Discin' In The Dark 2012   December 3, 2012 at 7:26pm

Discin In The Dark is over until 2013

It may be over for this season but look forward to a bigger and better season in 2013. Remember this is the first league I have ever run completely. I want to thank Scott Slauson for his help over the season and his offering of letting us use the solar powered lights for the finale', Greg Weber for his $5 donation for extra lighting for the finale' which will also help pay for some of those solar lights from Scott Slauson to be used for future glow leagues and events. I also want to thank all my loyal attendees as well as those that I had met for the first time. I especially want to acknowledge these people for being so loyal that they came to 10 weeks of this 12 week season: Scott Slauson, Dustin Skorupinski, Gary Obernberger, Mike Ellery, Greg Weber, and Mark Olver . . . for your dedication you are all entitled to a Discin In The Dark Glow Mini of your choosing. I will keep them with me for the next few weeks so if/when I run in to you you can grab yourself a Mini to remind yourself of all the fun we had this season. I mean that sincerely, I really enjoyed running the league and everyone that came was a pleasure to deal with. Thank you all for being understanding on some of the issues we did encounter and knowing full well this was also my first league.

The ace pool was not cleared out this week, even though I thought it had been. The celebration everyone heard was a particular player making his first birdie on #14. He was not thrilled it took so long so he wanted everyone to think someone had aced. Well $21 for the rest of us . . . I am thinking about how to handle this ace pool money since I never clarifieid what would happen if there was money left over. It could be kept until Discin In The Dark for 2013 which I am completely fine with. It could be put into the next league which would be our winter league, but not everyone who plays in the fall glow league will be playing in the winter league. It could be split 50/50 with the courses and half of that money could be donated and the other half could be given away as a contest somehow. Please send me a message with an idea and if I like the idea I will make a decision, but for now I am tabling the decision. Either way that money will be accounted for and it will be distributed how it makes the most sense.

We did also raise $205 which is $1 per round to be spread amongst the courses we played. I am going to either make a cash donation or I will wait until there is enough money to go out and do a small landscape improvement project of some sort to each of these courses. I have the tools and equipment necessary to get this done and figured this was a better use of the money we raised than to just give a donation. I also think more money should be put into our courses for additional maintenance and not everything we raise as a club should go only towards putting in new courses.

Thanks again for a great glow season . . . I truly look forward to making it better in 2013. More and/or better lights, more people, more events possibly, more giveaways (if I can get some of the manufacturers to donate some stuff too).

Congratulations to our top divisional finishers:
1st Scott Slauson Trophy and a Short Sleeve Discin In The Dark Shirt
2nd Joel Kamoske Trophy

1st Dustin Skorupinski Trophy and a Long Sleeve Discin In The Dark Shirt
2nd Mike Harrington Trophy and a Short Sleeve Discin In The Dark Shirt
3rd Bob Bawden Trophy

1st Gary Obernberger Trophy and a Long Sleeve Discin In The Dark Shirt
2nd Mike Ellery Trophy and a $7 voucher

1st Keegan Wenzler Trophy and a Long Sleeve Discin In The Dark Shirt
2nd Mark Olver Trophy and a $10 voucher
3rd Bryan Staral Trophy

1st Loretta Ellery $10 voucher

I look forward to the winter league which I will be finalizing details for in the coming week or so. I also look forward to making some announcements about my plans for 2013! Please send me your email so I can get you linked up to this league and future leagues and be sure to like my facebook page entitled The Disc Golf Experience at!/DiscGolfX as those will be the most likely places to find information about my events and news.