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JimBONUS Gower   December 18, 2010 at 12:36am

Misfits Official Music Video

“Acerbinky/Misfits music video WORLD PREMIER ! With alot more to come! YOU COULD BE IN THE VIDEO! BETTER WATCH IT!



JimBONUS Gower   September 17, 2010 at 9:51pm

Misfit Ript Revenge Doubles Round and MORE!

Come join the Misfits on Saturday 18th for a great day of disc golf and fun at Levrich Park in Vancouver Washington.
Misfits Grill Master Kerry Macomb will be serving up tasty treats all afternoon soo... BRING MEAT! if you cant, bring a side dish,soda,juice or whatever you think of. There is a $2.00 charge for the round to help cover the cost of the coals and extras.
CTP Prizes will be awarded this round, plus a lot more!

Bag Tags for this years Acerbinkey Bag Tag Challenge are available on site.

Saturday, 9/18 Levrich Park Vancouver, Washington 10:00am