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Zac Brigham    July 26 at 8:01pm

Threw my orange star cro in the water on 13. No name no number

Ron Jacobs   July 26 at 10:08pm

You didn't need that anyways

John "Johnny Mac" McClenahan    July 26 at 7:27pm

Blue roc. Jbird stamp. Should have my info on it. In pond on 13

Elijah Wykes   July 26 at 10:29pm


Shawn Towler    July 19 at 10:03am

lost a grey King on hole 12 in weeds right of the valley, please let me know if anybody found it. thanks, peeps.


Ben Taylor    June 25 at 12:28pm

Lost my Tim Selinske Katana on 12 yesterday, shanked left into trees never to be seen again... reward for return, #is 313-618-3490 (don't remember if it's on the disc)

Ben Calhoun   July 10 at 3:36pm

It has been found. We have it in lost and found. Josh Czyjka found it. If you have a reward for him I can get it to him he's here almost daily.

Ben Taylor   July 15 at 10:07am

That is amazing! Thank you Josh & Ben, I will come up there soon and pick it up & drop off some cash for him

Josh czajka   July 15 at 4:34pm

Hey man thank you for the reward. It was in the object on 12 deep in some leafs and dirt glad to get it back to you.

Rich Priebe Jr    June 21 at 1:28am

Lost a White MVP Relay (2015 Circuit Tourney Stamp) on Hole W.(off to the right hand side by X's Teepad deep. I'll give you a disc if you find it. Has my phone #. Thanks!


Ben Calhoun    June 8 at 7:18pm

If you've lost one recently, please, please report what it was asap. I've got a ton here looking for their owner.

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PAAAAAUUUUULL Novak   June 8 at 10:10pm

My mistake it was a regular blue z buzz white or silver stamp.

Ben Calhoun   June 9 at 10:44am

The rest I have on the list not found yet but we're at 50% found for the most recent list page so far. Paul didn't have yours on list yet adding it now.

Jacquez D   June 23 at 9:43am

Hi - I lost one in Ypsi on, I believe, hole 13. It was an orange mid-range ROC with no name on the back. Lost it about a month ago now. Thanks!

Brian Gentz    June 5 at 3:31pm

I lost a white Buzz with red stripes on May 27th in the pond on 13. It has my name and number in it. I was trying a roller out of the woods and it rolled in. Thanks

Floyd Hampp   June 6 at 8:04am

Did you leave you name and number with the Throw Shop?

Felicia Calhoun   June 7 at 5:19am

We already have it in our log as of yesterday. If we find it we will call.

Brian Gentz   June 7 at 9:41pm


Ben Calhoun    May 20 at 6:18pm

Doubles League Sundays 1:30pm.
Playing for plastic- bumped up payout- 4$ 1 time fee for the year, 4$ weekly, 1$ ctp optional, 1$ ace pool optional.
This week- if we get 10+ players, everyone gets something for playing!

Cameron LaMance   June 8 at 3:57pm

When does league usually end? I have a standng 4:30 appointmen on Sundays but I can probably push it back.

William Freed    May 20 at 11:03am

Lost a blue mcpro roc3 on the pond hole. Clipped the trees on the right and fell on a hyzer near the middle. Pretty sure name and number are on it just faded a bit.

Shawn Towler   May 20 at 8:50am

yesterday? I think I watched you throw that throw... hope you get it back

Jeff Hulet   May 20 at 2:09pm

Did you report it to Throw Shop? They go in there and retrieve discs every so often.

William Freed   May 21 at 2:17pm

No haven't reported it yet but I'm going to give them a call Monday. It was beat in so nice lol really bummed not to have it in the bag. Hopefully they come across it.

Monty Wonnacott    May 17 at 2:10am

Lost a Turkey in Chains disc, was at 17-18 last thrown if anyone has found it let me know please


Paul Doherty    May 16 at 12:29pm

Found a disc in the OB behind hole 4 during SMO at Lakeshore 5/15, forgot to turn it in. Message me if you left something behind. No info on it.


