Independence Lake County Park

Whitmore Lake, Michigan     2 courses · 36 holes     Driving directions
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Nancy Leat    1 day ago

Lost my champ mam!ba to the pond on 6. Info on it and reward if returned. No mi gusta


Jamie Morgan    2 days ago

Lost a blue prodigy f5 in the water to the left of extra hole 8. Hit me up if found!


Rooster Robb DeHaan    2 days ago

Lost a red flat top firebird in the pond on hole X7. Reward for its return.

Brian Hyzertron Crouch   2 days ago


Bo Fought   15 hours ago

Booooooo. Thought for sure somebody would turn it in after tourney round. :(

Felix Berinde    6 days ago

Lost a yellow Xpress Z on hole 4 it went into the swamp on the left.


Daniel Whitlock    April 17 at 5:49pm

Lost Champion Glo Destroyer, light blue with CCR League stamp on top and name and number on inside rim. Hole 16, errant forehand from long tees lost in rough on right of fairway bottom of the hill. Would love to get it back.


Douglas McIntosh    April 17 at 2:44am

Tomorrow, Tuesday April 18th - Independence Lake

Huron Valley PDGA Singles League will be heading to Independence Lake for 18 holes long tees


$1 will get your round rated. For those that would like to play for cash there will be a $5 Pro and am2 division.

optional $2 cash CTP and $2 ace pool. ($10 if all in)

Ace Pool is at $646


Tom Stamper    April 15 at 8:02pm

Lost a Pink Thunderbird in the pond on 6, has my number on it

James Wilhelm   7 days ago

Looked today wasn't in there. Hope who ever found it called ya.

Russ VanGilder    April 11 at 5:25pm

Lost a black crank in the pond on E extra yesterday. Name and number are on it.


Tyler B    April 9 at 9:10am

Hey guys haven't been out to indy yet this year. How are the course conditions? I know it can get super soupey and wet on the course in spring. Wasn't sure if it was a mud/puddle fest or if its decently dry. If it is wet, what holes would you avoid?

ken "sega salt" moote   April 9 at 10:30am

very wet in psots def playable. one hole, the last extra is not. it is flooded on that hole, thats it. hit fairways u fine!

Nate Davis    April 8 at 2:28pm

Lost Blue ZFLX Crank in water on hole 6. Name and Phone number on disc.

James Wilhelm   April 8 at 3:20pm

Wasn't on the extra holes?

Nate Davis   April 11 at 10:35am

I'm pretty sure it was on hole 6 in the water to the left of the hole.

Josh Cantor    March 20 at 4:02pm

Lost a black star katana with a white jack-o-lantern face on hole D in the swamp.Reward if found.

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Erik Hardecki   March 29 at 4:53pm

I left a orange champ tee bird in the water on 4. Happen to snag that one?

Erik Hardecki   March 29 at 4:54pm

scratch that, it was #6

James Wilhelm   March 31 at 12:22pm

what was the stamp?

Steven Farrell    March 10 at 7:14am

Do any of you locals by chance know if CJ's Party Store lost power? Looking to get out there but I live a ways away and I wanted to be sure they are open. Tried calling the phone but It wouldn't connect. Thanks!

Brett Piziali   March 10 at 7:30am

if they don't answer the phone- my guess- no power.

Paul McMican   March 10 at 7:39am

When I drove by yesterday they did. But landlines are still out all over. So bring cash if they will sell anything. They were packed yesterday around 5pm.

Steven Farrell   March 10 at 8:05am

Thanks for the responses guys. Much appreciated.

Brian 'The Brain' Evans    March 7 at 6:46am

... more


Brett Piziali    March 6 at 6:12am

LOST on Hole 1-----> playing doubles and left behind my Blue MVP Chains for Brains resistor. had glow tape on it, my picture, pdga number and phone on back. but I'm pretty the casuals that played through with a bag full of MVP snagged it. but I figured worth a slim chance an honest person grab it. cause I'm sure they would have called me back.... If anyone see a disc with my picture on the back- PLEASE TAKE IT

Brian Hyzertron Crouch   March 6 at 10:04am


Miles smilez Campbell   March 6 at 12:54pm

Find them and shame them!

Nick Oliver    March 1 at 12:18pm

Sorry for the delay on the post!

FOUND - lime green Discraft disc. Left of trees on X1. Tell me the model or what is on it for return. Snagged this the first week of Feb.


jeff simpson    February 24 at 7:08am

Last Sunday I threw a red mamba on the ice on hole 6, went back to get it after the round and I see someone felt they needed my disc more than me, it has my name plastered all over it and my phone number, would be really nice if that person would return it,seems I went back in less than 1 hr after I threw it....I'm not sure as to why this person felt that they where entitled to my disc either....I'm really very bummed out about it as well. Please do the right thing and return it as I have done before when I found someone else disc.

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Sean McCoy   March 19 at 10:23am

OMG dude you are still on this? LOL If you read the rules you also won't find a section about not whining and crying over a lost disc. That's why I tried to help you out originally. Was my mistake the whole time, I shouldn't have commented. Was just trying to help a newb on the scene.

Mark Neiger   March 19 at 11:01am

I think somebody needs his binkie and probably his ba-ba!!!

jeff simpson   March 25 at 7:11pm

U guys are great! Thanks for all the helpful insight....

Skyler Stoker    February 22 at 3:21pm

Lost a blue team stony star destroyer on hole 6 middle of the pond. $15 reward for return


Josh Cantor    February 18 at 11:16am

Found a disc on hole 16 today. describe it and it is yours.

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Brian Sweet   February 18 at 12:19pm

appreciate it. little bummed that i left it behind

Brian Sweet   February 18 at 1:06pm

just finish the round and going to get my kids. you got my number and I'll give you a reward. thank you

Brian Sweet   February 18 at 2:35pm

the disc picture is actually in my profile pic :) hope to talk to you soon

Ryan Ripaldi    February 7 at 12:52pm

found a disc on x10 yesterday that has aces on it. tell me what it is and its yours

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Ryan Ripaldi   February 8 at 10:42pm


Andy Gumtow   February 9 at 8:49am

yellow firebird?

Ryan Ripaldi   February 9 at 4:42pm

nope name on it was a girls

Christian Doman    February 3 at 9:53am

Tough day on Thursday. Champ blue firebird with no ink out on the ice of 6. I couldn't retrieve it. No ink. Also, a unique Psyfly dyed Stag is somewhere between X7 fairway and X6 teepad. My turnover faded out and got sucked under the snow.

Zack Cardenas   February 4 at 5:09pm

hey message me

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