Grand Woods Park

Lansing, Michigan     3 courses · 54 holes     Driving directions
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Matthew Stewart    1 day ago

Has anyone been out to play this course recently? I was thinking about playing here Saturday and was wondering if any holes were flooded or anything. Thanks!

Alex Grimes   1 day ago

Played Sunday. All holes are playable

Larry Dalimonte   1 day ago

Fair amount of water in the hazard on 2 and behind 3s basket. 5 and 6 are dry surrounding the baskets but pretty wet otherwise. 9 is also somewhat soggy and some of the lower lying holes like 13/14 have a fair amount of water down the fairways. Lots of mud in places especially hole 7. I'd hate to be the guy who forgot to bring his towel.

Wesley Shinevar    January 14 at 5:03pm

Anyone named Barry D lose a yellow disc?

Jake Messner   January 15 at 11:55am

I used to live in the area and play G woods a lot. There is an older gentleman named Barry who typically plays with Mark, the guy who usually has a stroller and a few dogs. My guess is that it is his.

Mark Larsen    January 5 at 2:46pm

Lost my Hatchet by the water ML on the back reward 616-206-2698


Larry Dalimonte    January 4 at 3:28pm

Lost a moonshine deputy with an mvp tri light somewhere between hole 2 and 5. Reward for return.


Bill Rook    November 20 at 7:08pm

Lost a red EchoStar Wraith on #B Saturday at the Kick Out The Yams tournament. Pretty sure it went under the leaves, mid-fairway on the left side. Reward if returned! That disc means quite a lot to me and would love to get it back in the bag. Name and number on the inside rim.


Max Moross    September 26 at 4:27pm

Anyone going to play grand woods today willing to give me a ride? I'm staying at the country inn and suites would love to play today!

Cody Spoelstra   September 29 at 3:02pm

You still around the area for a round later today?

Max Moross   October 1 at 1:57pm

I'm back today but it looks like rain

Brandon Fleszar    September 22 at 10:35am

Lost a pink Challenger Monday 9/17, stamp has old English D and a dude in a top hat. It would be cool to get it back


Matt Rinker    September 19 at 3:17am

Burchfield closed to casual play 9/21 and 9/23
Due to Women's Nationals, Burchfield disc courses will be closed to casual play Friday 9/21 - Sunday 9/23


Robert Deroeck    September 14 at 3:43am

Lost a red x3 roc today(hole 8) with Paul/Nikko sigs from DGLT... it would mean a lot to get it back


Nate Buren    August 17 at 6:42am

So, someone stole my boys discgolf bag out of his car. Its a Shakespeare fishing bag, and all of his discs have J Littleton or JT Littleton, 5175758352 on em. If you see any of his discs or his bag, let me know!

Alex Moser   August 17 at 1:49pm

That’s ****ty! Start checking the haven and maybe the disc will show up and they can see who sold them on the security camera.

Matt Rinker    August 16 at 12:32am

Due to the CCR OPEN this weekend, August 18 and 19, Grand Woods and Burchfield will be closed to casual play. Burchfield will reopen at around 2 pm Sunday and Grand Woods will most likely remain closed all weekend.


Cooper Homic    August 3 at 6:27pm

Lost a glow z nuke on the left side of hole 9's teepad (Threw it from hole 10 teepad). It has a Mystic Mills outlaw lizard stamp on it and would appreciate its return. There is no ink on the disc so if whoever finds it doesn't check this website I am SOL.

Nate Simon   August 3 at 6:55pm

Dumb ass man. Put some ink on your ****

Jim Turner   August 4 at 5:31pm

Sorry dude but its prbly gone- some ink might help but personaly I have never got one back even with a name and number on it:(

Josiah Pearl    July 7 at 5:49pm

Got a portable basket skillshot for sale 45$ lmk if interested


Robert Roosa    June 30 at 2:38am

Found a nearly new disc in the middle of the fairway on 18 this evening. Give me the details (brand, plastic, mold, color, weight) and I’ll get it back to you.

Ryann Mathias   June 30 at 2:53pm

Gstar shark red

Ryann Mathias   June 30 at 2:53pm


Robert Roosa   June 30 at 8:54pm

Sorry that's not the one.

Rob Zukatis    June 6 at 2:21am

Left my legacy rival with red sox dye on hole 16 yesterday

Matt Sowle   June 6 at 1:00pm

I’m going to guess you threw two discs out and left the one lol... sucks tho they got leagues today maybe one will find it

Josiah Pearl    June 1 at 3:30pm

Lost a red and yellow ty due champion eagle reward if found name and number on back of disx as well

Josiah Pearl   June 1 at 4:24pm

20$ reward if found

brandon Fitzgerald   June 2 at 2:19am

What hole?

Josiah Pearl   June 3 at 7:47am


Josiah Pearl    June 1 at 12:53pm

If anyone finds a red an yellow champion eagle ty dye there is a reward


Cody Cole    May 28 at 1:36am

Lost an orange shark on hole #2. Dog ran in and mucked it all up so i
Couldnt find it. Lemme know if its found

Joel Childs   May 28 at 1:52am

It’s gone forever...

Kyle Foster    May 27 at 8:16pm

Lost a red Matrix hole 2 left side, clipped a tree and went deep.


Andres Viitkar    May 15 at 10:01pm

Lost my card holder, black colour, with banc card or atm card - I dont know how you exactly call it in US. Its blocked and dont work at the moment, but if somebody finds it when let me know. Thank You and cold bears or something else to honest finder.

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Andres Viitkar   May 16 at 1:09am

Sorry, dont know abaot polar bears. There were VISA Mastercard and buss tickets.

Andres Viitkar   May 16 at 2:25am

:) beers indeed.

Shawn Herbert   May 16 at 11:24am

Lol, was just poking fun. Hope you find your card holder.