Flick Fore a Month

Friday, July 26, 2013 at Creekside Park in Salt Lake City, Utah
Disc golf singles tournament


Flick Fore a Month graphic
Director Phil Eddings

About this tournament

Please see the flyer on Facebook.com, search Salt Lake County Disc Golf.

4 week competition, Players submit two scores each week, by Friday at 4 PM

Scorecard can be downloaded from County Sports Office Website (recreation.slco.org/sportsoffice), and will also be emailed to players

Participation list and Scores will be posted on Quickscores.com, and at Creekside DG Course by dark on Fridays

Match includes holes 1-18, holes 3A and 3B will not be included

Players will be assigned partners to play with for the week. Players must arrange a date and time to meet. You will keep score for the other player.

Participants names, email addresses, and phone numbers will be available to program participants, to allow players to arrange date and time to play

Week begins Friday at 12:00 AM and ends the following Thursday at 12:00 PM

Follow the rules of Disc Golf as stated by the PDGA (pdga.com/rules, also found at recreation.slco.org/sportsoffice)

Tie breakers will use the next lowest scores of the tied players

Players under 18 must have their parents sign a concussion liability consent form, and a release form to allow minors to compete against adults. These forms must be delivered in person, scanned and emailed, or faxed into the Sports Office

Prizes will be awarded to the player with the lowest stroke score after the four weeks of play. Prizes will be picked up at the County Sports Office


Creekside Park
Salt Lake City, UT   Get Directions