Sunday Series #3 - Alternate Shot Doubles

Sunday, April 10, 2011 at Atkinson Park in Henderson, Kentucky
Disc golf doubles tournament



Director of CompetitionJob Wilson

About this tournament

April 10, 2011 - 1:00 P.M.
A/B Doubles - 1 Round
Atkinson Park - Henderson, KY
$5 Entry
Double Points Chainbangers Event!!

Teams must throw alternating shots each hole.
A players tee off on odd holes.
B players tee off on even holes.

12:00-1:00 SIGN-UPS
1:30 TEE-OFF

Team Organization: After the teams have been drawn, players will have 5 minutes to view pairings and as a group decide if they believe teams are fair. If there is a concern with pairings, players will be able to petition the tournament director and vote to swap B players on two teams. If no petition is made within 5 minutes then teams will be remain as they were drawn.

In the instance of petition, then a vote will be held. Two-thirds of players must vote in favor of swapping players. The tournament director's vote will automatically be in favor of swapping players. Any player who does not vote will be counted against swapping.

In order to petition a player swap, at least four players must bring petition to the tournament director. Petition must include the two teams that you wish to interchange. I urge you guys to make this petition decision as a group, because the first petition that is given to me will be the petition that is voted on. There will be only one vote. (You don't actually have to bring me a written petition. Four people just need to come to me and say, "Hey, we want to swap Player X with Player Y and we as a four people group are in agreement.")


Atkinson Park
Henderson, KY   Get Directions

Final Results

Round 1: Atkinson Park - Main course Regular tees, 18 holes, par 60
1Matt Watson
Rick Giefer
5858 (-2)$34
2Jerry Butts
Anthony Vaughn
5858 (-2)$20
3Dave Thomason
Job Wilson
5959 (-1)$10
4Ben Verkamp
Brian Hess
6161 (+1)
4Brian Wilson
Rick Mitchell
6161 (+1)
4Tommy Groves
Dean Larkins
6161 (+1)
7Mike Weidner
Stephen Montgomery
6262 (+2)
8Matt Nance
Bud McClure
6565 (+5)