BlueGill Disc Golf Course

Wayland, Michigan     1 course · 24 holes     Driving directions
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Wade Grysban    18 hours ago

Hello Joe, three of my friends and I will be making a trip up north to throw next week. We would love the play BlueGill on Saturday June 6th if possible. Please let me know. THANKS!

Joe BlueGill   14 hours ago

hit me up next week on my cell 616 318 9793 and I will see if my Saturday is free. No Promises.

James Mayes    4 days ago

Hi Joe, Would it be possible to play the course either Sunday afternoon (5/24) or Tuesday morning (5/26)? It is just me. Jim


Andrew Beckwith    5 days ago

Hello, I was wondering if I could play the course Friday June 5th in the afternoon. I will be in a group of 4. Will you be around that day?

Joe BlueGill   5 days ago

booked all day and Friday is date night.

Ryan Lacoss    May 13 at 6:51am

Hey joe I'm playing in dubs on the 30th wondering if you will be there Sunday so we could come check out the course.

Joe BlueGill   May 13 at 7:33am

no go this Sunday sorry. this whole weekend is out

Brady Vis    March 25 at 10:17pm

Hey Joe, played in the GV tourney this passed weekend. Lost a blue westside shield on hole 9 I believe it was. I don't recall if my name is on it but it has ink with an ace date on it. Please let me know if you find it. Thanks for hosting the tourney also it was great.

Joe BlueGill   March 26 at 6:43am

in the pond? I checked the hillside and that was clear. someone retrieved those.

Joe BlueGill   March 27 at 4:52pm


Brady Vis   April 1 at 10:14am

Awesome. Is there a time and place I could pick it up?

Kimberly Randall    February 6 at 9:08am

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Ronnie Martens    January 2 at 9:31pm

Was wanting to play tomorrow January 3rd if the course is going to be open?

Joe BlueGill   January 3 at 6:20am

course is not open. I need to be here for any play. keep in touch as I do play weekly. also have a doubles tourney end of month

Ronnie Martens   January 3 at 11:00am

Thanks Joe, will be planning on coming out there next time I see its open.

Tim Weimer    December 3 at 9:52am

Whats up Joe? When will the course be open for play next? I would like to get my water disc. Thanx

Joe BlueGill   December 3 at 4:30pm

nothing planned. let me know if you get this way and we will figure something out. may have a new year day ace race. stay tuned

Tim Weimer   December 4 at 10:36am

OK thank u sir. Happy holidays

Joe BlueGill    November 21 at 1:35pm

2014 Found discs. Please help me get back to Owners. Course donations appreciated. Joe Lost Disc 2014 Donations appreciated Box 1 Name PDGA # Phone # Description Kimmy Rentfrow 269-506-4413 Star Destroyer Nick Janose 616-566-0521 Champ TL Shane landrith 810-824-8921 Champ Groove Roles Blizzard Ape Terrence B Pro Wraith Mikee Star Katana PMR DX Sidewinder Juice Fro 55466 Blizzard Boss Neil 39532 Champ Valkyrie 313-629-3407 Champ Beast Bob D DX Eagle ... more

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Chad Cole   November 23 at 11:20am

Box 4 Star Wraith (blue if I remember correctly) would be mine. :) Thanks for pointing that out Dave Davies! :) Also, if you come across an Echo Star Destroyer with the new stamp of the robot mech on it in orange, that met it's fate in the water at Blue Gill as well. :)

Chad Cole   November 23 at 11:21am

Oh, and any suggestions on how I could get my disc back? I see an offer for $20 to get one mailed back.

Nicholas Ruggles   November 23 at 10:41pm

Thats sure is alot of discs

Heather Mcgeachy    October 30 at 2:04pm

Hey discgolfers! Are you a budding photographer? If so, you wanna make some fast cash? I need 4 photos for blue gill hole 10. I will pay $30 cash to the first person to send me reasonable quality digital files. From the tee pad towards the basket, from the basket to the teepad, and halfway from the basket to the teepad and halfway to the teepad from the basket. Send questions or file entries to: me at [email redacted]. in the result of a tie, include reasons why you like this hole, best answer wins. Good luck!

Dan Whitlock   October 30 at 2:20pm

Nice! Wish I lived over there.

Fred Vocino   October 30 at 2:39pm

Blue Gill is a private course, so Heather will get the photos she wants sooner if somebody already has taken those pics. Otherwise, arrangements will need to be made with the owner. I am driving through the area on Saturday. Let me know if you need my service. See Earl Brewer N&S courses in Michigan if that photo-treatment is what is needed.

Heather Mcgeachy   October 30 at 3:04pm

thanks for the additional info. i will post updates often as to the status of the contest.

Sean Clark    October 9 at 10:45am

Hey, Joe - my wife is showing a piece in Art Prize and we are staying with her parents, who live Wayland (we are from Colorado). Any chance that my father in law an I can get a game in a Blue Gill between today and Sunday? The course reviews sound awesome and your course looks beautiful!

Joe BlueGill   October 9 at 11:58am

Today no good. tomorrow possible. Saturday early possible. I need to be present for all play.

Joe BlueGill   October 9 at 11:59am

616-318-9793 best contact

Joe BlueGill    October 8 at 7:56am

Today only bluegill open for golf after noon. Donations appreciated

William Weideman   October 8 at 7:16pm

Thanks for having us, Joe!

Dave Davies   October 8 at 11:53pm

I would have called in today, bet the course looks awesome in the fall!

Jordan Welch    October 4 at 6:00pm

Hey Joe, was wondering if me and a friend can come play wed oct 8? I know leagues might still be going on, but noonish would work for me. thanks Jordan

Joe BlueGill   October 6 at 7:52am

No league's or golf going on. round may be possible. What time you thinking?

Jordan Welch   October 6 at 9:59pm


Joe BlueGill   October 8 at 7:54am

noon works Jordan donations greatly appreciated

ian hicks    September 25 at 8:20am

Hi joe- I was wondering if me and 3 other guys can come by this weekend?

Joe BlueGill   September 25 at 9:36am

Sorry out of town. no play without me present. Joe

Chase Covell    September 4 at 10:31am

Lost a blue pearl ryhno on the island on hole 9.


Mike Bunnell    September 4 at 10:07am

Hi Joe - I apologize for mixing up the months/dates in my previous post, guess I was a month out. I'd like to know if the course would be available on any the following dates:

Friday 9/26, Saturday 9/27 or Sunday 9/28
Friday 10/03, Saturday 10/04 or Sunday 10/05

Thanks so much


Joe BlueGill    September 2 at 6:30pm

5 @ 5 random draw dubs this Wednesday only. Sign up by 4:45

William Oostdyk   September 3 at 5:19am

Hey Joe is it doubles only today or can I still shoot singles

Chase Covell    September 1 at 7:06pm

Is there a 5$ doubles this week on Wednesday?

Joe BlueGill   September 2 at 6:26pm

Yes 5 @ 5. Sign up before 4:45

Joe BlueGill    August 30 at 2:35pm

Mike I will be in Mexico Saturday the 25th and Oct 1st is opening day of Bow Season so not a good golf day. I need to be at BlueGill for all play.

Mike Bunnell   August 31 at 12:25pm

Thanks Joe. Will the Friday before, or Sunday after either of those dates work?

Mike Bunnell    August 29 at 4:10pm

Hi Joe - a couple of us (4 or 5) are coming out near Holland to camp for a few days. We have not decided which weekend yet, but wanted to check the availability of the course, and if we could play it. We were looking at Saturday 9/25 or Saturday 10/1.

thanks so much



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