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Bob Wilson    2 days ago

is the course under water??
never plyed there before. thinking about making the trip Sunday.
not sure of the condition considering how much water is out there

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Jamie The Sauce Mosier   2 days ago

I don’t think it has ever been in “great shape” since KT got banned

Felicia Calhoun   2 days ago

Never gets flooded.

Mike S   2 days ago

Played there yesterday and the course was in good shape. Enjoy!

Steven Good    February 8 at 8:01pm

Left a blue buzz with a Martindale Beach Massacre stamp on the first extra hole last week. Just noticed today.

Mike S   3 days ago

I may have your disc.

Ben Calhoun    December 22 at 5:00pm

Several discs recovered from the snow, unmarked. Please describe!

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Ben Calhoun   December 22 at 6:20pm

Sorry, no. Scott- describe where you think it went. I can look on walk home.

Scott Ransley   December 22 at 8:12pm

Somewhere near the pine behind 11 long pad or maybe short of that in the weeds next to 17's long pad. That's where I last saw it anyway. Thanks

Brett Piziali   December 23 at 12:28pm

chains for brains resistor?

Scott Ransley    December 19 at 10:09pm

Lost red FR Z Nuke on hole 10 yesterday. Flipped her over and didn't see her come back.


Ben Calhoun    December 15 at 8:57pm

1-18 White Tees SHOVELED. Please, shovel or sweep any fresh snow off this weekend before you throw.

Ben Calhoun   December 16 at 7:25pm

Update: All 24 holes White tees cleared.

Drake Evans    December 11 at 5:04pm

What's the easiest way to find this place? Playing the Southern Michigan Open next May and would like to practice a few times throughout the year before the tournament. When I click Driving Directions it just gives me an intersection in Ypsilanti.

Also, is it open year round? If not, when does it open?


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David Tomlinson   December 11 at 6:33pm

Get u-disc its a great app for discgolf, has almost every course in the country plus directions

Ben Calhoun   December 11 at 7:22pm read the detailed directions by the map. We are INSIDE the apartments! Open daylight hours year round.

Drake Evans   December 11 at 8:40pm

Wonderful! I think I've got it figured out now. Thanks everyone!

Jeremi E    December 6 at 2:26pm

Lost a yellow Proton Insanity with Throw Shop Stamp in the pond.


Nate Wheeling    December 3 at 2:26am

Faded orange with green stamp PFN Star Firebird in the drink on 13. Name, number, and aces are posted on it. Baby come back!


Jeremi E    December 1 at 5:01pm

Someone dropped an htgsupply container on hole 12. It's hanging on the tee.


Benjamin Pierce    November 27 at 7:19pm

Starting Sunday 12/3 at 3 pm there will be an Singles Indoor Putting League at the Sandbar at the Pine Creek Disc Golf Course. Cost is only $5 a week and the winner of the league gets a Dynamic Discs Marksman basket. Come enjoy a burger and beer, and get your winter putting practice in. More info here:


Ben Calhoun    November 9 at 10:04pm

*New course in Belleville, OPENING Saturday 11/11 not open yet, please read first!*
Just 5 minutes from The Throw Shop- support local, we couldn't help get this established without your support.
Saturday 11/11- NOON 5$ doubles random draw, possible optional ctp's. 2$ per 5$ goes to the course. Course is not open to casual play until 2pm!
Address: 50521 W Huron River Dr, Belleville.
12 holes (baskets), grass tees, signs- 4,885 par 41.
Course rules will be for now:
1. Free this yea ... more

Jeremi E   November 10 at 12:14pm

Will the course be open Sunday morning?

Ben Calhoun   November 10 at 1:34pm


Ben Calhoun    November 5 at 8:46pm

*Holes A-F are CLOSED and Hole #2 is shortened, next to the sand trap on the right.*
DTE and Endbridge won the battle to have the 'right' to steal land by force to export natural gas to Canada.
The rest of the course is normal, there are 24 holes, all with cement tees, open and playable all winter! We will be replacing A-F with some other form of holes in the spring. Meanwhile, we're working to add another course just FIVE MINUTES away! As soon as next week.

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Dwayne Kay   November 8 at 1:23pm

are the first nine holes open to play yet?

Ben Calhoun   November 8 at 5:44pm

No, not yet. We will post it. Maybe Saturday.

Dwayne Kay   November 8 at 7:52pm


Bob Wilson    October 20 at 2:51am

Hello, should I try this course by myself for the first time?
Thinking about this Sunday afternoon. Thanks in advance!

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Jay Moyer S.D.G.C.   October 20 at 2:24pm

Definitely get a map, if you don't have someone to give you a tour. I would play there every day if I lived closer.

Ben Calhoun   October 20 at 3:46pm

Come on in and see us at the Throw Shop, we'll give you a map. We'll be open until 4:30, can play until dark.

Trevor Staples   October 20 at 10:23pm

I just played the course alone today. It was my second time there. Course is pretty wide open, so if (like me) you have some wild throws, it’s usually easy to find ‘em.

Jeremi E    October 9 at 5:26pm

Lost a proton insanity with name and number over fence on bunton rd. Was gone after the round.


Ben Calhoun    September 28 at 7:17pm

X1+X2 just got "Pirate Planks", the same tees as we have at BRATS! Come check it out.


Eric McCahill    September 13 at 11:08pm

***Register before Sept. 21st to secure your spot!!***
VIP basket packages available: $175 for a DD Recruit basket AND 3 DD putters!!
Purchase your October 14th Jimmy John's Ace Run Derby disc golf event tickets at the box office or online here:

sheldon bowen   September 14 at 5:36am

What's a derby and why do they start hourly?

Eric McCahill   September 16 at 4:41am

Ace runs only, ace race-style. 9 holes, 2 throws each for 18 ace opps. 1 hour to complete your scheduled tee time.

Randy Fortune    September 9 at 10:11pm

Left a blue blizzard katana around hole 16

Ben Calhoun   September 10 at 7:05pm

Got it, I just found it in the tall grass while painting the lines.

Randy Fortune   September 11 at 2:18am

Thank you

Douglas McIntosh    September 8 at 12:14am

Huron Valley Open - PDGA B-tier

Saturday September 16th will be the first Open B-tier at Lakeshore.

Pro's $500 added cash

Am player pack Innova custom stamp disc

Am1 1st place - Dynamic Ranger Bag

2 round of 22 holes

1-18 plus WXYZ

MPO, MPM, MA1 - long tees

FPO, MPG, MA2, MM1 - short/long

All other divisions - short tees

Online registration ends next Thursday

There is a $5 day of fee if you do not pre-pay before the day of event

https://www.discgolfscene ... more


Dwayne Kay    August 19 at 3:58am

Left a blue Champ Leopard behind. I have some discs you can choose from for its return.


David Isaacs    August 13 at 5:44am

Lost a white gold line Havoc on hole 17... probably in one of the trees over 18's tee pad. Reward if returned


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