Hudson Mills Metropark

Dexter, Michigan     2 courses · 48 holes     Driving directions
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John Reifschneider    April 7 at 12:43pm

Found a prodigy white with a beautiful custom dye pm me describing the disc and I will get it back to ya


Kyle Greenhalgh    April 7 at 12:15pm

Orange Gstar destroyer in center of swamp on monster 18. There was at least 3 other discs in there also. Anyone know if anyone grabbed these?

cameron james   April 12 at 1:31am

Glow champion mako of mine is in there,

Ben Ross    April 7 at 10:22am

Lost a blue Flick on original hole 12. Kicked off a tree and shot into the pond on the right about 8-10 feet in, just before the bridge. It's an ace disc and heavily inked on the back. Multiple Discraft bar stamps on the flight plate. Name and number are on the inside rim. This is one of my favorites so if you fish it out and call me it's worth a solid reward. 517-240-9564. Thanks.

John Reifschneider   April 7 at 10:55am

Hole 6/7/8

mark ellis    April 7 at 9:34am

A red Rogue must have fallen out of my bag as I walked from Hole 18 back to the parking lot. My name and # are on it. Reward. During the backup on #18 we were speaking to a casual group and I recall pulling this particular disc out and showing it the group. It was our last hole of the tourney and I did not throw this disc on that hole but it wasn't in my bag the next morning. 248.505.3568

John Reifschneider   April 8 at 6:30pm

I have your rogue

mark ellis   April 8 at 9:11pm

yes!! What is the ransom amount?

John Reifschneider   April 9 at 12:19am

I will get it to Mika let's call it sitting down for a beer with Matt and I

Hunter S. Dotson    April 7 at 8:10am

Put a USA Flag dyed Z-Banger into the bog on hole 12 O.G. I went fishing for it with no luck. Name/Number on rim. Tree kicked in at about the bridge, floated just past the little dead tree in the bog. any help would be greatly appreciated and rewarded accordingly

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Timmy Redman   April 7 at 8:50pm

all i heard was, "DONT DO THAT!" from the tee behind us and splash....

Hunter S. Dotson   April 8 at 8:24am

HAHAHA.. No one tells freedom what to do...

Jeff Hepler    April 4 at 11:50am

Anyone down to play a round out here today around 2, please text me. 248.921.3963


Bill "El Nueve" Chapman    April 2 at 11:43pm

Lost a Purple Buzzz SS on Monster hole 3. Right side by the big tree. Reward if found


Ryan Martin    April 1 at 9:14pm

Left a blue star katana on hole 24 reg course on Friday.

Ryan Martin   April 1 at 9:14pm

on accident of course

Erika Hein    April 1 at 8:41pm

Lost blue buzzz in #12 pond. BTB stamp on it. Reward for return.

Jesse Whitlock   April 2 at 1:29pm

That sucks! :(

Joe Karr    April 1 at 9:14am

lost a orange banger gt esp on 13 in the pond , jk on disc .reward for return


Trevor Hadden    April 1 at 7:24am

Lost a blue z crank on the monster hole. Right side of the fairway. Reward for return.


Ben Ross    April 1 at 1:01am

Lost a 2008 full color Worlds Zone on the original side while we were out clearing pads and throwing today. My name and # are on the the inside rim. Not sure what hole it was on, didn't realize it was missing until hole 14. Reward for it's return. Thanks.

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Brian Crouch   April 1 at 1:39am

ok either way i'll keep a look out. I'm going with a buddy of mine who is notorious for finding disc so we'll see. What stamp was on it?

Ben Ross   April 1 at 1:53am

It's a full color stamp...sort of pinkish and purple...with the 2008 worlds logo on it. Says Bell's brewery with the little sun at the top.

Floyd Hampp   April 2 at 11:13pm

You lost a disc?????

Ben Ross    April 1 at 12:23am

All pads, longs and shorts, are completely cleared on both Monster and Original. Even those that were partially covered are now cleared front to back. Thanks to everyone who came out before we did today and put so much time and effort into getting them done. We just finished the job that you all started.

Jeff Hepler   April 1 at 9:53am

You guys are awesome. Thanks for all the hard work.

Ben Ross    March 31 at 11:44am

I'm coming out this afternoon around 3 with a couple guys to play a bit and finish off whatever needs to be cleared. Which course/holes need the most attention?

John Reifschneider   March 31 at 12:18pm

Orginal prob the most, monster should only need a check of hole 4, 15-18 otherwise We touched every pad pro and am from 1-14 and extras. Jeff K spent a good chunk of time on orginal but broke there tools by hole 10 but there was hole 5 7 and pro 8 I believe he said that needed work. Thanks for the help guys

Brian Crouch    March 31 at 10:20am

is the course still really snowy/icy? How are the pads?

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John Reifschneider   March 31 at 12:14pm

Not bad yet but the rain and melt will prob change that

Brian Crouch   March 31 at 12:17pm

ok thanks everyone. I'm planning on going out tomorrow so we'll see what its like

John Reifschneider   March 31 at 12:19pm

Ben Ross, Sam S, and eirik K all have plans to work the course between today and Wednesday

Jeff Kaluk    March 30 at 6:35pm

Dear Hudson Mills discgolfers, we know the metro parks charge us to play but that does not include cleaning tee pads in the winter. Well i googled a solution to your problems for next winter. Its easy to use and will make your rounds more enjoyable.


1. Shovel

a tool with a broad flat blade and typically upturned sides, used for moving coal, earth, snow or other material.

synonyms: spade

I hear you can buy them almost anywhere! Ain't technology great.

Bryan Centers   March 30 at 7:16pm

I played there today. It was dangeous. We saw a nasty fall from a fellow golfer.

Ben Ross   April 1 at 12:28am

Hahaha...Jeff I just saw this and let me say I second your statement. If only a few people had thought to grab shovels before they went out to play this winter it would have made clearing the pads SO much easier.

John Reifschneider    March 30 at 10:54am

Anyone free today we are doing our best to clear pads but this is a huge task, anyone free please grab a shovel, pick, transfer shovels work great, bag of salt whatever you got I should be here all day my number 810.923.6751 would kill for a hand thx

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John Reifschneider   March 30 at 1:08pm

Thanks man getting her do jeff and his boys are helping and making a good dent

Jeff Kaluk   March 30 at 6:21pm

John. It was myself, andrew, Matt Tidswell, Montana Tidswell and Joey jelita. Which we could of done more to help.

John Reifschneider   March 30 at 9:58pm

we will get them taken care of thanks again man

Ryan Martin    March 29 at 9:07pm

Wasn't too bad. Some tees where still frozen or a big puddle. Fairways were kind of icy.

Ryan Martin   March 29 at 9:07pm


Ryan Martin    March 28 at 9:41pm

Anyone play the courses lately?

g lane   March 28 at 10:25pm

yes. it has been done bud.

Nick Oliver   March 28 at 10:29pm

Same here. It's been a bit rough, but a few guys are going out to clear what's not melted tomorrow I believe. Not sure about the fairways.

John Reifschneider    March 26 at 5:45pm

April 5th. NO FOOLIN 25, 18 berths up for grabs, Weather looks good, fantastic players pack, $1000 worth of prizes for side games, a ton of support for the day which should help things run super smooth, currently only 1 pro signed up for the $500 added cash pro purse bring on the competition