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Mickey Anderson   April 10 at 2:17pm

Sean Barnes benefit

Come show your support for a disc golfer in need!!!

For anybody who knows Sean "Ninja Daddy" Barnes, you know he is one of the nicest and most giving players associated with Lake County Disc Golf. His generosity comes both with time and money given to courses, but also to his fellow disc golf family. Sean has fallen on some serious health issues, and we'd like to give back to him, just as he has and would do for any of us.

This event will be a Bring Your Own Partner Doubles ... more


Mickey Anderson   April 10 at 2:00pm

The Latest Please, our friend Sean needs our support, he has been battling Cancer and has been out of work sine last year. Please consider getting together for this event to lend him and his family a hand. Thank you all. Other news is league will start back up April11th at 10 am The Pond in Painesville.


Mickey Anderson   December 14 at 2:20pm


Keeping a eye on Covid status. Will resume Sunday League when back in Orange at The Pond!