Brys Park

St. Clair Shores, Michigan     1 course · 24 holes     Driving directions
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Mike Shaw    July 30 at 10:20pm

Left a gold buzzz Ti plastic on hole 8 as an extra toss, reward for return.


CJ F    July 30 at 3:10pm

I couldn't find a Facebook group dedicated to the regulars who frequently play and love Brys so....I created one!.


Ronny Schuster    July 19 at 3:51am

Have no idea which hole, but I left a red Champion 12x Ken Climo Firebird somewhere in the park. No name or number. I will reward for its return.


Jay B    July 14 at 1:23am

Possibly left behind a pink star ape on 3/15 tues night reward for return


carson parm    July 6 at 9:24pm

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Mike B    June 22 at 3:38pm

Hole 4/16 was moved this morning. It's much closer to 6/18's basket & dangerously close to the pad to 19. Be safe out there. Can someone let John Minicuci know?

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John Minicuci   June 22 at 2:04pm

Just relax everyone and play it for a few. Getting closer to tbe soccer field is a big no. If this is bad in a little bit we can always move the baskets back and omit the tee pad on the path.

Brandon Redmond   June 22 at 2:15pm

Move it back and install a net system that went just under the wires above the fence. Moving a sometimes issue to create an all the time issue isn't the way to go. Don't think they move golf holes if you live next to a course and have a ball wind up in your yard or a window...

John Minicuci   June 22 at 6:23pm

This was not an ask Brandon. This was tell. They are not going to install nets.

Robert Roy    June 19 at 11:55am

Yesterday Sunday I found a putter on 12/24 very distinct stamp at brys

Jay Moyer S.D.G.C.   June 19 at 9:14pm

With that description, you might as well keep it.

CJ F   July 30 at 3:12pm

If it was a wizard with Yoda holding a sack and a blunt it's mine.

Jay Moran    June 5 at 2:57pm

Next Saturday June 10th we are having a 3 course challenge Ira township DGC then East China DGC then you will have the chance to go out to Mill creek which is a beautiful private course. check out the 2017 Three Course challenge

donny v   June 5 at 1:16pm

big thanks go out to Andy, Jay and EJ for Ira and East China improvements. courses are looking sweet!

Jay Moran   June 5 at 10:04pm

Thanks Donny

Mike Sims    May 22 at 10:32pm

Also left a clear blue c-line pd with a beaver ranch stamp on hole 12/24. Name and number on the inside brim. $ and plastic for return.

K1NG D313   May 22 at 7:18pm

Picked it up yesterday morning ill text you shortly

Brad Fuelling    May 18 at 12:02pm

****forgot to pick up my red bullet stamp XD on Tuesday during league. Reward if returned*********


Trevor Diehl    May 8 at 7:20pm

Left behind a orange Soft Challenger, pretty beat in, would've been on hole 1/13

Dave Heileman   May 11 at 8:00am

Good job...idiot.

Trevor Diehl   May 11 at 10:20am


Mike Sims    April 13 at 7:48pm

Left behind a Pink C-Line CD2 with my name and # on it. Reward for its return.


Ronny Schuster    April 9 at 11:15pm

Found a disc on hole 9 today. No name or number. If you can tell me what it is I'll gladly return it.

Trevor Edmunds   April 18 at 9:20am

Red flake roc 3?

Ronny Schuster   April 18 at 7:57pm

No, sir.

andrew simons    April 9 at 1:03am

Found a disc on 7 in the mud today. No name or anything. Let me know if you lost it

Trevor Edmunds   April 9 at 8:20am

I lost a black winter wizard yesterday

Duncan Underwood    March 28 at 12:23am

Found 2 putters found together in the basket for 12/24 name and number to faded to read Let me know what they are and I will give them back


Erik Scott    March 24 at 11:16am

found a disc on 1or 13 or 12 or 24 name what it is and I'll give it back.

K1NG D313   March 24 at 9:44am

Is it a maroon gstar destroyer with a blue hatchet man sticker on it

Jeff Hulet   March 24 at 9:44pm

Lime monster

Erik Scott   March 24 at 10:57pm

nope and nope

Jason Riberas    February 13 at 9:10pm

I threw my drive over the fence on hole 5 today orange Champion tern with a tournament stamp on it. There was some are there golfers out there but I didn't happen to stop to let them know if any of them happened to get my disc in the backyard. If anyone happen to get it from the back yard disc or cash reward. If not it is what it is


Adam Heaney    February 4 at 1:18am

Found a disc on 9/21, no ink, identify and I'll get it back.

K1NG D313   February 3 at 8:38pm

It doesnt have a blue hatchetman sticker on it by chance does it? I didnt lose it on that one who knows

K1NG D313    February 2 at 4:34am

Lost a maroon/purpleish gstar destroyer on 12/24 somewhere in the snow has a blue hatchetman sticker on it and spiral writing underneath with an old phone # if found please call or test 586 339 0250


Dave Heileman    November 30 at 10:12pm

Found a set of keys next to basket for hole #6. No matching car in the parking lot. I dropped them at the disc golf store up the road on Harper.