BlueGill Disc Golf Course

Wayland, Michigan     1 course · 24 holes     Driving directions
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Brad "Gator"    1 day ago

Joe I played your course last weekend 4 the 1st time in the Home Team Event. I really liked it. I know if I want 2 play there. I need to set a time up. But my schedule is very open. So, when are u available? Ok Thanks

Joe BlueGill   1 day ago

Best way for contact is my cell. 616-318-9793. Wed is always a good day as I am here all day

Brad "Gator"   1 day ago

awesome thanks. ill be calling in the near future for sure.

Chris Hines    2 days ago

Hello, are there any openings for a round on Saturday August 4th or Sunday August 5th? 2 people as of now, but potentially 4 depending on schedules.

Joe BlueGill   2 days ago

Sorry Aug 4th and 5th I am out of town. No golf unless I am present

Chris Hines   2 days ago

thanks for the quick reply!

Drake Evans    4 days ago

Lost a Blue McPro Roc3 with a black stamp in the pond just after the tree on hole 11. Thought it got near the bank near the basket but couldn't see it from the edge.

Jacob Stahl   3 days ago

I want to say I saw a Blue McPro in the boxes of discs last week at league. Ill keep an eye out this week.

Drake Evans   3 days ago

Thanks! I'll pay for someone to ship it to me + a reward if anyone grabs it.


Drake Evans    July 9 at 2:31pm

Is there a hole map or scorecard for this course anywhere? Not going to get a chance for a practice round before the tourney this weekend and have never played Bluegill before. Looking for any materials I can study to help prepare!

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Chad Shine   July 9 at 7:57pm

I’m guessing a 900 round is probably close to 7-10 over par but that’s just a guess

Joe BlueGill   July 10 at 11:19am

League average is around 82. I would predict a 900 round at 80

Drake Evans   July 10 at 1:46pm

Thanks for the info!

Kelly Muller    July 2 at 9:48pm

Hello Joe, I'm visiting with my wife from Toronto this Saturday the 7th and would love to play your course if you are around. Could be there noon or early aft.


Joe BlueGill   July 3 at 10:59am

Sorry but vacationing this weekend. Enjoy your stay in the area.

Brooks McLaughlin    July 2 at 2:01am

Hey Joe, any chance for a tee time on Thursday (July 5th) afternoon for 4?

Joe BlueGill   July 2 at 9:38am

Nope Thursday is my ball golf league

Andrew Marwede    June 28 at 8:34pm

Lost a Glow MD3 on the right side of hole 5. Has my name, #, and stamp on it. Hefty reward if found.

Joe BlueGill   June 29 at 1:07am

In my possession

Cory Yana    June 26 at 11:21pm

Hey Joe I signed up for the doubles tournament this weekend and I was wondering if we (3 of us) could get a round in this Thursday morning? Thanks! Cory

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Cory Yana   June 27 at 12:26pm

What’s the best time frame for you?

NUMB SKULL   June 28 at 2:22am

Nice shooting up north blue gill

Joe BlueGill   June 29 at 10:09am

Thanks Darren

Daniel Kennedy    June 22 at 11:54pm

I am heading up to Michigan to play some courses next week and am looking for an open time to play BlueGill. Please let me know if there are any available times to come play a round, thanks!

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Daniel Kennedy   June 26 at 1:48am

What time works best for you?

Joe BlueGill   June 26 at 11:26am

Anytime after 10 am. League rounds start at noon if you want to play with locals.

Joe BlueGill   June 26 at 11:26am

Donations always appreciated

Brad "Gator"    June 18 at 12:52pm

Joe would it be possible 2 come by an play today? I haven't played there since 07.... Ok Let me know. Thanks

Joe BlueGill   June 18 at 2:43pm

No golf today. Keep in touch. More notice is always helpful in planning a round. I must be here for all golf

Lucas Nino    June 8 at 1:10pm

Hey joe is it possible for me and a friend to stop by and play this afternoon at 11 or 12. We are passing through and would love to check it out. Thanks,


Micah Ottens    June 5 at 11:30pm

Hey Joe, any chance I, along with some of the other members of the Bronco Disc Golf Club, could come up and play the course sometime this week?

