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Amazing disc golf trickshot!
Yeah sure Brodie Smith is good, but can he do this? Actually he probably can, but this took me a while, notice how small the cone is... this shot was ...
Goblin Valley State Park Hole #4
Hard to see the first two throws (discs) but on the third throw look for the white disc. This will give you a better idea of where the pin is (pause i...
Hole #18 Short position- Heritage Park Cullman
J-Mo filmed my shot into Hole 18 short position at Heritage Park. Good parking but not much of an ace run for me. LOL Need some flyagra.
Birdie on No. 4 - Cedars of Lebanon Disc Golf Course
Driver: Star Wraith (forehand); Putter: MVP Anode.
2015 Lake and Sea Open Round 2: Lakewood. MPO Lead Card (Crabtree, Anderson, Aumick, Wood) Disc Golf
Lake and Sea Open 2015 Round 2: Lakewood Open Pro Lead Card. Presented by EmvLife Featuring Kyle Crabtree, John Anderson, Josh Aumick and Nick Wo...
2015 Lake and Sea Open - Final Round: SeaTac. MPO Lead Card (Crabtree, Pinney, Clark) Disc Golf
Lake and Sea Open 2015 Final Round 3: SeaTac DGC Open Pro Lead Card. Presented by EmvLife Featuring Kyle Crabtree, Bjorn Pinney and Kenny Clark....
2015 Fort Steilacoom Open MPO Final 9 (Wysocki, Sexton, Feldberg, Wood)
Full Coverage of the 2015 Fort Steilacoom Open MPO Final 9 Featuring: Ricky Wysocki, Nate Sexton, Dave Feldberg, and Nick Wood Presented by EM... Fort Steilacoom Open
Lakeview Church, Parma Ohio DGC
round of doubles at a fun 18 hole course, teams Jeff/Nathan Chip/Rhino
Riverpark Disc Golf Course Riverdale, Ut Front 9.mp4
This is the front nine of the Riverpark Disc Golf Course located in Riverdale, Utah. Also home to NUDGA (Northern Utah Disc Golf Association. Go N...
360° Disc Golf Drive @ Joralemon Park
Nicholas D'Amato rips a 360° backhand at Joralemon.
Wingfoot State Park
This is Wingfoot State Park. It's a pretty easy course but there are a few fun holes. My favorites are 6, 10, 16 and 18.
IMG 0348
Ryan ChimChim Bauer, Jason Fox, Joe Hojnacki, Dwayne Kay MCCG Discraft Ace Race 2012
Silver Creek Disc Golf Course Ace
Flick ace with the axiom clash on hole 3 of the silver creek disc golf course in Marquette Michigan
How to Flippin' Putt.
1. Find a disc. 2. Find a disc golf course around trees. 3. Land disc close that tree near a basket. 4. Position self toward basket. 5. Flip backw... Friday Frolfers - Camp to Camp Triple Trouble Trilogy - Taloali, Church, Pioneer
2013 DGLO
Ricky Wysocki birdie putt on #1
Ace on a beautiful temp hole
Thanks again to DGTV
Frisbee Golf : The History of Disc Golf
Disc golf was first organized in the 1960s by George Sappenfield, and a disc golf pole hole was patented in the 1970s. Find out how the sport of Frisb...
Speedygunz - Green & Yellow (Official Video)
All "Speedygunz" albums/songs available in stores/online NOW!!! Download on iTunes here: http://bit.ly/HSIjxS Instagram: Speedygunna Twitter: Speedyg...