BlueGill Disc Golf Course

Wayland, Michigan     1 course · 24 holes     Driving directions
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David G    6 days ago

Hey Joe, I saw in the bellow comment that you had a wedding memorial day weekend, but I didn't know if you would be available that Saturday around 1. I have a group of 6 that would love to play for a bachelor's party (don't worry, not a rowdy group). Thanks!!

Joe BlueGill   6 days ago

Nope Saturday will not work for me wedding is at 1 and I have to be here for play

David G   5 days ago

Ah Bummer. Was worth a shot. Thanks Joe! Enjoy the wedding!

John Keane    April 21 at 4:30am

Hello Joe, I've got a group of 5 or 6 guys going on a disc golf trip memorial weekend. We visited your beautiful course last memorial weekend & had a wonderful time. Seeing if it would be possible to stop back Friday may 27 around 10:30-11:00 am again?

Joe BlueGill   April 21 at 7:23am

You guys and holiday weekends. Looks like I will be around as I have a wedding to attend. Hit me up mid may toake sure but right now looks good.

John Keane   April 23 at 7:15pm

Yeah unfortunately it's the one weekend a year we all have a chance to travel and play together. Thank you for letting us possibly play your awesome course, I know how hectic holiday weekends can be!!!

josh christenson    April 3 at 12:01pm

Hey joe i lost a red champ tern in the rough off the right side of seven yesturday in the snow.

Joe BlueGill   April 8 at 9:31am

nice no namer. its in my bag lol. hit me up for it

Lawrence Springer    April 3 at 10:47am

Hey Joe when will league be starting up? Looking forward to playing it this year on your gorgeous course. Thanks for everything you do man!

Joe BlueGill   April 3 at 11:12am

If you go to leagues. Look for bluegill hook line and sinker 2016 all info is there

Josh H    March 29 at 5:15pm

Hi Joe. Me and a couple buddies are looking to play on the west side on Friday, April 1. Any chance we can experience your course?

Joe BlueGill   March 30 at 7:42am

Josh. I have a funeral in the morning with a luncheon following. Would have to be like 2:30ish

Josh H   March 30 at 8:56am

Sorry about that, Joe. My buddies are on the fence on Friday due to the weather so between that and your situation let's try again in the near future. I really appreciate your quick response and hope your day goes well on Friday.

Joe BlueGill   March 30 at 11:59am

Thanks talk soon

Brian Rowe    March 16 at 5:03pm

Hey Joe I just wanted to say thank you again for allowing me to come experience this course. This is an amazing piece of property and by far one of the best courses I have ever played. On my way home I realized I forgot to make a donation. Is there anyway I can donate online, or should I just double up next time I make it out there?

Joe BlueGill   March 16 at 6:27pm

Fun round with good people. It was a speed round for me lol. Just hook me up next time.

Brian Rowe    March 14 at 4:48pm

I am in Grand Rapids and am wondering if it would be possible to get in a round Tuesday March 15th. I can make anytime work please let me know. Thank you

Joe BlueGill   March 14 at 6:44pm

Hmmm. I may be able to do that. Maybe around 1 or so

Brian Rowe   March 14 at 8:30pm

That would be perfect, I would really appreciate it.

Joe BlueGill   March 15 at 6:49am

Let's plan on 1

Kevin Pristas    March 5 at 2:06am

Hey Joe, some friends and I were planning on doing a trip through michigan hitting up some of the best courses. We were planning on the weekend after memorial day, so probably from june 3rd to the 6th. Will any of these day be fine to stop by?

Joe BlueGill   March 5 at 8:50am

I am thinking we can make it work. Best day and time for me would be Fri earlier.

Kevin Pristas   March 8 at 9:02pm

That sounds great thanks! We're just about 2 hours away and will be leaving early that Friday. I can get back on here a little closer to the date. Thanks again.

Phill Dilone    November 20 at 12:17pm

Hey Gill, I am driving to MI from D.C and would really love to play this course... I only have Tuesday the 24th and will be coming over if possible after I get home to Detroit... Looking to make the short road trip over to the west side.... Please let me know

Joe BlueGill   November 21 at 6:56am

I can possibly make that work. just you or bringing others? 616 318 9793 best contact

Phill Dilone   November 27 at 12:11pm

Joe, saw this too late, what about saturday? 28th??

Cassidy Brigham    September 25 at 10:30am

Hey gill anyway there is a chance me and a buddy can get out in play today!!! My buddy has not shot there and woukd really love to

Joe BlueGill   September 25 at 11:08am

sorry golfing with my dad today. no golf at bgill

Donnie Tarver    September 17 at 1:56am

play a tourney and was told to stay off the hill.
were do i retrieve my prize disc that was left there?

Joe BlueGill   September 17 at 7:39am

More info Donnie. What Tournament? When? What Disc? Name or number on said disc?

Donnie Tarver   September 17 at 11:11am

"ST" on disc and it was a few months ago. June 14

Joe BlueGill   September 18 at 9:01am

color type would help. these were retrieved day of and brought to tournament center.

Jordan Snyder    September 15 at 10:10pm

Is there any golf happening this week before the collegiate qualifier?


Scott elzinga    September 12 at 4:21pm

Left an orange westside discs sorcerer somewhere on the course during hi-lo dubs today. If u found it i would really like it back. No name or # on it

Joe BlueGill   September 17 at 7:40am

Not turned in or found yet

Scott elzinga   September 17 at 12:13pm

I was told it was picked up but not turned in to you

Ben Goodrow    September 9 at 8:00am

Hey joe, are you having golf today?

Joe BlueGill   September 9 at 8:06am

Sorry working today. Likely next week

Ben Goodrow   September 9 at 9:09am

Ok cool, thank you

Chris Cauchon    September 4 at 2:35pm

Hi Joe. Was wanting to play your course. Will you be around this holiday weekend? Thanks

Joe BlueGill   September 4 at 3:30pm

nope up at states

Rob Rowe    September 1 at 11:29am

Hey joe i was wondering if myself Rob "Pro Bob #24031" Rowe and a buddy could come play Thursday morning around 10:30am?

Joe BlueGill   September 1 at 12:07pm

nope heading for Ludington tomorrow no golf at bgill this week

Rob Rowe   September 1 at 1:14pm

Ok thanks

Joe BlueGill    August 25 at 12:03pm

League is done so no golf the next two Wednesdays.


Will VL    August 18 at 10:54am

Hey joe. Me and a couple friends were hoping to play this Friday August 21. I work at new holland brewing so I'd love to be able to bring you some beers....

Joe BlueGill   August 18 at 12:41pm

sorry Will out of town this week and no golf if I am not here. Wife has licence to shoot on sight

Dave Davies   August 18 at 9:59pm

does she at least wait until the back 12?

Donnie Tarver    August 15 at 9:16pm

Hey Joe
What's your schedule for tomorrow, this Sunday play around?


David Tomlinson    August 15 at 8:16pm

Hey Joe I'm from Detroit and I'm on vacation. I'll be coming back from Chicago on tuesday. I was wondering if I could play a round about 2 or 3.

Joe BlueGill   August 16 at 12:54pm

sorry I am not available and must be there for all play

David Tomlinson   August 16 at 8:43pm

when will you be available

David Tomlinson   August 17 at 10:13pm

how about Wednesday?