Cameron LaMance    May 3 at 11:56pm

Lost a Z Force in the pond, no name, It's greenish yellow Z plastic and I believe it has a misprint stamp on the bottom. pretty much brand new.r

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Cameron LaMance   May 4 at 5:08am

Sweet, my buddy will be happy he doesn't have to buy me a new one.

Rich Priebe Jr   May 5 at 10:48pm

I can leave it at the throwshop if you want

Cameron LaMance   May 6 at 9:47am

That would be awesome, thank you.

Jeremy Dylenski    May 3 at 1:16pm

Going to be here at 3, trying to find someone to play with


- br33zy -    May 2 at 10:54pm

Put a Purple Z Buzzz with ring of bees dyed with a basket in the middle in the drink on 13. Should Say Breezy. My wife threw her pink glow esp heat in from the shorts. Should say Freezy, Breezy or no name :(.

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Extra Crispy Colonel   May 5 at 8:35pm

Bye, that's funny.

Ben Calhoun   May 18 at 10:32am

Found them both, no fee, as always.

- br33zy -   June 8 at 3:37pm

Thank You so much, Ben Calhoun!!!

Floyd Hampp    April 13 at 3:53pm

Found a putter on hole 15. Describe it and I'll get it back to you.

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Cameron LaMance   April 13 at 3:05pm

Oh hey I remember you, "You tell me!."

Floyd Hampp   April 13 at 3:46pm

;) You know it!! Best way to get a disc stolen: "Hey! Any of you guys leave behind a Red 10-Year Buzzz?"

Floyd Hampp   April 13 at 3:47pm

All of a sudden every guy in the group just lost a Red 10-Year Buzzz. Sorry guys. Not trying to be weird. Just trying to get the disc back to her home.

Ben Calhoun    April 9 at 1:57pm

No trace of snow here!


Brandon"RedRum" Redmond    April 5 at 5:46am

Yellow with purple stamp Opto Core in the drink on 13. name and number should be present. Would really appreciate its return.

Ben Calhoun   April 14 at 3:18pm

Found, but it does not have your name and #. Good thing you posted.

Brandon"RedRum" Redmond   April 14 at 11:28pm

Glad it was found. I must not have inked it fully yet. It was just put in the bag to replace one lost a couple weeks prior. Thanks Ben. I'll try to get out there sometime in the next couple weeks.

Ben Calhoun    April 4 at 5:48pm

The plan for the pipeline is MUCH, much worse than expected. It would wipe out up to 8 holes, and shut down nearly 1/3 of the course for an entire season. If the course even survives, we stand to lose 10% of the land and 3-5 holes permanently. Write to FERC, local politicians, DTE and Spectra Energy.

Jeff Hulet   April 4 at 2:21pm

That would be Bad!! :(

Ben Calhoun   April 8 at 2:36pm

They plan to cut 15+ fully matured trees along the line between 2 and C, wiping out that entire corridor! Please WRITE FERC!

Paulie Whitmore    April 4 at 3:00pm

Lost a Discraft bar Stamp Buzz OS (orange) The stamp is ghost. Also lost a Big Hyzer Tank (black). no ink on either. Both in the pond on 13. Both reported to Ben already. Reward if the Buzzz OS is found.

Ben Calhoun   April 14 at 3:17pm

Got your Tank today already left a voicemail.

Paulie Whitmore   April 15 at 10:59am

see ya Sunday!!

Ben Calhoun   May 18 at 10:33am

What kind of plastic was the Buzzz OS? Think I found it.

Jeff Griffiths    April 4 at 2:37pm

Lost a limited edition glo zone with JG 43424 in rim in 13's pond. and a camo glove, the right one.

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Ben Calhoun   April 4 at 12:56pm

Name on Zone?

Jeff Griffiths   April 5 at 5:52am

Jeff Griffiths...thats my name. I said it has JG 43424 on the inside rim....

Jeff Griffiths   April 5 at 5:52am

Thanks Ron

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