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Putt through some trees
Hole #18, Bellamy Park - Dover, NH - Carl Fusco
Final 9 of the 2009 Charlie Vettiner Open
Dave Feldberg, Nikko Locastro, Kris Orrick, and Scott Rief battle it out in the final 9 of the 2009 Charlie Vettiner Open in Louisville, KY.
SoCal Championships at La Mirada
Just a quickie. Since I couldn't play I thought I would hang around with a video camera. Music is by Mississippi John Hurt.
erik n kat
at leverich park...kat bangs a long putt
Disc Golfers LOVE trees!
ABDG BagTag Match gone to the trees.. Bag Tag Challenge 2k10
The "Leaner" Disc Golf shot
Chadwick performing The "Leaner" Disc Golf shot at Tree top sorosos, hole 7 Bag Tag Challenge 2k10
Hole 8 - Rick S
Rick Misses it by just a bit. 2011 By The Bottle - Wash Slosh
Kenai Birdie Challenge Bloopers
Not everything went in.
Heistand Hole 3 Tee Off
Kris, Aaron, and a (private guy) driving off.
Heistand 13 Tee Offs
Kris, Aaron, and a (private guy)
Heistand 14 Tee Offs backside
Kris, Aaron, and an anonymous player
Heistand 5 Aaron
Aaron Stone
Heistand 5 Kris
Kris KuyKendall II
Nate Doss
interview with Up In The Air Disc Golf @ 2011 Worlds Disc Golf Championship in Santa Cruz, California
Pier 11
on 11 at pier
IMG 03192
hail storm on disc golf course at willow metro park
Chiiinnnggg!!!! Part 2 (Disc Golf Video Part 2)
this is part 2!!!! some of my friends and i playing disc golf and havin good times. Disc Golf is an amazing sport and defiantly something to look into...
Test Run
Creekside 7/25 Test running the new camera. Future videos will have many players and locations. Be sure to set your screen resolution to HD 720p.
Sam Hardesty hits the Field Ace to win the Basket Toss
TAGDA - Back to the Hills 2012 - Basket Toss Playoff Back to the Hills