DGLA: Michigan Cooperative Point Series - Summer 2014 *** 5th Annual ***

Point Series April - July 2014 Michigan

This league has ended.

No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.

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Point Series league - 830 total players
No fee to play in this league
42 participating leagues
DGLA: Michigan Cooperative Point Series - Summer 2014 *** Fifth Annual *** 16 week State Wide Disc Golf League Point Series Sunday April 6th 2014 - Saturday July 26th 2014 May 3rd 2014 Saturday - DGLA Player level registration cutoff and deadline for adding new leagues to the Point series. The Disc Golf League Association (DGLA) is proud to bring you the 5th annual, Michigan Cooperative Point Series – Summer, (MiCPS-S) 2014 season. The DGLA MiCPS brings leagues and players cl ...
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League News

Foz Miller   1 day ago

DGLA MiCPS-S: HLW - Berths Discraft Mi State Campionships

Got a State Berth? Yes the 2014 MiCPS season is over but leagues/clubs have one week, until Aug 2nd, to post old rounds and make any corrections, link players etc. before the leaderboard locks for good. I'm in the process of going down the DGLA Player leaderboard to verify who has already won state berths as many players at the top of the leaderboard already have berths and so others have a chance at a berth. Hopefully I get replies to all the messages so I can post on Sunday and submit ... more

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ROGUE RIDER   15 hours ago

is there an award for wins to rounds ratio? example: rick plays 700 DGLA rounds and and wins 337, LEE plays 100 and wins 69... LEE's ratio of wins is higher

Joe Anttila   8 hours ago

You win Percentage Pride.

Rick Saffeels   8 hours ago

Well 20 wins out of 31 rounds is 66.6% and you won 4 out of 17 which 23% :) You are still a winner though :)

Foz Miller   6 days ago

DGLA MiCPS-S: HLW Update & Stats 7/23/2014

Late breaking HLW News...... & Highlighted League of the Week update. Due to logistics reasons the Night Moose HLW is scheduled on their other league so the round can be entered. So the round will be at Lakeshore at 5:30 Thursday - Get your Double Points. So please look at: Thursday, July 24, 2014 5:30pm Night Moose Spring/Summer 2014 Lakeshore http://www.discgolfscene.com/leagues/Night_Moose_Spring_Summer_2014 rather than Thursday, July 24, 2014 5:00pm Night Moose Nigh ... more


Foz Miller   July 22 at 2:47pm

DGLA MiCPS-S: HLW stats, LAST week 7/22/2014

Here are some Highlighted Leagues of the Week stats so far for July and some for the other Leaderboard Challenges. FYI - The following leagues rounds are not included since there is no posted round yet. July 2nd Wednesday 5:30 PM - -Club K- wednesdays July 7th Monday 5:30 PM - Invasion of the Gulch July 9th Wednesday 5:30 PM - 2014 A3disc hudson mills league July 13th Sunday 3:00 PM - 2014 Seymour Sunday Doubles July 16th Wednesday 5:30 PM - Freeland Wed Night Doubles Jul ... more


Foz Miller   July 18 at 4:19pm

DGLA MiCPS-S: HLW - Speed Gun?, LAST week & Stats - 7/18/2014

Current 817 players from 42 leagues have participated in the MiCPS summer 2014. One week left of the DGLA Michigan Cooperative Point Series. Yes local leagues will probably continue but the Michigan DGLA Michigan Cooperative Point Series will wrap up after the last round next week: Saturday July 26, 2014 4:00pm 2nd Round Saturday Vienna Dubs Vienna Park Note that leagues have one week to post previous rounds or make any updates before the Leaderboard locks on Aug 2nd at midnigh ... more


Foz Miller   July 15 at 2:25pm

DGLA MiCPS-S: Leaderboards, Stats & More 7/15/2014

Ok 1.5 weeks left in the DGLA Michigan Cooperative Point Series. Again we have the Monthly leaderboard challenge in affect. The player at the top of the Monthly leaderboards; Rounds, Leagues, Wins, as well as Most HLW in July will be able to plunder the DGLA MiCPS Treasure Chest. http://www.discgolfscene.com/profile/1064/pictures/album_12567 Ok so who is currently in striking distance of the top spot on the monthly leaderboards? Most Rounds in July has 17 players with 4 rounds each, 4 ... more


