Meyer Broadway Park

Three Rivers, Michigan     2 courses · 36 holes     Driving directions
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Cody Peckham    7 days ago

Is there a lost and found spot for disc here? Or if anyone knows Nick Ruggles, I have his disc. I got a hold of him on here and he's not responding. Thanks yall have a good'n

Tim Sylvain   7 days ago

No lost & found at the park Cody. I assume Nick will respond to you eventually.

Cody Peckham   7 days ago

thanks Tim.

Dustin Morton    April 10 at 1:02pm

LOST:Verdict. Lucid plastic pink with purple and red spin dye. Stamp is wiped but it has my name and number Lost on North course during Sunday's random doubles Bucks for return.

Tim Sylvain   April 10 at 1:50pm

Which hole Dustin? Did you lose it while we were playing?

Dustin Morton   April 10 at 5:52pm

Got it. Decided to go look and found it.

Tim Sylvain    March 31 at 2:50pm

Spring Match Play league begins this Sunday at 10 am. Playing singles on North course, shorts.


Ken B    January 21 at 8:23pm

Hey, has anyone been clearing the pads on either course?

Tim Sylvain   January 22 at 9:25am

Not that I'm aware of. The ice got pretty crusty, we just tee off from the side. If you have a magical "ice clearer", knock yourself out.

Tim Sylvain   January 22 at 9:26am

Was sunny yesterday, so I assume many of the tees in the open will be clear.

Ken B   January 22 at 11:11am

Alright, thanks Tim!

Lance Rogers    October 12 at 11:13am

I left my bright orange 180 gram first run star stamp champ roc3 on the original course yesterday. I knew where I left it but when I went back to get it someone had already picked it up for me. My name and pdga number are on the inner rim. If you are the kind soul that grabbed it for me, please contact me to arrange for it's return. You will be compensated.


Tim Sylvain    September 9 at 11:51am

Amazing!!! The missing/stolen basket from #13 South has been returned.

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Pat Holtz   September 9 at 7:47pm

Where was it located? Was it put back on 13?

Tim Sylvain   September 10 at 7:08am

yeah, back in the sleeve in it's original spot.

Larry LaBond   September 10 at 8:20am


Larry LaBond    September 3 at 10:05am

We want to let all the volunteers from Am Worlds know that we are having a party for you on September 19th at Spinski's. It will be an all day kinda thing starting at 10am and going all night with some glow golf. Camping will be possible. We will also be providing dinner and some beverage. Please pass the word and also let us know if you are coming, so we have some kind of idea how many there will be. Thanks again to all of you!!!


Tom Bos    August 28 at 6:54pm

Friend lost a yellow blizzard Boss in long stuff between pad and fairway on original 17 today. His favorite disc. Please return if found. Or let me know and I can get it to him. Thanks!


Scott Wilson    August 27 at 11:09am

For all my disc golf friends. Please be on the lookout, for the basket from hole 13 from M. Broadway. Basket was stolen and we all know the only person that would do that is a disc golfer. Sadly it's people like this who give our sport a bad name. Since it is a disc golfer someone locally knows who did this.Please help catch this thief! The basket is an innova disc catcher, with added chains.


Tim Sylvain    August 26 at 7:54am

Someone stole the basket on #13 South/Original. Innova Discatcher. If you have any info let me or Scott Wilson know.

Ken B   August 26 at 4:36pm

Savages! Why 13? That one is back there. Talk to the guy whos house is right by 14s pad. He may have seen something

Tim Sylvain   August 27 at 7:23am

Figure that was relatively easy, remote access for the thieves. Good idea to talk to those people.

2 J   August 27 at 9:09am

Get em Timmer. Dont take no crap

Ethan Neuenfeldt    August 18 at 3:13pm

Lost a glow firebird on hole 7 on the north course deep of the pin. Name and number are on it.


Curtis S    August 17 at 8:46am

Lost an Elite Z Comet (Color = Clear w/Black letters) on Hole #7 in or around the pond. Spent 10 min looking for it...the angle didn't look like it was going in the water but didn't find a thing after looking all the way around the pond multiple times.

If found, my initials (CAS) are written on it. Would be nice to get it back. Thanks all!

Pat Holtz   August 17 at 12:51pm

I went out on my lunch break today and looked around for a few minutes with no luck. I'll check again next time I'm out there. Maybe it'll pop up after the brush dies down a bit.

Curtis S   August 17 at 11:15pm

Thanks for looking Pat! Appreciate it :-) Fun course by the way! I've played the South before but never the North...glad I did!


Joleen Ryder    August 6 at 4:38pm

Please help me get to State Championships. I have received my "Berth" to go to state and i need some help getting there.


"J Bluntz" Quiton    August 3 at 7:59pm

What is course record on north course? No way it's 42...

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"J Bluntz" Quiton   August 4 at 2:19pm

Idk why all the reviews make the north course seem harder, I thought it was much more fair and scored better on it. Really sweet piece of land.

Patrick Jouppi   August 4 at 2:33pm

Legend says that once upon a time, the North Course was not as well maintained. It was said to be a Bermuda Triangle of disc golf; you'd get lost, your GPS would go haywire... some folks even doubted its existence.

Tim Sylvain   August 4 at 2:46pm

Main thing was it didn't have cement pads and lacked some next tee signs.

Joleen Ryder    August 3 at 11:42am

Please help me get to State Championships. I have received my "Birth" to go to state and i need some help getting there.


Trevor "Doppler" Dixon    July 21 at 11:37am

Is This Still Open? Thinking About Playing Thursday.

Joe Rutkowski   July 21 at 9:05pm

World championships are going on there through Friday.

Tim Sylvain   July 22 at 7:18am

You could probably play after 6 pm

Jordan Snyder    July 18 at 2:11pm

Lost a pink star destroyer at Meyer Broadway south, hole 13 in the trees on the left. Has my initials and pdga number on the back. Let me know if you find it


Matt Lacey    July 10 at 12:51pm

Are both courses playable right now, or are they still putting teepads in at one of them?

Larry LaBond   July 10 at 9:57pm

Tee just got done. Should be playable.

Victor Wahl    July 9 at 2:32pm

We left a orange Aviar on the downhill dinker with the thorns behind it and a blue surge on some other hole.


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