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Friday, September 23, 2022

Tom Wagner 50 - Regular Tees, 18 holes "With Wendy."

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Matthew Hull 56 - Regular Tees, 18 holes "It's been such a fun, joyful ride with my dear friends Mike and Lori but this morning was the final round of our 2022 "Wild West Trip" least in regards to Arizona disc golf. And as much as I wanted to finally snag that elusive Arizona ace, it's going to have to wait until our next trip. Despite not feeling it like I did last night (when my Champion Destroyer, Sword, and Star Beast were all nailing sweet lines), I still managed to put together a solid Even performance and I am quite happy with that. :) We actually started on Hole #2 today (my wife, kiddos, and dad even joined us for the front half!) and my Champion Destroyer hit an otherworldly line there to help me obtain a rare deuce there! I made a sweet 15-20 ft. putt on #12 (got lucky as my C. Destroyer drive was a bit short but the lie was good) my Star Beast was PARKED on #15, and I at least managed to par #17 (which gave me real putting troubles the past two rounds). It's been such a special time and I hate for it to end. Until the next time!"

Monday, June 27, 2022

Matthew Hull 53 - Regular Tees, 18 holes "I've been itching and waiting for that round and go figure...on a night when I was tired (didn't sleep well last night) and didn't feel all that mentally into things, I had a superb round of disc golf! :) Mike and Lori joined me around 6:30 and we made it through even though holes #17, 18, and 1 were ones that we literally played in the dark (which was kind of cool actually)! Funny enough, I had a disastrous performance on #1 (got a 5 thanks to a lousy upshots and even worse putting) but since it was the first hole, Mike gave me the option of finishing up with #1 later which was quite gracious actually (who wants to start out with a double bogey right out of the gate?) and that certainly came into play later. I loved how I rebounded though because I played the rest of the round at a very high level! I finally managed to par #3 (sweet hyzer upshot with my Champion Destroyer with a very important/solid 20 ft. putt), my Star Beast hit an unreal line on #9 (made the 10-15 ft. putt from past the basket), and my Champion Destroyer was awesome on #12 (again!) I really saved my best for last too! My Star Beast was wonderful on #15 (we had a growing tailwind by this point) and #16 (nailed an incredible 40-45 ft. Roach putt to snag the birdie), I had my one blemish of the evening on #17 (solid Champion Destroyer drive but the wind tunnel effect hurt my putting there), and my drives were nothing short of spectacular on #18 (superb Champion Destroyer drive with a PERFECT C. Destroyer upshot which parked itself right under the the dark!) To cap things off, my Star Roadrunner and Sumo Buzzz tag-teamed nicely (completely dark hole) and I even made my Roach putt with Mike's flashlight lighting the way. It was a magical finish to say the least and I just loved the fact I was able to finally put together a superb round (I give myself an "A"!) Mike threw beautifully too as he was able to snag a -2 finish and he darn near aced #8 (same type of line that my Star Beast hit on #7 the other was CLOSE). Fun, fun, fun! :)"

Friday, June 24, 2022

Matthew Hull 58 - Regular Tees, 18 holes "After that disappointing performance yesterday, this one felt gooooooood! :) My drives were spot on and my upshots were, for the most part, superb! The only knock on my game was that my putting was atrocious at times (missed a whopping 4-5 putts inside of 15-20 ft.) but at least early on, I loved the way I was able to throw. I didn't have a sluggish start this time (my Neutron Envy upshot on #1 was HUGE compared to the nasty Shield upshot yesterday) although #3 got me again (such a difficult hole to par if you shoot need hyzer or an-hyzer there!) My drive of the day, however, had to be my Star Beast drive on #7! This particular drive felt absolutely perfect as it nailed a beautiful line just inside the fairway (right side), faded, and *just* missed the ace line long. It was SO close and Mike/Lori/Nate all thought it was going in. SO close! Too bad I missed the 20-25 ft. birdie putt but the drive was wonderful. I did manage to have a solid Star Beast drive on #8 but amazingly, that was my only birdie of the day on a day where I could have had 4-5 birdies easily (stupid putting I did redeem myself big time on #14 with a Star Beast drive that went very far to the right which gave me a golden opportunity which I took advantage of (nice Shield upshot and a nice 8-10 ft. putt through the brush). However, I three putted #17 after a solid drive there which was quite embarrassing. That was the most disappointing result of the day for sure. My drive and upshot on #18 were both amazing but I missed the 15 ft. putt (SIGH). Overall, I loved my play today (I did manage to beat Mike who shot a +4!) but I didn't love the finish. Still, it was a lot of fun!"

