NWCS Presents: The Ukiah Kickoff

PDGA logoSaturday, December 16, 2017 at Lake Mendocino in Ukiah, California
C-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament


About this tournament

This year we will be raising money for the Toys4Tots organization. All particapants, please bring an unwrapped gift (no guns) to donate. Last year we donated over 50 toys and $1000. Not to shabby but I think we can do better this year!!!

Refund policy

Basket Beaters is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.


Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/34420
1Scott kile474996
2Brian Caudle484997
3Michael Powell514798
4Dallas Albright4655101
5Justin King4953102
6Cory Fonder5052102
7Steve Shroeder5152103
8Jesse Smith5354107
9Brad Dunham5753110
10Brad Armstrong5357110
11Ruben Gonzalez5461115
12Rich Lopez5565120
1Mark Patnode4955104
2Roger Jah Chupa Cansler5450104
3Bryan Banta5154105
4Frank Villas5352105
5Steve Henkis5655111
6Jeremy Center5657113
7Craig Stewart6568133
1Ope Whalen4959108
2Matthew Krugle5356109
3Cameron Rivers5457111
4Robert Brackett5655111
5Chaco LaFleur5755112
6Justin Palmer5558113
7Kyle Gaches5856114
8Brandon mello5758115
8Joden sanguinetti5758115
10Michael Spencer5759116
11Burton Rivera5957116
12Joseph Haggard5959118
13Eric Langton5763120
14Dominic Bickford6458122
15Cody Rose6360123
16Lesli Todd6363126
Advanced Master
1Rob Runnings5753110
2Chris Caudle5457111
3Kenny Ridgeway5661117
4Euan Pettitt5760117
6Bill Christmas5861119
7Derrick Robbings6159120
8Jacob Brose6061121
9Peter Frey6259121
10larry masterson II6561126
11Troy Aguero7165136
Advanced Grandmaster
1Mark McKey5454108
2Mike Burton5060110
3Chris Butterworth5556111
4Tom allen6057117
5Chris McGowan6058118
6Joel Dickson6161122
7Dennis Condos6163124
8Mike Wisely6364127
1River Haggard5655111
2Shiloh Ward5663119
3Jason Cabral6060120
4Tom Browne6159120
5Yave Guzman6061121
6Chris Raudenbush6063123
8Ruben Guzman6165126
9Charlie Hire6171132
10Peter Mcbeckwith6572137
11Brock Randolph59-59
12Juancarlos Roberto Hidalgo67-67
1Brandon Verde6556121
2Luis Villalobos6362125
3Steve Hill6368131
4Gus Gustin6370133
6Michael Sheller7470144
7Vincent Jones--0
Advanced Women
1Anna Caudle6965134
2Pamela Kirkpatrick7473147
3Tristen Smith9081171