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Scott Streeter    September 5 at 8:07pm

Lost a bright green mid range on the left side of 7 last week and a purple and white wrath on 13 today....bad luck.


Chris Lea    July 28 at 1:36pm

Lost my favourite disc yesterday, blue boss on hole 15, reward if found!! My info is on it


Jeff Huisjen    June 26 at 2:50pm

Last night a buddy who’s fairly new to disc golf lost a tournament stamped (he doesn’t remember that tournament) jawbreaker putter on the left side of 16. His name’s not on it. Let me know if anyone finds it?

Also, there’s a dead tree suspended by some other trees between the fairways of hole 7 and 8. It was really swaying and looking sketchy yesterday, but I didn’t see an immediate safe way to push it down. Be careful on those holes, I’d hate to see anyone get hurt.


Craig Compton    April 2 at 2:34am

Hey all. New Facebook page for the Gratiot County Disc Clan. Info for league and tourneys can also be found there, as well as a meeting place for anyone looking to play. Go give it a like and share with your disc friends. Gratiot County Disc Clan on Facebook or at https://m.facebook.com/Gratiot-County-Disc-Clan-400276180770445/


Simon Porritt    August 7, 2018 at 8:05pm

The Mount Pleasant Discraft Ace Race registration is now open! Saturday, Sept. 22nd is the Big Day, registration will close down 2 weeks prior to order the packs. Remember this a great event to introduce someone new to disc golf, and the 2018 Prototype is described as a beginner friendly mid-range at speed 4, glide 4, turn -2, fade 1. Come One, Come All, registration will expand to meet the need til it closes for ordering!


David Fleis    May 6, 2018 at 10:59pm

Nicked a blue mvp teleport into the trees on the right hand side of 14.
Would love to get it back if you see it.

Name and number should be on it.


Jeff Huisjen    April 26, 2018 at 4:22pm

Me again. Blasted my Eclipse Axis past the basket on 1 into the water. If it's found I'd love to get it back. Thanks!


Jeff Huisjen    April 23, 2018 at 10:15pm

Skipped a custom dyed volt into the high water of the pond on hole 1 today. If someone finds it when the water recedes I'd love to get it back, name and number are on it. Thanks!


Jesse Rohdy    March 18, 2018 at 9:11pm

Lost a yellow vision with custom stamp on hole 15, pretty sure it’s in one of the pine trees on the right side of the fairway


Spencer Gee    September 19, 2017 at 9:55pm

White w Purple Proto Stamp Mako hole 11 to the right. Shouldn't be too far up the fairway. Couldn't find it anywhere. Reward if returned!


Tim Obertein    July 26, 2017 at 2:08am

Come play this fundraiser for a disc golfer who does a ton for the local disc scene! No registration and 100% of funds go to the family!


Spencer Gee    June 22, 2017 at 11:56pm

Found keys today - contact me if you lost some.


David Fleis    February 27, 2017 at 8:54pm

I decided to throw a nice skipper right into the pond this afternoon, a blue sparkle photon. About 35 feet before the basket, and maybe 5-10 feet in. If anyone finds it let me know! Itd be greatly appreciated.


Frank Garcia    February 15, 2017 at 7:34am

Has anyone been out on this course recently? I have a buddy in a wheel chair who really likes this course accessibility for him & was gonna play this weekend here. But if the course is too muddy or if you know of any really muddy holes to avoid can you please reply to this post so my friend can determine if this course would be playable for him? Thanks Disc Golf community!

Jeff Huisjen   February 15, 2017 at 6:05am

Hey Frank, I was out in the course yesterday and it was pretty sloppy around a number of the pads and baskets. Unfortunately may not be a great time for him to be out. If I remember right the worst holes were 6,7,11,12,and 14. May be tricky getting from the pad of 3 to the basket as well. If it stays cold things may get more solid, but I know it's supposed to be warmer this weekend.

Frank Garcia   February 15, 2017 at 9:27am

Thanks for the heads up, I will let him know!

Jeff Huisjen   February 15, 2017 at 9:41am

No problem! Hope it works out for him to go.

Justin Fleer    November 16, 2016 at 7:32pm

And on 2 I forgot a ace race 2016. It's green. Just my initials on it


Justin Fleer    November 16, 2016 at 7:22pm

Lost a purple nuke on 13 on the right side. Will trade a disc if returned.


Sam Truslow    October 23, 2016 at 1:47am

Lost a marvel dyemax captain America suspect on hole 13 cash reward if found and returned.

Craig Clingan   October 22, 2016 at 10:15pm

We'll be out there working on the course tomorrow, so maybe we'll come across it.

Tyler Farrell    October 9, 2016 at 7:47pm

lost a red innova Boss on 16 slipped out and went right and may have even ended up on hole 15 if found would love to have it back


Alex B    October 7, 2016 at 6:35pm

I lost an Innova blue Sting Ray on hole 6, to the right in the rough up by the trees, about halfway between the pin and the pad. I'd love to have it back


Tyler Huyghe    September 19, 2016 at 8:05pm

Pink TI Roach should be relatively close to the shore almost pin high in water on 1 and pink crank should be somewhere by 10's tee pad by the railroad tracks. Would love to have those back.


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