Jason "Rooster" Bruster  › Keizer Rapids   October 15 at 6:27pm

Thank you Jason Bailey for your hard work today building a log bench on new hole 17 at Keizer Rapids DGC!

Steve Moore   October 15 at 8:26pm

Good job Jason Bailey for efforts, wiil check it out next time at Keizer course

Mike Wilson   October 15 at 9:37pm


Kyle Groff   October 16 at 4:26am

What changes did you make to 17?

Mike Wilson   October 16 at 8:12am

17 is a brand new hole 300-325', fairly straight, starts out as a tight shot between trees and then opens up at the basket. Old 17 is the new 18 and it is longer and tighter also.

Jason "Rooster" Bruster   October 16 at 9:18am

old 18 got shut down by the city so a new hole was cut in to the trees behind 16's basket and a new concrete pad was done for both new 17 and longer 18

Dallas Trower   October 16 at 11:38am

new 17 is so awesome. except when you hit the tree 30 ft in front of teepad and kick right into the middle of nasty. RIP viking. haha anyways i love this new hole.

Jason "Rooster" Bruster   October 16 at 4:21pm

Jason spent 7 hours building the bench and clearing that area...

Mike Wilson   October 16 at 6:34pm

I'll post a picture after my next round there, hopefully soon.

Kyle Groff   October 17 at 7:05am

I'll miss the old 18, but that makes sense for safety. I'll have to come check out the changes when I get back. I haven't played down there since shortly after 15 was extended.