. $5 to play, pay off same day.


Sasha Koster    September 29 at 11:57am

Lost a tie-dye Champion BeastX on 16 North-- off short tee, in the tall grass to the right (9/25/16). There is a pic of it in my "lost discs" album. Thanks!


Dustin Morton    September 25 at 12:24pm

FOUND. Archon on hole 3 south. Name the plastic and the color and let's get it home.


Courtney Feister    September 24 at 9:02pm

A rough day out at the north course for me today. I lost a orange blizzard destroyer to the left of the fairway on hole 4 and a yellow sparkle DGA Torrent to the right of the fairway of whole 10. Both had no ink.


Austin Velasquez    September 3 at 9:30pm

Hey i lost a Black Fusion Judge with a red stamp in the weeds to the left of the basket on hole 2, no name or number, on the south course. I also lost a white prime judge on hole 9? not positive, its the hole that is a straight shot down a hill with a flag on top of the basket on the south course, also no name or number. I also lost a Yellow gold line Culverin with a purple stamp on hole 4 To the left of the opening of the woods on the north course, this has my name and number. And the very next ... more

Tim Sylvain   September 4 at 5:47pm

I'll look for them and let you know.

Tim Sylvain   September 9 at 3:48pm

found the black Judge and the yellow Culverin.

Meg Fittro    August 25 at 9:36pm

OK, yellow comet, no ink... Believe I tossed it out on hole 4 and was a little forgetful... ALSO... if someone else lost a disc on hole 4, I can help you...maybe... tell me what you lost, we'll see if it's a match...

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Cody Peckham   August 26 at 5:57am

Vibram lace or unlace i cant remember if it was 4 or 3.

Meg Fittro   August 30 at 2:57pm

Not what I have in my possession... What color is your disc? I spotted one I could not reach

Cody Peckham   August 31 at 11:58pm

Orange cant remeber the other one.

Mike Burton    August 8 at 7:37pm

Lost a blue MVP Shock in the little pond in front of the basket at the Play for Paws tournament on Saturday. Sorry, I only played there once and I forgot the number of the hole.

Tim Sylvain   August 10 at 9:10am

Mike, I raked it out of the pond last night. (It's hole #7 North).

Mike Burton   August 10 at 12:35pm

Awesome! If I send postage, could you ship it to me?

Tim Sylvain   August 10 at 2:08pm

sent you a PM

Jaron Mallo    July 1 at 9:21pm

Lost a blue lucid defender, has my name + number on it. Lost on hole 18 on the left side, it more than likely went across the walking path near top of the hill, into the thorns that are 7 feet tall. Reward if returned


Tim Sylvain    June 19 at 7:20pm

Found a couple discs mowing, hole 3 North and hole 17 South. Tell me what they are and I'll get them to you.

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Courtney Feister   June 28 at 2:27pm

Orange ballista?

Tim Sylvain   June 28 at 2:40pm

Nope, sorry Courtney. Where'd you lose it?

Courtney Feister   July 3 at 10:14am

Hole 3 south right side

Dustin Morton    June 13 at 3:04pm

Hey Tim, I put a disc in 7's pond during league. Clear Orange with a tree on it. has my ink. if you find it-- i think Court said it landed near the right(toward the road) side.

Tim Sylvain   June 13 at 11:23am

I'll do my best to get it for you.

Tim Sylvain   June 24 at 8:13am

Got it Dustin, I'll bring it to league Sunday.

Cody Peckham    June 2 at 8:32am

I was thinking about to come out to your guys sunday tourny. What time does it start is in on north or south?

Scott Wilson   June 2 at 9:38am

Cody league play is on Sundays and you are welcome to come out. tee off is 10am. We will be on the North course playing doubles this Sunday from the long tees.

Cody Peckham   June 2 at 1:05pm

Scott is it random doubles or brong your own partner

Scott Wilson   June 3 at 4:16pm


Cody Peckham    April 26 at 6:15pm

Is there a lost and found spot for disc here? Or if anyone knows Nick Ruggles, I have his disc. I got a hold of him on here and he's not responding. Thanks yall have a good'n

Tim Sylvain   April 26 at 2:40pm

No lost & found at the park Cody. I assume Nick will respond to you eventually.

Cody Peckham   April 26 at 2:49pm

thanks Tim.

Dustin Morton    April 10 at 5:02pm

LOST:Verdict. Lucid plastic pink with purple and red spin dye. Stamp is wiped but it has my name and number Lost on North course during Sunday's random doubles Bucks for return.

Tim Sylvain   April 10 at 1:50pm

Which hole Dustin? Did you lose it while we were playing?

Dustin Morton   April 10 at 5:52pm

Got it. Decided to go look and found it.

Tim Sylvain    March 31 at 6:50pm

Spring Match Play league begins this Sunday at 10 am. Playing singles on North course, shorts.

Nicholas Ruggles   May 12 at 12:33am

Nice to know. ill see you out there

Tim Sylvain   May 12 at 8:03am

this week is on the South (original) course

Ken B    January 22, 2016 at 1:23am

Hey, has anyone been clearing the pads on either course?

Tim Sylvain   January 22, 2016 at 9:25am

Not that I'm aware of. The ice got pretty crusty, we just tee off from the side. If you have a magical "ice clearer", knock yourself out.

Tim Sylvain   January 22, 2016 at 9:26am

Was sunny yesterday, so I assume many of the tees in the open will be clear.

Ken B   January 22, 2016 at 11:11am

Alright, thanks Tim!

Lance Rogers    October 12, 2015 at 3:13pm

I left my bright orange 180 gram first run star stamp champ roc3 on the original course yesterday. I knew where I left it but when I went back to get it someone had already picked it up for me. My name and pdga number are on the inner rim. If you are the kind soul that grabbed it for me, please contact me to arrange for it's return. You will be compensated.


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