Merrill Park West

Hamburg, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Just The Tim    September 25 at 5:32pm

Found an orange disc on hole 14. No name or number on it.


Zack Cardenas    September 13 at 10:23pm

lost a buzzz ss over the swamp love to get it back name and number are on it


South of Heaven    September 5 at 7:05pm

Found one short and left of hole 3 basket glad to give it back?


Riley Bean    August 18 at 3:10pm

Left a metal water bottle on hole 2 Wednesday 8/17

Paulie "P-Dawg" Whitmore   August 22 at 9:52am

I may have it. I have 6 or 8 I have found recently. message me your number and I will send pics when I get home tonight. I play there a lot so getting it back to you should not be hard.

Paulie "P-Dawg" Whitmore   September 1 at 4:01pm

it was plastic. my bad.

Cole Stamplis    August 11 at 10:27pm

Hello everyone, just recently lost a purple and blue Champion Destroyer on hole 18. If anybody finds this or has any info it would be appreciated if you contacted me here through this comment section or pm.


Anthony Wasyl    July 23 at 2:11pm

Lost my red star eagle (ace disc) will give big reward on its return

Jeff Hulet   July 23 at 12:57pm

What hole?

Steven Farrell    July 21 at 11:49pm

I was hoping to play this course at 6am tomorrow morning. I haven't played since last year. Is there gates to block parking? If so what time do they open. Thanks in advance. Any info is appreciated.

Matt "The Spider" Swider   July 21 at 8:10pm

Nothing to stop you. Enjoy.

Shawn Towler   July 22 at 5:48am

wear boots

Nick Pacific   July 22 at 11:01am

Long pants for sure. Some ivy, picker bushes and ticks out there for sure. Minor stuff, don't let it scare you away. Also throw them a few bones in the donation box if you can.

Andrew Beeman    July 6 at 2:46pm

Lost a pale yellow Zlite Nuke yesterday on hole #16 from the pro pad. It hit a tree and darted down to the right side of the rough about 70' from the pad. My name and number are on the back.


Ron Jacobs    July 5 at 12:40am

Lost another Sexton FB. Hole 2 right side of the pin, could be around 3's pad. No ink. Reward if returned.


Tara St. Aubin    June 28 at 4:14am

Left my orange Stalker on hole #10, it really means a lot to me. I hope who ever picked it up could please return it. It has a MOB series stamp on it and is one of my favorite discs that I've had from when I first started playing. My name and number is on it, please return if found. Please please, reward offered!!!


Jeff Hulet    June 26 at 10:04pm

I lost a blue Crank on hole 14. I Over powered it and shot it through the tree tops dead center over the basket. I think it could have went left after exiting trees, but I don't know. I means a lot to me as it was given to me by the owner when I called her to give it back after finding it at Seymour Lake! There may be a Reward if returned in Good condition. The disc has my number and Hannah's, which was the original owner. Thanks!


Anthony Wasyl    June 9 at 3:24pm

My friend lost a brand new mvp red cervo on hole 2 he doesn't have an account and loves that disc let me know if anyone finds it


Jeff Hulet    June 2 at 5:16pm

I lost a pink Sidewinder somewhere between hole 1 and hole 5. I don't know where. I thought I threw it on hole 1, but could not find it. It has my initials on it "JH". I should have put cell # on it to. :(


Jeff Hulet    May 26 at 3:07pm

I was looking for my disc on hole #4/ basket side of #14 and I found 3 discs in the swamp. Let me know what you lost.

South of Heaven   May 26 at 1:31pm

Thanks for trying to get the discs back to people

Jeff Hulet   May 27 at 2:11pm

I try as much as possible if they have a contact number on them or someone gets back to me their friend may have lost one. I returned 2 last year off info from a friend of the owner.

Jeff Hulet   June 2 at 1:53pm

One of them had a "BANZONZOES" sticker on the bottom. No other ID though.

Patrick O'brien    May 1 at 11:57am

Found two disc in the pond yesterday, aka glutch hole, send me a message of what they are one has a number ill call you later today.

Randall Kaszynski   May 1 at 12:56pm

Orange DX Innova Sidewinder with black print ! Right of the pond! Thank you so much :)

Patrick O'brien   May 6 at 11:41am

nope but ill go look now :/ and let you know.

Jamison L    April 21 at 11:36am

Lost a MVP Impulse/white..on hole 14 by the drop zone.....please help


Tyler alfano    April 19 at 2:36pm

Found a putter in hole 1. No name or number name it so I can get it back will be here for a bit


Paulie "P-Dawg" Whitmore    April 15 at 3:00pm

Lost a Black Innova Archon with the label wiped on Hole #3 just to the left on the up slope of the hill. A nice thrower (your choice) as reward if returned.


Gary Landrum    April 15 at 3:16am

Probably going to tee off around 1030 tomorrow if anyone wants to throw...

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Gary Landrum   April 15 at 9:10am

One retirement already and a part-time gig allow for it sometimes brother!

Ron Jacobs   April 15 at 12:48pm

30 years old working 56+ a week, Sunday is my only day to get out to courses far away. Shoot well my friend

Gary Landrum   April 15 at 3:47pm

Not great, but I at least aced 18...Not a bad day even if I didn't shoot well.

Joe 'Dirt' LaPerna    March 27 at 1:15am

lost a day glow green destroyer on 10. just left it there. reward if found

Kyle Greenhalgh   March 26 at 9:36pm

Lost a red flat top roc. Keep it if you find it.

"Mag1c" Mike Visger   March 27 at 3:39am

Pretty sure I found it.. but not sure my buddy's got it in his car.... lime green? What stamp on top?