Bowling Green Match Play Championship

Mon-Mon, August 24-31, 2020 at Kereiakes Park in Bowling Green, Kentucky
Disc golf singles tournament

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About this tournament

I am looking for 16 disc golf warriors to enter the arena for a winner take all match play battle.

Each week, the two competitors will arrange to play a round at a course within the Bowling Green or surrounding area to play one 18 hole round match play format and then report the winner.

To ensure fairness, both players in each pairing must report back with the same results including who won.

At the end of the week, the bracket will be updated and the process will repeat until we are left with only one sole remaining victor. Results must be returned by 5pm on Sunday of each week so that the bracket can be updated in time for the beginning of the next week the following day.

Round of 32: August 24th - 30th
Round of 16: August 31st - September 6th.
Round of 8: September 7th - September 13th
Round of 4: September 14th - September 20th
Championship: September 21st - September 27th

This is a winner take all tournament. The winner will receive a cash prize dependent upon the number of players who enter. If all 32 spots are filled, the winner will receive $500.00. Everyone else walks away with nothing.

Registration is open until 8pm on August 27th or until all spots are filled.

Survive and Thrive...… or Crash and Burn!

Do you have what it takes?

How to play a Matchplay round:
Unlike stroke play, in which the unit of scoring is the total number of strokes taken over one or more rounds of golf, match play scoring consists of individual holes won, halved or lost. On each hole, the most that can be gained is one point. Golfers play as normal, counting the strokes taken on a given hole. The golfer with the lowest score on a given hole receives one point. If the golfers tie, then the hole is halved. For example, in an 18-hole match, the first hole is a par-4 and Player A scores a 3 (birdie) and Player B scores a 4 (par); Player A is now 1-up with 17 to play. In the same match on the second hole, a par-5, Player A takes 8 strokes and Player B takes 5 (par); Player B wins the hole and the match is now "all square" with 16 to play. On the third hole, a par-3, both players take 3 strokes and the match is all square with 15 holes to play. Once a player is "up" more holes than there are holes remaining to play the match is over. For example, if after 12 holes Player A is 7-up with six left to play, Player A is said to have won the match "7 and 6".

A team that is leading by x holes with x holes remaining is said to be "dormie-x" or simply "dormie", meaning that they need one more halved hole to win the match (or that the other team must win all the remaining holes in order to halve the match). For example, if Player A is 2-up with 2 to play, he is dormie; the worst outcome for Player A at that point is a tie, unless the format calls for extra holes to determine a winner.

In a tournament event where the score is all square after the last hole (usually 18 or 36), the players will play on until a player wins a hole (sudden death). In the Ryder Cup and other similar team events, the match is not finished this way, and the teams each receive a half point. In such events there are points accumulated over several days, playing different formats, and the total determines the winning team.

Refund policy

WILDCAT DISCGOLF is responsible for all refunds/cancellations. No refunds will be issued after 8pm on August 27th when registration closes


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