Flip City

Shelby, Michigan     1 course · 24 holes     Driving directions
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Jacob Spencer    July 12 at 3:45pm

Lost my favorite disc on 17 about halfway down the left side of the fairway, I know that it probably won't be returned since the stamp is so cool but I can ID it and have my name and number on it. This disc was a very special gift to me and I would really love to have it back.


Steve T    July 5 at 10:42am

Left my beat up Light Green LE Comet (name on inside rim but faded) last Sat 7/1 I believe on last hole.
Would Love to get this "old friend" back in the bag. REWARD!! Steve T 616 450-7946 Thx!


Jay Serratos    June 26 at 5:57pm

Flip City open this weekend? Hoping to drive up Friday night to camp then play Saturday morning. Camp again then head out Sunday morning. Please let me know availability. Thanks!

Daniel Whitlock   June 26 at 6:05pm

Or possibly drive up saturday to camp and play sunday

Aaron Goofy Mitchell   June 26 at 6:14pm

Pretty sure no events so yes to being open but you'll have to contact Bill on the camping..I'd suggest Facebook for fastest response

Ron Jacobs    June 8 at 2:57pm

Lost a red fuzion sheriff on 13. Left side of the fairway in the long grass. Will gladly pay to have her mailed home if found.


Brian 'The Brain' Evans    May 23 at 6:01pm

Bill McKenzie joined Santa and The Brain this past Sunday to talk all things Flip. Truly a special private course in Michigan, and we were glad to giving Bill the opportunity to share with us the history and the future of his amazing course!

donny v   May 23 at 9:14pm

thanks B for hooking up with Bill! dude's my hero. I'm gonna try to get a new mower after talking to him last fall

Brian 'The Brain' Evans   May 24 at 5:23am

It was our pleasure, Bill was a great guest we look forward to taking a trip to Flip soon. Thank you for watching

Brian 'The Brain' Evans    April 21 at 8:08pm

We are running contest for a Broken Oak stamped Sparkle Defender and a Broken Oak Dry Wick shirt pictured in the video. This is an "Easter Egg Hunt" so you may have to watch some of past content to get the answer.
1.What is the name of Disc King disc that was launched in February?
2.Who did Santa want to be Knighted by?
3.What is the name of the course that Murder Mitten (Miles Lawrence?) created last year in Oxford?
All people answering correctly will get their names in the Basket ... more


zachery zost    April 21 at 6:07pm

I left a white roc with a plain innova stamp on top. Please msg me if anyone finds it please.


Michael Sharkey    April 8 at 9:39am

Can Flip be played today? Donations $$$!!!

NICK HIGGINS   April 8 at 11:12am

They said on their website they r open today

Andrew R    April 7 at 3:30pm

What time does he course open tomorrow?

NICK HIGGINS   April 8 at 11:13am


Cassidy Brigham    March 31 at 12:05pm

Is course opening this weekend

Aaron Goofy Mitchell   March 31 at 12:27pm

April 8th I believe

NICK HIGGINS   March 31 at 3:01pm

Yes April 8th

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Joleen Ryder   March 14 at 9:40am

I would love to, thank you so much.

Joleen Ryder   March 14 at 9:41am

Im sure Josh's brother would love to come and speak as well if he can make it.

Brian 'The Brain' Evans   March 14 at 4:24pm

We will make sure its a date that works for both of you, we do all of our interviews remotely so you can do it from home. we use an app called google hangouts

Andrew R    March 11 at 12:54pm

Any word on when he course will open?

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Scott "Jammer" Gross "Team Tilley's"   March 11 at 3:38pm

I think bill opens april 1st

Chris Fraser   March 11 at 8:42pm

That would be great just starting back into the sport stopped playing last year because of my back

Aaron Goofy Mitchell   March 12 at 8:13am

April 1st would be the most legit day...but not 100

Brian 'The Brain' Evans    March 7 at 6:49am

... more


Dave Barker    November 12 at 9:47pm

Today found chains across the driveways and "Closed" signs.

Bryan Earvin   November 12 at 10:14pm

Closed for season on 10/31

Matthew Crawford    November 1 at 12:21pm

Hey Bill Saturday OK I've been hearing your closed for season is this true

Leo Martinez   November 1 at 3:20pm

He closed the 31st from what I have seen... ):

donny v    October 17 at 3:24pm

Hey Bill we got a caravan of about 30 of us heading your way Sat :)


Adam Scovill    September 20 at 7:20pm

Bill, you've got a couple hooligans coming up for leagues again. What time do they start?

MEAT BABY   September 21 at 4:49am

Starts at 6 pm

Timmy Redman    September 8 at 3:56pm

Pink gummy tern with rainbow ice bowl stamp left somewhere on course, thinking during warn up round. Reward for return


David Tomlinson    September 8 at 9:46am

Do I need to set up a tee time? A friend and I were coming up on friday for a round. Probably be there around 830-9.

Chris Lozen   September 8 at 10:47am

Nope. Just stop in and drop your cash in the drop box on hole 1

David Tomlinson   September 8 at 3:22pm

Ok thanks

Chris Lozen   September 9 at 8:26am

no problem. enjoy the round!