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Tasi was a putting machine @24 Chains
24 Chains- Lakeshore 07/30/10
Da Da Da - Team Oblive Can't Play Disc Golf
Classic Team Oblive Bad Disc Golf. Funny.
Miracle on the bridge!
Ray Leicht plops a shot through one of the 2x2 holes on the covered bridge on Belle Isle Detroit Disc Golf Course. He proceeds to nearly bang the chai... Battle At The Belle 3
2014 Am Nats Tobaggon Teaser
2014 United States Amateur Disc Golf Championships Presented by Discraft. Kensington Metro Park - Milford, MI. June 6-8th 2014 http://www.us... 2014 PDGA UNITED STATES AMATEUR DISC GOLF CHAMPIONSHIP
Climo triple bogie
Thanks to DGTV for this video showing that the champ is human
More Snap 2009 Part #2
More disc golf snap. continuation of first vid. good stuff!
Disc Golf Drives at Shawnee, Plano
Still working on my form. I am working on trying to throw smoother, with my weight forward, and remember to follow through. For the most part I find u...
Squaw Valley Disc Golf - June 15th, 2013
Players: Paavo Stubstad & Andrew Hodgson This was our first shot at recording disc golf, and I think the camera may have introduced some a new ment...
indoor practice putting
how to practice putt inside without using a disc catcher
Disc Golf Live #57 pt 2: Worlds 2013 Grandmasters and Sr. Grandmasters + Copenh
This is the concluding portion of DGL episode 57. This show continues our coverage of the 2013 PDGA Professional World Championship from Crown Point, ...
Dancin A-Fro
lol, speaks for itself. Gorilla Tag Invitational
A-Fro near Ace...
you can hear it hit metal! Gorilla Tag Invitational