Thank you,
Micah Ottens

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Joe BlueGill   June 8 at 12:07pm

Sorry i didnt get back to you. If you could get here earlier today I can do it. Noon is pushing it as I have to leave at 3pm

Joe BlueGill   June 8 at 12:07pm

Saturday is no good.

Joe BlueGill   June 8 at 12:17pm

Text me if you are coming this morning 616-318-9793

Mushin No Shin    April 24 at 10:35am

Hey Joe :)

Any chance that Bluegill is playable sometime Thursday May 31, Friday June 1, or Saturday June 2 !?


Joe BlueGill   April 25 at 11:07am

I am sure we could figure out a time on one of those days. Friday am likely best. 617-318-9793 is best contact

Joe BlueGill   April 25 at 11:07am

Sorry 616

Mushin No Shin   April 26 at 9:41am

Thanks Joe :D

Michael David Kridler    February 3 at 9:22pm

I think somebody took our crock pot by accident from the Super Bowl Saturday. It's silver with a black crock has c-type handle on top of it. Hit me up.


William Nelson    January 22 at 10:29am

Hi Joe,
I am from Arizona and want to plan a trip to see my Mom in Grand Rapids this year. I've heard so many awesome things about your course. Are there any tournaments planned at BlueGill this year?

William Nelson
PDGA #84695

Joe BlueGill   January 22 at 11:32am

William still setting the schedule. Should firm up in a month or so. You can contact me for non tournament play also. Will be in Mericopa this weekend

William Nelson   January 22 at 11:52am

That's great. I'm playing as Maricopa as well. I played in Shelly Sharpe Memorial at Vista del Camino in Scottsdale today and it felt almost like Michigan, but next weekend looks like we're in for good weather (mid to high 70's). Look forward to meeting you there. If you're up for a practice round at Maricopa, send me a text. I'll probably go out a couple times. My phone is 480-612-5048.

William Nelson   January 22 at 11:56am

Thanks for the text back, I've heard so many awesome things about your course. My best friend, that I've known since kindergarten married a woman from Wayland.

Niel Stoppa II    January 9 at 4:56pm

Just want to let my fellow disc chuckers know that this coming saturday, Jan.13th is the GRDOD lce Bowl Tournament. This means Jaycee Park will be closed for casual play from daylight till at least 4 pm. Please share this information and tell everyone you talk to that might be planning on going there about the tournament.


donny v    October 18 at 6:08pm

Hi Joe my name is Donny. My friend Jay and I are going to be in your neck of the woods this Friday. We would love to check out your course if you’re available. I have a course near Port Huron and know how much work goes into building and taking care of them. Hope to catch a round with ya on Friday if you get a chance.


Donny VanHoutte
Mill Creek DGC
Avoca, MI

Joe BlueGill   October 18 at 8:12pm

Hey Donny sorry for the late response. Was out of town last week. If you can play earlier on Fri I can make something work

Joe BlueGill   October 18 at 8:12pm

616 318 9793 is best contact

donny v   October 19 at 1:17am

thanks Joe. will do

Joey Mako    October 2 at 2:19pm

Hi Joe! My 3 friends and I are heading up to Grand Rapids November 11 and 12 for a small bachelor party and were wondering if we could play the course? Thanks for the consideration!

Joe BlueGill   October 2 at 3:31pm

No sir. I will be deer hunting

Joey Mako   October 2 at 3:47pm

Thanks for the quick response!

Joe BlueGill   October 2 at 4:50pm

No problem. Many great courses in the GR area

Micah Ottens    September 21 at 10:07pm

Hey Joe, My name is Micah Ottens, I recently just started back up the Western Michigan University Disc Golf Club, and I was just wondering if I could possibly talk to you, about using your course, sometime in October, for a unsanctioned tournament, as a fundraiser for our club, to raise funds for qualifying tournaments, and hopefully a trip to the Collegiate Nationals. Feel free to call or text me. 231-750-6984

Thank you!
Micah Ottens

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Joe BlueGill   October 18 at 8:42pm

I am booed the first half of March

Joe BlueGill   October 18 at 8:42pm


Micah Ottens   October 19 at 11:27am

Would March 31 work then? It’s a Saturday