Bern, Switzerland     1 course · 18 holes

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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Markus Mika 41 - Spring Clang 2014, 13 holes "Strong winds all day, but played solid golf."
Markus Mika 45 - Spring Clang 2014, 13 holes "Putts were off in both rounds in the morning and the wind was vicious."
Markus Mika 35 - Spring Clang 2014, 13 holes "Solid round two strokes behind the tournament hot round by the 1028-rated best player in the country. Finally hit my long and short putts. Ended in 7th place Open 3 strokes behind 4th out of 31 players. Epic!"

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Giacun Schmid 63 - Regular tees, 18 holes
Samuel Baumgartner 51 - Regular tees, 18 holes

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

David Hedstrom 51 - Regular tees, 18 holes "Ace on hole #1! In Switzerland! So bad ass, first international ace. About a 200' uphill blind(ish) hole due to 31/2 to 4ft tall grass lining the fairway and coming up into the basket. Was definitely not the regular tees. The course as designed is very short. There are only tee pads for maybe 3 holes out of 18, thats just the way they design their courses though, as natural as possible, if you know their super short layout then you would play it but we are foreigners so we made it much longer/more challenging. We made the 5500' course into a 7000'+ course. Real fun day. Took the train for anout an hour and a half to get there, started with an ace and the rest of the round went pretty well too. Last hole was about 500', downhill. I crushed it but I was like 250' right and behind trees= 5. Took a second shot and had about a 35-40ft deuce putt on the finishing hole, too bad I ended that way but the round was still great. Lots of pics from my brother to come, that way you can actually get a feel for the course that we played. International rivalry win vs. Steve Raptor"
Steve Hedstrom 54 - Regular tees, 18 holes "Best view on a disc golf course ever! Amazing view of the Swiss alps and Bern from the top of Bren Gurten, a public park with walking trails, kiddie train and water park, restaurant, and large horned bulls. Taking the funicular to the top to get to the park was very unique as well. As with another Swiss course I played in Zurich, there are no marked tee pads, so as you go along, you can make up your own hole to your skill level. David and I were making longer and more challenging holes than what the course map had and we had a fun time designing our own course as we went. Really fun and a great place to spend the day discing! Was very cool for David to ace hole one (standard placement). Winds were crazy going from headwind to crosswind, then nothing, and a then a strong tailwind."