Kensington Metropark

Milford, Michigan     2 courses · 36 holes     Driving directions
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Jonah Scap    July 14 at 1:47am

Lost a blue Crank on hole 18, cut hard left into the brush way high maybe went into the brush on the nearby hole down the drop off. Has my name and number on it, if you wind up finding it, keep it if you like it, if not I'd happily take it back.


Joe Paczwa    July 13 at 4:59pm

Found an old crush on new course.

Ross Robertson   July 14 at 12:03pm

Was it purple?

Joe Paczwa   July 14 at 9:31pm


Chris Thorpe   August 28 at 1:06pm

is it bar stamped?

Steve Nolff A3    July 11 at 1:24pm

Some exciting stuff going down with A3. How about a 50 disc Discraft shopping spree.....WITH YOUR CUSTOM STAMP PUT ONE THE DISCS?!!?!?! Check it out.


Timothy "Lorax" Hill    July 6 at 11:40pm

Lost a purple wraith and a red destroyer on hole 2 north course! Destroyer is on the other side of the fence and the wraith is believed to be pin high in the rough!


Monty Wonnacott    July 3 at 12:22am

Lost an American flag fire burd on Kensington old course hole 1 on the right side. Threw one from the longs it is way before the shorts. Cash reward if found or disc's whichever you prefer


Tad Reiner    July 1 at 5:52pm

Found a white disc on hole 2 of the south course. name it and it's yours.


Sean Morgan    July 1 at 4:40pm

Lost a blue shryke on the right side of North Hole 1. It should have my name/number on it.


Tim Ewan    July 1 at 3:26pm

Found an older Avenger SS on the South Course (don't remember exact hole)

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Tim Ewan   July 2 at 5:39pm

unfortunately not

Jeff Doran   July 20 at 3:03pm

Yellow, with the initials JMD?

Jeff Doran   July 20 at 3:04pm

I believe it was hole seven.

Matt Bates    July 1 at 1:21am

Lost a silver TI Crank on the right side of Hole 3 Toboggan. Name and number on it.

Trevor "Doppler" Dixon   July 1 at 1:36am

I have your crank, left a message on your phone.

Michael Smith    June 29 at 6:59pm

Found a tie dye beast on the south courses, I'll turn it in to the toll both


Mikal Morris    June 29 at 4:38pm

Found a reddish pinkish champion Teebird on the course today. Handed it over to the toll dude.


Scott Semposki    June 23 at 5:46pm

Turned in an MVP vector found on hole 1 blue course. No name no number. I left it at the guard shack at black locust.


Jeff Doran    June 23 at 2:09am

South course was not kind to me today. Lost a green Star Destroyer on Hole 8 to the left of the fairway and a yellow Discraft Heat on Hole 15. I’m still baffled that the Heat didn’t land next to the basket, so I’m not sure where it might be. Maybe behind the basket or in the rough to the right of basket.

Jeff Doran   June 23 at 2:12am

Oh, and a brand spanking new Champion Wraith. I don’t remember throwing and losing that one, so who knows.

Kristen B    June 21 at 11:34pm

Lost my mint green mantis on hole 5 green...went to the far right.


Jeff Doran    June 15 at 2:12pm

Lost a bright, yellow Discraft Avenger SS on the South course to left of the fairway, over the hill, in the thick rough on hole seven. My initials JMD are on it. Don’t think I’ll see it again but let me know if you come across it.

Chris Lozen   June 17 at 3:38pm

Not commenting for the found disc, sorry about the loss. Just a fellow Arsenal supporter.

Jeff Doran   June 23 at 2:06am

Thanks, man.

Brandon Terrill    June 15 at 9:34am

Pulled 3 ticks off myself today. Spray down because these f*ckers are out in full force right now


Steve Nolff A3    June 14 at 2:15pm

Check out what A3 disc is up to. Our CTP Extravaganza has started in all three of our leagues. Some great prizes lined up for this season long event. Don't forget the Bill Gilbert Memorial and Summer Solstice tournaments this Saturday and Wednesday. Click to check out our Facebook page for even more info.


Scott Semposki    June 9 at 5:59pm

Lost a champion purple orc on the north course name and number on it hoping for its return.

Scott Semposki   June 16 at 6:34pm

Hole 12 left side. Searched twice now still no luck.

Ryan Kelly    June 3 at 5:58pm

Found two out there yesterday on the south course both Innova

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Ryan Kelly   June 18 at 6:43pm

Stock stamped discs

James Bartshe   June 21 at 6:51pm

Glow disc with double stamp?? Just realized I lost my tbird after a night round a few weeks ago

Ryan Kelly   June 26 at 2:29am

No sorry fb,p2

Steve Albert    June 3 at 2:09am

Lost yellow heat with mini mob skull stamp left fairway hole 7 south. Please contact me if found! Thanks