BlueGill Disc Golf Course

Wayland, Michigan     1 course · 24 holes     Driving directions
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Phill Dilone    November 20 at 12:17pm

Hey Gill, I am driving to MI from D.C and would really love to play this course... I only have Tuesday the 24th and will be coming over if possible after I get home to Detroit... Looking to make the short road trip over to the west side.... Please let me know

Joe BlueGill   November 21 at 6:56am

I can possibly make that work. just you or bringing others? 616 318 9793 best contact

Phill Dilone   November 27 at 12:11pm

Joe, saw this too late, what about saturday? 28th??

Cassidy Brigham    September 25 at 10:30am

Hey gill anyway there is a chance me and a buddy can get out in play today!!! My buddy has not shot there and woukd really love to

Joe BlueGill   September 25 at 11:08am

sorry golfing with my dad today. no golf at bgill

Donnie Tarver    September 17 at 1:56am

play a tourney and was told to stay off the hill.
were do i retrieve my prize disc that was left there?

Joe BlueGill   September 17 at 7:39am

More info Donnie. What Tournament? When? What Disc? Name or number on said disc?

Donnie Tarver   September 17 at 11:11am

"ST" on disc and it was a few months ago. June 14

Joe BlueGill   September 18 at 9:01am

color type would help. these were retrieved day of and brought to tournament center.

Jordan Snyder    September 15 at 10:10pm

Is there any golf happening this week before the collegiate qualifier?


Scott elzinga    September 12 at 4:21pm

Left an orange westside discs sorcerer somewhere on the course during hi-lo dubs today. If u found it i would really like it back. No name or # on it

Joe BlueGill   September 17 at 7:40am

Not turned in or found yet

Scott elzinga   September 17 at 12:13pm

I was told it was picked up but not turned in to you

Ben Goodrow    September 9 at 8:00am

Hey joe, are you having golf today?

Joe BlueGill   September 9 at 8:06am

Sorry working today. Likely next week

Ben Goodrow   September 9 at 9:09am

Ok cool, thank you

Chris Cauchon    September 4 at 2:35pm

Hi Joe. Was wanting to play your course. Will you be around this holiday weekend? Thanks

Joe BlueGill   September 4 at 3:30pm

nope up at states

Rob Rowe    September 1 at 11:29am

Hey joe i was wondering if myself Rob "Pro Bob #24031" Rowe and a buddy could come play Thursday morning around 10:30am?

Joe BlueGill   September 1 at 12:07pm

nope heading for Ludington tomorrow no golf at bgill this week

Rob Rowe   September 1 at 1:14pm

Ok thanks

Joe BlueGill    August 25 at 12:03pm

League is done so no golf the next two Wednesdays.


Will VL    August 18 at 10:54am

Hey joe. Me and a couple friends were hoping to play this Friday August 21. I work at new holland brewing so I'd love to be able to bring you some beers....

Joe BlueGill   August 18 at 12:41pm

sorry Will out of town this week and no golf if I am not here. Wife has licence to shoot on sight

Dave Davies   August 18 at 9:59pm

does she at least wait until the back 12?

Donnie Tarver    August 15 at 9:16pm

Hey Joe
What's your schedule for tomorrow, this Sunday play around?


David Tomlinson    August 15 at 8:16pm

Hey Joe I'm from Detroit and I'm on vacation. I'll be coming back from Chicago on tuesday. I was wondering if I could play a round about 2 or 3.

Joe BlueGill   August 16 at 12:54pm

sorry I am not available and must be there for all play

David Tomlinson   August 16 at 8:43pm

when will you be available

David Tomlinson   August 17 at 10:13pm

how about Wednesday?

Ephron McCrary    August 12 at 10:28am

Hey Joe, I'm from Muskegon and was wondering if it would be alright to play a round today around noon

Joe BlueGill   August 12 at 10:55am

2 is the earliest today. working until then

mike Harper    August 9 at 9:19am

Hi Joe, my name is Mike Harper, I'd like to come and play your course. I'm from Lake Havasu AZ.and am in Grand Rapids building a retail store. a lot of disc golfers I've met have been telling me that I need to play Blue Gill. Would today be a good day for me to come out . I see it's by invite only.

Joe BlueGill   August 9 at 10:16am

sorry my wife's birthday today no golf. 616 318 9793 is my cell if you get any free time

Cassidy Brigham    August 2 at 9:41pm

Hi Joe I played at dog daze and lost a proto mamba it's yellow with gold proto star almost a pearly yellow it was in the last pond next to teepad

Joe BlueGill   August 3 at 10:38am

Call that the black hole. Have not retrieved anything out of there. Come over and do some diving.

Cassidy Brigham   August 4 at 6:29pm

Okay thank you sir!! Any reason you call it the black hole

Lawrence Springer    July 29 at 11:31am

Joe what time does tee off start for league? Just curious how early I can get out there

Joe BlueGill   July 29 at 11:54am

3 o'clock

Paul Bunko    July 28 at 7:43am

Lost a 20+ year old blue Comet in the water to the right of the basket on number 10. Reward/Plastic if found and returned. I loved the course, a ****allenging but fair.

Joe BlueGill   July 29 at 11:23am

yeah will keep an eye out. pretty murky right now. maybe late fall or spring.

Luke Shepich    July 27 at 4:41pm

Lost a red sambo Sunday, skipped into the brush off the left of the fairway on 24. We looked for quite a while but couldn't find it. If someone picks it up I have many many discs I could trade in exchange for returning it to me. I really liked the sambo.

Thanks for a great event on Sunday. First time at the course - been to probably near 50 courses in many states and BlueGill is unquestionably tops!

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Luke Shepich   July 28 at 10:37am

Tough to say, if memory serves I think there's a little hill halfway down the fairway and I believe it was just before that. If I had to guess, it was maybe 250-275 ft?

Joe BlueGill   July 29 at 11:24am

will look

Joe BlueGill   July 29 at 12:10pm

got it

Matt Sowle    July 24 at 10:27am

Hey joe I was just wondering about 1 disc I lost at the dubs tourney on May 30th it was a red and yellow "eye dye" champion wraith I also lost a green champion wraith too but if you have the red and yellow one that would be great

Joe BlueGill   July 24 at 2:03pm

I went through and did not find either one. did they have your name or number?

Dwayne Kay    July 3 at 12:51am

Joe, is Blue Gill available for pay to play Fri the 3rd? Looking to play it with my son, then hit Ludington for the 4th.

Joe BlueGill   July 3 at 5:56am

Not sure on my schedule. course needs cutting so I may be there for a while. Message me at 616 318 9793 and we will see

Dwayne Kay   July 3 at 6:40am

Thank you sir, will do!