Foz Miller   July 14 at 6:07pm

DGLA MiCPS-S: HLW, Less than 2 more weeks - 7/14/2014

I have provided a list of the remaining Highlighted Leagues of the Week for the rest of the season to help you plan your Double Points rounds. I'll provide Leaderboard insights in a following post. Since we have less than two weeks remaining we are getting prepared to award the remaining 4 berths we have to the DGLA Player level members who have not already won their berths. I hope you have made your plans to be in Ludington for the biggest Michigan Disc Golf event of the year. It was th ... more


Foz Miller   July 1 at 1:53pm

DGLA MiCPS-S: HLW & Leaderboards 7/01/2014

June is behind us now, got to make the most of the remaining summer rounds. 18 HLW left in the remaining 4 weeks of the MiCPS-Summer 2014. I hope you get a chance to maximize the fun in July, HLW are popping up like fireworks this month. Make sure you get some Double Points. So with June past and the stats stored away in the Disc Golf Scene data vault we can determine the winners of the June Leaderboard Challenge. Thanks to several DGLA Player level members who are philanthropists suppo ... more


Foz Miller   July 1 at 11:28am

DGLA MiCPS-S: HLW, Only 4 more weeks 6/30/2014

Eighteen more HLWs remaining before the end of the 5th Annual Michigan Cooperative Point Series (MiCPS) Summer 2014 - hope you have a chance to get some Double Points. So that means there are only 4 more weeks left in the summer season. How time flies when you throwing plastic..... Hope everyone has a blast during this 4th of July. OK I'm a bit late this week but get out tonight for some Double Points. Here is a quick summary of this weeks HLW. The Leaderboard summary will follow "shor ... more


Foz Miller   June 19 at 5:15pm

DGLA MiCPS-S: HLWs Stats 6/19/2014

One new HLW posted to the schedule Friday July 25, 2014 9:00pm Midnight Ballers Inc. Friday Night Glow Lawrence Tech Doubles Glow No fee to play in this league $1.00 ace pool Double points! Quick list of HLW next week - 4 HLW next week. Sunday June 22, 2014 11:00am Alpha Players Sunday Singles Cascade Township Park Double points! Monday June 23, 2014 5:00pm 2014 Cass Benton Monday Night Doubles Cass Benton Hills Double points! Tuesday June 24, 2014 6:00pm 2014 CD ... more


Foz Miller   June 13 at 4:26pm

DGLA MiCPS-S: HLWs Stats 6/13/2014

So with bragging rights and a chance to plunder the DGLA Treasure Chest for the Most Highlighted Leagues of the Week (HLW) for June and July, some may be wondering what are the HLW stats and how many HLW rounds do I have to play to top this chart and win some more booty. Through the 13th of June (about half way through the month) 9 HLW posted so far 2 not yet posted 11 HLW remaining to be played in June 167 players have played in 1 or more HLW Size of HLW league rounds - # of play ... more


Foz Miller   June 13 at 2:43pm

DGLA MiCPS-S: HLWs - MYSTERY, Bacon Cheese Burgers - Um Um Good

Disc Chuckers - Next week we have Double Points every day of the week but Monday & Friday with some MYSTERY & Bacon Cheese Burgers to add to the fun. Also we had some great Disc Golf with some Disc Girls Gone Wild - who doesn't like when that happens ;-) along with a great Am Nats with a new look and feel. Currently 792 players A quick summary of standings is also provided below. Quick summary of Next weeks HLW: ---------------------------------------------------- Sunday June 15, 20 ... more


Foz Miller   June 11 at 5:24pm

DGLA MiCPS-S: HLWs Update 30 Holes - Double Points and Cook-Out

Subject: 12:00 Saturday Dubs Spring/Summer 2014 posted news http://www.discgolfscene.com/leagues/12_00_Saturday_Dubs_Spring_Summer_2014 30 Holes at Willow...Double Points and cook-out ------------------------------------------------------ We will be installing 6 extras holes at Willow this Saturday 6-14-14. The format will be all shorts. Coach is bringing his grille and we are planning on playing a second round after the cook-out for 5 dollar dubs. If you would like to bring your own fo ... more


