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Lucky .    11 hours ago

Left a red Gstar wraith and a blue glow verdict at cascade today. Got a treat for whoever returns them to me.

Paul Compton-PortlandMobileDiscLab   10 hours ago

Crap, hope you get that Verdict back, those are collectable already.

Lucky .   2 hours ago

Eh. I still got another brand new one.

ROGUE RIDER   31 minutes ago


Jeff "MaxPsych" Heltsley    4 days ago

My group co-leader lost a red Beast on 16 today. Left of the pin in brush. It is inked "Bridges Tx Mall" and has a phone number. Please either call the number or message me here if found.


Daneger Jones    March 27 at 3:03pm

Left a disc somewhere at cascade. Turquoise star wraith. Cascade is pretty hit and miss about getting plastic back. Hopefully one of the good guys get it. Name and number on it. Thanks whoever!

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Dave C   March 28 at 2:19pm

don't they have a locked box @ cascade for found discs? Not sure if Winslow has a key, but s should know where to find one. .....Steve? Any ideas?

ROGUE RIDER   March 28 at 2:36pm


Daneger Jones   March 28 at 4:15pm

Barry always checks at league, I will see monday.

Kim P    March 10 at 10:10pm

I lost a disc today during the Monday Night league. Hole 16, and it's a pink leopard. Hoping someone will be able to spot it if it stays dry for the next couple of days. Should have current contact info on it, if it hasn't washed off by now!


Brandon Zastoupil    March 3 at 5:45pm

Lost my disc today, I don't know who I would talk to if someone drops it in the lost disc basket,

Im not sure if my most recent number is on it, message me if someone finds it.

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Jennie Cartwright   March 4 at 1:33am

Barry Bolliger is the greens keeper for cascade and has the key to the box. He's on dgs

Brandon Zastoupil   March 4 at 1:34am

Thanks Jennie

Brandon Zastoupil   March 4 at 1:17pm

Found it today, well turkey found it, but I got it

Lucky .    February 7 at 8:17pm

Well everybody. I hate to do it but it seems the weather is not going to allow me to go foward with the NO GIMMICKS tourney. I hope that anyone that was hoping to come will choose to be at cascade for saturday singles instead and support cap city. Also please help spread the word for me. I oukd hate for people to whow up to a tourney and not have anybody there to run it. Again i apoligize and i hope to see you at the next one. PS. The road to keizer DGC is almost completly un-driveable. And totally snowed in.

THE "BEAST" OF THE WOODS   February 7 at 8:54pm

You should just postpone this event, not cancel it.

Lucky .   February 7 at 10:04pm

Eh. Ill probably just create a new event.

THE "BEAST" OF THE WOODS    February 7 at 5:50pm

CCDG Saturday Singles is "ON" as scheduled RIGHT?

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THE "BEAST" OF THE WOODS   February 7 at 8:50pm

I will be at Cascade for Saturday Singles. "Lucky", sorry but Cascade is likely the only playable course this weekend.

Lucky .   February 7 at 10:04pm

I dont see why any course would be more playable than another.

ROGUE RIDER   February 7 at 10:24pm

then why not just push the start time back for the gimmicks... i was planning on sandbagging and playing intermediate...oh wait pdga says im intermediate

Lucky .    February 7 at 3:32pm

Well everybody, its looking like no gimmicks is going to be a true ice bowl!!!! Come on down to keizer rapids at 9am tomorow mourning for a round of no gimmicks straight up stroke play. Im assuming only the die hards will show up but i hop to be proved wrong. If you have never played a round in the snow then your missing out. Hope to see you all there. Stay warm!!!!!

Mike Wilson   February 7 at 8:26pm

Lucky just cancelled

Nathaniel "Ron Motley" Owens    December 7 at 10:09am

Liquid Sunshine league will be cancelled 12/7/2103 due to the inclement weather and travel risk it creates. League will continue as scheduled 12/14/2013.

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THE "BEAST" OF THE WOODS   December 7 at 6:01pm

Wow! Ok, I must have missed something. To clarify, "Oh sorry to hear that, D.O.R.C.s will continue as scheduled EVERY Sunday." was NOT a shot at Liquid Sunshine but an attempt to inform players of another DISC GOLF league to get their weekly disc golf fix. Sorry if I offend, not my intention but I get that reaction sometimes.

THE "BEAST" OF THE WOODS   December 7 at 6:09pm

"0/10 on usefulness scale" Maybe when you have organized a weekly league for OVER 100 consecutive weeks, volunteered 1000+ hours to build disc golf courses, hosted half a dozen turneys, returned hundreds of lost discs and introduced disc golf to countless people, you too can be "USELESS"

ROGUE RIDER   December 7 at 8:57pm

in no way shape or form do beast and i shape the same views! MINE WAS CLEARLY A JAB ~ FORWARD THAT!

