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David Pickle    February 5, 2017 at 10:52pm

Lost an Octane and Metal flake red roc out in the snow today number should be on both. MF Roc on A or B, and the Octane on 5 At least i found my blu roc from my last snow round. All shorts are clear.


Ron Jacobs    February 2, 2017 at 7:43pm

Shoveled 10-18. Front could have used another once over but i didn't have shovel until i got to 10.


Ben Calhoun    February 1, 2017 at 7:15pm

Front 15 White- 100% clear, re-done today. Left shovel by #10 if you play the back, PLEASE shovel.


David Pickle    January 31, 2017 at 7:52pm

1-F Shorts shoveled so far.

Ben Calhoun   January 31, 2017 at 3:07pm

Thank you, was going to play tomorrow and do it. Let me know if you need anything today we are home. Check your windshield!!

David Pickle   January 31, 2017 at 6:25pm

No problem. I actually didnt see your post till i got home. I thought i had a ticket on my car at first, thanks ben. All 28 shorts are done. Lost a beat roc in the snow on 16 when the snow started to pick up, near the ob on the right..

Douglas McIntosh    January 25, 2017 at 11:24pm

This Saturday, January 28th - Lakeshore

Huron Valley PDGA Sanctioned Singles League will be heading to Lakeshore this week. $1 will get your round rated. For those that would like to play for cash there will be an optional $5 Pro and am2 division. There will also be an optional $2 cash CTP and $2 ace pool. ($10 if all in)

Ace Pool is @ $146
(100% payout)

We also have two berths to give away to states this year. ... more

Felicia Calhoun   January 26, 2017 at 9:09pm

I maybe playing if I am welcomed.

Douglas McIntosh   January 27, 2017 at 3:35am

Everyone is welcome

Ben Calhoun    December 26, 2016 at 4:24pm

All tees clear

Shawn Towler   December 28, 2016 at 3:11pm

nice ace on 16? or was it 15?

Ben Calhoun   December 28, 2016 at 3:33pm

17, thanks!

Mark Neiger    December 23, 2016 at 6:08pm

Tried helping out the cause today cleared W - Z as best as I can with a plastic shovel without breaking it still some hard pack ice on T pads Little Rock salt and a steel shovel and a Little Help from Mother Nature might give us a full 30 t pads to play

Ben Calhoun   December 23, 2016 at 2:45pm

You rock! Thanks again. 28 White should be clear by tomorrow's peak-temp I bet.

Ben Calhoun    December 22, 2016 at 7:06pm

24 White tees clear and dry, some blue. Remember to please shovel, we leave one out, as stepping on snowy tees ruins them!

Mark Neiger   December 22, 2016 at 3:11pm

I'm assuming the front 18 and A-F if shovel is there I will clear off W-Z tomorrow

Michael Guthard    December 22, 2016 at 5:53pm

Lost 4 discs in the snow yesterday.

Lost a blue undertaker on hole 3. Hit a tree on the right side and we couldn't find it

Lost 2 on hole 4

A green stratus with a Carnegie Melon stamp we swear it was dead in line with the hole and the teepad half way between the hole and the big tree.

And an orange cyclone. Grip locked and turned over. Went well to the right by another tree way wide

Ti nuke burnt orange in color on hole 7. Lost it in front of the tree/shrub of the hole.

All but maybe the nuke have my name and number written on them

Mark Neiger   December 22, 2016 at 3:00pm

Planning on throwing there tomorrow will keep my eye open for you

Ben Calhoun   December 26, 2016 at 11:47am

We found 3 of your discs. We have it in the lost and found but please check our hours first. We couldn't find the one on hole 7 yet.

Michael Guthard   December 29, 2016 at 4:08pm

Thank you

Ben Calhoun    December 17, 2016 at 3:28pm

18 White fully shoveled! 15 and 18 have a little ice due to being under tree. But that'll melt today.


Ben Calhoun    December 13, 2016 at 4:43pm

Was able to get the front 9 white tees 100% cleared.


Ron Jacobs    November 28, 2016 at 8:33pm

Almost forgot i left a pink warden in the giant pine tree between the practice basket and 1s basket. About 25ft up, couldn't see it but i know it's there. Would love to get it back.

Felicia Calhoun   November 29, 2016 at 1:46pm

We found and have your disc. It blew out of the tree last night. Ben and i went to play and found it as we were walking back to the shop.

Ron Jacobs   November 29, 2016 at 2:29pm

Awesome! Thank you Felicia!!

Ron Jacobs    November 28, 2016 at 3:13pm

My buddy threw a yellow Opto Cutlass into the pond yesterday, hoping to get it back! Not sure if he inked it or not.

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Ron Jacobs   November 28, 2016 at 12:33pm

Thanks guys.

Benny G.   November 28, 2016 at 6:58pm

Jesus.. you lose as much **** as ty ;)

Tyler Alfano WPD   November 28, 2016 at 7:38pm

wooooahh! Settle Benny, I haven't lost much lately.

Benjamin Pierce    November 17, 2016 at 9:30pm

Yellow Misprint Thief with my name and number in the pond. Thought it was clear and then it smacked one last branch. Almost had it with my retriever but the muck kept clouding. Also my Pink DX Valkyrie is in there too. Name and Number on both.


Jesse Whitlock    November 8, 2016 at 6:42pm

White classic blend Judge in the and # on it


Gabe Cadorin    November 8, 2016 at 5:54pm

White esp buzzz in the pond


Benjamin Pierce    October 13, 2016 at 3:04am

Threw my pink Valkyrie to close to the sun today and it was smacked back down into the pond. Let me know if you get it out and I'll be in to get it. Thanks in advance.


Jesse Whitlock    October 2, 2016 at 2:01pm

Blue Z Flick left on hole F wiyh my name and #...quite aways in the top of the pine tree middle of the fairway!


Elijah Wykes    September 24, 2016 at 3:15am

Lost my ragna stamped h3 in the pond today. Pdga number on the back. Please and thank you

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Elijah Wykes   September 25, 2016 at 12:25am

Haha I want my ragna stamped h3 though :( rip

Ben Calhoun   October 12, 2016 at 3:47pm

I got it today and your other one from BRATS.

Elijah Wykes   October 12, 2016 at 10:28pm

yesssss! thank you sir will pick it up this week

Nick Pacific    September 19, 2016 at 10:43pm

Left behind my photon glo wasp mini on 2, middle of fairway approx 300 or so short of bucket. Would love it back, been my mini for 4 or so years. Mary Jane, she giveth and she taketh.