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Mickey "Brillomick" Anderson   January 3 at 1:04pm

Ice Bowl for Feb 9th

Mickey "Brillomick" Anderson   January 3 at 1:04pm

Still room and time to join us in Painesville for our annual Ice Bowl 25 dollars and 2 cans of food will be this years donation!! I have stamped minis left for those who missed early registration and still want to help us feed the hungry of Lake County! This year our food and money donations go agai ... more

Mickey "Brillomick" Anderson   December 17 at 3:24pm

Registration for Ice Bowl ends Dec. 30th
Join us for our 3rd Painesville Ice Bowl to benefit St. James Food Programs!! Its time to give back to the community! You get your pic of 7 stamped disc this year for early registration! After the end of Dec. all entries will include a mini!


Mickey "Brillomick" Anderson   November 23 at 12:40pm

Disc selection In for Ice Bowl
Registration closes Dec. 30th. This will be a blast! You can choose from 7 disc When registering!