Space Race @ Kleiner Park

Saturday, September 24, 2022 at Kleiner Park in Meridian, Idaho
Disc golf singles tournament

Space Race @ Kleiner Park graphic

About this tournament

This is an Evening event! Two rounds of Nine holes at Kleiner park. Players must have turned in score cards by 8:30p.m. Times may very depending on the sunset time.

Refund policy

Dyer Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.



Final Results

1Leah Woods111.00
2Victoria Salinas73.00
3Tania Hass67.00
4McKenzie Reed62.00
5Nick B61.00
5Nick Lewis61.00
7Michael Mason Muilenburg59.00
7Todd Wester59.00
9Ryan Eagans59.00
10Andrew K58.00
11Alex D57.00
11Anthony Dubose57.00
11James Olivas57.00
11Timothy Nelson57.00
11Tony Korn57.00
16Joe Torres56.00
16Joshua Patrick56.00
16Zach Hight56.00
19Ansel Brayton55.00
19Ian Davis55.00
19Nathan Hobart55.00
19Steven Simcox55.00
23Andrew Davis54.00
24Bill Howard53.00
24Mason Skaggs53.00
24Tyler Kempka53.00
27Colton Rawdan52.00
28David Varn52.00
28Kyle Smith52.00
30Mike Justice52.00
31Daniel Torres51.00
32Colby Crenshaw51.00
32Jordan Mardis51.00
32Nick B51.00
35Jacob McFaul50.00
35Robert Davis50.00
35Thomas Meyers50.00
38Bo Scott49.00
38Gabe McDaniel49.00
38Justin Woods49.00
41Casey Diaz48.00
42Jourdain De Fontes46.00
43Gideon Sturgeon45.00
44Brady Vandegrift44.00
45Adam Jackson43.00
46Aaron Jackson
46Carl Anderson
46Erik Rathgeber
46Ethan Rathgeber
46Kurt Schneider
46Malachi Raass
46Ron Curtiss
46Ryan Longworth
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