Hickory Hills

Traverse City, Michigan     1 course · 24 holes     Driving directions
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John Clark    5 days ago

I played this on Saturday the 16th for 4 hours with 5 people I met outside Tilley's. I had so much fun. We played doubles and closest hole. I was by far the most inexperienced of the group. My partner Wayne, whose birthday it was, really had some great shots. I witnessed a throw of 658 feet I believe that set right next to the basket. Missy, her son and the 2 other "K's" were very experienced yet quite encouraging. This year my wife got me a practise basket and I am dedicating time to developing my throws at home. I loved this course but far from home it is.


Andrew LaCross    July 5 at 2:51am

If any locals are looking to get a round in tomorrow morning shoot me a text 2484671671... not too much fun to crush hickory alone. Holler


Russell Wixom    July 2 at 3:53pm

il be up there next week end and was wondering, is there any water holes on this course?

Jammer Gross "Team Tilley's"   July 2 at 12:40pm

no, just a creek on a couple of holes

Russell Wixom   July 2 at 1:24pm

k thanks

Marc Hamlin - Team Tilley's   July 4 at 1:22pm

Really small creeks on #20 (left side), and #24 (right side).

Adam Mcpherson    June 30 at 4:27pm

How is this course for glow?? I'll be up for the 4th and I plan on playing, but some glow could also be super fun, and would anyone be down to meet up and play?? Wouldn't mind throwing 5 on the round or some shit!

Jammer Gross "Team Tilley's"   June 30 at 6:13pm

park closes at 10 or 11 I think, u cant be inside after that

John James    June 26 at 2:46pm

Lost an orange/yellow Avery Jenkins destroyer on hole 20. Name and number is on the rim. I would really appreciate it if whoever finds gives me a call, I will reward anyone who returns it, thanks in advance.

Marc Hamlin - Team Tilley's   June 27 at 3:30pm

John, we didn't have one turned in at this weekend's Hickory Hills Open. I was really hoping one of us would find it so you'd get it back.

Marc Hamlin - Team Tilley's   June 27 at 3:33pm

Make sure to check the lost/found at Tilley's, it's possible someone turned it in.

John James   June 29 at 1:52pm

thanks, appreciate it man.

Greg Argyle    June 22 at 12:09am

The 3 hole changes at Hickory Hills are done! After hole #19, walk LEFT, where you find flags showing the new #20 tee in the woods. You will throw down the waterfall ski run, basket is slightly to the right at bottom of the hill. New hole #21 throws up to old hole #20 basket. Old #21 becomes #22, old #22 becomes #23, and old #23 becomes #24. Old hole #24 has been removed, to accomodate more parking in the near future. Thanks to everyone that helped!


Greg Argyle    June 20 at 7:25pm

Crete complete! We were able to get concrete on hole 14, new 20, and new 21 today. Thanks to everyone that helped make this possible! Please STAY OFF for the next 72 hours!!! (Thursday @ noon)


Fran Breezy    June 20 at 3:28pm

Lost an orange surge ss with a crane stamp on the back. $ or trade for the safe return of a most beloved disc


Marc Hamlin - Team Tilley's    June 17 at 4:39pm

Volunteers Needed: Monday morning (June 20) we will be pouring three new teepads at Hickory Hills. We need approximately 3-5 volunteers to help us get these done. Experience with concrete is helpful, but not required. We are meeting at Hickory at 8:00, and the concrete truck will be showing up at 9:00. It should only take us a few hours. Please contact us if you can help!

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Marc Hamlin - Team Tilley's   June 17 at 8:26pm

So... after you play 19, you will end up walking left instead of right to get to the next tee. The teepad for this hole is tucked into the woods, and it plays all the way down "waterfall" ski hill to the bottom. New hole #21 will then play up to where 20's basket is now. We may play around with the pin placement on this one.

Marc Hamlin - Team Tilley's   June 17 at 8:27pm

What is currently hole #23 will now be the finishing hole #24.

Nick Pacific   June 17 at 11:21pm

Glad to hear 23 stays, 21 could have used an upgrade anyways, thanks for the work fellas Hickory lives on!

