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Rob Sweitzer II    4 days ago

Lost a pink latitude 64 Reketen on 3 to the left by the trees and bushes. Has my name and number. Hit me up if you find it. It's my go to disc right now.


Matt "KARNAGE" Karnes    7 days ago

DON'T MISS A NIGHT AT THE SCRIP CLUB! See you all tonight. Card draw is at 530. Don't be late. The Scrip Club (Thursday Night Random Dubs) This will be a Scrip Only payout to be redeemed at TIGER DISC in Salem, OR only. This means at the end of each round winning teams will each receive Scrip (gift voucher) for TIGER DISC. You can save up your Scrip to buy something big at TIGER DISC or go and replace a lost disc whenever you need. Card draw for teams will be at 5:30 pm ... more


Matt "KARNAGE" Karnes    April 21 at 12:41pm

Don't miss the 1st night of Random Doubles. 530 card draw for teams. I will be there @ 5 to start sign ups. See below for details. See you tonight. The Scrip Club (Thursday Night Random Dubs) This will be a Scrip Only payout to be redeemed at TIGER DISC in Salem, OR only. This means at the end of each round winning teams will each receive Scrip (gift voucher) for TIGER DISC. You can save up your Scrip to buy something big at TIGER DISC or go and replace a lost disc whenever you n ... more

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colton'turkey' hanks   April 21 at 12:54pm

hope i can make it

Matt "KARNAGE" Karnes   April 21 at 12:56pm

Wouldn't be a fun round at Cascade without you.

colton'turkey' hanks   April 21 at 1:21pm

thank's man

Rafael Lopez    April 17 at 8:34pm

Anybody know when the lock boxes are going to be picked up? I got a phone call that one of my discs was found and that it was placed in the drop box.

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Zac Teuscher   April 19 at 3:58pm

That's the old one. It needs to be taken down

Rafael Lopez   April 19 at 6:51pm

Damnit again!

john snyder   April 20 at 4:35pm

I've put discs in the brown one and have checked to see if it's still there .. Box is empty now but nobody claims to have the key.. And I have not received a phone call.. That leads me to believe they are being stolen out of the box.. It's a poor design .. Only need a coat hanger to steal discs..

Graham Smith    March 18 at 10:19pm

Found a mini on hole 10 today, kind of a unique one. If it's you're tell me what it is and I'll get it back to ya! :)

Graham Smith   March 18 at 10:19pm


Steven Winslow   March 18 at 11:04pm

Metal PDGA mini? Black?

Ben Cunningham    March 17 at 1:20am

I lost an orange blizzard destroyer into the water left of #8, I think about 15 feet into the lake about 10 o' clock from the tee pad.

Rick Saffeels   March 17 at 1:38am

If it is left of 7 hopefully it can be found soon as some the water recedes this weekend :) hope it's found

Noah kuhl    March 17 at 12:43am

Lost disc on hole 8 in the big pile of wood by basket. Please call me if found, I need it for an tournament next Thursday


- scottishrob -    March 15 at 10:48am

Lost a day glow yellow/green firebird in the ditch on #15 almost inline with the short pin location. Faded 2013 Riverfair stamp and my name and number are on the back but pretty faded I think. Any help would be great. Thanks.


Brian Center    March 15 at 1:41am

Lost a red Colossus 175g in the water behind 15s left pin spot. I couldn't see it from land, but if anyone happens to see it or find it out there, my name and number is on the back.

Brian Center   March 15 at 12:35pm

I meant hole 5

Ben Cunningham    March 14 at 10:11pm

I put my 148 white valk in the water in front of 15. Call or text or take it to Roger.


L Bledsoe    March 12 at 6:39pm

Large pile of chips in front of 15 is gone. There are piles of chips located through the course. Feel free to help and spread out the chips!!!


Brian Center    March 5 at 12:44pm

I think I left a pink Star Boss somewhere on the course yesterday. Not sure where. Just forgot to pick it up after a throw. Would love to have it back. Has name and # on backside. Thanks in advance if you run across it.


Graham Smith    March 4 at 10:07pm

Lost a pink C-line PD in the water behind hole 14 at Cascade Gateway. Name and number are inked inside rim but it's fading a bit. Would really love to get it back :)

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colton'turkey' hanks   March 5 at 6:58pm

grabe a rake

Graham Smith   March 5 at 9:07pm

Should be right behind/slightly left of 14s basket

colton'turkey' hanks   March 5 at 9:44pm

good luck

Rob Sweitzer II    February 29 at 7:54pm

Lost a Pink Zephyr today. It has a Tiger Disc stamp on top and I believe it has a 52 on the bottom with a weight of 193 I think. I gave it to my 3 year old son and we went out today and he lost it. He was a little devastated, so I'd like to try to get it back if you have seen it. I don't have a name on it, and i'm not sure where we lost it, but like I said it's pink and it should have the number 52 on the bottom. Thank you and have a great day.

colton'turkey' hanks   February 29 at 8:54pm

i will keep an eye open

Justin "ugh massa" Stinson    February 28 at 11:47am

Great work on the course INMATES? Idk who but it actually looks like a maintained park now. Good stuff

- scottishrob -   February 28 at 5:10pm

Marion County inmate work crews.

Matt "KARNAGE" Karnes    February 12 at 8:29pm

Anyone want to head to Paradise, CA next Thursday to play in the B tier Flylife Winter Series opener on Saturday the 20th of Feb and the B tier Flylife Grizzly Open on Sunday the 21st of Feb in Browns Valley. If I can get a few people to pitch on gas I can take my 34 foot RV. If not just going to take my van with Graham Smith. Let me know. Links for Tournaments are below.


Brian Center    February 4 at 2:12pm

Headed here to play 18 holes. Come join me


Paul Edwards    January 31 at 10:31pm

My son guy lost 2 discs in the water behind hole 2 a purple mace with name and phone number
And a blue sheild i dont belive he put his number in that one.
If you find them i will give you a reward. Please deop them off at Tiger.
Thank you

Brian Center   January 31 at 11:46pm

I'll be bringing my rake to look some more this week. I'll call if they have a # and/or drop them at Tigers

peter dinsmore   February 1 at 12:29pm

I just found them both Paul. ud83dude0e

Ben Cunningham    January 31 at 9:01pm

How does the disc bucket work?

L Bledsoe   January 31 at 9:17pm

Carefully, Cap City has the key. Most of the time they will end up Roger's shop.

Zac Teuscher   January 31 at 9:31pm

Disc bucket?

Brian Center   January 31 at 9:57pm

I think he's referring to the lost and found disc bucket posted on the poster board by hole 18... i only found one disc during my search of the creek. Called the guy and left his disc at Tigers. Im gonna search again this week.

Brian Center    January 31 at 7:03pm

Taking my rake down to look in the creek behind hole 2. If i find any discs I'll call you or put it in the lost and found bucket.

Joel Campos   January 31 at 7:18pm

Nice!!! Need that on the south side of lake.