BlueGill Disc Golf Course

Wayland, Michigan     1 course · 24 holes     Driving directions
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Micah Ottens    February 8 at 7:27pm

Hey Joe, last time I asked you were out of town, I was just wondering if anytime Friday I could come play the course for the first time. Heard amazing things and Blue Gill is one of those courses I have to play sometime this year. Have a great night!


Tyler Huyghe    February 8 at 4:59pm

Hey Joe, this weekend Saturday is looking to be a pretty a pretty nice day. A couple of buddies and I were looking to make a trip to play a couple nice courses from Mount Pleasant and we were wondering if there would be any chance of us playing your beautiful course. Just figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. Thanks!

Joe BlueGill   February 8 at 6:00pm

Taking Denise the wife and owner to an auction sale on Sat. Recommend Shore Acres or Fallasburg

Tyler Huyghe   February 8 at 8:27pm

Thanks for the feedback!

Micah Ottens    January 27 at 12:08am

Hey Joe, this is a little last minute but I have the day off tomorrow and I was wondering if there is any chance I could play the course for the first time, anytime tomorrow. I've heard amazing things and I have a few buddies I disc with that play in the leagues there. If possible that would be absolutely amazing, if not, I completely understand. Have a Great night.

Joe BlueGill   January 30 at 3:18pm

Was out of town. Big random draw dubs this saturday

Brady Vis    October 24 at 11:20am

Hey Joe I am playing in the Boo at the Blue tournament this saturday. And the last time I played your course a year or two ago was for a grand valley fundraiser tournament. I lost a blue westside shield on the downhill water hole. Its either a bt medium or bt soft. It was my 2nd ace disc and if there is any chance you still have it I would love to donate to your course and get it back! Thanks see you saturday!

Joe BlueGill   October 24 at 7:09pm

very possible that it is in one of the 30 boxs of discs with names on them

Brady Vis   October 25 at 12:02pm

If there is any way to get that back I would greatly appreciate it!

carson parm    October 1 at 11:33pm

Any chance of getting in a round for 4 on Wednesday oct, 12th? Message me if we can work something out.

Joe BlueGill   October 4 at 10:05am

possibly my cell is 616 318 9793 best way to work it out

Patrick Hood    October 1 at 1:29am

Hey Joe, I've heard a lot of great things about your course. I was wondering if I would be able to play a birthday round there? It's on October 7th. I Would be driving from northern Michigan just to play there. Let me know if this is possible. Please and thank you.

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Joe BlueGill   October 4 at 10:07am

May be possible if i can talk the wife into it. I must be there for all golf. Friday night is date night. Best contact is the cell Todd posted above

Joe BlueGill   October 5 at 2:59pm

Hello uncle Todd

John Keane    September 23 at 2:42pm

Hi Joe, I know it's last minute, I've got 6 guys taking a road trip Sunday & was wondering if your course was available to play in the late am


Mitchell bauer    September 17 at 10:51pm

Lost a moonshine glow Compass today on left side of hole 23 in the long grass just before the edge of the woods where the basket is. New disc so havent put my name on it yet.. $$ if anyone finds it just hit me up.

Joe BlueGill   September 20 at 9:47am

Have not seen it yet but will keep eye out

Mitchell bauer   September 21 at 12:10am

Thanks Joe!

Daniel Whitlock    August 25 at 8:59pm

Hiya Joe, my g/f (Jay Serratos) and I are going to be in Wayland this weekend and I thought it would be nice to get a round in on Michigans best course ;)
Any chance you'll be around Saturday and that we could get a round in? Your course would be a great prepper for states.

Joe BlueGill   August 26 at 2:38pm

Sorry but I am out of town for the weekend

Austin Velasquez    August 17 at 10:07pm

Just wanted to say me and my friends loved your course! For sure one of, if not the best course ive ever played! Appreciate you letting us play. We want to come out next Wednesday too, if thats alright with you! But i also lost a pink Latitude 64 mercy on hole 10, and my buddy lost a lime green Fusion Truth with a Sasquatch Open Stamp, on hole 11. Neither have ink.

Joe BlueGill   August 19 at 7:10am

Will look for discs but water pretty cloudy right now. You are welcome next week donations to the course appreciated

Austin Velasquez   August 19 at 12:19pm

Thank you! And we will for sure give you what we can.

Adam Scovill    August 14 at 5:39pm

Can i play today? Me and Roeske and possibly one more? Tee at about 19:10.


Austin Velasquez    August 10 at 2:13am

Me and some friends wanted to play your course sometime relatively soon. Can you let me know a day and time that would work good for you? Thanks in advance.

Joe BlueGill   August 12 at 7:16am

the next two weds work. Other than that we would have to figure something out. Weekends are for family. 616 38 9793 text for easy communication

Austin Velasquez   August 12 at 9:07am

Nice, that would work great. Ill text you and let you know!

mike keller    August 9 at 2:55pm

Hi joe winding ifi could bring a guest on 8/10 it will be luke anderson .


Logan Van Til    July 27 at 8:57pm

Lost a Buzz with a Dunes Veiw Doubles stamp on hole 22 off the the left. Maybe a 1/4 of the way down the fairway.

Joe BlueGill   July 29 at 5:54pm

WI'll keep an eye. Out

Andrew Beckwith    July 25 at 4:10pm

Hello, I'll be in the area on Monday August 1st and was wondering if myself and 3 of my friends could play the course that morning. We have been itching to play the course for years but have never had the chance to. thanks!

Joe BlueGill   July 25 at 2:31pm

That may work. It depends on what the work day looks like. Hit me up on Friday this week and I will have a better idea of my schedule. No golf with out me being here

Andrew Beckwith   July 25 at 5:27pm

Sounds good, ill contact you on Friday. Thanks!

Andrew Beckwith   July 29 at 10:43pm

Hey Joe, how does Monday look for you? We are still down to play if you are available or if that works for you.

Noah Lantinga    July 25 at 3:28pm

i was wondering if i could come wensday and learn the course before an upcoming tournament, is there any time schedual i would need to know about?

Joe BlueGill   July 25 at 2:29pm

Wednesday works for me. Anytime after 10 is good. Most league players start between 4 and 6 so that is the busy time. Donations appreciated

Noah Lantinga   July 26 at 1:04am

alright , thank you

Joe BlueGill   July 28 at 4:42pm

Any idea what Ryan and Mike shot. I have never scorecards for you group

Felipe Macias    July 23 at 1:01pm

I'll be coming by Sunday, is it possible to play this Sunday?

Joe BlueGill   July 23 at 9:11am

Sorry but I must be there for any play. Family stuff going on

Jeff Weber    July 8 at 11:45pm

I'm in town from Mississippi, would a friend and myself be able to play here tomorrow around noon?

Joe BlueGill   July 8 at 8:12pm

No sir. I am playing in a golf tournament with my dad. No golf at bgill without me there

Ryan Lacoss    June 23 at 2:23pm

Joe when is the best time to come get some of my pond discs thanks

Joe BlueGill   June 23 at 11:43am

Wednesdays always work. No guarantee you have any in there though unless someone has seen them

Joey Springer    June 22 at 2:12pm

Hey Joe I'm playing in the upcoming Next Generation Tour event at your course. Was wondering if there are any days I could get a practice round or 2 in before.

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Joey Springer   June 23 at 9:47pm

Alright. When on Wednesday would work?

Joe BlueGill   June 27 at 3:33pm

I am there all day Wed. So anytime after 10 or so. i have league members teeing off from noon till one and three till six.

Joey Springer   June 28 at 11:59am

OK thank you Joe!