Holly Woods

Holly, Michigan     1 course · 24 holes     Driving directions
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Matthew Smith    June 24 at 3:06am

Lost a Pink Sheriff on Hole 1 toward the right.
My dad lost a Pink Freedom on Hole 6 in the long grass on the left.
Reward if foind!


Keith Hanes    June 24 at 12:11am

Lost a pink wraith on hole 15 off to the right reward if found!


Shawn Herbert    June 22 at 1:33am

Found a dark brown Surge with amber veins on the right side of C (old 14). The name DJ Pryce is on it but the phone number is worn. Couldn't find a DJ Pryce on here, anyone know him?


Shawn Herbert    June 22 at 1:27am

Lost a yellow champ leopard3 to the right on hole 9. Pretty sure it cleared the pond and made it to the far bank, initials SH on bottom. $$ or plastic reward

Jeff Moellering   June 22 at 6:23pm

Brando found it and I have it. Remind me and I will give it to you at leagues next week

Shawn Herbert   June 22 at 7:23pm

Thanks Jeff!

Ranger Dave    June 21 at 1:50pm

Forgot my Excalibur last nighr, off to the left of hole 6 tee box, would like to get it back, if karma does work, I may see it again!

Matthew Stewart   July 3 at 10:57pm

Color / plastic ?

Ranger Dave   July 17 at 11:43am

Red, it was no name no number

Benny Hunt    June 17 at 1:35am

My girlfriend lost her blue nuke on # 6 in the tall grass on the left . It is marked with my info. If found there is a cash reward it's her favorite


Chains Earl Jones    June 16 at 12:54am

Left my peach big z mantis on 18 in the fairway Sunday. No name or number but my buddy's initials or on the rim along with the weight.


Paul Grasso    June 15 at 8:49pm

Found a yellow disc on hole 14 tuesday night, no name. describe it and its yours

Kenneth Rumble   June 15 at 7:47pm

Yellow boss ?

Paul Grasso   June 16 at 7:23am

Not a boss

Ethan S    June 15 at 1:29am

Lost a champion leopard on hole 15 in the woods on the right side. No contact info on the disc. Reward if found.


Mark Stephens    June 14 at 9:35pm

Lost a Big Z Heat on Hole 3 in that mess of fallen tree on the left side. Don't want it back but if someone wants to get in for it, it's yours!

JOSHUA NEIHARDT   June 14 at 9:01pm

That area is treacherous. Lost two discs in there. Park needs to do something about that giant mess of brush right there.

Tony Turner    June 13 at 7:57pm

Found Kevin's blue champ Valk this morning. I golfed with him, Andy, Banner.... yesterday. No phone # on it, so need to get the word to him somehow. I'll watch here for a response. FYI, my Facebook account is screwed up, so not able to check there for messages.

Benny Hunt   June 13 at 6:29pm

Im with kevin now. 2487858526 is kevins phone number

Amanda Cates    June 11 at 9:58pm

Found a cell phone at the table at the tee pad for hole 7. I gave the phone to the booth at the gate. I didn't want someone else to steal it.


Joshua clauss    June 11 at 3:40pm

Found a disc on hole D or old 15 no name or number

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Ryan Paduch   June 13 at 9:08pm

gold line flag dye riot?

Joshua clauss   June 13 at 10:09pm

Sorry nope

Ranger Dave   July 22 at 10:40pm

Red xcal?

JOSHUA NEIHARDT    June 11 at 1:29am

Lost two on the left side of hole 3. One Clear Yellow 150g Valkyrie and a Clear Blue with Silver foil writing Avenger SS. None of them are marked unfortunately.

Matthew Stewart   June 11 at 6:24pm

That area is a nightmare, man. I lost an orange champion katana in there that was perfectly beat in. Sucks.

Jeff Hulet   June 13 at 12:19am

I lost a Lime Underworld 2 years ago in there!

JOSHUA NEIHARDT   June 23 at 2:19pm

That area is treacherous. Park needs to do something about that giant mess of brush right there. Found a 126g Valkyrie for $6. Perfect for the woods out at Goldenrod. Disc on my friends!

Evan Brown    June 5 at 11:46pm

Left a Latitude 64 Havoc, red, on hole 9 (i think) in a bush to the left before the path. Name and number are on it.


Gary "Jones" Chalice    June 5 at 2:29pm

Lost a yellow numbers champ panther to the right of hole D on Sunday. My info is written inside the rim but probably fadded. Good reward if found and returned.


Tommy Mullin    June 5 at 11:32am

Lost a yellow buzzz ss on 9 to the right


Daniel Jacques    June 4 at 11:08am

Lost a G*Vulcan on the right side of a whole six orange red has my name on it would love it back if anyone sees it thanks


Kenneth Rumble    May 30 at 3:09am

Son lost his yellow blizzard boss on short 8 has custom skate3 stamp on it not sure if has info hes pretty bummed someone finds it be cool to get it back into his bag.. Good karma, were regulars we will see it....

Kevin Hamden   June 9 at 10:50am

Found a yellow blizzard boss on 8 today in the thick stuff.It has skate on the bottom in sharpie.Is this the disc?It has been a while since your post

Daniel Urssing    May 28 at 11:53pm

Did anyone happen to find a blue lat 64 pain at Holly? I think I left it on 10 to the left. It would have been Wednesday I left it there.