Brian "Hyzertron" Crouch    June 15 at 10:35pm

Haven't been up there in many years and I'll be there this weekend for the tourney. Is there a lot of poison ivy, oak, sumac on the course? And is it buggy?

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Brian "Hyzertron" Crouch   June 16 at 12:47pm

I can deal with bugs. I can't stand ivy cause then I have to wear pants

Bo Fought   June 16 at 2:49pm

And you play so much better when you don't wear any pants. #TeamTightyWhities

Brian "Hyzertron" Crouch   June 16 at 3:26pm


John Truszkowski    June 9 at 3:19pm

Does anyone have more info on Hole 14? Distance? Location of the basket?

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Greg Argyle   June 22 at 8:59am

Same height. Wood was removed from top and concrete was poured in the frame

John Truszkowski   June 22 at 9:25am

Okay, for some reason I thought that the wooden pad was elevated. Thanks again for the info!

Greg Argyle   June 22 at 12:05pm

It's on top of the crest of the hill, but no taller than the thickness of the pad itself

Greg Argyle    June 1 at 1:21am

Come out to Hickory Hills on Sunday, June 12th at 10am to help the North Woods Disc Chuckers & friends clean up your local disc golf course.

We will be picking up trash and getting the course ready for the upcoming Northern Waters Series disc golf tournament.

Please bring:
- trash bags
- rakes
- shovels

We plan on playing doubles afterwards at Garbage Hill. Food and adult beverages (21+) will be provided to volunteers afterwards.


Wade TF    May 4 at 5:01am

...Anyone lose a bottom stamped roc here yesterday? Found a beat roc which i think someone might want back.

Adrian Meli   May 5 at 4:39pm

Is it white w/ a black stamp?

Wade TF   May 5 at 9:57pm

no sorry Adrian

Adrian Meli   May 6 at 10:25am

No worries, not mine anyways checking if it was a buddies.

Adrian Meli    April 13 at 3:20pm

Baskets are in. They went in April 9th. All 24 are in.

ilya newell   April 13 at 11:47am


Jeff Hulet   April 13 at 4:30pm


Nick Scalabrino    March 25 at 12:15pm

I'm headed that way later today. Are the baskets back in?

Jared Lacharite   March 25 at 1:34pm

Don't think so. Heard something about them putting them in around April 1st. It's pretty nasty around here today anyway. The 12+ inches of snow we got over the past couple days is melting and turning into a bunch of wet slop.

Nick Pacific    March 18 at 6:57pm

Baskets back in yet?

Jeff Hulet   March 18 at 3:05pm

I was wondering that too. Is there still alot of snow on the slopes??

Jared Lacharite   March 25 at 1:35pm

They said around April 1st on facebook.

Rick "Rightfield" Mol    October 30 at 4:27pm

Hi, I am going to be up in Traverse this coming week and wanted to know if these directions are accurate? This will be my first time playing here. Thanks!

Jeff Hulet   October 30 at 1:33pm

Yes, they are accurate. If you have a GPS put it in your GPS. That is how I got there, the course is at the end of Randolph road. It is a challenging course, you should like it! :)

Joshua N    August 31 at 11:04pm

Bring your own doubles tournament at pioneer trail park in Escanaba Mi on Oct 17th!!! We have five bands signed already and hope to have another 5 by the time of event! We also have pumpkin carving contest and costume contest along with SICK AIR FMX...... Camping on site also or we have Best Western as sponsor for event and they will give discount on rooms for the weekend :) anyone interested let me know.... Only four hours from traverse city


Jeff Hulet    August 31 at 6:14pm

Is there an actual address for this course? All I find is Hickory Hills. :)

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Dwayne Kay   August 31, 2015 at 3:21pm

GPS Coords for Hickory Hills : 44.766516,-85.660683

Chris Lozen   September 1 at 7:46am

If you're in the area and have the time, you should also check out Myles Kimmerly. Probably 20 minutes from Hickory Hills, but it suffered some major wind damage and I don't know if it's up and running again or not.

Grant McMullen   September 1 at 8:06am

Myles Kimberley is closed do to the storm last month

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