Hickory Hills

Traverse City, Michigan     2 courses · 36 holes     Driving directions
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Eric Trantham    July 6 at 1:46pm

So there's no hole 8. Played 11 next hole I come across is 15. 16,17, and 18 are in place but there is construction.

Jake Messner   July 6 at 2:20pm

Hole 8 is a new hole. Follow the next tee sign and orange flags directly behind 7's basket. It throw down hill to the basket which is between the path of old 7 and 8

Greg Argyle    June 26 at 5:54pm

Course is closed due to construction. (Per City of TC, 6/26/18). Should reopen for play in approximately 1 week.

Ryan Kissinger   July 3 at 7:24pm

Any new, news ?

Greg Argyle   July 3 at 7:44pm

It's open and playable. 17 baskets are in, hoping to get new hole 8 in this week. Lots of construction work being done around 16/17 fairways, play with caution.

Mitchell Kloc   July 4 at 3:42am

so is the old layout just gone for good? played today and was extremely disappointed. This is my favorite course in the state and I was shocked to see that only a few original holes exist anymore.

Mike Rota    June 20 at 8:32pm

Just played this course. Very awesome course. Loved the use of space.


Daymon Pugh    June 18 at 11:31am

I have not played mount Mcsauba I hear this is a very hard and demanding course. That being said I played Hickory Hills on Sunday and this is the toughest course in Michigan. Right now From walking up all of the hills to all the brush still on the course to all of the terrible landing zones makes this the toughest course in Michigan and my eyes. Yes tougher then Toboggan

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Jason McCary   June 18 at 4:56pm

Very forehand friendly for sure.

Shaun Adkins   June 19 at 2:29am


James Duvall   June 19 at 10:49pm

Hickory eats frolfers for Sunday brunch

Chris Lozen    May 28 at 1:45pm

Lost a purple Paul Mcbeth Destroyer on 16. Slipped out of my hand and got sawed off pretty bad. Couldn't find it on the hill on the left side of the fairway. If found, my contact info is on the bottom of the disc. Reward for return!

James Duvall   May 28 at 3:07pm


James Duvall   May 28 at 3:37pm


Chris Lozen   May 29 at 2:42am

rhbh color was swirly purple star plastic

Ben Calhoun    May 26 at 4:18pm

Is there a course playable TODAY?

Jake Messner   May 27 at 2:03am

There has been a course playable for a couple of weeks now.

Bryce Kennedy    May 25 at 4:08am

Lost a Emac Truth with a American Flag dye on Hole 14 (Old 19) Somewhere down the hill on the left - Ink is on inside rim - reward offered for return!


Greg Argyle    May 15 at 1:54am

2018 temp layout distances

1- 324
2- 282
3- 499
4- 183
5- 321
6- 404
7- 398
8- 402
9- 270
10- 478
11- 336
12- 369
13- 697
14- 636
15- 342
16- 500
17- 301
18- 412

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Uncle Todd CJLP Disc Golf Course Design   May 15 at 8:39pm

you men are busy, working on Kingsley too this year. Good work and Thanks

Greg Argyle   June 10 at 1:20pm

Hole 17 has been moved farther, up the hill. 391 ft

Greg Argyle   June 21 at 3:28am

Due to construction and circumstances out of our control, hole 15s tee pad has been moved the right of it's previous position. The basket has also been moved to the right, further up the hill. This hole now plays as a par 4 (wheeled @ 388 ft)

Greg Argyle    May 13 at 7:03pm

Help us get the 18 hole temp layout ready for our A-Tier event in June! We will need help clearing fairways, tee pads, brush cleanup, tree removal, trash etc. Please bring shovels, rakes, chainsaws, loppers, etc. Check in with Marc Hamlin/Greg Argyle for the daily plan.

Scheduled Dates (10am-8pm)
Meet at the gate
Sat 5/19
Sun 5/20
Sun 6/3
Sat 6/9
Sun 6/10
Sat 6/16
Sun 6/17


Greg Argyle    May 12 at 10:30pm

2018 temp Layout

1 - longer, to left on mound
2 - same
3 - longer, up path to old hole 4 tee
(old holes 4, 5, 6 are removed)
4 - up the hill, to right of old 4 tee
5 - top of hill through gap along left side of hill
6 - old 7, longer (tee is near top of hill to right of green building)
7 - old 8
(old hole 9 is removed)
8 - old 10
9 - old 11
10 - old 12 tee, longer, basket behind old 13 tee
11 - top of hill to right of old 13 tee, to middle of old 14 fairway (past electric pole)
( ... more

James Duvall   May 12 at 11:45pm

Does this play as par 54?

