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Dolese disc golf course OKC
nice throw, but missed the bird(see: missed bird) DGOD Super Tag
Disc Golf Tully Dam 2
Disc golf at the Tully Dam course in Massachusetts. 3/2/09
European Disc Golf Championships 2005 Full Coverage Pt.1 HD
HyzerTV presents: Part 1 of the full lenght coverage of Europe´s prime disc golf event. Live commentary by Greg Catch & Johnny Balls. www.hyzernauts....
Disc Golf Power-Up #1: Invoking the Lords of Cobol
We love disc golf, but we tend to overshoot the basket.
Ed Austin Park Disc Golf (Fore Palms) (Long Tees) - Jacksonville, FL
18 holes of disc golf shot from the long tees at Ed Austin Park in Jacksonville, FL.
Codorus State Park Disc Golf (Gold X Course - Am Tees) - Hanover, PA
The "extra" 9 holes of disc golf from the Blue Course of Codorus State Park in Hanover, PA. Shot from the Am tees.
Mike in the pond at Independence Lake.wmv
Mike decided that striping down to his boxers and getting his disc was a good idea. We all thought it was good entertainment. Man it would have been f... CADGL 2010
Disc Golf Roscoe's Revenge 2009 2nd Round Action
Roscoe-Ewing Park, Medina, OH - Roscoe's Revenge 09, Second Round, Lead Card, tee shots at hole #8, Dave Feldberg, Phil Arthur, Scott Rieff, Nikko Loc...
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Menu video submitted with my bid proposal
Comcast Sports Covers Disc Golf at Lemon Lake
This bit played on Comcast Sports in the Chicagoland area this past summer. I get to explain some disc golf moves and lingo. Filmed at Scenic Lemon La...
Guiness Book Of World Records: Frisbee Distance and Fastest Throw
From the 1988 TV show Guiness Book Of World Records featuring Frank Aguillera in distance and Al Bonopane and Tim Selinski in fastest throw.
2010/06/10 MiCPS HLW - 8 Mile Thursday Dubs 2010 - Founders Sports Park - MiCP
Michigan Cooperative Point Series Highlighted league of the Week 8 Mile Thursday Dubs 2010 Founders Sports Park Michigan Cooperative Point Series - Summer
Pine Grove Middle School - Baltimore, MD
I've looked at multiple sites and have gone through the club page, but so far, I haven't been able to find any accurate measurements for the holes, an...
Future Disc Golfer
18 month old throwing disc
Getting Snaky
@ The Pines
2010 Flint Hills Bag Tag League
Not sure if you want to jump into this bag tag league? Just watch this video and you'll be ready to join! Flint Hills Bag Tags League
A few throws at UTD
1 practice rotating throw and a couple of full X steps. I don't think I am getting my weight forward enough, or getting my wrist down enough either...
Emerson Open 023
Finger Lakes Open. Jay knocking down a 40' on hole 11, 1st round. Jay won by 9 strokes in his 1st tournament in the rec division. 1st Annual Finger Lakes Open