Foz Miller   June 5 at 1:25pm

DGLA MiCPS-S: HLWs Update.. Next week's sched and other Announcements

Here is a quick listing of the Highlighted Leagues of the Week for next week to help your plan your double point exploits for the week. We have a HLW on every day but Friday this next week some place in Michigan - Luv'n it. Also there will be prizes for 3 of the 4 monthly leaderboards for the top spots - Wins, Rounds, Leagues & in addition Most HLW played for the same period. These prizes are available for all players not just the Player Level members - thanks to the Player level members ... more


Foz Miller   June 3 at 10:50am

DGLA MiCPS-S: HLWs Update.. Bacon Cheddar Burger Alert 6/03/2014

Just a quick MiCPS-S HLW update. If you like a great Bacon Cheddar Burger after a fun round of Disc Golf, while getting Double Points then you will want to be headed to Vienna Park this Saturday. Besides running a great league with back to back rounds on Saturdays down near the Ohio border, Tara and Tim St. Aubin run Quality Deer Processing and so back to the idea of finishing off a great round of Disc Golf by biting into a great Bacon Cheddar Burger and hanging out with friends - You kn ... more


Foz Miller   May 27 at 4:11pm

DGLA MiCPS-S: HLWs Update..... 5/27/2014

OK - I was a bit ahead of myself or maybe behind myself - either way I'm beside myself with shame for leaving out some great leagues for the first week of June HLW list. I should have realized I had not listed all the HLW in the schedule but only those who had requested specific dates and that I had not transferred my random assignment to the schedule. Always check the schedule for the latest info: http://www.discgolfscene.com/leagues/DGLA_Michigan_Cooperative_Point_Series_Summer_2014_5th_Ann ... more


Foz Miller   May 27 at 2:31pm

DGLA MiCPS-S: HLWs, Stats & News..... 5/27/2014

We hope everyone enjoyed the Memorial Day weekend and plenty of Disc Golf Rounds. OK I just took at look at the 2014 summary and compared it to 2013 whole season: Summer 2013 Point Series league - 617 total players No fee to play in this league 34 participating leagues Summer 2014 So Far Point Series league - 726 total players No fee to play in this league 43 participating leagues Yeah you can say Disc Golf leagues and the DGLA MiCPS we are growing. I look forward to the ... more


Foz Miller   May 23 at 3:39pm

DGLA MiCPS-W: Represent in Style & 20% off

Happy Memorial Day - hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend and plenty of Rounds. Thanks to all the Men and Women who have served in our Armed Forces so we can enjoy the freedom to play Disc Golf and many other benefits. Here is one way to celebrate and maybe make some money for your club - The Apparel company we have been using for embroidery and digital printing is having a 20% off Memorial Day - weekend sale. On this site below we have the DGLA logo and hope to collect other cl ... more


Foz Miller   May 19 at 2:57pm

DGLA MiCPS-S: Highlighted League of the Week..... 5/19/2014

DGLA: Michigan Cooperative Point Series - Summer 2014 The summer temps are starting to heat up and points piling up too and they are about to start to Double Up.... Highlighted League of the Week (HLW) This is where we highlight a league to ensure player throughout the state know what other leagues are doing as well as encourage players to travel and check out new courses and how league are run at different locations - That alone is worth a little drive time but Double Points! makes it ... more

Tara St. Aubin   May 19 at 11:12pm

June 7th Saturday Vienna Dubs not listed...Double Points Day.

Foz Miller   May 5 at 2:00pm

DGLA MiCPS-S: A crawling itchy feeling - TICKS..... 5/05/2014

State health officials say ticks, particularly black-legged ticks that carry Lyme disease, are no laughing matter." http://www.mlive.com/outdoors/index.ssf/2012/05/michigans_tick_problem_is_grow.html I am hearing more and more about players finding ticks this season and I normally play in south east Michigan, which is not an area normal identified as at risk for Lyme disease but if you read more you will find that the Blacklegged ticks have been heading north from Indiana over the years ... more

Ed Carpus   May 9 at 11:09am

Why are we keeping the tick alive in this story? Do we need to use enhanced interrogation techniques to find out the ticks large scale plan and find out if they have any operatives IMBEDDED among the public?