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Matthew Hull 62 - Regular Tees, 18 holes "Overall, this round was a disappointment to be sure. However, it was still a blast because my old boss (Mike F.) and his wife joined me along with my younger brother Nate! So that was AWESOME and super fun! And even though I struggled all round to find any semblance of a groove, I still had a few moments where I pulled through and did something positive. Once again, I had a super lousy start (bad Shield upshot on #1 and an atrocious drive on #3 with my Sword) but my Champion Destroyer hyzer toss on #4 was solid as was my 15 ft. putt there. But my drives were just hit or miss today with not much in between. Bad luck with trees/lies PLAGUED me today. It was just one of those rounds. However, I did have a smooth Champion Destroyer drive on #12 (LOVE the way I have played that hole so far during our AZ stay) and it hit another good line on #13. I felt a possible rally coming but Hole #14 just destroyed any chance of me salvaging much of anything. A terrible lie after my drive didn't help and while I rallied to give myself a chance to salvage a 4 there, my putt hit the left side of the chains before rolling down the hill. I just caught ZERO breaks with ZERO luck today but happens. We already scheduled another tee time for tomorrow morning so I'm already excited to go out there and play much better! We hope, right? ;)"

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Matthew Hull 55 - Regular Tees, 18 holes "Even though my score was just one stroke better than my previous round, I was feeling it today! Unfortunately, a very slow start hampered me a bit (bad upshots/putting) but a deuce on #8 got me going and my play over the back stretch was much better than before as well. My Champion Destroyer once again hit a smooth line on #12, my Star Beast was solid on #15, and I had a perfect drive on #17 with my Champion Destroyer (landed 5 ft. in front of the basket for a tap in birdie)! Overall, there is very little to complain about outside of two early bogeys. Whoo-hoo!"

Monday, June 20, 2022

Matthew Hull 56 - Regular Tees, 18 holes "It's been a couple of years but it was great getting out to Cottonwood Riverfront Park again this morning! It wasn't my best performance but I'll give myself a B+ overall as most of the holes are in the loooooooooooong position presently. This course is normally moderate in difficulty but today it was easily moderate-to-hard with a few very challenging holes! It took 5-6 holes for me to find a rhythm with my throws but I am quite proud of the four birdies I managed to obtain! My Star Beast hit a solid line on #7, my Evidence was good enough on #8 (got more fade than I wanted on many occasions but the lies were actually better than I thought...a happy accident if you will), and my Champion Destroyer hit a perfect line on #12 (huge bush/tree literally blocks the basket but my Destroyer found a smooth hyzer line around it)! I loved my drive on #15 too (Champion Destroyer)! However, some holes such as #13 and 14 (a tough duo right now due to length and obstacles blocking most upshot lines) really got me good along with #16 (awesome Star Beast drive but I didn't have a good upshot thanks to a huge bush blocking my line of sight). Overall, it was still a great time though. I'd love to break even or even sneak my way into negative territory while we are in town. We'll see if I can get there!"

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Matthew Hull 52 - Regular Tees, 18 holes "This round was definitely an improvement although, once again, I missed some REALLY easy 12-15 ft. putts. However, I did have a really nice stretch on the front nine (#6-8) where I snagged three birdies in a row! My Star Beast nailed the straight line on #6, it did the same on #7 (no small feat since the baskets were mostly in the long position during this trip), and my Roach was good enough on #8. I came close to the Ace line on #15 but had to settle for the birdie there. I love the way I played the last three holes too (all difficult due to distance and obstacles). Overall, it was a very satisfying round! (Dad, Sandy, and Ryan joined me for portions of it too!)"

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Matthew Hull 54 - Regular Tees, 18 holes "It was good to be back in Arizona for a week! In addition to visiting with my dad and brother, I got in some quality rounds as we enjoyed the beautiful weather outside! It was 80 to 90 degrees, sunny, and a bit windy throughout the week which was WAY better than the weather back in Ohio let me tell you! ;) I had a pretty solid outing to start things off too. My rainbow Champion Destroyer, Sword, and Star Beast were my main drivers although my vintage Teebird and Falcon Servo got in on the action as well. I made a nice uphill putt on #9 for my lone birdie of the round. I did miss multiple putts inside of 20 ft. which was disappointing because my drives, for the most part, were quite solid!"

