IOS #82 The Dave Pitner Memorial - All Others

PDGA logoSunday, May 7, 2017 at Community Park in Channahon, Illinois
Pro C-tier / Amateur B-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament


About this tournament

Singles - 2 rounds of at least 21-holes from concrete tees. Temp holes will be played from grass or pavement tees. Number of holes subject to change depending on weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances. All divisions will play the same tees and basket locations for both rounds. 1st round will play from short tees, 2nd round from long tees.

REGISTRATION/CHECK-IN (note new times!):
7:30-8:30 AM, Players Meeting: 8:45 AM, Tee Time shortly thereafter. There will be a 1 hour break for lunch. If you do not check in by the appointed time, there is a possibility that your spot will be given up to another player!


*Save $5 off the prices below when you pre-register!
Saturday Divisions (4/29/17)
MPO Open Men - $55.00
MA2 Intermediate - $40.00
MA4 Novice - $40.00

FA2 Intermediate Women - $35.00
FA4 Novice Women - $35.00

Save $5 off the prices below when you pre-register!
Sunday Divisions (4/30/17)
MPM Masters - $55.00
MPG Grandmasters - $55.00
FPO Open Women - $55.00
MA1 Advanced - $40.00
FA1 Advanced Women - $40.00
MM1 Adv Masters - $40.00
MG1 Adv Grandmasters - $40.00
MS1 Adv Sr Grandmasters - $40.00
MA3 Recreational - $40.00
FA3 Recreational Women - $40.00
MJ1 Junior - $28.00 (trophy only)
FJ1 Junior Women - $28.00 (trophy only)

1/2 In For Pros - $30
Trophy Only for Am's - $28

Refund policy

The Illinois Open Series follows the refund policies and procedures as outlined in the 2017 PDGA Competition Manual.


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Sang Park5965124
2Joseph Tomecek6269131
3Brian Kidder6773140
1Randy Moore Sr6665131
2Thomas Barnum6475139
1Eric Ford5659115
2Dan Schlitter6058118
2Nick Robinson5662118
4Matt Travis5564119
4Tony Panizzo5663119
6Andrew Hennebry5667123
6Peter Ralph6162123
8David Nelson6165126
9Vinnie Rivera6067127
10Kevin Heinrich6167128
10Matt Cook5870128
10Tyler Kobylarz6365128
13Tyler Nelson6366129
14Shawn Story6466130
15Jeffrey Gierman6467131
15Mike Torelli6368131
15Steve Nasiopulos6566131
18Matt Ryan6768135
19Christopher Calvin6670136
19Kyle Opfer6472136
19Nicholas Johnstone6769136
19Patrick Nemmer6670136
19Shane Celestino6967136
24Jordan Giedd6573138
25Matt Rodgers6574139
26Blake Probert6872140
27Drew Wolfe6676142
28Kevin Fanning6782149
29Nick Koto7584159
29Tyler Wollenberg7782159
Advanced Master
1David Reed6470134
2Scott Klatt6873141
3Aaron Studer6875143
4John Andrist7480154
Advanced Grandmaster
1Tom McManus6665131
2Michael Stefanic6768135
2Scott Cummins6570135
4Patrick Donnelly6868136
5Ken Sherlock6969138
6Jimmy Kloep6576141
7Peter Etscheid7370143
8Rob Downs7670146
9Brad Eakle7576151
Advanced Senior Grandmaster
1Robert Pitlock7082152
2John Cleaveland7578153
3Lee Maule8482166
3Mark Harston8482166
1Ryan Kramlik5968127
2Trent Sunshine Knutson6265127
3Carl Spray6069129
4Tim Jones5873131
5Billy McGeorge6072132
6Patrick Donnelly6470134
7Timothy Stern6471135
8Kyle Gottberg6571136
9Matt Oldenburg6572137
10Alex Seminary6969138
10Kyle Van Dahm6672138
12Kiel Devine6574139
12Luke Roberts6772139
12Mike Pieper6871139
12Ryan Forrest6772139
12Tyler Blaha-Gruszka7069139
12Vilo Sabengsy6673139
18Justin Burfield7070140
18Rafael Ambriz6575140
20Ben Brown6675141
20Brandon Downey7170141
22Lucas Grod6973142
22Mike Zivanovic6478142
22Paul Buss6874142
25Jason Carey6776143
25Jon Carlson6974143
27Joe Lambke7074144
27Shane Newton7371144
29Allen Giacchetti6976145
29Matthew Dutcher7075145
29Matthew Morse7174145
29Sarah Mytnik7075145
33Jason Turtle Hibben7076146
34Dakota O'Brien7374147
34Jordan Boros7176147
34Ted Zalewski7077147
34Thomas Lehr6681147
38Alec Endriukaitis7276148
38Nick Jensen7177148
40David Owens7475149
40Willie Mrofcza7475149
42Matt The Jaj Jajko7280152
42Michael Castiglione7181152
44Cody Hooper7976155
44Conor Anstiss7481155
46Adam Sofia7680156
47Carl Beatty7386159
48Brent Savant8191172
49Dominic Fioretti75888963
50Blaine Schepp63-63