Greg Argyle   June 21 at 3:27am

Par 59. Par 4: Holes 3, 10, 15. Par 5: Hole 13

Greg Argyle    May 12 at 10:11pm

We want to thank everyone that came out and helped install the baskets and cleanup at Hickory today - you all are awesome! We will be planning many more work days as it's much needed, stay tuned for more details. There are 18 baskets in, and playable, but keep in mind the holes are still in rough shape. Some tee pads are natural. Most hole distances are incorrect as we used the previous signs - they will be updated soon. We will post a guide on the comments of the changes to help navigate t ... more

Kyle Mihatsch - Highland Groves DGC   May 13 at 1:57am

Yes, THANK YOU!! To everyone who helped out. Great showing of chuckers. Again THANK YOU.

Ryan Martin    May 10 at 11:16pm

Any updates?

Marc Hamlin - Team Tilley's   May 11 at 12:59am

Going in this weekend! We will need help clearing up the debris from the trail cutting they did recently.

Justin Aytes    May 1 at 5:03pm

I heard a rumor that they are updating the course and it might not be open this year. Does anyone know what’s going on and if that’s true?

Greg Argyle   May 1 at 5:13pm

There will be two 18 hole courses. A temporary 18 will be in place until the second course is completed. Will be done this year.

Ryan Kissinger   May 1 at 7:03pm

So what's the status as of today ?

Marc Hamlin - Team Tilley's   May 1 at 8:05pm

We won't be able to get the baskets in until May 12. The snow storm slowed the city's progress on tree clean-up.

Shane Miller    April 29 at 12:51pm

Will baskets be up for next Sunday May 6?

Eric Piedmonte   April 29 at 1:52pm

No. Most likely the following weekend, but it depends on how far along construction is.

Marc Hamlin - Team Tilley's   April 29 at 6:46pm

We are trying to see if we can get a least a couple holes in earlier, but likely wouldn't be before the May 5 & 6 weekend.

Shane Miller   April 29 at 8:35pm

OK thanks.

Dylan Courtade    April 25 at 11:39am

Any solid info on if the baskets will be up this weekend?

Marc Hamlin - Team Tilley's   April 25 at 3:40pm

Soon, but not this weekend. The city is still removing the trees they cut down, so the park isn't officially open to the public yet. I haven't been up there in about a week, but there was still too much snow on the ground to find the ground sleeves,

Marc Hamlin - Team Tilley's   April 25 at 3:41pm

We want them in the ground ASAP, just like everyone else. That last round of snow set us (and the city) back a week or two.

Dylan Courtade   April 25 at 4:34pm

I figured that was the case! Thanks for the update!

bo buss    April 18 at 4:24pm

baskets up sat?

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bo buss   April 19 at 9:39am

i was hoping and praying, i will still come up and play the other course tho. thanks guys

Marc Hamlin - Team Tilley's   April 19 at 6:09pm

2018 course has been approved! There is still too much snow on the ground up there however.

Chris Lozen   April 20 at 8:17am

I'm excited to see what the changes are. Any chance I could get some spoilers on what adjustments are being made? =D

Bryce Baar    March 30 at 1:14am

Does anyone know if the baskets are in yet? Coming up from out of town and would like to play this course.

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Marc Hamlin - Team Tilley's   March 30 at 6:29pm

I think Myles Kimmerly is the better park, but it probably still has a lot of snow. Civic Center South in Kingsley doesn't have too much snow, except deep in the woods.

Ryan Kissinger   March 30 at 6:35pm

TY for the information sir.

Chad Reuss   April 1 at 11:19pm

What holes are they eliminating? So disappointed in the changes that were recently made and now there are more? Very disheartening to one of best courses in Michigan.

Greg Argyle    November 27 at 4:31am

BASKET REMOVAL @ HICKORY - We need help! It's time for the baskets to be removed at Hickory Hills. Need pickup trucks, SUVs, and someone with a trailer. Let us know if you can make it this Saturday 12/2 @ 11am


Philip lyon    August 27 at 9:32pm

Lost a white AJ destroyer on 20 reward if returned!


Dustin Morton    July 26, 2017 at 2:07pm

Visiting from out of town... are dogs (well behaved and leashed) allowed on the course? She loves disc golf. thanks!

Grant McMullen   July 26, 2017 at 11:36am


Greg Argyle   July 26, 2017 at 3:12pm

Yes, but not at leagues

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