Brys Park

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Brendan Livingston    June 16 at 8:07pm

Found a disc on hole 5 near wall last night during leagues. Name the color and stamp. It has no marks other than glow tape residue that leads me to think its a league members plastic. Forgot to mention it after leagues last night.

Jay Moyer S.D.G.C.   June 16 at 8:18pm

Purple champ ape

Brendan Livingston   June 16 at 8:54pm

Nope sorry

Mike Sims    June 12 at 8:48pm

Left behind my blue champion beast. Reward for return.


Jay Moyer S.D.G.C.    June 8 at 5:43pm

Johnny Cupp, found your winter series vector. It will be at brys on Tuesdays and Fridays from 6-9pm until you get it back. Feel free to message me on dgs if you need it sooner.

Jeffrey Cupp   June 9 at 8:01pm

I’ll let him know if he doesn’t see this

Jay Moyer S.D.G.C.   June 9 at 8:44pm

Cool, yeah, I got it. Let me know. I play every Tuesday and Friday at brys. 6:30.

Jay Moyer S.D.G.C.    May 31 at 12:36am

Found an innova driver on hole #2. Today at 5pm. No name or number. Give me the model and color and I will gladly help it find its way home.

Patrick Theisen   May 31 at 1:44pm

is it a groove?

Jay Moyer S.D.G.C.   May 31 at 1:50pm

Not a groove, sorry.

Jay B    May 30 at 9:40pm

Left a pink/purplish discraft impact probably on our final hole at league tues night, hole 3, didnt have name/number on it since its not a disc i typically use during rounds


Patrick Theisen    May 23 at 2:13pm

Lost a tie dye groove into a backyard on hole 1 reward if found!


dave bourgeois    March 5 at 3:52am

just realized my phone and laptop were taken from my vehicle today between 2-3pm.

Jake Schneider   March 5 at 4:53pm

That sucks Dave. We were there Saturday for Moyer's league. Hope they didn't smash your window. You'd think with all those people at the dog park, someone would have to have some pretty big stones to pull some crap like that.

dave bourgeois   March 24 at 1:05pm

yeah- they seized on an opportunity. no matter the legality.. my replacement laptop sucks!

Thomas Krembs    February 26 at 4:00pm

Lost green westside boatman over the fence on hole 3, reward if returned.


Noah Carroll    February 11 at 9:17pm

SCS is ready to make some changes to improve Brys. We will be meeting tomorrow at 4 to go over possible new layouts. If you have an opinion come on out.

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Jay B   February 12 at 12:15pm

Someone should get ahold of that guy who ghosted with money from the friday league 2 yrs ago that was said to be used for brys improvements

Jake Schneider   February 12 at 1:42pm

I should mention this isn't all about improvements. Brandon Redmond and I were at a meeting with about 20 people representing other clubs and groups hoping to get their slice of the grant pie. Sure, elevated baskets, mando's and challenging obstacles were discussed, but the city wants to t ... more

Jay B   February 12 at 10:13pm


Thomas Cupp    February 6 at 9:10pm

Heyyo! Found a sidewinder in the snow today. Hit me up with the color and plastic and I’ll get it’s back to ya.

Kevin Eggy Egnatoski WPD   February 7 at 1:54am

yellow Champion

Jake Schneider    January 19 at 4:58pm

Well boy howdy, fellas! If anyone has access to the C & G Newspaper for St. Clair Shores called the Sentinel, on the 3rd page they have a pretty nice article about the Friday Night Glow League. Even says the city gave permission for golfers to be in the park after dark. Yay! Jeebus, Brandon Redmond, Noah & Mike Wood - you guys are real hams for the camera! Good stuff, and kudos for being ambassadors for the sport.

kang jeebus   January 19 at 5:29pm

Thanks mr. Schneider!

Jake Schneider    November 20 at 7:47pm

Regarding the link below on the city willing to fund improvements for Brys Disc Golf Park: I received an email about a meeting that is upcoming from the Parks, Programs & Athletics Manager Tom Mehl. On the meeting November 1st, Tom expressed that he was the 'go to' guy at the park when it comes things like wood chips, fixing broken baskets, etc... He seemed to have a genuine concern in helping us make the course better. I'm willing to be a liaison for the disc golf community ... more

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Nick gagnon   November 21 at 1:19am

About 6 more permanent trash/recycle cans are badly needed. They seem to move and/or disappear throughout the season. I’d recommend local businesses to advertise in them to help fund them or even have some local artists come and decorate them to add to the existing art from the DIA.

Brandon Redmond   November 21 at 4:10am

Great idea.

Jake Schneider   November 22 at 12:27pm

This will be suggested, Nick. Actually, the trash cans were brought up at the last meeting, but not the advertising. Thanks!


Jake Schneider    October 30 at 12:05pm

Attention Brys Park shooters! Just a reminder that this coming Wednesday @ 5:00, before league on November 1st, St. Clair Shores Councilman John Caron and former Councilman Dave Rubello (he's always been very active on improvements and projects in the city, including the original fund raising for Brys Park) want to meet with disc golfers to discuss how to spend money that's been allotted for the park for improvements. Some of you have already voiced things such as separating the tee pa ... more

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Brandon Redmond   October 30 at 5:21pm

I will try to make it.

Jake Schneider   October 30 at 6:28pm

Please and thanks. Someone else sent me a PM suggesting some people with experience in how other courses operate financially be included in these discussions. I am strongly encouraging that. I'm just a messenger, so...

Brandon Redmond   October 31 at 11:59pm

I'm very familiar with other parks. I'd like to see some good things done with Brys. Perhaps raised baskets or mandos, stuff to help the course become better.

Mike Sims    October 15 at 3:06am

Left behind a blue mcbeth champ roc 3. Yellow stamp. No name and number. Reward for return.


Jay Moyer S.D.G.C.    October 5 at 12:36pm

Found a putter Tuesday at lunchtime. Name color, make and model for a return.


Jake Schneider    September 26 at 8:35pm

If anyone is selling LED's, please let me know at league tonight.

Jay Moyer S.D.G.C.   September 26 at 8:50pm

Time to get the led out, lol

Michael Wood    September 24 at 7:21pm

Thinking of starting a fall/winter league at 1:00pm every Sunday. It will be handicapped singles. 15 weeks long. Playing 5 different courses 3 times each. I was thinking Firefighters. Riverbends. Starr. Wagner & Brys. Any thoughts? Objections? Ideas?

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Michael Wood   September 24 at 9:00pm

Also... I'm open to an earlier start to accommodate those who watch football. No earlier than 10am though, I'm not usually a Sunday morning guy

Jay Moyer S.D.G.C.   September 24 at 9:12pm

So what are you thinking in regard to entry and payouts?

Michael Wood   September 24 at 10:06pm

Off the top of my head. $15 all in. $6 payouts. $4 ace pool. $3 playoff pot. $2 cash CTP


Jake Schneider    September 20 at 11:30pm

I found an Innova mini early into the league last night if anyone lost one...