Rick Saffeels    December 1 at 1:20pm



Steven Winslow    November 30 at 4:59pm

Basket #9 at Cascades Gateway was stolen last night. Please keep an eye out. Barry will have the police report information and can point you to the right officer / case # if you have any information you want to give to the police.

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ROGUE RIDER   December 1 at 9:54pm

is it possible to weld the baskets into place for the baskets that dont have an alternate pin position???

Dallas Trower   December 1 at 10:04pm

and why they stealing the hole 9 baskets? keizer was hole 9 as well.

ROGUE RIDER   December 1 at 10:10pm

after we went through this when i was cascades greens keeper i went and "tooled" markings on every basket at cascade. i can positivly ID a basket from cascade!

Jennie Cartwright    November 17 at 3:26am

Anyone else notice that Jive Turkey and Liquid Sunshine League are both scheduled to play cascade at the same time on Saturday the 23rd?

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Mike Wilson   November 18 at 10:44am

Yes -that would have been nice.

Steven Winslow   November 18 at 11:34am

I actually tried to schedule it every other week to deconflict with Bad Ace and Jive Turkey, but the PDGA told me that isn't possible. Even though Bad Ace did it last year, they didn't want to allow it when I asked specifically how to do it.

Jennie Cartwright   November 18 at 1:03pm

Thanks for trying sir :)

Rick Saffeels    October 24 at 4:25am

Pyscho Santa's Mandotorium 2

Saturday, Dec. 14th

Just to let people now, it is now the FIRST 35 registered ONLINE (we are paying the fees) will get the Free Gateway Stamped Disc!! Time is running out! That means there is going to be a rush of entrants because we already have people emailing me to add them BUT I WON'T ADD TEAMS UNTIL THE MONEY IS IN! Thanks!

P.S. (Post script) there is going to be a co-ed Division for Intermediate and Advanced if 3 or more teams to a division. We already have one team MID-October sign up and another one signing up next week!!

Steve Jones   October 24 at 12:30pm

hi rick I paid you cash for bob and I as the first to sign up does that count for the stamped discs

Rick Saffeels   October 24 at 4:25pm

Of course!! Either paid in person or online works!!!

Mike Wilson    October 8 at 12:27am

I've heard this rumor of trees, (like 50+), being planted out at Cascade.

Any truth to this? Any more information on this?

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Rick Saffeels   October 8 at 10:21am

Talk to Barry B. And it's 100 approved :)

Russ Brown   October 8 at 7:04pm

Talked to Barry B. Bollinger and he said that he doesn't have any idea who has keys to the padlocks on that building...

Russ Brown   October 8 at 7:09pm

still awesome about the trees :-)

Rick Saffeels    October 3 at 11:48am

Just ordered the Discraft players packs for Saturday Oct. 19! We have room for 9 more players! First come first serve!


Rick Saffeels    October 1 at 12:12pm

IF YOU HAVEN'T PLAYED AT CANYONVIEW CAMP IN SILVERTON YET, LEAGUE PLAY FRIDAY at 11:30am and AGAIN SUNDAY AT 7:00am with DORCS THIS WEEK. Please message Rick Saffeels or text 503-508-3113 to confirm that you are coming. THANKS!

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Dallas Trower   October 1 at 2:08pm

im in.

ROGUE RIDER   October 1 at 6:25pm

oh snap sounds awesome! got room in your whip for me?

Dallas Trower   October 1 at 7:39pm

you know it

ROGUE RIDER    September 26 at 6:50pm

GLOW GOLF TONIGHT ~Thursday~ t-off at dark <8ish> plenty of glow disc to loan if you taint gotz none

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ROGUE RIDER   September 28 at 12:49am

russ join us at waterloo sat?

Russ Brown   September 28 at 3:36am

Ace Race in Dallas Sat, the Wortman pt2 Sun and then monday maybe that wheatland course

Russ Brown   September 28 at 3:37am

was thinking of the Waterloo tourney next month maybe

Rick Saffeels    September 25 at 4:09am

ALL YOU DISC TOSSERS! If you still wanted to make a Discraft Ace Race, sign up for the Canyonview Ace Race on Oct. 19th. Registration closes Oct. 10 but let me know as soon as possible if you are interested so I know how many players packs to get! Thanks!


Russ Brown    September 8 at 2:25am

Anyone have any idea who is in charge of the course? Someone has to have a key to the padlocks on that building. I need to retrieve a disc in jail.

Java Joe   September 8 at 6:07am

Unfortunately the club does not have a key. Most people climb in to retrieve their disc.

Matt "Boston" warkel   September 8 at 1:45pm

The best bet is to climb in it. That's the only way.

Russ Brown   September 9 at 2:03am


Mike Wilson    August 5 at 4:53pm

Played Cascade the other day for the first time since the foot bridge went in on hole 2's long location. Kudos to the work crew! Much nicer, (safer), then trying to navigate the ditch.

Barry- great work on improving the place since you took over!!! Keep it up.

Are tee signs next?