Monday, November 26, 2018

Matthew Hull 50 - Regular Tees, 18 holes "WOW!! I really did save my best for last because this round was nearly flawless in terms of execution. My Dad joined me on a beautiful 60 degree afternoon and I felt GREAT today! I couldn't help but wonder a bit after having a lousy Shield upshot on #3 and an equally lame Roach putt attempt to squander what should have been an easy par but after that, I seemed to really hit my stride and rode the positive momentum all the way through. My Patrol drive on #4 came close to hitting an Ace (just right of the basket), I made a nice 20 ft. straddle putt after throwing a decent (but long) Falcon Servo drive on #6, and I made another fine 15-20 ft. straddle putt on #8 after a nice Roach throw. I hit a great line on #9 with my Pikachu Pro Boss but unfortunately, the skip (you get the BEST skips on that desert dirt) hit a tree. Otherwise, that baby was going to be PARKED! I went Champion Destroyer on #10 and my disc nestled nicely just in front of the basket (10 ft. putt). And while I had a fine sidearm Patrol save on #11 to get an easy par after an average Pikachu Pro Boss drive, I did throw my Nuke S.S. just for fun then following it up with a 75 ft. jump putt! It was *incredible* and while it didn't count, that sure helped me out in terms of confidence in a big way! I played the remaining holes very well too. I did have a dreadful upshot on #16 after a superb Pikachu Pro Boss drive but thankfully, I made another nice 25-30 ft. putt. I went Star Beast on #17 and darn near parked it before finishing with a solid Blue Bomber Buzzz upshot on #18 to seal the deal. What a round and my Dad got to see it! It was a special time for sure. :)"

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Matthew Hull 52 - Regular Tees, 18 holes "What a round this was! I didn't expect to even play today and yet I found myself with "The Itch" late in the afternoon and opportunity struck so I raced out to the course and somehow got in a full 18 holes despite not starting until nearly 5PM (sunset is 5:15 right now)! I played so well too. I went with my Pikachu Pro Boss for most of the holes and it just seemed to hit the line(s) I wanted. Due to my Cottonwood Buzzz hitting the low-hanging tree branches on #6 over the past couple of days, I tried a new hyzer line with my Falcon Servo and I found some success there! Obviously, I want the Ace there but for some reason, I can't seem to hit that straight line! I was able to thread the needle on #10 too (somehow played that hole nearly perfect over the course of the trip) with my Sword and I even bagged a rare birdie on #12 with yet another Pikachu Pro Boss laser of a drive. It was a really fun round and a heck of a workout to boot (I ran/walked some 3 miles earlier in the day then booked it to get through the course this evening.)"

Friday, November 23, 2018

Matthew Hull 53 - Regular Tees, 18 holes "I actually met my old pal Dustyn for a fun Black Friday round out @ Cottonwood Riverfront Park. We had a fun time and I was able to improve on yesterday's round by a sliver! I found myself throwing both the Pikachu Pro Boss and Sword more than before and finding a lot of success with both discs! I also went with my Star Beast on #13 and made a superb 30 ft. Roach putt to snag a rare birdie there! I then went with my old reliable Nuke S.S. on #17 to bag a late birdie. It wasn't my best round ever but I did enjoy myself a lot. I simply expect too much sometimes...a perfectionist am I! ;)"

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Matthew Hull 54 - Regular Tees, 18 holes "It was great getting out and playing at Cottonwood Riverfront Park again! I visited my family for Thanksgiving and enjoyed several rounds at some of my old stomping grounds which is always special. My brother Nate joined me for this particular round and overall, I felt like I played pretty well! I had a superb Nuke S.S. drive on #1 (which would wind up being my only birdie on #1 during this trip), a fantastic Cottonwood Buzzz drive on #7 (You KNEW I was going to throw that disc, right?), and a Roach toss on #8 that darn near hit the ace line! It looked great but landed just short of the basket. I then made an incredible 30 ft. Roach putt on #10 that somehow went just over the tree branches directly in front of the basket and hit the chains high and stuck! Unfortunately, I had a terrible drive on #11 and couldn't quite recover there but otherwise, I played quite well on the back nine."

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Nathan Frischkorn 53 - Regular Tees, 18 holes

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Chris wildoner 61 - Regular Tees, 18 holes

Friday, March 30, 2018

Scott Benedict 58 - Regular Tees, 18 holes

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Chad Fraquelli 44 - Regular Tees, 18 holes "Great round, somehow threw long on long 18 and got the 2! Hit the pole on 2 and 7.Straight slayed."

Monday, March 5, 2018

Chad Fraquelli 49 - Regular Tees, 18 holes "Fun course. Left a few birdies out there."

