Burchfield Park

Holt, Michigan     2 courses · 36 holes     Driving directions
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Ron Jacobs TBS    October 14 at 6:41pm

Anybody know when they'll move the baskets back to the regular location on Rivers Edge?

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Matt Rinker   October 16 at 1:21am

No plan for short pads. Keeping the shorts in to help with winter play. Too many blind tee shots make finding drives a nightmare. Pins will be moved back early spring and only the par 4s in the back are moved. All others are the same

Ron Jacobs TBS   October 19 at 10:27pm

Thanks for the update Matt. Any chance of having the both pin placements being installed permanently like RT?

Matt Rinker   October 19 at 11:38pm

No. That's not something we are interested in doing with rivers edge

Drake Evans    October 8 at 4:05pm

Lost a 2017 Philo Brathwaite destroyer in the brush on the left of hole 6 one renegade. Swirly star. Got my name on it. REWARD if found. It's my favorite disc.

Galactic McPro Aviar. Deep of basket on 6 into the woods/brush.

Message/Text/Call if you found any! Hole 6 wasn't nice.


Kevin B    September 10 at 12:46am

Does this park still have 2 different courses?

T Pills   September 10 at 12:51am

Rivers edge is 18 holes, and renegades trail is 18 holes with long and short tees and baskets. So yes, two courses. Rivers edge can become unplayable due to mosquitos. Not sure if they are bad right now.

Kevin B   September 10 at 12:53am

Thank you!

Chris Trumbull   September 10 at 11:52am

i was there Sunday and the bugs were minimal on Rivers Edge and dry too.

Chris Trumbull    September 9 at 7:38pm

Lost a blue Jawbreaker Banger GT on hole 10 rivers edge. Left and short/long of basket. Chances are its in the river but if anyone finds it, i would really like it back. Its one of my ace disc.


Shayne Shroyer    August 13 at 1:13am

Light blue Ricky destroyer hole 18 in water on Rivers Edge. I could see it but couldn’t reach it as it was stuck under a long


Caleb Suehr    August 8 at 12:59am

Lost a green p3x on hole 8 renegades trail. Didn't really loose it...haha. just left it on hole someone definitely probably found it.


Kevin “KDawg” VilleMonte    August 7 at 7:49pm

Left a light blue Infinite Centurion (Buffalo stamp) out on Rivers Edge, somewhere between 5 and 9. Cash or plastic for its return! Name/number and PDGA in back


Dalton Olin    August 7 at 3:52pm

I left a pink Zeus in a tree on Hole 1. If anyone can get it down i would love to get it back

Dalton Olin   August 8 at 10:17pm

Came back the next day and it wasn't there, so somebody has it now

Joel Hutchings    August 6 at 12:59am

Left behind an orange z buzzz tonight on 4. Anyone find it?


Christopher Munsell    August 5 at 2:13pm

Found an Innova disc on hole 6 of Rivers Edge yesterday it was in the rough on the right side at the top of the hill. No name or number, if you can ID it I can drop it off at the lost and found.


Thomas lynch    August 5 at 1:47pm

Lost a blue Air Witness on hole 4 left side and a pink Nuke hole 5 left side. Nuke has name and number on it the Witness has no ink.

Joshua Siwek   August 5 at 5:47pm

going to be out there for tags tonight, will keep an eye out

Thomas lynch   August 5 at 6:47pm

Thanks buddy!!

Brent Harrison    August 5 at 12:53pm

Hello, my friend and I are going to be in Grand Rapids, coming from out of town, this coming weekend. We would like to play a round either Saturday or Sunday morning. I'm thinking Burchfield Park looks like a great option, but wanted to see if there are any other courses around GR ya'll would recommend over it. KIM we are intermediate players, so tons of skill shots through the woods isn't really our jam - prefer letting 'em rip! Also, if there is a tournament or the course gets super crowded, that would be good to know. Thanks so much!

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Brent Harrison   August 5 at 3:11pm

Also, if anyone has played Shore Acres in Saugutuk, how does that compare? Thanks!!

Alex Toupin   August 5 at 6:14pm

Victory Park is great. Maybe bring a disc gator, but I've never thrown one in the water that I didn't get back.

Brent Harrison   August 5 at 9:12pm


Taylor Cimala    August 4 at 11:51pm

Lost a lime green blizzard boss on 10 off on the right of 9’s blue tee. Name and info on it, would happily send a Sexton Firebird as a finders fee as I don’t live in the area.

Taylor Cimala   August 4 at 11:53pm

Renegade trail, to be more specific.

Alex Moser    August 1 at 8:44pm

Found a prodigy mid on hole 7. Tell me what’s on the back and I’ll get it back to you.


Caleb Suehr    July 21 at 9:04pm

Just lost my brand new Paul Mcbeth proto (10-6-0-3) in the rough patch short right of the big tree on hole 11 short pin. Looked for it for 40 min. Would really like to get it back if anybody happens to find it. Yellow swirl, weight written in green sharpie on the bottom. Thanks in advance.


Alex Moser    July 4 at 1:05am

My white decodye spark has disappeared on 18 short basket. It skipped on the right side on the ground and looked to be just a little short of the basket. After walking down there is was no where to be found. Reward is found! I’ll give you a disc of your choosing. My name and PDGA number are on the back along with custom stamp from hunter hotstamp and AGL discs . Thanks!

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Alex Moser   July 4 at 6:27pm

Are you local Christopher? I will come and meet you today and give you some plastic in return.

Christopher Munsell   July 4 at 6:45pm

I’m at Grand Woods right now. Just teeing off.

Alex Moser   July 4 at 8:19pm

I’m running a call for work. I texted you shoot me message when you are almost done at the woods, and I’ll swing up there.

Matt Rinker    June 25 at 1:58am

Due to Discrafts CCR Open, courses will be closed to public play 6/29 and 6/30


Kelly Kay Laderoot    June 23 at 12:52pm

Lost a yellow kite on the left side of 4 on renegades trail. It was lost in the tall grass between 4 and 5s fairways. Name and number on disc. Please contact if found. Was not even the thrower


Christopher Munsell    June 11 at 10:11pm

Rough day today in Renegades Trail. Lost a yellow Renegade on the right side of 3 by bike trail. Lost 2 convicts on 18 blue one short by bottom of hill on the right side and a yellow one long in the trash behind the short basket. Would like to get them back if possible. Have some plastic as a reward.


Miles McLaughlin    June 11 at 12:26am

Found on renegade an orange machete on the left of 4 or right of 5 in the long grass. No name or number on it. Also lost a yellow wave on 15 or 16 on the right side. Gyropalooza stamp. I'd LOVE to get it back

Miles McLaughlin   June 11 at 12:27am

Or left of 5*

Josh Beach   June 17 at 4:53pm

:( sorry you lost your gyropalooza wave. I left mine behind the first course i used it last year & got it returned two holes later and then hung it that night lol.