Wildcat Flex Start Sunday

PDGA logoSunday, September 20, 2020 at Wildcat Bluff in Urbana, Iowa
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Wildcat Flex Start Sunday graphic

About this tournament

Wildcat Flex Start Sunday!

One Round PDGA C-Tier at Wildcat

Sign up/Check in at Wildcat Bluff!!!

Flex Start from 8am to 4pm.
Must have three to send out a card.
Must sign waiver prior to playing!
Groups that finish after 4pm will turn in card electronically to Joe.

Pro Entry $35 - cash payout
Am Entry $25 - store credit payout

Everyone will have to sign the below waiver prior to playing!

By pre-registering you agree to the below waiver!

"I understand that participation in this event carries with it risk of injury or death and I, on behalf of myself, my heirs, administrators, executors, and assigns expressly release, forever discharge, and hold harmless Wildcat Flex Start Sunday, Matt Schlabach, Joe French, Titan Disc Golf, and the PDGA (the "Releasees") for all personal injury, loss, damage to property, or death in connection with my participation in this event. Further, I understand and acknowledge that there currently exists a global pandemic associated with the disease COVID-19, that I am participating in this event at my own risk, that any safety precautions designed to protect against the spread of COVID-19 undertaken by the Releasees does not guarantee I will not contract COVID-19, and that, the foregoing notwithstanding, it is my specific intent to affirm my foregoing release of the Releasees with respect to any personal injury, loss, damage to property, or death I may experience from COVID-19 in connection with my participation in this event."

Refund policy

Titan Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/47239
1Aiden Brock6464$168
2Adam Olsen6666$88
2Garrett Miller6666$88
2Jesse Kirk6666$88
5Cody Conger6767$53
6Ted Taylor7171$42
7Aaron Swander7272$34
8Kenny Goldstein7373
9Ian Hamer7474
9Josh Schlemme7474
11Dan Lewis7575
11Jeremy Farnsworth7575
11Quincy Starcruiser7575
11Rod Reiter7575
11Shawn Galloway7575
16Kyle Cave7878
17Jareth Schmuecker8989
Pro 40+
1Woody Wodstrchill7474$33
Pro 50+
1Dev Nelson7171$66
2Greg Friestad7373$33
3Doug Peyton7979
1Joey Dwyer7070$106
2Curtis Cordrey7171$61
2Isaac Goodman7171$61
2Matt Hale7171$61
2Travis Brown7171$61
6Mike Marcovis7373$38
7Cody Dutton7474$19
7Doug Johnson7474$19
7Judd Baer7474$19
7Max Crowe7474$19
7Sage Sutter7474$19
12Beef McFarland7575
12Kirby Callahan7575
14Gabe Gilbert7777
14Noah Beebe7777
16Shane Tomsha7878
17Drew Deheck7979
17Nick Rasmussen7979
17Seane San7979
20Joe Smith8181
21David Jones8888
Amateur 40+
1Dave Haugsted7575$58
2Tony Ebson8080$34
3Jason Summers8181
4Dustin Nohr9999
Amateur 50+
1Wayne Miller8787$43
2Paul Schmidt9090$26
3Phil Cronin9494
1Andrew Holladay7171$75
2Norbert Sarsfield7272$69
3Barren Radcliff7474$61
3Richard Roberts7474$61
5Corey Harkin7575$52
5Gavin Williams7575$52
7Hunter Neymeyer7676$40
7Jay Derenski7676$40
7Jerry Breitbach7676$40
10Spencer Cronin7777$35
11Sean Roberts7878$25
11Trevor J7878$25
13Justin Beals7979
14Nathan Johnson8080
14Zach Brothers8080
16Payton Kitterman8181
17Truman Krob8282
18Daniel Slaughter8383
19Luke Erichsen8484
20Elijah Estey8585
21Kyle Mitterer8686
22Caleb Cummings8989
22Eric Davis8989
24Troy Rugger9292
25Keanen Mclaud9797
1Jake LeCount7474$78
2Cooper Northrop7777$71
3Jeff Inman7979$66
3Shelton Baker7979$66
5Nile Studer8080$61
6Ryan Mapus8181$57
7Tyler Satre8282$53
8Brad Mccraney8383$46
8Joe Sloma8383$46
8Samuel Schauer8383$46
11Erik Studer8484$36
12Alex Baker8585$29
12Alex Habel8585$29
12Joseph Brewer8585$29
15Clayton Nelson8686
16Zach Serovy8787
17Chris Warele8888
17Justin Henry8888
19Austin McFarland8989
19John Brownlie8989
19Jordan Newbanks8989
22Matt Casey9090
22Steve McFarlane9090
24Luke Newstrom9393
24Rich Arnold9393
26Josh Smith9595
26Sam Dalgliesh9595
26Tyler Striegel9595
29Augustus Linke9797
30Nathan Zakes9898
31Wade Ashlock102102
1Brad Gilbertson9999$23
Advanced Women
1Ellie Bryant8585$23
Intermediate Women
1Amanda Heeren9999$23
Recreational Women
1Kelsey Hand8989$23