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Matthew Hull 55 - Regular Tees, 18 holes "All I can say is what a back nine performance!! :) This ended up being a very fun and very special first round of 2018 for me. My dad walked with me and offered some words of encouragement and, despite some pretty lame approach shots/putts early on, my Champion Katana came alive late and gave me a chance to finish strong! Both of my birdies were a result of some superb Katana throws and my putting was actually very good as well. I wish that I could have finished #17 a bit better (didn't have a great lie after my approach shot then hit the top of the basket with my putt attempt) but I couldn't have played #18 any better (great Katana drive then a near perfect Nova approach shot for a 2 ft. putt). It was fun and, despite the sadness I always feel when I am about to live my dad/brother behind in AZ, we have had yet another special holiday season together. Good times! :)"

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Matthew Hull 52 - Regular Tees, 18 holes "Despite having a large meal (Plaza Bonita with my friend Dustyn) beforehand, I had a very pleasant solo round this afternoon! It wasn't necessarily spectacular but my accuracy was on big time today! I had pinpoint straight throws with my Orion on #6 and 7 and a beautiful throw with my Panther on #8 that landed a couple feet from the basket! I also had a nice Sword throw on #10 and my new Champion Katana was awesome down the stretch! It flew perfectly on #17 and I managed to once again make a fantastic putt (30 ft. or so) to snag a late birdie! It's funny because I honestly feel like I left a lot of chances out there...despite finishing with a -2 (a GREAT score for me considering the location of the pins)."

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Matthew Hull 61 - Regular Tees, 18 holes "Welp...sometimes these rounds happen immediately following a great round for some reason! My bro and I simply could not find any rhythm today and he didn't even manage to finish the round! I can't blame him though as he lost his Champion Leopard and got pretty frustrated. In any case, I did manage to throw a nice drive with my Mayhem on #15. Otherwise though, it was a brutal round!"

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Matthew Hull 54 - Regular Tees, 18 holes "My goodness how I LOVE disc golf when I play like this!! It wasn't a perfect round mind you (#11, 12, and 14 got me good) but I couldn't have finished any better today! After struggling through part of the back nine, I managed to have one heck of a Mayhem drive on #15 and an absolutely superb 40-45 ft. putt on #17 to snag an amazing birdie! I finished it off with a solid 12-15 ft. putt to finish at even on one difficult course! I even managed to finally beat my brother as he finished strong at +1. Some of my pars even felt great (#16 in particular is a BRUTAL par 3...I had a great Inertia drive followed by an exceptional tomahawk throw in no man's land to save par.) and my consistency was solid for the most part. Despite -4 being my record here, today might have been my best overall performance on this course as the hole layout is super difficult right now! It was a great time with Nate for sure. :)"

Friday, December 22, 2017

Matthew Hull 58 - Regular Tees, 18 holes "Despite feeling pretty good today, I just didn't execute well enough to do better than four over par. I had a fantastic anhyzer throw with my Destroyer on #4 (landed 5-8 ft. from the basket) but followed that up with a 8-10 ft. missed putt on #5 AGAIN. It was a fun round and my brother and I actually winded up tying at +4. Probably fitting considering that both of us were slightly off today."

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Matthew Hull 57 - Regular Tees, 18 holes "It was truly a blast to play at Cottonwood Riverfront Park again! My brother Nate and I played while my dad and wife/son walked with us for part of the round. I had some wonderful throws (opening Inertia drive on #1, awesome Roadrunner drive on #5, and Sword throws on #8 and 10) but my overall game was just slightly off today. I felt great but I definitely can play better next time! Hopefully, I can finish my putts too!"

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Don Clark 56 - Regular Tees, 18 holes

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Shane Byrum 51 - Regular Tees, 18 holes

Friday, February 17, 2017

Steve Simison 52 - Regular Tees, 18 holes

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Matthew Hull 57 - Regular Tees, 18 holes "For not having played disc golf in four months, I felt great today! My dad and I played in sunny, 68 degrees weather which was simply perfect. I had a perfect drive on #9 that was literally a tap-in. Too bad about #13 because that hole really cost me a great score. Still, we have a great time and I feel like I played very well!"

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Sean Somers 86 - 5A 5B 7A 7B 7C 7D 8A 8B 8C, 81 holes

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Matthew Hull 54 - Regular Tees, 18 holes "Well...just call me "Mr. Consistancy!" I *did* leave some putts out there (particularly one on #17 after a fantastic drive with my Nuke S.S.) but overall, I threw pretty well today. My brother Nate beat me though (he got a -3). Good times!"
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