Chippewa Banks

Midland, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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RYAN T    5 days ago

Lost my orange Project Johnson disc on hole 10 last Friday. I believe it was a Heat, but honestly can't remember what it actually was. It says project Johnson on the face though, so let me know if you've come across it. I'm pretty sure it went out on the left side, but can't be sure because I didn't have a spotter.


Jeff Karbowski    5 days ago

Lost brand new red Westside Sorcerer on hole 13, shanked it way right possibly to road. Reward if found. Also found a new disc while searching for mine, name it and I will get it back to you. Thanks.


Simon Porritt    July 7 at 4:33pm

My bro lost an orange Z-line Predator with a custom Biohazard dye on Hole 16, name and number on it, please hook him back up with that sweet-baby.


Chris Blackhurst    July 7 at 3:53pm

Friday July 8th Sanford lake leagues will be here for the weekly league which will also double up as a warm up doubles round for the midland open. It is a $5 buy in with $1 ace and $1 ctp. If no one gets an ace we will throw off for the money. There will also be extra CTP's available. If your looking to get a practice round in along with some fun come on out. Tee off is 6pm and it is a random draw doubles.


Nick C    July 4 at 9:59pm

Lost my blue Star Eagle on the left side of 17. Would love to get it back. Name and number are on it.

Chris Blackhurst   July 5 at 8:39am

Which course since you posted thin here for midland and also for freeland

RYAN T    June 21 at 9:17pm

Lost a yellow Nuke OS with faded red under dye a couple weeks ago and forgot to post. Somewhere on the left side of 17 down by the hole. Reward if you find it. I've had it for 7 years so I don't want to let it go!


Ryan Wolfe    June 12 at 6:40pm

Lost a purple g-star thunderbird short right side on 12. $ if someone finds it


Craig Prime    June 1 at 1:32pm

starting tonight at 6:00 in West Branch - Wednesday Night Random draw doubles. Contact Jason Mathe for information


Chris Blackhurst    April 9 at 12:37pm

I will be taking pre-orders for bag tags today from 2:45-3:30 at midland course. If you pre-pay and can not show up next week you will get the numbers that follow the amount of people we have playing for #1. And if you do make it then you will already be entered to play for #1. #1 tag round is April 16th tee off at 12pm


Craig Bauschatz    February 8 at 7:52pm

Anyone lose a Ballista on 18?

Christopher Koontz   February 8 at 3:13pm

Yes it's Justin Burks ,please drop it off at Propar Plastics if you can

Craig Bauschatz   February 8 at 3:15pm

Next time I head over that way I'll leave it for him. Just want to make sure it gets back to the owner is all.

Bryce Holcombe    January 28 at 2:01am

How are the tee pads?


Rick Garcia    January 25 at 3:09pm

A friend from out of town left a blue pig on hole18. He would like it back.. Name and number on it


Chris Blackhurst    November 15 at 2:45pm

Saturday November 21 10am at Chippewa banks (midland). Tournament/League style play with a twist. Instead of cash to play the fee is going to be 5 food item minimum to give to a food pantry in the area. If you don't bring the food items then you can pay $5 to donate to it.(if anyone wants to do a side cash pot that's fine). I would love to see everyone out to help out others before thanksgiving. If you can't make it but want to make a donation pm Ryan Schram or I.

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Chris Blackhurst   November 17 at 2:26pm

I can't really think of anything right off hand. If I do I will definitely let you know.

Ryan Moulton   November 18 at 9:24am

Sounds good

Chris Blackhurst   November 19 at 3:03am

Make sure to be prepared for snow 3-6 inches are expected during the day.

Chris Blackhurst    September 26 at 5:25pm

Disc golf bag was stolen out of my car. All my discs have my name and number on inside rim


Josh Schafer    September 25 at 7:34pm

Lost a blue firebird at leagues last night, flex shot hyzered out in the stuff to the left of hole 12 and to the right of hole 13. Contact info is on the rim. Has an ace on it, would like to get it back. Blue MF firebird...


Chase Holzschuh    September 8 at 9:45pm

had a purple G-Star Firebird roll off the end of 4 and into the water. it has my name and # on it.


Chris Blackhurst    August 14, 2015 at 1:34pm

Tonight at 6pm Sanford leagues there will be at least 2 ctp holes. And thanks to Cameron Penix and Noah Seeburger for every 5 people wit will have another ctp. So come on out and enjoy a great time.


Chase Holzschuh    August 14, 2015 at 1:58am

Me and my dad played a round on the course today and both happened to lose a disc. I accidentally left a basically brand new white DX T-Bird flat top Roc on one of the holes (it still has the sticker underneath) and he threw a pearled yellow/green champion beast on hole 1 (we think someone stole it on their way to the car because we went to pick it up right after throwing and it was gone) but if you happen to find either please message me on here or email me @ thank you.

Chase Holzschuh   August 14, 2015 at 10:53pm

It was a J-Bird not a T-Bird*

Chris Blackhurst    August 12, 2015 at 3:15pm

This Friday Sanford leagues will have 2 ctp holes. Tee off is 6pm. Also we will shuttle people in so there won't be any worries about the parking fees. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.


Will Holzschuh    August 6, 2015 at 3:47pm

Lost a yellow Blizzard Vulcan on hole 5. Went toward the hole before it hooked right short of the treeline.


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