Grand Woods Park

Lansing, Michigan     3 courses · 54 holes     Driving directions
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Matt Rinker    3 days ago

Burchfield closed to casual play 9/21 and 9/23
Due to Women's Nationals, Burchfield disc courses will be closed to casual play Friday 9/21 - Sunday 9/23


Robert Deroeck    September 14 at 3:43am

Lost a red x3 roc today(hole 8) with Paul/Nikko sigs from DGLT... it would mean a lot to get it back


Nate Buren    August 17 at 6:42am

So, someone stole my boys discgolf bag out of his car. Its a Shakespeare fishing bag, and all of his discs have J Littleton or JT Littleton, 5175758352 on em. If you see any of his discs or his bag, let me know!

Alex Moser   August 17 at 1:49pm

That’s ****ty! Start checking the haven and maybe the disc will show up and they can see who sold them on the security camera.

Matt Rinker    August 16 at 12:32am

Due to the CCR OPEN this weekend, August 18 and 19, Grand Woods and Burchfield will be closed to casual play. Burchfield will reopen at around 2 pm Sunday and Grand Woods will most likely remain closed all weekend.


Cooper Homic    August 3 at 6:27pm

Lost a glow z nuke on the left side of hole 9's teepad (Threw it from hole 10 teepad). It has a Mystic Mills outlaw lizard stamp on it and would appreciate its return. There is no ink on the disc so if whoever finds it doesn't check this website I am SOL.

Nate Simon   August 3 at 6:55pm

Dumb ass man. Put some ink on your ****

Jim Turner   August 4 at 5:31pm

Sorry dude but its prbly gone- some ink might help but personaly I have never got one back even with a name and number on it:(

Josiah Pearl    July 7 at 5:49pm

Got a portable basket skillshot for sale 45$ lmk if interested


Robert Roosa    June 30 at 2:38am

Found a nearly new disc in the middle of the fairway on 18 this evening. Give me the details (brand, plastic, mold, color, weight) and I’ll get it back to you.

Ryann Mathias   June 30 at 2:53pm

Gstar shark red

Ryann Mathias   June 30 at 2:53pm


Robert Roosa   June 30 at 8:54pm

Sorry that's not the one.

Rob Zukatis    June 6 at 2:21am

Left my legacy rival with red sox dye on hole 16 yesterday

Matt Sowle   June 6 at 1:00pm

I’m going to guess you threw two discs out and left the one lol... sucks tho they got leagues today maybe one will find it

Josiah Pearl    June 1 at 3:30pm

Lost a red and yellow ty due champion eagle reward if found name and number on back of disx as well

Josiah Pearl   June 1 at 4:24pm

20$ reward if found

brandon Fitzgerald   June 2 at 2:19am

What hole?

Josiah Pearl   June 3 at 7:47am


Josiah Pearl    June 1 at 12:53pm

If anyone finds a red an yellow champion eagle ty dye there is a reward


Cody Cole    May 28 at 1:36am

Lost an orange shark on hole #2. Dog ran in and mucked it all up so i
Couldnt find it. Lemme know if its found

Joel Childs   May 28 at 1:52am

It’s gone forever...

Kyle Foster    May 27 at 8:16pm

Lost a red Matrix hole 2 left side, clipped a tree and went deep.


Andres Viitkar    May 15 at 10:01pm

Lost my card holder, black colour, with banc card or atm card - I dont know how you exactly call it in US. Its blocked and dont work at the moment, but if somebody finds it when let me know. Thank You and cold bears or something else to honest finder.

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Andres Viitkar   May 16 at 1:09am

Sorry, dont know abaot polar bears. There were VISA Mastercard and buss tickets.

Andres Viitkar   May 16 at 2:25am

:) beers indeed.

Shawn Herbert   May 16 at 11:24am

Lol, was just poking fun. Hope you find your card holder.

Josiah Pearl    April 22 at 4:28am

Left my white river disc on 17 by mistake as i was on 18 making my way back to get it someone hopped out the car and grabbed it and took off.


Jake johnson    March 29 at 9:41pm

So i kinda live a few hours away but i was at grandwoods last weekend. I lost a pink champion roc3 with a fallasburg stamp and a pink double stamp destroyer both have my name and number if i could ever get these 2 favrites back there would be a reward to the finder. Thanks

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Jake johnson   April 4 at 8:00pm

The second water hole i think it was 11 and then 13 maybe im not sure idk the course that well

Matt Sowle   April 5 at 1:13am

10 and 12 run along the water I’ll keep an eye out for you

Jake johnson   April 5 at 7:26pm

Thank you sir. You can facebook me (jacob johnson pic of a 300) or call me if you find them

Lucas Boomhower Lundberg    March 29 at 7:01pm

How's the water doing right now?

Matt Sowle   April 1 at 7:06pm

2s a little swampy to the left still 5 has water out past the weeds some 6 unplayable IMO 13 has some flooding. The rest are good to go lol muddy

Eric Frohriep    March 23 at 1:23pm

It's going to be a great day tomorrow for a tournament!!! Come help a good cause. All divisions have cash payouts. We have a ton of prizes. Player packs for the first 50 players and free Grand Rapids Drive t-shirts for the first 60 players.


Tyler Dukart    February 22 at 8:16pm

Someone has to let me know, is this course underwater right now? i live in grand rapids... thanks!

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Nate Upton   February 22 at 8:59pm

Yup, completely water logged

Erin Oakley   February 22 at 9:01pm

Bring a kayak!

Nate Upton   February 22 at 9:13pm

Scuba gear

Tyler Huyghe    February 16 at 2:11am

Lost an orange wraith on hole 17 on the right side of the hill. Would love to have it back! I don’t think I put ink on it unfortunately.


Sam Mrdeza    January 20 at 5:09pm

Does anyone know if it’s still frozen? Potentially playing here today but I know we’ve had some warm days lately. Not sure how muddy it is