Arboretum-Spiker Park

Canton, Ohio     1 course · 24 holes     Driving directions
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Dustin Alcorn    5 days ago

All baskets are in the Long position except 12 as we are not allowed to us that pin and the back 5 because there are not any alt sleeves.


James Orth    July 20 at 11:17pm

Anyone wanna roll to punderson with me in the morning?


Rachel Wiegand    July 20 at 8:50am

Hey, all! I lost a white, rainbow stamp "Chick Flick" blizzard Katana on 23 in the pond on Sunday. My name and number is on the back, so please call or text if found! Thanks!!!

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katie meloy   5 days ago

I tried to write another noun, but it got bleeped out. HAHA.

Rachel Wiegand   5 days ago

Hahaha!! I didn't know it would bleep stuff. You have the best tits. ;) Do you still have that Blizzard Destroyer for me to lose, too?

katie meloy   4 days ago

I'm sure. You have to text me back first though.

Nathaniel Huston    July 15 at 9:19pm

Just lost a Dynamic Disc Evidence in the lake by 23. If anyone comes across it i would love to get it back


Larry Bright Jr.    July 10 at 4:17pm

Registration for the MVP Circuit Event at Sims Park on 8/1/15 closes one week from today!! This event is PRE-PAY only!! Don't miss out on the first event of this type for MVP!!


Isaac Lilly    July 9 at 10:43pm

Hey everybody, I managed to lose my retriever to the murky depths on 6... if you manage to fish it out, I'd love to get it back. A reward might be up for the returner.

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justin shaffer   July 11 at 7:06pm

thats fine i did use it a few times today tho

justin shaffer   July 11 at 7:07pm

by the way no reward needed least i can do you stopped to help me when you lost it

Isaac Lilly   July 18 at 5:27pm

Not a problem man, thanks

Andre T Hooks    July 6 at 12:47pm

Lost. A blue star road runner,stamp is pretty much gone , on hole 20 in pond if anyone comes a cross it I would love to have it back. Thanx


Ty Rogers    July 6 at 11:27am

I got a text saying someone dropped my disc in the lost and found. Who do I contact to get it back?

Michael Emerick   July 6 at 12:29pm

SCDGA will call you when they retrieve it from the box.

Andre T Hooks   July 6 at 12:44pm

I put it in the drop box,found it on hole 20 in pond yesterday while lookong for mine (which i never found),im sure it was dan davis who called u aoo i would send him a message

Ty Rogers   July 6 at 1:39pm


Andrew Dunaway    July 3 at 9:39pm

Put a favorite disc in the water on 6. Anyone playing this weekend that has a retriever?

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Trent Osborn   July 4 at 5:27am

I'll stop in the morning cause it's right on the way home and if it's still there I'll try and snag it for you.

Trent Osborn   July 4 at 9:09am

Bad news brother, I think someone else got to it first.

Andrew Dunaway   July 4 at 10:45am

Oh well. I appreciate you taking a look man thanks a lot

James Orth    July 2 at 9:09pm

Left a red mercy sitting right on hole 19 short of the tree plz contact me at 3306223810 if u find it, I don't think my name and number is on it

Anthony B   July 2 at 10:40pm

Hey James I picked it up. I'll hold it for us till I see ya. I'll probably be at Massillon tomorrow at 6. But I'm not 100% sure. But I will throw it in the trunk for ya.

James Orth   July 3 at 3:33am

Cool thx I work tomorrow but no biggie I'll run into Ya Soon thx

James Orth   July 3 at 5:27pm

Are you gonna be at freedom flight. Tom?? Hey if Steve Cain is at doubles tonight I think he is playing freedom flight see if he can give it to me tomorrow tell him I'm the kid he posted the skip deuce at Massillon on YouTube

Sam Beall    June 29 at 9:00am

SCDGA “July Open” The Stark County Disc Golf Association invites you to join us in the 1st of 2 events to raise funds and show case the courses we will be using for the BIGGEST Tournament of the year: The Hall of Chains! Event #1 – The July Open PDGA Sanctioned C-Tier Event July 11th – 8:00am Arboretum Spiker Park – Canton, Ohio This will be a 2 round format and we will be adding to 3 extra holes to make it a full 27 holes per round. These are the ... more


Trent Osborn    April 30 at 4:41pm

Lost my yellow champ Valkyrie in the middle of the water on #6 has my name and number on it. It's an old one but has some sentimental value if anyone fishes it out I'd really like to have it back. Thanks!


James Orth    April 29 at 3:19pm

Lost a red star boss, has a launchin on the lakes stamp on it via. Portsge lakes disc golf club,,, threw it in the cat tails on 23 , I don't think it was deep it was just getting dark and hard to see ,would love it back if anyone finds I don't think my name was on it


Larry Bright Jr.    April 12 at 9:46am

registration for the Vibram Birdie Bash at Sims Park on 4/19/13 closes at noon on 4/13/15!! don't miss out!! no extra player packs will be on hand, so make sure you get your spot!!!


Tank Hebert    March 31 at 12:39pm

Just lost a yellow proto m4 on hole 6 in the water close to the bridge. Couldn't see it at all. Has my name and # on it. Would like it back if someone finds it!!


Andre T Hooks    December 26 at 8:16am

Anyone down for a round today? Morning preferred

Michael Emerick   December 26 at 9:05am

group meeting at massillon at 10 i believe

Andre T Hooks   December 26 at 9:25am

ok cool

Michael Emerick    December 5 at 5:32pm

anyone going to the pre winter tourney tomorrow


Sam Beall    November 24 at 10:23am

I wanted to give you a heads up the Dynamic Discs and Tiger Town DGC will be hosting another tournament this Saturday at Lincoln (Oak Ledges) this Saturday November 29th @ Noon. The format will be similar to the Trilogy Challenge that we hosted in the Spring. There will be the opportunity (for the first 25 registered players) to receive another killer player pack from Dynamic Discs: - Classic Soft Judge - Putter (2013 Disc of the Year) - BioFuzion Truth - Midrange - BioFuzion Renegad ... more


Steve Newman    November 18 at 2:50pm

2014 Turkey Toss: Presented by Dynamic Discs and Tiger Town DGC
Saturday, November 29, 2014 at Lincoln Park (Oak Ledges) in Massillon, Ohio
Disc golf singles tournament

Steve Newman   November 18 at 2:52pm

Saturday, November 29, 2014 10:15am - 11:45amtRegistration / Check-in 11:45am - 12:00pmtPlayers meeting 12:00pmtTee off

Dan Davis    November 12 at 7:19pm

This Saturday 11/15/14, there will be a $10/person random draw doubles at Roscoe Ewing/Masi courses, Medina Ohio. We will tee off at noon 12 p.m. be there early to sign up and everybody bring your A game because it is 100% random draw, no a and b pool!