Hudson Mills Metropark

Dexter, Michigan     2 courses · 48 holes     Driving directions
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Adam Couture    1 day ago

What's a decent score from the long tees at both courses? I played for the first time and shot an 86 from Monster longs (didn't play to any of the long baskets) and a 78 from Original longs. I'm an 876 rated player.

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Elijah "bawbeast" Wykes   1 day ago

lol floyd you crack me up

Adam Couture   1 day ago

That actually does help. Thanks!

Douglas McIntosh    3 days ago

Tomorrow, Tuesday May 3rd - Original

Huron Valley PDGA Summer Singles League will be heading back to Hudson Mills for 18 holes of Original Blue. $1 to play and gets your round rated. For those wanting to play for money we will have $5 pro and am2 divisions. There is also an optional $2 cash CTP and $2 ace pool
(Ace pool is at $417)
Beno donated a Discraft Big Z crank to give away also


Jake Forster    April 24 at 7:42pm

Lost a red, white, and blue champion eagle on the left side of hole 7 (close to 6's short teepad). Spent a good amount of time looking for it, it must be burried underneath the leaves. Name and number is on the back of the disc, and I do have an ace with this one.. Willing to pay or give some discs back for its return, it's very special to me. Please let me know if you find it, I would greatly appreciate it.

"J Bluntz" Quiton   April 24 at 8:40pm

Which course champ

"J Bluntz" Quiton   April 24 at 8:40pm

Nevermind, obviously original. That would be crazy if that happened on the monster.

Jake Forster   April 25 at 11:43am

Lol yep, it was original!

Brian "Hyzertron" Crouch    April 21 at 1:44pm

How many people want new baskets? I think it's time to stop just talking about this and actually replace them. There are way to many spit outs in every basket because these baskets are WAY out of date.

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Brian "Hyzertron" Crouch   April 22 at 7:15pm

I've personally talked to people at the office and they told me that they had people from discraft come inspect the baskets and those assholes told em that the baskets are fine and only a couple need a couple easy fixes. Ya they aren't broke. They're old as dust and don't catch d ... more

Russell Taint   April 23 at 12:27am

If leaning on the Metroparks yields nothing, why not lean on Discraft? This is supposed to be the premier course in the area, and we have 25+ year old baskets. It's pretty pathetic.

Russell Taint   April 23 at 12:27am

Oh and whoever said the park is chronically broke is GROSSLY misinformed...very much the opposite.

Joey "ThaSicknaz" Gulyas    April 12 at 8:36pm

White pfn Starfire. 62359 on it.


Joe 'Dirt' LaPerna    April 9 at 9:05pm

Lost a blue buzzz os in the water on og. $


Ryan Ripaldi    April 8 at 8:41pm

found a disc on it yours???

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Elijah "bawbeast" Wykes   April 10 at 5:44pm


Joey "ThaSicknaz" Gulyas   April 12 at 8:35pm

White starfire

Ryan Ripaldi   April 12 at 8:57pm


Joey "ThaSicknaz" Gulyas    April 8 at 7:34pm

Blue ledgestone ti zone in swamp. White gold line halo on 5s fairway.


Joshua Zimmerman    April 7 at 12:29pm

How are the course conditions right now?

Floyd Hampp   April 7 at 12:52pm

I'll tell you after we play there tonight. I'm sure it's going to be wet, but Hudson usually drains pretty well. It usually doesn't have as much standing water as other courses in the area.

Douglas McIntosh    April 4 at 5:58am

Tomorrow, Tuesday April 5th - Hudson Mills

Huron Valley PDGA Summer Singles League will be heading to Hudson Mills for 18 holes of Original Blue. $1 to play and gets your round rated. For those wanting to play for money we will have $5 pro and am2 divisions. There is also an optional $2 ace pool and $2 cash CTP.


Chris T    March 29 at 6:15pm

Lost a yellow vRoc on hole 12 original course about 8 feet into the water to the right of the bridge. The water got murky and I lost track of it. It has my name and number on it, please holler if you find it!


Bart Kowalewski    March 26 at 6:42pm

What is par on Monster long/long? I shot today and cannot find a recent tourney to compare results.

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Hudson Mills Metropark   March 27 at 1:25pm

Hi Bart! The recreational par for the Monster Course is 87, including holes A-F. Not inlcuding the letter holes, recreational par is 63. Thank you for continuing to use your Metroparks!

"J Bluntz" Quiton   March 27 at 1:48pm

72. The course was installed before there were many courses with par 4's and 5's.

John Reifschneider   March 31 at 1:49pm

Recreational Par is for rec players but the SSA "scratch" for 18 to regular baskets was 49.5. 24 longs was 63.1 long tees. Long Basket from short tee 65.4 and Long to long was 73.8 as of like 5 years ago according to my spreadsheet

Zack Cardenas    March 17 at 1:34pm

Lost a purple fd on the right side of 14(monster course: monster hole). Name and number are on it. Reward if found.


Chris T    March 7 at 9:52pm

Playin here tomorrow at 11:30...hit me up if interested

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Chris T   March 8 at 6:34am

I can do 12, let me know if that works for ya

Dale Noel   March 8 at 7:07am

I'll be there. Black malibu maxx

Chris T   March 8 at 7:31am

Cool, I'll be at the practice basket

Casey "Sensei" Maloney    February 27 at 1:37pm

Can someone please take down that course record. It's rediculous and I'm not sure how it got up there. Thank you.

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brad chartier   February 27 at 10:38pm

I do remember that day, You. Were. On. Fire!! did you do this before or after Lawman shot the -46 on the original??

Casey "Sensei" Maloney   February 28 at 11:17am

Hahaha. I'm not sure but it needs to come down. It won't let me change it so I was hoping someone on here could take it off.

Nick Oliver   March 10 at 4:00pm


John Dishaw    February 10 at 10:21pm

Lost an MVP Wave, pink HOFC stamp, somewhere in the snow, between 5 and 6 I believe. Name and number are on the rim.

Rob DeHaan   February 11 at 8:16am

Which course?

John Dishaw   February 11 at 9:44am


Brian Schoening    February 8 at 9:46am

does anyone know how the tee pads and fairways are here?

Nick Oliver   February 8 at 10:04am

Good. It is a bit mushy out there in spots, more on the OG side.

Paul McMican   February 8 at 10:05am

They are fine. Played there yesterday. A bit of mud off the pad. But that's it.

Josh Romine   February 8 at 10:32am

The longs have a small amount of slush/ice on them but the shorts are good to go.

Sean Morgan    January 29 at 3:28pm

Anybody know how the tee pads are at either course? Icy, shoveled?

Ryan R   January 29 at 4:11pm

Last weekend the Monster was a mix of totally icy to completely dry pads. Not very helpful I know, but that's all I have.

Brett Piziali    January 8 at 10:22am

Romine- I found an orange discraft disc with your name on it. (no number) on monster hole, let me know if you lost it

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Ron Jacobs   January 8 at 1:17pm

Lol right

Brett Piziali   January 8 at 9:15pm


Joe Anttila   January 8 at 9:34pm

Lost more discs than most have owned...

Danielle Pulliam    November 24 at 8:08pm

Found a maroon pinkish buzz as by the basket of hole 12 original course. Has initials on it but no full name or number

Hunter S. Dotson   November 25 at 8:19am

Custom dyed?

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