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Nick Raimer    November 14 at 10:14am

Lost a glo Metor in the pond on 8. $$$ reward for return.


Brandon Schmuker    September 30 at 2:44pm

My group lost a champ roc3 and a pro wraith in the murky pond at hole 8. Also lost a blue surge ss in the middle of the larger pond. $$$ reward

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Brandon Schmuker   October 2 at 9:03am

The pro wraith is white with a factory dye. it's a grid dye in blue and pinkish reds. no markings on the back except the mold and weight, which I think is like 167 or something like that

Brandon Schmuker   October 2 at 9:05am

The surge ss is baby blue and I believe it's FLX plastic. it has sharpie and drawings alllllll over it. It's in the large pond in the middle. The other two discs are in the nasty water on hole 8, I believe it is. Both landed near the pole sticking out

Dj Ensing   October 2 at 11:35am

I have both the wraith and the roc3. found them both where you said they were. no luck so far on the surge though.

Dave Nyhuis    July 13 at 11:45am

Found a disc on hole 5 in the rough on the right side of the fairway. If you can identify it, I'll get it back to you.

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Dave Nyhuis   July 18 at 10:36am

Sorry, not a sidewinder.

Mike Cochran   August 29 at 10:48pm

Is it a MVP Volt?

Mike Cochran   August 29 at 10:52pm

Nevermind looks like I lost it a week after you found this.

Fred Vocino    May 29 at 8:30pm

Can someone confirm that some league or other organization has made a regular day and time to have people gather to play this course. There is a spot for "events" so people can know when things are happening.

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Tanner Dejonge   May 29 at 9:59pm

I think there is a small tourmnament on Tuesdays cause my nabor does them bit I'm not postitive

john blair   May 30 at 5:51am

Thursday 6@6 random dubs every Thursday.....

Fred Vocino   May 30 at 8:58am


Tanner Dejonge    May 17 at 3:18pm

Do you know the wait on the disc

Tyler Miller   May 17 at 4:38pm

Weight or wait? What disc are you referring to?

Tyler Miller   May 19 at 9:19am

I think it was 168

Tyler Miller   June 5 at 3:47pm

...any word on this?

Tyler Miller    May 9 at 9:43pm

Lost a red pro boss on the 2nd hole, pond on the right. Any help would be appreciated!


Austin Rouwhorst    May 9 at 8:40pm

Lost a Champion Beast on one of the last holes 5/8/14 red and white tye dye. Let me know if anyond finds it I'd appriciate it. 616~886~1915


Ben Stump    May 2 at 10:53am

I was in the pond a found a yellow Discraft elite Z I think. It says philly on the back of it and has a date on it. It looks like a disc that might be important to someone. Does this sound familiar to anyone?


Tanner Dejonge    April 20 at 9:38am

It's red and yellowish


Tanner Dejonge    April 19 at 11:19pm

Anyone find a champion blizzard dominator tye dye


Cooper Watkins    April 11 at 3:34am

4/10/14: Looking for some lost discs. hole 2 highlighter yellow prodigy D4 proto, off to the left somewhere in the swampy area, hole 8 blue star destroyer just on the edge of the pond, hole 10 on the edge of the pond a green echo star destroyer. If anyone finds or pulls them out of any of the pond they have my PDGA 55423 and phone number on them. I will pay 5.00 rewards for any returned. Message or call me. Thank you

KC Griffin   April 11 at 3:58pm

sounds like u need some floaters, haha

Cooper Watkins   April 12 at 2:40am

HAHA shut up KC! I did get 2 back. all were just bad skips. i went back with a rake and pulled 2 out of 3 out of the water. still missing the prodigy tho. hope i can get it back another day

Dave Nyhuis    April 6 at 4:48pm

Anyone been to the course lately?! I'd like to try and play it this week, just curious what condition it is in.

Ben Stump   April 9 at 4:53pm

I was there about a week ago. Its very wet there still and muddy somewhat. The pond was almost all of the way unfrozen.

Tanner Dejonge   April 19 at 11:13pm

Still a little muddy

Wayne Baker    March 29, 2014 at 3:00pm

Still looking for my blue champion sidewinder lost on hole 7 (hole just before you cross back over the bridge). Happy to reward the person that returns it with $25 or will trade it for a brand new version of the same disc and $10. Disc means a lot to me.

Ryan VandenBosch   April 6 at 10:32am

Post this in The Macatawa Greespace Facebook page. Thats where we post all lost discs.

Wayne Baker   April 15 at 4:17pm

thanks! I just requested to be a member of the group.

Ryan VandenBosch   April 16 at 8:17am

Brian Fitz is the page admin but he is never on the course.

Dave Nyhuis    February 23, 2014 at 10:09pm

Found a 175g tie dyed Pro Starfire this past summer on hole 18, sitting on top of the park entrance sign. I'm new to the site which is why I am just now posting about it. Sound familiar to anyone?

Prior to playing this course, I had only ever lost one disc to water. I lost a Beast (hole 8) and a Wraith (hole 10) last summer alone. This is a great course, just not very forgiving.


Jeff England    November 14, 2013 at 5:51pm

Lost an echo star boss on 9. Says FRO. Ty

Ethan Mouw   November 20, 2013 at 1:39pm

is it blue? my friend might have it.

Jeff England   November 22, 2013 at 3:51pm

its light blue. only marks are FRO on back...reward, Ethan, ty

Tom Bos    October 30, 2013 at 7:08pm

Lost an orange MVP Axis in the middle of the pond on #9. Pretty much directly left of the basket. Name & Number on disc. Thanks.


Nick S    October 29, 2013 at 11:46pm

Found a brand new Champ TL on hole 16, no name, no number. Just thought I would check if anyone was missing it.


Jacob Zomberg    October 29, 2013 at 10:59am

Black Star TeeBird lost on hole 2. :( Please let me know if you found it! I'd love to have it back.


Durk A. Gordon    October 29, 2013 at 4:53am

Ive given so many discs back id love it if whoever finds or found my yellow tournament plastic westside disc sword to call me or hit me up on here its my favorite disc I wrote on it a bunch please just give it back for karma sake


Randy Shreve    October 14, 2013 at 1:09pm

Lost a Orange Blizzard Katana in the pond on hole 8 and lost a Blue DX Flash in the pond on Hole 10 name and number are on both discs

Randy Shreve   October 14, 2013 at 1:12pm

oops i meant ESP flash not dx

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