Skin City 2

Saturday, July 15, 2023 at Gordy Road in Fort Pierce, Florida
Disc golf singles tournament


Tournament DirectorDavid K

About this tournament

Saturday, July 15, 2023
Gordy Road Disc Golf Course
Entry fee $40 - $5 50/50 Ctp - $5 ace
$50 all day
Divisions - Pro - Adv - Int - Masters - Novice - Women

Non-sanctioned pdga event
Check in 8:00 -8:45am - player's meeting 9:00am.
Field capped at 75 players.

Everyone will play two rounds of singles on mixed tees and mixed baskets at Gordy Road. The player with the best score after the first round will automatically be entered into the safari skins match. Same rules apply for the second round. Best score for the second round gets into the finals. If there is a tie, there will be a sudden death playoff after the round to determine who gets into the safari skins match.

$20 will be taken from each entry fee and go into the skins pot. The rest of the entry fee will go towards overall payouts. Each player will receive one free raffle entry into the skins match. Raffle tickets will also be sold for a chance to play in the skins match. The skins match will be doubles format. The player who shot the best first round will pick a raffle ticket to determine their partner. The player who shot the best second round will pick a raffle ticket to determine their partner. Two more players will be drawn from the raffle to make a third doubles team. The 3 teams will then compete in a cash skins match.. The raffle will take place after awards.

There will be payouts for the top 30% in each division. There must be at least 3 people to make a division. The safari skins match will take place directly after awards.

Tournament Layout
Both Rounds - Par 54
Hole 1 - Short Tee
Hole 2 - Long Tee
Hole 3 - Short Tee
Hole 4 - Short Tee - Island Green
Hole 5 - Short Tee
Hole 6 - Short Tee
Hole 7 - Short Tee - Island Green
Hole 8 - Short Tee
Hole 9 - Long Tee
Hole 10 - Short Tee
Hole 11 - Short Tee - No Mando
Hole 12 - Short Tee - Island Green
Hole 13 - Short Tee
Hole 14 - Short Tee
Hole 15 - Short Tee
Hole 16 - Short Tee
Hole 17 - Short Tee
Hole 18 - Short Tee- Island Green

Refund policy

Dave K. is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.


Gordy Road
Fort Pierce, FL   Get Directions
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