Kensington Metropark

Milford, Michigan     2 courses · 36 holes     Driving directions
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Chris Paquin    Sticky June 12, 2019 at 2:51am

Lost a white crank on hole 16 on the right side under the tree. Reward for return. Please and thank you.

Chris Paquin   June 12, 2019 at 2:52am

On the blue course

Adam Pelerin    4 hours ago

I lost a MVP Tesla Special Edition on the blue course near the parking lot. I know it's a longshot, but if anyone found it and is kind enough to give me a call my cell is 248-760-6609. It would really mean a lot.

Adam Pelerin   4 hours ago

Left there on 1/8

Drew "Orange Andy" Herron   3 hours ago

Posted to the Kensington group on FB

Jay B    7 days ago

Casual relief traveling league is back on starting today at willow at 11, meet in the cement parking lot, message me if you have any questions or if you might be a few minutes late


Jake Waxer    January 9 at 10:53pm

Found a prodigy disc on 4 south

Brian Schoening   January 10 at 1:00pm

Blue w/ silver star stamp X2?

Jake Waxer   January 10 at 4:56pm


Michael F    January 7 at 1:54am

I left a snow shovel leaned against the booth today. It's got some cracks in it, so it's not long for this world, but better than nothing. Just make sure it makes it into a trash can when it dies.


Garett Patria    January 4 at 3:58am

Left my reacher grabber (trash picker) somewhere on the hole #1 fairway. Red handle with tennis ball pieces as grippers. Also lost my salmon-colored Destroyer (Champion plastic) somewhere in the later holes (my name and number are on it)

Michael F   January 5 at 2:59pm

The grabber was in the garbage if hole 2 blue. I took it out and leaned it against the short tee sign.

Michael F   January 13 at 7:34pm

I found it again at hole 15, so I left it at the booth

Rob Dahmen    January 3 at 3:06pm

Kensington is being included in the 2022 Disckhana: Crucible 18 course! Specifically Hole #18-Green!
For more information, please check out:
• Our league page:
• The full Crucible course:
• Our FAQ page:


Daymon Pugh    January 1 at 8:26pm

Found a red one in the leaves in the ditch whole 15 let me know what it is then will work on getting it back to you

Michael Smith   January 2 at 8:38pm


Daymon Pugh   January 2 at 8:39pm


Joe Olson    November 26 at 7:28pm

Found pink buzz OS. Left at booth.

Derek G   November 30 at 2:28am

Was it a big z one?

Chris Thorpe   December 1 at 9:22pm

It's Justin Holley's. He said thanks for leaving it at the booth

Art Liptow    November 22 at 2:18pm

Lost a sparkle glo undertaker on 13 north course. I made it around the corner and lost it under the leaves by the ditch. I would love to get it back. I have a disc in exchange for this being returned.


Kristoffer JansenvanGalen    November 12 at 8:57pm

Found a Discraft Avenger next to the practice pin, "Marlon" on back. Message me with color and mold, nothing needed for its return :)


Randy Fortune    October 9 at 6:46pm

Found a disc hole 10 left side

Nick Greene   October 9 at 7:01pm

Blue anax?

Tony Wery   November 23 at 8:08pm

White TD2

Randy Fortune    October 9 at 6:46pm

Found a disc hole 10 left side

Drew "Orange Andy" Herron   October 10 at 12:01pm

Which course?

Tyler Billel    October 5 at 2:36am

Lost a purple Ezra Nuke hole 18 south. This was a few days ago, so assuming it's been picked up. My phone number is on it. Reward if returned.


Austin lally    September 14 at 9:06pm

Found a putter by the practice basket, booth was closed. Name what kind and I’ll get it back to you

Chris Thorpe   September 16 at 6:02pm

Luna or Zone?

Michael F    August 27 at 4:40pm

Pink force turned in at the booth. Ace date on the back.


Austin S    August 19 at 6:19pm

Question: how is it even possible to birdie South Course's hole 3 from the short tee? lol

you're almost better off going from the long tee, at least a par 4 from there is a gettable birdie.

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Derek G   August 19 at 10:37pm

Is south green or blue?

Jeff Novak   August 19 at 11:23pm


Nick Pacific   August 20 at 1:58am

I've seen some forehand rollers cut through the left side corner of the trees into C2. If you accept the premise that the short tees are for ams (<935), it's a good par 4 hole. Anyone above that should be playing from the longs anyways, and it's a great par 4 hole from back there.

Nick Oliver    August 8 at 5:58pm

Found one on Kensington South Hole 7. Right side over path. Discraft PmB disc. Color/Mold for return.


Nick Oliver    August 8 at 4:38pm

Darn me. Newish dayglo yellow Ace Race Heat, lost right side on Hole 7, went right towards the path. Didn't put my name on it but there's a crossed out name from buddy.


Melissa Taulbee    July 30 at 10:58pm

Lost a purple (158) crave on Green between 9 & 10. Would love to get it back


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