Grand Woods Park

Lansing, Michigan     3 courses · 54 holes     Driving directions
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Tyler Huyghe    3 days ago

Lost an orange wraith on hole 17 on the right side of the hill. Would love to have it back! I don’t think I put ink on it unfortunately.


Sam Mrdeza    January 20 at 5:09pm

Does anyone know if it’s still frozen? Potentially playing here today but I know we’ve had some warm days lately. Not sure how muddy it is


Alex Moser    January 9 at 2:34pm

I lost a glow nuke SS on hole 1 last night. It ha a red jay bird stamp on it with a light taped to the back. Thanks!


Cooper Hendrick    January 2 at 5:33pm

Can anyone tell me how best down grand woods is right now ? Me and a buddy are heading down tommorow morning and hoping the snows pretty beat up.

Gary Vigil   January 2 at 7:13pm

Lots of snow but the pads are all cleared off. All water hazards are frozen over which is fun. good luck with your round!

Matthew "Tuck" Shattuck    December 23 at 5:40pm

Left a pink firebird at hole 15s pin doug prizer was behind us hope he found it


Christian Doman    November 19 at 4:27am

Lost 2 in the pond on 6. Tiedye champion thunderbird and tiedye z meteor. Both had my ink on the inner rim. Rewards will be offered!


Wesley Shinevar    November 16 at 3:20pm

Left a blue glove on the course somewhere. Light blue and black, right hand. Holler if you found it please!


Joey Springer    November 11 at 9:53pm

Lost a Pink Opto Havoc in the pond with name and # on it. Also lost a blood red destroyer with the David Wiggins mini stamp on it. Stamp is rainbow. No name or # on it but should be right next to my havoc. Would pay to get them back. Destroyer weight is 171


Alex Moser    November 7 at 5:50pm

Lost a moonshine Slammer putter on hole 5 last night in the pond , came back to get it today and it’s gone.if anyone snagged it that would be awesome. Let me know.

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Matt Rinker   November 7 at 6:30pm

Or my Leopard?

Alex Toupin   November 7 at 6:40pm

We just grabbed ours and got outta there. I didn’t see any other discs.

Daymon Pugh   November 7 at 9:11pm

Boooooooooo this man

Erin Oakley    November 2 at 1:42pm

I lost a green g Star Mystere and a pink tyedyed towel Monday night. Disc was in the water on A and I think my towel might be on the same hole. Please message me if found.

Alex Toupin   November 2 at 1:54pm

I went back out Tuesday to scour for discs and found your towel. I also have a theory that I thought was yours.

Alex Moser    October 12 at 3:26pm

Anyone up for a Glow Round tonight at 7pm


Wesley Shinevar    September 25 at 1:40pm

Since I'm not sure where it got left, may have lost a blue Team Discraft Tim Barham Buzzz somewhere out there. Reward if found. Has my ink on it. Light blue, silver foil. Thanks


Kyle Foster    September 18 at 6:26pm

Anybody around the area buy/trade used or new discs, I just moved from Saginaw and we had a local shop that would. Anywhere around here like that?

Ryan Ely   September 18 at 10:57pm

The haven smoke shop (off w saginaw) will buy used discs for like 3 bucks, they generally have a nice selection of plastic too.

Matt Rinker    September 18 at 2:56pm

This Friday - Sunday, the Park will be closed due to the Mung celebration.

Matt Sowle   September 18 at 3:43pm

Bogey man!

Josiah Pearl    September 18 at 1:05am

Lost a White River Control driver disc on hole 10 left side of basket if anyone finds i will pay for

Alex Moser   September 18 at 1:34am

I left a river on yhole 7, played 1 alternate hole ran back to get it and it was gone.... I hope yours is returned.

philip balger    September 15 at 12:12pm

Left behind metal marker on hole 17/18. Pretty bummed. Anyone feeling like paying that forward my I'd really appreciate it. I feel sick.

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Matt Rinker   September 16 at 11:16pm

I have more if you need

Jim Knudson   September 17 at 11:49pm

He got it back!!

philip balger   October 24 at 12:51am

Thanx everyone!!!

Ryan Ely    August 14 at 12:30am

Lost a blue Star Destroyer on the infamous Hole 6 by the trio of trees halfway up the fairway about 15ft deep in the lake..

Matt Sowle   August 16 at 12:49pm

Me too lol and my nuke OS and a trace, my luck on that hole is trash

Ryan Ely   August 16 at 1:03pm

Lol. It's always 50/50 on it. The guardian trees on the edge make all the difference apparently..

Troy E    July 21 at 2:12am

I lost a red blizzard wraith on hole 2 in the brim of the disc it says troy if found please let me know.

Troy E   July 21 at 8:43am

I am sorry it was hole three it went to the right deep in the woods it's my 2nd blizzard wraith I lost there within a week

Nate Upton    June 27 at 5:39am

Anyone know how to get ahold of Kong? I found a Crank with his name at Reed.

Nate Upton   June 27 at 1:21pm

His friend is picking it up fro Nacho on Sunday.

Matt Sowle    June 18 at 2:32pm

If anyone comes across my big jerm thunderbird out in the back woods you're reward will be more than worth it