Foz Miller   May 4 at 6:13pm

DGLA MiCPS-S: Game On - DGLA Players on the Leaderboard

Ok May 3rd has come and gone. Unless i missed a message the leagues and DGLA Player Leaderboard are locked and loaded. Three players are not yet listed as they have not played rounds yet but their money is in the treasure chest. 18 player from Winter got summer season as well so $5 each carries over into Summer. 11 new Summer season Players with $15 in each. For $255 up for grabs. At least of these player already have berths so they are not eligible for berths and I suspect a few more ... more


Foz Miller   May 2 at 1:31pm

DGLA MiCPS-S: Updates, Stats and News..... 5/02/2014

So Spring is finally starting to take shape and the Michigan Cooperative Point Series Summer 2014 season is starting to heat up as well. Just a few weeks in and the leaderboard is already highlighting some of the great state talent. We'll take a peek at the leaderboard to check out what's Hot and Who is shooting it. I also like to see who the disc golf gypsies are? You know those players that are always going some place new to play, they know all the courses and always have stories to tell. M ... more


Foz Miller   May 2 at 1:06pm

DGLA MiCPS-S: Warning! and Reminder

Warning Foz is about to post another "short" summary so for those with short attention spans or phobias of poor grammar skills here is a shorter post for you.

May 3rd - last day to add new leagues to the MiCPS-Summer 2014

May 3rd - Last day to upgrade to DGLA player level and be eligible for awards and berths to the The Discraft Michigan State Championships.

Become a FREE DGLA member and/or Upgrade to Player level for more return our your league fun.




Foz Miller   April 28 at 3:20pm

DGLA MiCPS-S: Key dates & Info such as HLW - Double Points!!!!

DGLA: Michigan Cooperative Point Series - Summer 2014 16 week State Wide Disc Golf League Point Series Sunday April 6th 2014 - Saturday July 26th 2014 Important Deadlines: *** May 3rd - Last day to add any leagues to the Michigan Cooperative Point Series. ******************* *** May 3rd - Last Day to upgrade to DGLA Player level - get Player package, eligible for awards and Mi State Championship berths. ******************* *** May 14th - Last day for leagues to submit their desired ... more


Foz Miller   April 21 at 3:03pm

DGLA MiCPS-S: Reminders 4/21/2014

Only a few more days to upgrade to DGLA Player level for this summer or add new leagues. May 3rd is the cutoff date. We are currently at 35 leagues and 326 players have played rounds - NICE Show your support with $30 - less than most tournaments - get a players package, support Michigan Disc Golf Courses and be eligible for Mi State Championship Berths and awards based on your fun in leagues this summer. Reminder - if you want to compete for Mi State Championship Berths and awards yo ... more


Foz Miller   April 15 at 9:46am

DGLA MiCPS-S: Updates, Stats and Snow..... 4/15/2014

Wow what a quick summer season - Hope everyone is ready for our second Winter season. 3-4 inches of snow to secured the record snow fall since 1880. If your playing leagues this morning you wish it was still the Winter season to collect on your Double points for rounds played below 15 degrees. Shorts on Saturday and Snow on Tuesday - Must be Michigan. Ok so 7 days later and we have gone from 14 participating leagues & 8 total players to 33 participating leagues & 242 total players already ... more


Foz Miller   April 7 at 12:03pm

DGLA MiCPS-W: GAME ON !!!! 4/6/2014

GAME ON !!!!! MiCPS - Summer Season 2014 OK first blood or points has been drawn... Sunday, April 6, 2014 Big Portage Lake Lost Disc Tribe Summer Dubs 2014 First win recorded goes to Casey Cook and Jason Cassidy 1st -10 44 Casey Cook and Jason Cassidy http://www.discgolfscene.com/leagues/DGLA_Michigan_Cooperative_Point_Series_Summer_2014_5th_Annual DGLA: Michigan Cooperative Point Series - Summer 2014 *** 5th Annual *** So we have 14 leagues and with the first lea ... more